Star Odyssey Chapter 212


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Lu Yin rubbed his head and returned to the stone pillar, but saw a person under the stone pillar. His eyebrow raised, what a youngster.

Under the stone pillar, a male Zi Jing standing still, two meters high, exuding a depressing breath, Qing Cao moved towards all around under his feet, curved and suppressed by invisible force, when Lu Yin arrived, The man’s eye light swept away, his sharp eyes full of oppression.

“Mr. Haoyu?” the man said, eye light Binghan, with a strong aggressiveness.

Lu Yin approached step by step, “It’s me, classmate are you?”.

“Xia divine light,” the man spoke slowly.

Lu Yin was surprised, and then smiled, “I heard that Divine Martial Heaven Xia Family is the most outstanding youngster in the contemporary era, and the only expert in the generation of gods.”

Xia divine light calmly looked at Lu Yin, “I can’t see through you, your cultivation base perhaps reached Star Envoy, but it doesn’t prevent me from challenging you.”

Lu Yin blinked, puzzled, “Challenge me? Why?”.

“Wen Zhao”, Xia divine light coldly said.

Lu Yin was helpless, “Mr. Xiaowen and I are innocent.”

“Then post an article, clarify in front of all the tutors and students of Evoking Virtuous College, and apologize to Wen Zhao, this matter is fine,” Xia Divine Light said condescendingly, as if this matter should have been handled like this.

Lu Yin is funny, “The clearer is self-cleaning, not to mention that I only met Mr. Xiaowen once, why should I apologize? It was not I who damaged her reputation.”

Xia divine light indifferently said, “Apologize, or accept my challenge, you choose one”.

Lu Yin looks at Xia divine light, who is also the Divine Martial Heaven god character generation. This guy is completely different from Xia Shenfei. Xia Shenfei likes to drink. He doesn’t care about everything that looks drunk, but he looks better at critical moments. Qing, but this person is full of superiority, it seems that he should be the top Heaven’s Chosen.

However, the two of them have one thing in common, that is, they are domineering and incomparable. Whether it is Xia Shenfei or the Xia divine light in front of you, no one is allowed to disobey, and take action when it is time to take action.

“Classmates, I just wanted to say something just recently. You should not call Wen Zhao directly, but Mr. Xiao Wen.” Lu Yin’s smile faded a little.

Xia divine light stare Lu Yin, “Apologize, or accept the challenge, you choose one.”

“Does my classmates understand me? This matter has nothing to do with me”, Lu Yin repeated.

Xia Divine Light is indifferent, “You don’t understand me? Apologize or accept the challenge, choose one”.

Lu Yin shook his head and stepped out, “I don’t choose either.” After finishing speaking, he smiled at Xia divine light, “I am not good at fighting”, and after finishing speaking, he boarded the stone pillar.

Xia Divine light haven’t blocked. This is Evoking Virtuous College. Even the descendant of Four Way Balance can’t mess around. Students can really challenge the tutor, but it also depends on whether the tutor is willing or not, as long as haven’t violated the teacher German, students are not allowed to take action on their tutors, after all, the students here are not ordinary students.

If someone like Xia divine light wants to take action on the tutor, Evoking Virtuous College 14 tutor, half of them are not his opponents.

Looking at Lu Yin who was on the stone pillar, Xia divine light disdain, “I said, either apologize or accept the challenge, you can’t escape.” After finishing speaking, moved towards the stone pillar where Mr. Xiaowen lived. He didn’t want to listen to Lu Yin’s explanation about this matter, he just wanted to listen to Wen Zhao’s explanation, Wen Zhao was the woman he liked.

Back to the place of residence, Lu Yin unable to bear looked towards Mr. Xiaowen’s stone pillar. He felt that he underestimated the trouble this time. He clearly didn’t know where the rumors came from, but it led to Xia divine light. people.

Xia divine light troubled him for Wen Zhao, and Wen Zhao, the great-granddaughter of Wen Zhao, was the great-granddaughter of Wen Zhao. There is a certain reason why he didn’t believe it. Xia divine light was too nervous and Wen Zhao was too nervous, either I really liked it, or There is another picture.

He doesn’t know if Xia Divine Light really likes Wen Zhao to like this. It’s arguably impossible, but Xia Family has been an infatuated lover like Ancestor Chen Xia Shang. There is nothing impossible, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter, the heavens are falling.

That night, Mr. Tang walked out of the yard and saw Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu is in a bad mood?”.

Lu Yin got up, “That’s haven’t, it’s just a headache because of some rumors”.

“Hehe, Academy is like this, otherwise, wouldn’t it be less fun?”, Mr. Tang said with a smile.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, these Old Guys each and everyone like to watch this kind of thing, hey, he looked towards Mr. Tang stone pillar and let it go, the breeze is coming.

Under Mr.Tang’s stone pillar, the breeze leaped up, Mr.Tang smiled, the Domain descended like a mountain, fiercely pressed against him, and the breezy Domain appeared, climbing against Mr.Tang Domain, and finally brow beaded with sweat came up and saluted Mr. Tang, “Sir, the student is bothering you again”.

Mr. Tang laughed, “Your Domain is getting more and more stable, the next step is breakthrough Empty God Realm, but this step is difficult, very difficult, I told you to take your time, don’t be impatient”.

The breeze once again salutes, “Students want to feel the power of Empty God Realm Domain a few more times. It is rumored that they can learn about Empty God Realm, and they can play with void and forcibly strip them. Students can’t figure out this kind of power.”

Mr. Tang said, “Space Power, if anyone can figure it out, there won’t be only a few Empty God Realm cultivators in this Starry Sky Tree. The last time Already made you feel it, go down, two No need to come again within this month.”

Qingfeng is not willing to say anything, Mr. Tang already no longer paid attention to him, but looked towards Lu Yin, “I saw the matter between Mr. Haoyu and Xia divine light, Mr. you did good.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “I’m just an impulsive student, is it possible that I really want to fight him? I’m not good at fighting”.

“Well”, Mr. Tang looked at Lu Yin deeply, “In my opinion, Mr. Haoyu is letting him, but as a tutor, he should guide the students correctly, not bravely. Mr. is very suitable for this job”.

Lu Yin said, “In fact, I wanted to be closer to Mr. Tang to live here, so that I could learn the method of Domain Cultivation. I didn’t expect to cause misunderstandings. In the future, I may have more students coming, so I don’t want to disturb Mr. Tang anymore. “.

Mr. Tang laughed, “It’s nothing, Mr. Haoyu is so interested in Domain?”.

Lu Yin’s face became serious, “The reason why the Chairman arranged me next to Mr. Tang is to fulfill my wish to learn from Mr. Tang”.

“The words are serious, and learn from each other. In Evoking Virtuous College, both tutors and students can learn from each other and guide each other. Don’t be too serious. If Mr. Haoyu wants to learn Domain, I can make you feel more. To what extent does Mr.’s cultivation of Domain have reached?” Mr. Tang asked.

The breeze on the side is also very curious. There are many rumors about this person of Mr. Haoyu, Academy the past few days. This person is handsome and can make women obsessed. The cultivation base is not clear. It is rumored that he even belongs to Bai Nan. I didn’t dare to take any provocations, and the class that was taught was actually an Exploration. This person was the Grand Origin Formation Master. In short, the Academy had a lot of rumors about this person, and he was a very mysterious person.

Lu Yin glanced at Qingfeng, “My Domain Cultivation is similar to this student, and they are all Transforming Spirit Realm. If Mr. Tang doesn’t mind, I want to feel the Empty God Realm Domain together with this student.”

The breeze’s eye light shines, hoping to look towards Mr.Tang.

Mr. Tang startled, then laughed, “Well, since Mr. Haoyu said it, then together”.

“many thanks Mr. Tang”, Lu Yin said with a smile.

Qingfeng hurriedly saluted, “Thank you Mr. Tang”, after finishing speaking, he glanced at Lu Yin gratefully.

Every time you experience the Empty God Realm Domain is a rare opportunity. Don’t look at him as Enlightenment Realm, a well-known figure from the younger generation of Starry Sky Tree. In fact, the pressure is greater than those of ordinary cultivators because they compete with each other. His opponents are the top Heaven’s Chosen, and if you delay for a while, you will fall behind.

He compared those strong Great Family sect descendants, and didn’t want to waste a single bit of time. Mr. Tang asked him to come back in two months, which was equivalent to a waste of two months for him. Now the most precious thing is time.

Domain Empty God Realm, free to play around with void, stripping void, Lu Yin has seen it many times during Hen Xin battles, that kind of control over space makes him envious, he does not believe that Mr. Tang owns Hen Xin. This kind of strength for space control, but at least it can be done, which is equivalent to getting started.

Domain is definitely still available on Empty God Realm, and that is Hen Xin’s realm.

Mr.Tang Domain burst out and swept across two stone pillars, including Qingfeng and Lu Yin. From a distance, it looks like a space is wrapped in transparent gas, which can be removed at any time.

In Mr.Tang Domain, the space Lu Yin feels is different from the normal space. How can I say it is like changing from fixed to unfixed. The so-called Empty God Realm is like a key to open space.

Qingfeng once again felt the Empty God Realm Domain, eye light lost. Although he experienced the feeling of void being distorted and stripped away, the feeling made him unfamiliar and made him wonder how to learn.

Star Envoy can tear the void and shuttle, but the void is still fixed. The space in the Congealing Space Ring is also fixed, while the space in the Empty God Realm Domain is not fixed. It seems to turn the space into water , Yes, water, breeze, eye light shines, comprehended what.

Mr. Tang was surprised. He thought that Qingfeng would not be able to comprehend anything in a short time, but he didn’t expect this innate talent to be so good. No wonder Qing Chen Senior accepted him as a discipline.

Thinking, he looked towards Lu Yin, his eye light changed, Lu Yin was fiddle with void.

Mr. Tang was shocked, are all innate talents so good? The one who feels the Empty God Realm Domain for the second time will be able to comprehend what, and the other will directly fiddle with void and give him a period of time to reach the Empty God Realm.

Mr. Tang stared at Lu Yin blankly. This person seemed to hide something.

Lu Yin haven’t like Qing Chen same. He understands the concept of space as water. He only regards space as dots. He has felt the scene of Rune Word Principle Number turning into red dots. It also comprehended Ce Word Secret Technique- Chess Move Withdrawal is no stranger to space. At this moment, he is only one step away from Empty God Realm Domain. It is not a step so close, yet worlds apart. It is really just a step. This step may be a quick breakthrough, even if haven’ t Soon and not too long.

Once the breakthrough Empty God Realm Domain, Lu Yin did not know what changes would have been made to Backstep and Ce Word Secret Technique.

The Combat Technique in the world all evolved from one power, that is, Star Origin, which will eventually become one, and this is also the core of that power in Lu Yin’s heart.

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