Star Odyssey Chapter 213


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Any power system can be traced back to the source, such as War Spirit and Domain, which came from the Third Continent ancient Path Lord, and above the ancient Path Lord, is the First Ancestor.

Lu Yin cultivated various powers, which looks very mixed, but as Mr. Mu said, every power can be cultivated to extreme.

When I first heard this statement, Lu Yin really thought it was to cultivate each power to extreme. Now, he understood Mr. Mu, which means that everything changes into one. When all the powers are cultivated to extreme, they can be connected together. .

Ce Word Secret Technique, Backstep, Domain Empty God Realm, looks like space, but can connect time, reverse chaos, void, see through the long river of void, and touch the power of time.

Lu Yin’s eyes opened sharply, and the human cultivation system spread from one source, dispersing various cultivation ways, but in the end it still has to return to that source.

Exit Empty God Realm Domain in one step, Lu Yin salutes Mr. Tang, “Mr. many thanks”.

Mr. Tang said with emotion, “Mr. Haoyu’s innate talent genius is not under anyone, Empty God Realm, just around the corner.”

Lu Yin once again Thank you.

Soon after the breeze woke up, the eye light was at first lost, then restored to sobriety and calmness, looking excitedly at what Mr. Tang wanted to say.

Mr. Tang raised his hand to stop, “Go back and realize it by yourself, don’t say anything, don’t ask anything”.

The breeze suppresses the excitement, nods, once again gratefully glances at Lu Yin and leaves.

Mr.Tang looked towards Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu, as mentors, we sometimes need to keep a low profile and teach students by example, but sometimes we have to show off. I look forward to the day when Mr. shows off.”

Lu Yin is humble, “With such a personality, maybe he will disappoint Mr. Tang”.

Mr. Tang laughed and returned to the house.

Lu Yin exhales, space, time, Star Origin, Aura of Death, Destiny, all kinds of power hovered in his mind, unconsciously, he actually fell asleep.

2nd day, a girl came to the door with Origin Treasure and asked Lu Yin to help Language of Interpretation with credits. What she brought was just a Three Stars Bright Eyes Junior Level Origin Treasure.

The girl thought that Lu Yin Language of Interpretation would take a long time, but it only took Lu Yin less than an hour for the Language of Interpretation to succeed. Everything inside was haven’t, empty.

“Most of Origin Treasure’s internals are haven’t things, so there are disagreements on how to use Origin Treasure. One is that it must be Language of Interpretation, even if 99 of the 100 Origin Treasures are empty, one of them There is something, it’s worth. After all, the things that can come out of the Language of Interpretation in Origin Treasure are very precious, and Universe Starry Sky must seal them.”

“The other one thinks that Origin Treasure murderous intention should be used to form Origin Treasure Formation and apply it on the battlefield,” Lu Yin said.

The girl looked at Lu Yin curiously with her big bright eyes, “Which type does Mr. support?”.

Lu Yin touched his chin, “As a Grand Origin Formation Master, I prefer second, but I also think that first is the right way to use Origin Treasure, which is a bit tangled.”

The girl sneered, “Mr. Haven’t stand, I support first, and I hope that Language of Interpretation can bring out someone as good-looking as Mr., and play with me every day.”

Lu Yin is funny, “Cultivate hard, you are very innate talent, you will become a Language Interpreter”, he hasn’t said nonsense that this girl has heard him two lessons, of course, he has only taught two In the second class, he saw the level of the students attending the class. The girl in front of him definitely has the Language of Interpretation innate talent, and the strength is quite not weak, with the peak of Hunting Realm, comparable to the original Ten Decisions.

“By the way, I have been in two classes, I don’t know your name yet”, Lu Yin asked, almost comparable Ten Decisions, this kind of person can be called Yingjie, not many in Starry Sky Tree .

The girl was pleasantly surprised, “Mr. asked my name? Do you want to remember me? Great, my name is Nong Si Niang.”

Lu Yin was taken aback, “Nong, Nong Si Niang?”.

“Yes,” the girl said.

Lu Yin is curious, “Nong Sanniang is you who?”.

Nong Siniang said with a smile, “She is my elder sister”.

“Nong Lie is your brother?” Lu Yin asked.

Nong Siniang nods, “Mr. knows my elder sister?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I just heard it, but didn’t know it”.

Nong Siniang is curious, “It is estimated that Mr. Elder sister is about the same age as the elder sister. He should be of the same generation. Based on Mr.’s cultivation base, he should be very famous at the beginning. I went back and asked elder sister if he knew him.” .

Lu Yin smiled, “Let’s do it, let’s go, Language of Interpretation is complete, you should go back”.

Crafty flashed in Nong Si Niang’s eyes, “I still have”, and after speaking, he took out a Four Stars Bright Eyes Junior Level Origin Treasure, “Sir, please”.

Lu Yin speechless, “You actually brought two.”

“Hehe, thank you Mr., the credits will not be lost to Mr.”, Nong Si Niang said happily.

Lu Yin shook his head and started Language of Interpretation.

Nong Siniang breathed a sigh of relief, resting her chin in one hand, and quietly looking at Lu Yin Language of Interpretation, while explaining the Language of Interpretation to her. In fact, she is not interested in Language of Interpretation at all, otherwise she would be in Nong Family I’ve learned the status a long time ago, and I came here because I like to look at this face. It’s so pretty.

It’s still an hour, the Origin Treasure Language of Interpretation is completed, or everything is haven’t.

Lu Yin’s complexion is normal, and this Origin Treasure murderous intention of Origin Treasure is not useful for him, and it doesn’t hurt him at all.

“Sir, there’s more.” Nong Si Niang took out another Origin Treasure, this time it is One Star Palm Control Intermediate Level Origin Treasure, which has an octagonal shape and is the same as a starfish. It is also very large, and it takes more time to look at it.

Lu Yin speechless, “How many Origin Treasure did you bring?”.

Nong Siniang blinked, “This is the last one.”

Lu Yin said, “I am tired today. I will only help you with the Language of Interpretation. Don’t take it out again.”

“Okay, thank you sir.” Nong Si Niang was very happy and very generous. She gave Lu Yin a lot of credits. She spent two years at Evoking Virtuous College and earned a lot of credits, but they didn’t use it much. Not only she, Xia Divine Light and Wang Xiaofan are similar people. Evoking Virtuous College can teach them not much. Either the credits are not enough, or there is no need to spend the credits. It is better to keep it, and in the end, you may be able to exchange for Secret Technique.

Qingfeng’s credits are spent on Mr. Tang.

It took more than an hour this time. The murderous intention of this octagonal Origin Treasure is very peculiar. It has a sweet taste, the kind that can be sweet to death. Lu Yin can’t stand it after smelling it, and the rest is harmless. The reason why it takes a long time is purely because of its large size and not easy Language of Interpretation.

The octagonal Origin Treasure was given a seed by the Language of Interpretation.

Nong Siniang’s eye light lit up, “It’s great, it’s the seed of ancient Sunflower.”

Lu Yin was curious, threw the seeds to Nong Si Niang, and asked, “What ancient Sunflower?”.

Nong Siniang took the seeds and explained, “Sunflower is a kind of flower that grows on meteorites. It blooms wherever there is light. It produces a very sweet smell. It is a material that cannot be used to make a spice.” .

“Just that sweet and deadly smell?” Lu Yin was weird.

Nong Siniang rolled his eyes, “Of course it’s diluted. The sweet smell and the same love are the scent sought after by many young men and women, but it’s a pity that it’s already extinct. I only read it in the classics. This time it’s fine. With its seeds, we can plant Sunflowers in Seed Garden, thank you Mr. Haoyu.”

Lu Yin is strange, “You Nong Family should have Language Interpreter, right? Didn’t you try Language of Interpretation?”.

Nong Si Niang said, “Origin Treasure is too many, whoever came to the Language of Interpretation, and the number of Origin Formation Masters is so small, they are all concentrated on the back battlefield, how can there be spare time to help us Language of Interpretation”.

Lu Yin clicked nods, “Okay, go back.”

Nong Siniang once again thanked him again before leaving. Before leaving, I asked if he could continue to ask Lu Yin Language of Interpretation. Lu Yin agreed. The Language of Interpretation just let him practice his hands and integrate into Hao Yue Master within the The body has a lot more insights about Language of Interpretation, and coupled with his original accumulation, as long as the number of Language of Interpretation keeps up, it is a true Boundary Origin Formation Master.

He still hopes that he will reach Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

After Nong Siniang left, another person wanted to climb the stone pillar, but unfortunately that person failed to climb it.

Wen Zhao’s arrangement made Cruise Realm not so easy to climb. Most Academy learns to survive only under Exploration Realm. Not everyone is like Nong Si Niang, Qingfeng is so powerful.

“Mr. Haoyu”, on the other stone pillar, Wen Zhao shouted.

Lu Yin turned around, surprised, “Mr. Xiaowen?”.

Wen Zhao looked at Lu Yin with a low tone, “Academy’s recent rumors, sir should know about it”.

Lu Yin quickly apologized, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Xiaowen, I didn’t expect that the Chairman kindly let me get close to Mr. Tang, and wanted to fulfill my desire to learn Domain, but he caused a reputational misunderstanding to Mr. Xiaowen. I’m really sorry.” .

Wen Zhao said, “I don’t care, but Mr. Haoyu embarrassed Mr. Haoyu about Xia divine light. I apologize to you here.”

Lu Yin waved his hand, “It’s not a major event. The students are youngsters. They are passionate and understandable.”

Wen Zhao helplessly, “I can’t stop some things, but I will try to explain clearly to Xia divine light, this person is too impulsive.”

Lu Yin hurriedly said, “Don’t, this kind of thing gets darker and darker, don’t say anything, let it be.”

“Go with the flow?” Wen Zhao frowned, looking at Lu Yin in doubt.

Lu Yin is weird, did you make a mistake?

Wen Zhao took back the eye light, “In this case, Mr. Haoyu takes care of himself, as long as Mr. Xia divine light is ignored, he can do nothing at Evoking Virtuous College.”

Lu Yin nods, “I understood”.

Wen Zhao returned to the courtyard.

A Xia divine light represents Divine Martial Heaven and Xia Family. Naturally, many people are drawn. Wen Zhao is worried for a reason, because the next person to find Lu Yin is also a mentor.

“Can Mr. Haoyu be here? I’m down at Wu Taibai, I’m here to see you”, the voice reached Lu Yin’s ears.

Lu Yin surprised, who? Wu Taibai?

He walked out of the yard, looked towards the bottom, and saw a familiar face, precisely one of the Sixth Continent The Three Heavens of Taoism Origin, Wu Taibai, also an expert of Divine Martial Heaven, at the same level as Xia Taili.

Why is he here? By the way, there is a Mr. Wu in the academy who used the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base to break through the eighteen horizontal formations. Could it be him?

“Mr. Haoyu is there?” Wu Taibai called out again.

Lu Yin said, “But Mr. Wu? Just come up.”

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