Star God Soldier King Chapter 2244


As soon as he entered the battlefield, Chen Xing transformed into a Titan form, rushing left and right to kill in the battlefield.

In a short time, a large number of demon-like elites were killed by Chen Xing’s sword of judgment.

The Divine Force in Chen Ying’s body is fully awakened, and her stature has become as huge as Chen Xing, but it is not in the form of a Titan at all, but in the form of an obvious Divine Race!

As soon as she makes a move, the pure Divine Force will directly kill tens of thousands of demon-like troops!

Led by two leaders like this, the Star God force is like a hot knife through butter!

The demon-like army, who thought they were winning, immediately fled everywhere!

Chen Ying in a spurt of energy, directly killed two demon-like governors, approaching the demon-like Demon King.

The Demon King wanted to escape, but was completely trapped by Chen Xing’s genetic cage!

The Demon King looked at Chen Ying in horror, “Please! Queen Your Majesty! Don’t kill me! I am also under my orders!”

Chen Ying was cold Shouted: “You call me Queen Your Majesty, obviously you know my true identity! How dare you conspire to poison me when I am reincarnated!”

The Demon King trembled. : “no! Queen Your Majesty! I was at the time! I didn’t know it at the time! I was just following orders!” Can you get rid of your guilt? The catastrophe of Myriad Realms is caused by demons like you! Today, you must die! You must be exterminated when you rise up!”

The Demon King said in horror: ” No! Queen Your Majesty! We have done a lot for Divine Race! Without us, how would Divine Race have crystal energy! How could immortality ever reincarnation?”

Chen Ying coldly said: “This kind of reincarnation, I need it again! Go to hell!”

Chen Ying raised his hand, and the pure Divine Force pierced through the Demon King’s body and blew him up become cosmic dust!

Other monsters lose one’s head out of fear and have no intention of fighting at all.

Chen Xing commanded the Star God force, and quickly wiped out these demon-like armies who had given up their resistance.

In less than half a day, the entire battle was completely over.

The Star God troops cheered and celebrated.

The Titan army, who remained neutral, was completely dumbfounded at this time.

“That mortal Chen Xing…can really transform into a Titan!”

“What’s worse is that Chen Ying, who is obviously the god clansman, and not the Demon King. Do you admit it, she is the reincarnated queen!”

“So, we were all deceived by Alva!”

“It was Alva who conspired to usurp the queen’s throne, Let our Divine Race queen be like this!”

“It’s not the usurper Alva who we should be loyal to! It should be the real reincarnated queen!”

“No Wrong! Long live Your Majesty, Queen!”

The Titan army all dropped their weapons, knelt down towards Chen Ying, and shouted in unison.

Chen Ying raised his hand slowly, “Titan warriors, I am very happy that you can find your way back! I will not pursue your previous mistakes, from now on, you will all obey Chen Xing. Order! Fight together and kill Alva!”

“Yes! Follow orders! Kill Alva! Follow orders! Kill Alva!”

The Titans The sound shook the sky.

At this time, Alva, who was watching the battle through the hologram, panicked completely.

His conspiracy has been exposed, although most of the gods are still unclear, but with the rebellion of the Titans, it will not be long before the entire Divine Race will know.

“It’s over, it’s over, I’m totally screwed this time!”

Conspiracy to assassinate the reincarnated queen, just by this one, he will die without a burial site.

Alva shivered, thinking about how to beg for mercy, or how to escape to the end of the universe.

At this moment, there was a horrific laughter behind him.

“Who?” Alva shivered subconsciously.

The ghostly face of the parasitic devil appeared immediately, “I am, your master of the devil.”

“Master! Very good! You are here at the right time! Please! Come on, take me away! Take me to the Devil’s Temple! I’m willing to be a watchdog for all the devils!” Alva knelt under the ghostly face of the parasitic devil and pleaded in tears.

The Parasitic Demon Lord glanced at Alva with contempt, “Good-for-nothing! What if the reincarnated queen awakens, with me here, you can still deal with her, and still Kill her and be your Divine Sovereign!”

“But! She is the only orthodox queen of Divine Race!”

“hmph, since ancient times, winner is the king, loser is the villain, after you kill her, you say that her wrong decision will cause the collapse of the universe Myriad Realms, so you must kill her for the universe, when the time comes, it’s done, and other Divine Race heaven will not believe it It’s gone.”

“Isn’t this true? This is just an excuse?” Alva said in horror.

The Parasitic Demon Lord said with a smile: “The instability of the Formation is already a fact. Of course, this has nothing to do with the reincarnated queen giving up searching for crystal energy. You are right, this is just a Excuses. That is to say, even if you Divine Race really give up searching for crystal energy, the Formation of Myriad Realms should be unstable, and it will still be unstable.”

“Then why do you want me to kill the queen! ?”

“It’s very simple, if the reincarnated queen really gave up destroying one Formation after another, then how would we survive the Devil’s Temple? The law of this universe is the alternation of yin and yang, the infinite cycle, even if She’s the Queen of the Divine Race, and she can’t be changed.”

“What about the Formation? What to do with the collapsed Formation?”

“Formation? The more chaotic, the stronger our Demon Temple of Destruction. Of course, you, Divine Sovereign, don’t have to worry too much. It will take tens of thousands of years for all Formations to collapse. Time, you can also do two or three Divine Sovereigns safely. Isn’t this a win-win situation for both of us?”

Alva asked in horror: “Then After tens of thousands of years, won’t our Divine Race be finished with this universe?”

The parasitic devil said with a laugh: “You think that the universe you are in now is the only one. The universe? No, it is also a new universe that re-exploded and restarted after thousands of universes were destroyed! Divine Race will naturally die out, and a new Divine Race will naturally take its place, and the only thing that remains unchanged is that we are extinct. The rules set by the Devil’s Temple, the alternation of yin and yang, the infinite cycle! Whoever dares to break this rule will be destroyed! Now, you should be able to understand whether your Creation God Clan is strong, or our Devil’s Temple is strong, right? You think you created the world, but in fact, that’s what we made you think so.”

Alva said angrily: “So! I was bewitched by you! I regret that I betrayed myself. Queen Your Majesty!”

As he said, Alva fiercely attacked the Parasitic Demon Lord!

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