Star Odyssey Chapter 210


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Suddenly there was an exclamation in the distance, and everyone looked at it, “It’s Qingfeng, Qing Big Brother Feng is here.”

As soon as the words came out, the students were quiet, and simultaneously looked at one place, and saw a slender figure with a smile on his face, a gentle man approaching, his arrival attracted the attention of many students.

Lu Yin looked, raised his eyebrows, and came a Heaven’s Chosen. This is called Qingfeng at a young age, but has the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base, which can rival the original Ten Decisions.

“Qing Big Brother Feng is also very handsome. He is the discipline of Cold Gate Qing Chen Senior. He is one of the few people who can match Xia Divine Light and Wang Xiaofan.” A girl held her hands, admiringly said.

“I wonder who is more handsome, Mr. Haoyu or Qing Big Brother Feng?”,

“I want to know too”.

Lu Yin surprised, the discipline of Qing Chen Supervisory Lord? He looked at Qingfeng deeply. Even in this Academy, there are different factions. Qingfeng naturally represents Cold Gate, and the summer divine light in those girls’ mouths, Wang Xiaofan knew it was who.

Soon, Mr. Tang arrived and began to talk about Domain cultivate.

What he said is very basic, and people like Qingfeng are naturally asking questions.

Lu Yin did not expect that the question he asked was similar to himself, which means that Qingfeng also reached Domain Transforming Spirit Realm.

Thinking about it is the same. Although I have 20 years of blank space in the past few decades, except for those 20 years, I am not much different from Qingfeng. It is not surprising that the domain cultivation base is similar.

Mr. Tang’s class not only loves to listen to students, but Lu Yin also loves to listen. One of the purposes of his coming to Evoking Virtuous College is to learn Domain Empty God Realm.

However, the effect of this class is not too great, so I will ask for advice separately when I get acquainted with Mr. Tang.

Two hours later, Mr. Tang leaves, his class is over, and it is Lu Yin’s turn for the next class.

Lu Yin rushed to the place of class in advance, he chose to be by the lake.

Evoking Virtuous College has a huge lake, said to be a lake, but with the area of ​​Evoking Virtuous College, this lake is sufficient to accommodate the stars.

The past few days Lu Yin apart from listening to lectures by other tutors, he was also looking for what he needed to teach in Shuge, and finally thought that what he was going to teach was what other tutors hadn’t taught.

The lake of Evoking Virtuous College is very beautiful, and it is even more splendid against the Fire Phoenix purple-golden flame.

This is a place where many students are happy and nurturing.

Lu Yin’s class is not difficult to find. His first class attracted many students. It’s not because of anything else, but just because of his beauty. Most of the Academy girls come here after hearing the wind, while the male students naturally want Let’s see how handsome can attract so many girls.

not only student, Mr Zheng is here too, he is curious what Lu Yin is going to talk about.

Students are free to choose which tutor to listen to, and tutors are also free to choose the content of the lecture, and there is no need to greet the Academy in advance.

Students in small groups came, and the stuttering Little Fatty also came. He respected every mentor.

The number of people who came to attend the class this time was not much smaller than that of Mr. Tang, but the mentality was completely different. Girls were mostly excited, while boys came with a picking mentality.

Bai Nan came with a group of younger brothers.

“Big brother Bai, this Haoyu is clearly an embroidered pillow, must let him show his true shape”, someone said.

“This person doesn’t even dare to enter the 18th horizontal formation. Maybe the cultivation base is still’t white, big brother, you are amazing.”

“Isn’t it a waste of will to choose this kind of place in class?”.

The girls talked completely differently, “As expected of Mr. Haoyu, the places in class are so elegant and beautiful.”

“I will come here even if I don’t go to class, but I’m in a bad mood. Mr. Haoyu understands our hearts.”

In the distance, Mr. Huai heard it with a weird face, why didn’t he expect it? These girls like this kind of place, romantic and beautiful. He patronizes the place that doesn’t seem embarrassing because of the small number of people, but he didn’t expect this lake.

If you are in class here, those girls will come here more or less. Girls come, and naturally bring boys. They are misguided, too misguided, but youngster’s brain is good.

During the discussion, more and more students arrived. Lu Yin saw that the time was about to come, and he came out.

This is the first time he has appeared with the teaching method. To be honest, I was a little excited.

The purpose of coming to this starry sky is not pure, and it is also an exchange appearance. Now being a mentor, I feel very complicated.

However, the complex mood was quickly diluted, and a group of girls shouted, looking at him excitedly.

Lu Yin pursed his lips. He enjoyed this kind of treatment for the first time. If it was Ling Que, he would be very excited. That guy paid for himself and hired a support team. If Ling Que has Yuhao’s beauty, he No need to spend money, there are support groups wherever you go.

The girls’ excitement yelled and frightened the boys, and Bai Nan’s expression was even worse.

The stubborn Little Fatty stared blankly, this instructor, it’s so pretty.

In the distance, Mr Zheng’s face turned dark and his ethos changed. This is not a good thing. The college wants seriousness and caution, not publicity.

Mr. Huai was speechless, thinking that when he was young, uh, not so handsome.

On the stone pillar in the center of Evoking Virtuous College, Chairman Wen laughed, “You are so young and energetic.”

On the other side, Mr. Xiaowen is indifferent, “He is too casual, he is provoked by the students and he doesn’t try the eighteenth horizontal formation. My arrangement is still in use now. Too sophisticated is not a good thing.”

Wen Chairman reluctantly said, “Girl, you are too old, will you not be handsome afterwards? Not tempted to see it?”.

Mr. Xiaowen is cold and doesn’t say a word.

Wen Chairman shook his head, “youngster must be vigorous, chasing beauty is not a sin, but just an appreciation. Those children are good at what age they do. In their eyes, Mr. Haoyu might It’s a painting.”

“It’s just a painting,” Mr. Xiaowen said and left.

Lu Yin’s first class, he was still very serious, raised his hand to cheer, coughed, “introduce myself, my name is Haoyu, everyone can call me Mr. Haoyu, starting today, I will I have formally taught in the academy. I am good at giving pointers. If you have any questions, please feel free to raise them. As for the content of my lecture,” said that, under all students’ eye light, he wrote two words—Exploration.

“Tutor”, a girl asks a question.

Lu Yin smiled, “please speak”.

The girl swallowed saliva and said, her eyes glowing at Lu Yin, “Does the instructor teach the Exploration Realm about the cultivation base?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Exploration means not only Exploration Realm, but also its own meaning, which is Exploration.”

Exploration? Many students are puzzled.

Lu Yin said, “The universe is vast, full of unknown mysteries, as large as how our continent was formed, as small as the origin of a certain Combat Technique. These are all in the scope of exploration. Exploration aims to seek the unknown. Things, give these things a reasonable explanation”.

Many students are at a loss.

In the distance, Mr Zheng is also at a loss. Exploration is unknown?

Wen Chairman straightened up and explored. This is not an ordinary subject. Since exploration is required, it represents the unknown, and human beings have developed for so many years. There are too many unknown things, and countless people have not found the answer. Can this Haoyu find it? This subject is too big, where is his confidence?

“Teacher, do you want to take us to explore the formation of this continent?” Someone called “unable to bear”, his tone full of doubts.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “It’s not with you, but we explore together”.

Bai Nan is unable to bear, “Too many unknown things are now too many, even Four Way Balance can’t be answered, the instructor, can you take us exploration? How about exploration? If nothing else, the instructor can talk about the Fire Phoenix What is the origin of? When the academy was established, the Fire Phoenix was there. It originated from Origin Treasure Formation, but no one knows why Wenzu replaced the sky with the Fire Phoenix image in the beginning.”

Mr Zheng shook his head. Indeed, Wen Zu created Origin Treasure Formation, but no one knows why the image of Fire Phoenix appeared. This is a mystery in Evoking Virtuous College. Zijin Family keeps sending people to join the academy. Want to solve this mystery.

Lu Yin laughed, “Fire Phoenix originated from Origin Treasure Formation. Since this image appears, either Origin Treasure Formation is produced, or it is the meaning of Wen Zu. Since we don’t know, we might as well use this subject Come Exploration”, said, Lu Yin raised his head, “1st Step is to study Origin Treasure Formation”.

Many students were stunned, and then many laughed.

Bai Nan disdain, this person really is an embroidered pillow, studying Origin Treasure Formation? This is Wenzu’s arrangement. At least you must reach the Origin Formation Master before you can touch it. Trying to research is just an attempt. It’s possible to study the Boundary Origin Formation Master or even Origin Formation Heavenly Master. After all, Wenzu is Ancestral Realm powerhouse How can ordinary people understand the Origin Treasure Formation he arranged?

Many girls are disappointed. Although they look good, they are not mindful and boring.

Compared with beauty, most people value wisdom more, and few people like a straw bag.

Lu Yin writes on void, first draws the Fire Phoenix dark phoenix, and then uses the arrow to identify the suspect and the source, one is the power of Origin Treasure Formation to automatically generate the Fire Phoenix dark phoenix image, and the arrow is marked after it is a question mark, order one It is specially arranged by Wenzu, and the arrow once again is marked after the special arrangement by Wenzu, which is still a question mark.

“These two question marks are the doubts that the classmate asked. What we need to do is Exploration. On the one hand, we need to check historical documents and investigate Wenzu’s past experience and whether it is related to Zijin Family. On the other hand, I just recently said, “Research on Origin Treasure Formation”, Lu Yin said loudly, “Since you want to study Origin Treasure Formation, it is not a person’s business. This Exploration topic involves Language of Interpretation Origin Treasure and even Ancestral Realm powerhouse, not overnight. We have found the answer, so we have to start with the most basic, over there is “, Lu Yin paused, and wrote two words in void once again-Language of Interpretation.

All the students watched Lu Yin’s lecture and kept writing about void. They quickly sorted out their ideas and knew what to do to answer the exploration. Although the process is simple, it is after all to answer a doubt involving Ancestral Realm. If you can really find the answer, the value is very high, even if Wenzu passes away, it will also involve Zijin Family.

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