Star God Soldier King Chapter 2246


Chen Xing was full of anger and fought with the parasitic devil.

But the strength of the Parasitic Demon Lord at this time is already many times stronger than when he was in the Human Race Formation before!

Chen Xing used all his strength to fight the Parasitic Demon Lord, but he was no match for the Parasitic Demon Lord’s hand!

After a hundred strokes duel, Chen Xing was bruised and bruised all over, but the Parasitic Demon Lord had no damage at all.

“Chen Xing! Husband! Leave me alone! Hurry up!”

“I’m not going!” Chen Xing glared at the Parasitic Demon Lord angrily, “I have to go first. Kill him, and then save you! Little Ying! Hold on for me!”

“Husband…” Chen Ying couldn’t stop crying.

The Parasitic Demon Lord was not in a hurry to continue to shoot, but said triumphantly: “Chen Xing, how could you kill me? My current body is the body of Divine Race? You are a mortal. , no matter how powerful you are, you can break through level 100 and become a Heavenly Venerable powerhouse, but what can that be? In my eyes, you are always just a small insect, a small insect that I can run over at any time. How much determination and will you have has nothing to do with you! If you want to kill me, unless you have a Divine Race body, and you still need a Divine Race body that surpasses Alva’s strength! Does such a Divine Race body exist? Hehe, your wife Chen Ying is the reincarnated queen, and her strength is naturally above Alva, but she has now been assigned to Trident by me, so I can’t help you. So, this time, you will definitely die!”

Speaking, the Parasitic Demon Lord flicked his finger, and a powerful parasitic wave of fel energy engulfed Chen Xing.

Chen Xing’s fully deified body suddenly felt a sharp pain, and then, every part of the body was dismembered by the parasitic wave of evil energy!

“Husband! Husband!” Seeing this scene, Chen Ying burst into tears.

Chen Xing resisted the parasitic force in anger, but couldn’t resist it at all.

As the Parasitic Demon Lord said, his essence is just a mortal.

In the face of Divine Race’s powerful attack, no matter how strong he is, his body is also unable to withstand a single blow.

Soon, the fel parasitic force devoured his entire body, leaving behind the still-rotating Star God gem.

“en? Soul gem?”

The eyes of the Parasitic Demon Lord shined, “didn’t expect, the reincarnation of the Queen of Divine Race, actually on a mortal’s body, No wonder this kid can become so powerful. However, it’s useless now, Chen Xing is dead!”

Said, the Parasitic Demon Lord reached out and grabbed the Soul Gem.

But the soul gem quickly got rid of him, and continued to rotate, absorbing the surrounding energy!

All the stars in the universe, the Myriad Realms in the universe, all release their energies, continuously converging on the Soul Gem.


Chen Ying immediately put away her tears and said excitedly: “That’s right! Husband! You are not dead yet! You are just wiped out of the mortal fetus. Fleshy body only! Your soul is not dead! I will give you all my Divine Force too! Forge a new Divine Race body for you! Resurrect! Husband!”

Chen Ying then Release your own Divine Force continuously to the Soul Gem.

And with the infusion of Divine Force, the rays of light of the soul gem are even more shocking!

Chen Xing’s own strength was originally limited by fleshy body, so he could only be upgraded to level 100!

But now, without any fleshy body restrictions, his strength has become infinitely powerful!

The Parasitic Demon Lord felt a little surprised at the existence of this terrifying power.

But he said with a cold laugh: “hmph, relying on the soul gem to not die, but also to gather strength, this is nothing! Without a body, what are you using to attack me? To In the end, you’re still going to die! You can’t save your wife, the Queen of Divine Race!”

At this moment, a titan roared in the distance.

The five elemental titan Supreme appeared at the same time, and quickly approached the direction of the parasitic devil.

“The Parasitic Demon Lord! You have done a lot of evil! Today is your death!”

“Queen Your Majesty! We are here to save you!”

Chen Ying He said eagerly: “Leave me alone, save my husband first!”

The Parasitic Demon Lord said with a smile: “Who did I think it was? It turned out to be five stupid big fellows. Just a few of you, you want to be my opponent? Don’t you forget that I, the Divine Race body, can crush you at will!”

The earth Heavenly Venerable coldly said: “With us The strength of the five people combined may not be able to defeat you, but your real opponent is not us, but Lord Chen Xing!”

“Lord Chen Xing! We are willing to use our own lives, Fusion into the body of a new Star God, let you become a real Divine Race!”

Said, the five elements Heavenly Venerable condensed together, all the star rune power instantly poured out of their bodies, Gathered on Star God gems!


The Elemental Supreme Titan, without hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, is absolutely impossible to achieve!

In order to allow Chen Xing to reshape the body of Star God, their five supreme titans gave up their lives without the slightest hesitation!

When the bodies of the five titans gradually hardened and then slowly sank into the abyss of the universe, the Star God gems also bloomed with rays of light of five different element colors.

A majestic body, reunited in five-color rays of light!

rune flashes! The universe shakes!

Chen Xing, resurrected again!

His soul was never lost! But this time, his body has become extremely powerful, even surpassing the existence of the Divine Race body!

He is the real Star God!

Chen Xing opened his eyes, and he saw two different universes!

The Sword of Judgment returned to his hands, he gathered his strength and moved towards the stunned Parasitic Demon Lord fiercely!


The Parasitic Demon Lord was instantly blasted into cosmic dust!

Chen Xing raised his hand again and pulled Trident off Chen Ying’s body!

Chen Ying’s injuries also healed in an instant!


Chen Ying jumped into Chen Xing’s arms excitedly: “very good, you are back! Very good!”

Chen Xing stroked Chen Ying’s hair gently, “Wife, we won. This universe is yours, and I am also yours.”

Chen Ying was happily nodded, but then Said regretfully: “Yes, we won, but, as the Parasitic Demon Lord said, the Formation of the universe has begun to loosen, and this is the law of birth, aging, sickness and death in this universe, and we may not be able to change it. .”

Chen Xing said with a smile: “Formation has only just begun to loosen. With the ability of the two of us, we can temporarily repair it and make this universe last for hundreds of thousands of years.”

Chen Xing said with a smile. p>

“But what about a hundred thousand years later?” Chen Ying said worriedly.

Chen Xing kissed Chen Ying and said with a smile: “That’s not what we, the old man wife, have to worry about. There are heroes in the world, I think, we don’t have to wait ten In tens of thousands of years, a new teenage hero will appear to solve this big trouble. As for what we have to worry about now, we will go back and finish the wedding, and then enter the bridal chamber early.”

Chen Ying A burst of shyness, “I hate it! Then why are we staying here, let’s go.”

Chen Xing laughed heartily, “Yes, my wife!”

The two immediately turned into one. rays of light, disappeared at the end of the universe.

Since then, the universe has returned to peace.

The unstable crisis of Formation awaits a new hero to solve…

【End of book】

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