Star God Soldier King Chapter 2245


The Parasitic Demon Lord gave a grim smile, “You are really bringing about one’s own destruction!”

As he spoke, his grimace suddenly froze. Hit Alva in the face.

In just a split second, Alva was invaded by the parasitic devil!

Alva froze in place and said in pain: “No! What kind of power is this…?!”

Parasitic Demon Lord Yin said with a smile: “This is a dark matter evil The power of energy is the power that can restrain your Divine Race the most! Now, you are mine!”

After speaking, Alva’s whole body was enveloped by the parasitic energy of the parasitic devil!

The originally bright and infinite body suddenly turned into a gloomy state!

A few minutes later, Alva’s body completely calmed down, and the ghost face on his face disappeared immediately, returning to his original appearance, but his eyes were all black, not even a single white eye. !

“hmph, this time, my strength is finally fully recovered! Chen Xing, Chen Ying, this time I will let you die without a burial site!”

said Then, the Parasitic Demon Lord controlled Alva and went to the treasure house of Divine Race.

The two heavenly generals in charge of guarding the treasure house saw Alva coming and immediately reached out to stop them, “Lord Alva, you can’t come here yet! Only after you become a Divine Sovereign can you enter the ancient times. The treasure house of Saint Artifact!”

The parasitic demon sneered, with a lift of his left and right hands, directly killed two unsuspecting heavenly generals!

“Hmph, dare to stop me? It’s really courting death!”

The parasitic demon lord stepped into the ancient treasure repository.

The ancient treasure library is full of Saint Artifacts and Divine Items. The Parasitic Demon Lord ignores the rest and walks directly to the very center to pull out the Trident from the central altar!

The entire ancient treasure library shook for a while, and all the god clansman had a bad premonition.

Even Chen Ying in Dragon Clan world sensed it.

“Chen Xing! Divine Race is turbulent, I have to rush over there immediately!”

“Okay! I’ll accompany you!”

“No way! Too much It’s dangerous!”

“It’s said that we two will live and die together, haven’t you forgotten?”

Speaking, Chen Xing took out a set The ring full of peerless crystals, at the same time one-knee kneels fell in front of Chen Ying, “I have proposed to you before, and you agreed, but unfortunately, in the great decisive battle, I can’t give you a decent one. It’s a grand wedding. However, all my minions are here, and they can all witness and bless us together. Marry me, Little Ying, whether you are an orphan or a reincarnated queen, I love you the same.”

Chen Ying excitedly took the peerless crystal ring and put it in his hand, “I do, Chen Xing! From now on, we are husband and wife! No one can separate us!”

The two embraced and kissed immediately.

All the subordinates present cheered excitedly.

Chen Xing turned back to these subordinates and said: “You all wait here, wait until my wife and I kill the last enemy! When the time comes, we will celebrate with you! Let’s drink for three days. Three nights! No drunk, no return!”

After speaking, Chen Xing turned into a dragon, Chen Ying rode on him skillfully, and the two flew towards the Divine Race field together. past!

The speed of the magic dragon is very fast, and in less than half a day, it is already close to the Divine Race field.

At this time, Alva, who was controlled by the Parasitic Demon Lord, also rushed over.

“Hehe, it’s really enemies on a narrow road, I haven’t gone to find you yet, but you have brought them to your door!” Parasitic Demon Lord cynically said.

Chen Ying stared at Alva, “No, you are not Alva. Although your appearance is the same in my memory, your demeanor is completely wrong. Who are you?”


Chen Xing immediately said: “I’m afraid, it’s the Parasitic Demon Lord!”

The Parasitic Demon Lord laughed heartily, “Chen Xing, you guessed it right, I am the Parasitic Demon Lord! Before In the world of Human Race, we can be considered a tie! But now, what I occupy, the body of Divine Race, my strength has been completely restored, you are simply not my opponent! This time, I want Make you pay a heavy price! You two are both!”

Chen Ying coldly said: “Parasitic Demon Lord! The chaos of the entire universe is caused by you! Today, I, the Queen of Divine Race, I will never let you go!”

Parasitic Demon Lord Yin said with a smile: “No, you are wrong, My Queen Your Majesty. The chaos of this world is also a kind of its own nature. The process, nothing, is immortal, your Divine Race is not, neither is this universe! The collapse of the formation of the universe is not your fault, but you can’t stop it. This universe is dying, and only death, a new universe Can be born! So, the chaos is not caused by me, a little devil, I am just enjoying the chaos.”

Chen Ying shouted angrily: “Go to hell!”

As she spoke, she gathered all Divine Force and pointed angrily!

The powerful Divine Force is about to tear apart the entire universe, fiercely blasting towards the parasitic monster.

The Parasitic Demon Lord just gave a yin smile and showed Trident.

As soon as Trident appears, he immediately sucks all of Chen Ying’s Divine Forces away!

“Queen of Divine Race, you should know what this is?”

“Trident!” Chen Ying couldn’t help holding breath cold air.

Chen Xing frowned and asked, “Wife, what is it?”

Chen Ying explained in a low voice: “Trident is a creation, and it is said that this Saint Artifact The Saint Artifact in the game split Heaven and Earth and created a new universe, and it was this Saint Artifact in the Saint Artifact that opened the cosmic singularity and created the nine gems. This is the most powerful Divine Race. His weapon has now fallen into the hands of the Parasitic Demon Lord! Husband! Hurry up! Let me deal with him alone!”

Chen Xing immediately said: “Wife, let’s face it together. Yes, I will never leave you alone.”

“hmph hmph! you two are very loving! But unfortunately, neither of you can leave!”

As soon as the Parasitic Demon Lord raised his hand, a barrier instantly completely enveloped the three of them.

“Hehe, this deadly bacterial barrier, only I can solve it, either I will kill you or you will kill me. Today, there must be an end between us.”


Chen Xing immediately showed the sword of judgment in his hand, “Wife, we don’t have to be polite to this demon, let’s go together!”


As soon as Chen Ying arrived and rushed over, he saw the Parasitic Demon Lord raise his hand, and the Trident in his hand stabbed directly at Chen Ying!

Under the powerful formidable power of Requiem, Chen Ying didn’t have time to dodge, and Trident was stabbed in the chest! Set Chen Ying in midair!

Parasitic Demon Lord said with a malicious smile: “How about it, is it uncomfortable to be suppressed? In the entire universe, only this Trident can suppress you! And as long as suppression If I live with you, I can kill your man in front of you. It must be very uncomfortable to watch your lover suffer, right?”

“Wife!” Chen Xing broke out suddenly, and the sword of judgment in his hand fiercely slashed towards the parasitic devil!

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