Star Odyssey Chapter 211


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Bai Nan said, “It’s simple to say, Wenzu’s experience is too far away, who can find it, and Origin Treasure Formation is an impossible study. The Language Interpreter is almost always on the back battlefield, Mr. Haoyu, you don’t think Use this subject to fool the college.”

Many people think the same way. Let alone, if you continue to study this exploration topic, let alone others, people from the Zijin Family will definitely be attracted, and even people related to the Zijin Family will come over. It should be sufficient This Mr. Haoyu got stuck in Evoking Virtuous College.

Everyone loves beauty and likes high-value things. For example, these girls tend to favor Lu Yin, but if Lu Yin is just a foolish fool, they will treat him as a beautiful vase at most, and no longer have that kind. excited feeling.

After all, it is not simple to be admitted to Evoking Virtuous College.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, raised his hand, Star Origin gathered and turned into Opening Origin Formation.

“Origin Treasure Formation?” Someone blurted out, looking at Lu Yin in surprise.

All the students were also shocked, it turned out to be Origin Treasure Formation.

Mr Zheng complexion slightly changed, he turned out to be the Origin Formation Master. No wonder he dare to say that he studied the Origin Treasure Formation arranged by Wen Zu, but it is not a boast.

Lu Yin showed his hand, and suddenly many girls were excited, “Mr. Haoyu, are you the Origin Formation Master?”.

“Mr. Haoyu, what level of Origin Formation Master are you?”.

Lu Yin glanced at Bai Nan, who had an ugly face, and showed a reserved smile, “It should be regarded as the Grand Origin Formation Master.”

The exclamation sound came once again, and then various satirical voices came into Bai Nan’s ears, and many people were mocking Bai Nan and mocking Lu Yin.

“Mr. Haoyu dignified Grand Origin Formation Master, how can he not study Origin Treasure Formation at such a young age?”.

“Mr. Haoyu’s ability can definitely be researched and solved the mystery of the college.”

Some people are upset, “Can Grand Origin Formation Master study the Origin Treasure Formation left by Wen Zu? cracking a joke”.

Some girls ridiculed, “This is the mystery of how many years. With Mr. Haoyu’s cultivation base, this subject is nothing if it has been studied for hundreds of thousands of years, and I believe Mr. Haoyu can definitely study it.”


Bai Nan looked towards Lu Yin, miscalculated, this person is actually the Grand Origin Formation Master, even if you look at the Starry Sky Tree, the Language Interpreter is respected, let alone a Grand Origin Formation Master, this is a rare talent.

Wen Chairman was surprised, he didn’t expect Lu Yin to be the Grand Origin Formation Master, “Grand Origin Formation Master, interesting”.

Lu Yin smiled and glanced at a group of students, eye light glanced at Mr Zheng in the distance, saw him leaving, knowing that the Academy should be considered satisfied, and said, “Exploration may not be a subject only Exploration, after all, these all are mysteries left over for a long time. It is too time-consuming to explore one topic. You can report the topics you want to explore to me, and I will choose.”

“Exploration is a very profound subject. During the exploration, we will encounter various problems, various unsolved mysteries, and may even experience dangers. Eliminating these dangers and overcoming those difficulties is also an exploration subject. One part, next, for the Fire Phoenix dark phoenix project, what we need to do is to learn Language of Interpretation. Some students are not suitable for Language of Interpretation. You can check the information about Wenzu…”.

In the distance, Mr. Tang and Mr Zheng met, “How about that Mr. Haoyu? What do you plan to teach students?”.

Mr Zheng said what happened.

Mr. Tang was surprised, “Are you interested in the topic of exploration? Even I am interested. Human history has experienced too many years, and has experienced countless wars, leaving countless mysteries. If there is a course dedicated to exploring these mysteries Not bad.”

Mr Zheng nods, “He is very smart, and he firmly grasps the hearts of students. Even if he is not interested in Exploration, he will have students come to listen occasionally. It is about Wenzu. Even telling stories can attract a group of students.” .

Mr. Tang said with a smile, “This Mr. Haoyu is really interesting, I hope he can find the answer of Fire Phoenix, speaking of which, the children of Zijin Family should be coming soon”.

“Come on, they are never absent,” Mr Zheng said.

Lu Yin’s first class is over. Although there were waves, the ending was very exciting. Haven’t a student left halfway, and wanted to hear how Lu Yin studied Origin Treasure Formation, and listen to those legends about Wenzu .

Bai Nan wanted to embarrass Lu Yin, but he didn’t succeed in the end. He had to go back and think again.

As the Dark Phoenix rises into the sky, Lu Yin returns to the stone pillar. The first lesson in his life is a really good memory. The students are smart every and everyone, and their whims and ideas keep pouring out, some even make up. I wrote a set of love stories, and they said it so vividly that many girls believed it.

This class exposed his Language of Interpretation ability, which is not bad.

Under the stone pillar, a few girls quietly touched them, “Sister, are you sure we want to find Mr. Haoyu now? Mister has rested.”

“Why don’t you find him if you don’t take a break? Bah, I mean you can find him after a rest, no, I mean”, “Sister, please keep your voice down, don’t be heard, blame sorry” .

“Sister, go up.”

“Sister, why aren’t you on your own? I must be afraid of what Mr. Haoyu has set up and dare not try. I want to fool me, I won’t go.”

“Sister, you have become smarter.”

“hmph, of course, no, I’m already smart”.

“Alright, then I will bear the honor of seeing Mr. Haoyu for the first time.”

“The first to see Mr. Haoyu? Wait a minute, sister, I’ll come, I’ll come”.

After a while, the two silhouettes fell in embarrassment, “Sister, isn’t this still the wind set by Mr. Xiaowen? Mr. Haoyu haven’t rearranged it?”.

“I don’t know, it should be rearranged.”

“Sister, Mr. Haoyu will not live together with Mr. Wen, you see, this stone pillar originally belonged to Mr. Wen, I think it is fake if Mr. Wen moved out.”

“Yeah, why didn’t I expect that I must live together, hum, I’m so angry, go”.

“Sister, why are you going?”.

“I’m uncomfortable. Don’t even think about it. Tell them to go.”

“Yes, tell them”.

The rumors about Mr. Haoyu and Mr. Xiaowen cohabiting immediately spread at Evoking Virtuous College, but the two parties did not know yet, and both were watching the stars.

A few days later, Lu Yin was preparing the content for the next class. Besides Evoking Virtuous College, Jin Chongshan was successfully assessed and formally joined Evoking Virtuous College. Then, Liu Que also appeared, shocking Evoking Virtuous College.

Many students were surprised by Liu Que’s appearance. As for Liu Que’s name, no one of his peers knew.

The arrival of Liu Que led to several Heaven’s Chosen who have been retreating in the academy. Some of them were unable to bear to challenge Liu Que. They were defeated by Liu Que with a sword. Liu Que’s reputation soared in Evoking Virtuous College.

A few days later, Lu Yin ushered in the second class of his life. The number of people was more than half of the first class. In the first class, he used Exploration Fire Phoenix to make many students interested and stayed to listen to the class. But after a few days of cooling, most of them want to survive because they want to cultivate. As for exploration, what is their business?

Either girls really want to listen to Lu Yin’s lectures, or they just want to learn Language of Interpretation.

The stuttering Little Fatty is here. He wants to ask some questions, but he is always uncomfortable.

“First, sir, may I ask the college, what, what Combat Technique can cooperate with, Language of Interpretation?” Little Fatty asked.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I just came to the academy for a few days and I don’t know much about it, but here I can remind everyone that if you really want to learn Language of Interpretation, you can work harder in the control of Star Energy. This is considered a Language of Interpretation. The first step of Interpretation, it would be better if some students are good at Domain”.

“Sir, if there is Origin Treasure, can I ask you Language of Interpretation?”, a student asked.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “The instructor must also cultivate, but there is an Origin Treasure who wants the Language of Interpretation, but it is ok, but students should not be stingy with the credits.”

“It’s great”. Many girls are excited. Origin Treasure is not rare for them. As for credits, you can earn it. What a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to find Mr. Haoyu alone. The Language of Interpretation process is very After a long period of time, the more I thought about it, the more I became fascinated, and immediately a girl contacted home and asked to call Origin Treasure.

This class passed very quickly, and Lu Yin was very comfortable. They were all about Language of Interpretation. There were also various conjectures about Wenzu raised by some girls. Some conjectures made Lu Yin I think these girls have strange thinking.

I thought that the class would end so smoothly, but at the end of the class, a girl weakly asked a question, which made Lu Yin confused.

“Teacher, are you living with Mr. Xiaowen?”.

The sound was very small, but it made the lake silent. I don’t know if it was an illusion. The original noise of Insect stopped.

Lu Yin stared blankly at the flushed face and looked a little timid girl, “This classmate, what did you say?”.

Everyone looked at the girl.

The girl bit her lip, took a deep breath, and shouted, “Did you live with Mr. Xiaowen?”.

The voice fell, and all the students who attended the class looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was at a loss, “haven’t ah”.

“But you live in Mr. Xiaowen’s place”, the girl said.

Lu Yin speechless, “Mr. Xiaowen moved to the side, you should know”.

“But you still use Mr. Xiaowen’s arrangement. I know, it has been spread.” The girl was stubborn and checked the truth of the incident.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “This classmate, you think too much, I only met Mr. Xiaowen once, on the day I first arrived at the academy, you can’t talk nonsense, sir, I’m fine, but Mr. Xiaowen has a good reputation. Just ruined”.

Others asked, “Why does Mr. Haoyu use Mr. Xiaowen’s arrangement of the stone pillar?”.

“Mr. Xiaowen moving away is a fake, in fact, you can live on the blank stone pillar, why would you let Mr. Xiaowen move out?”.

“It must be weird if it is redundant.”

Amid the noise, Lu Yin’s face was tired and left, and it’s not all good to have a high face value. Those girls each and everyone are too bad, and the noise made him headache. He still can’t explain it, can’t it be changed? Is Mr. Wen’s arrangement purely lazy? Who believes? He is the Grand Origin Formation Master. Even if he doesn’t arrange Origin Treasure Formation, he can still use Origin Treasure to prevent many students from climbing the stone pillar. The method is too many, but it is useless.

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