Star Odyssey Chapter 214


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Wu Taibai stepped out and boarded the stone pillar directly, and came to Lu Yin courtyard, looked towards Lu Yin, a different color flashed in his eyes, “Mr. Haoyu has been in the academy for half a month. He has always heard of it and never met. Excuse me today”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “It’s Mr. Wu, please come in.”

Wu Taibai stepped into the hospital. Lu Yin calmed his mind and poured a cup of tea for Wu Taibai. “I have also heard of Mr. Wu by the name. I heard that Mr. Wu is the instructor of the Academy Enlightenment Realm. Those who have passed eighteen horizontal formations are admirable.”

Wu Taibai said with a smile, “It’s not weird that we are at this age. Many people have broken through Star Envoy. For example, Mr. Haoyu, you are the Star Envoy powerhouse. You must be able to break through the 18th line. It’s not surprising that you, Mr.,”.

Lu Yin was surprised when he saw Wu Taibai. With Wu Taibai’s innate talent, he should have broken through Star Envoy. He hadn’t been locked up in Supreme Mountain, but he was not swallowed in the Star Origin universe. The Fifth Continent.

In his estimation, the generation of Starry Sky Tree’s superb Heaven’s Chosen should break through Star Envoy, and Wu Taibai is actually haven’t.

“Even Star Envoy, I am not sure to break through the eighteenth horizontal formation. Mr. Wu thinks of me too much and he underestimates himself”, Lu Yin is humble.

Wu Taibai laughed, drinking tea, thinking about something.

Lu Yin is not in a hurry, Wu Taibai must have something to do with Xia divine light.

After a while, Wu Taibai put down his teacup, “Actually, I came to apologize to Mr. Haoyu.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “How do you say this? Mr. Wu and I have never met, so how can I apologize?”.

Wu Taibai said, “Mr. Haoyu has seen Xia divine light, right”.

Lu Yin nods.

Wu Taibai said, “I belong to Divine Martial Heaven. Xia Divine Light is my most outstanding descendant of Divine Martial Heaven this generation. Xia Divine Light is rude to your husband. Naturally, my elders have to apologize. I’m really sorry, Hao. Mr. Yu”.

Lu Yin quickly said, “It’s not a major event, Mr. Wu doesn’t have to be like this, Xia divine light is just a student, how can I care about students”.

Wu Taibai said with a smile, “I know that Mr. Haoyu is generous, so I don’t care about this trivial matter. There is a second thing this time.”

“Let’s listen to it”, Lu Yin to ask a question, when already knows the answer, he guessed it was related to Wen Zhao, if it really is like this, Xia divine light’s reaction is related to Divine Martial Heaven, Divine Martial Heaven The idea of ​​the Chairman of Evoking Virtuous College.

Wu Taibai pondered for a moment, “This matter is not nice to say, but I still have to say”, he looked at Lu Yin seriously, “Excuse me for being abrupt, I don’t know what is the relationship between Mr. Haoyu and Mr. Xiaowen? “.

Lu Yin frowned, “Mr. Wu doesn’t believe the Academy rumors.”

Wu Taibai laughed, “Of course not, it’s just that the Chairman arranged Mr. Haoyu here. This move puzzled me, so I want to know what Mr. Haoyu means?”.

Lu Yin stare Wu Taibai, “What does Mr. Wu want me to mean?”.

Wu Taibai and Lu Yin looked at each other for a moment, and then retracted the eye light, “Xia divine light likes Mr. Xiaowen, Mr. Haoyu should be understood, so Divine Martial Heaven hopes that Haoyu will generate all of them first, in return, Mr. Haoyu Please mention if you have any requirements.”

Lu Yin secretly thought. Sure enough, Divine Martial Heaven was writing about Chairman’s idea, which is interesting. He likes to participate.

“The rumors are false. I have nothing to do with Mr. Xiaowen. Even like this, Divine Martial Heaven also means this?” Lu Yin asked.

Wu Taibai nods, “Divine Martial Heaven doesn’t like accidents. Of course, if Mr. Haoyu is unwilling, then play fair. I am here mainly to apologize for Xia Divine Light.”

Wu Taibai’s attitude is very upright, and haven’t threatened or persecuted, can only be regarded as a temptation, but the three characters Divine Martial Heaven are threats.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Mr. Wu doesn’t understand what the Chairman means for me to be here, I can tell you.”

Wu Taibai is straight.

Lu Yin said, “Learning Domain.”

Wu Taibai was surprised, “Learning Domain?”.

Lu Yin nods, “I am only one step away from the Empty God Realm for the cultivation of the Domain to reach the Transforming Spirit Realm. This step is too difficult and too difficult to cross. The Chairperson kindly arranged me next to Mr. Tang, just to Let me ask Mr. Tang frequently, you have misunderstood.”

Wu Taibai laughed, “So, maybe we really misunderstood, but we also got a blessing in disguise, knowing that Mr. Haoyu is about to break the Empty God Realm, and Divine Martial Heaven must congratulate him on the day of the breakthrough.”

A few more polite sentences, and all that should be said, Wu Taibai said goodbye, and before leaving, he looked at Lu Yin’s eyes, “Mr. Haoyu, have we met?”.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “It should be haven’t, Mr. Wu is from Divine Martial Heaven, and I’m just a loose cultivator.”

Wu Taibai laughed, leave.

Lu Yin looked at him from behind. What he said was definitely not himself as Lu Yin, but Yuhao. Yuhao married Xia Zhitong. Xia Zhitong is a collateral of Xia Family and a member of Divine Martial Heaven. Maybes Met Wu Taibai.

If Wu Taibai confirms Yuhao’s identity, he will not be so quiet here soon, or that is exactly what he expected.

Divine Martial Heaven will not let go of disguising themselves as Yuhao. It depends on whether they can treat themselves at Evoking Virtuous College. This was originally planned.

How can Yuhao approach Divine Martial Heaven without being exposed? How to disintegrate Four Way Balance’s conspiracy to intimidate everyone in Starry Sky Tree with Yu Family, he is waiting here.

I came to Starry Sky Tree this time with the purpose of saving people, but as for how to save, he hasn’t got a clue, can only take one step at a time.

As for now, Lu Yin is looking at the stone pillar, it’s time to re-arrange it, and use Wen Zhao’s method already to cause rumors, and it’s inconvenient to use it. Besides, if Divine Martial Heaven finds himself, what he wants to do to himself, Evoking Virtuous College’s attitude is critical, and my value in Evoking Virtuous College determines when the time comes Evoking Virtuous College’s attitude.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin set out to lay out the stone pillar.

The best arrangement for the stone pillar is the Grand Shifting Formation, which can transfer students out without harming them at all, and can fully demonstrate their Origin Formation Master ability.

In the next few days, Lu Yin was still very comfortable. Nong Siniang haven’t found it, and haven’t other students. He ran to Shuge to read the book collection in the academy, and Nong Siniang gave it to His credits are not enough to make it to the top.

Mr. Xiaowen often has students going there, all of whom ask about ancient Chinese characters.

Lu Yin is also a little curious about ancient characters. I want to learn it. Wen Diyi is the best choice. Wen Diyi level must be far higher than Mr. Xiaowen. By the way, what is the relationship between whether they will have? Both are surnamed Wen.

At Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin haven’t released Wen Diyi, and haven’t took out the mirror to let Ancestor Wu come out. After all, this is a place that Four Way Balance takes seriously. There are two Half-Ancestors, he is afraid be found.

The third class has started. After the first two classes, Lu Yin has already started to get used to this class day.

Jin Chongshan is here, and Zijin Family is always exploring the issue of the Fire Phoenix in the academy, which coincides with Lu Yin’s course.

Then the breeze also came. Lu Yin was still very surprised that he would show up, probably because he was grateful to Mr. Tang for helping him a little bit and let him comprehended something.

Nong Siniang’s girls are naturally there. Although the number of girls is not as good as in the first class, they are nearly double the number in the second class. Many people come to see Lu Yin this person because it is rumored that Mr. Xiaowen has moved in together.

Lu Yin saw the envy and jealousy in the eyes of many boys.

After one hour, Lu Yin was in class. He accidentally saw part of Wenzu’s records in Shuge and told them, which caused some discussion. At this time, Bai Nan came and did not ask for trouble. I looked at Lu Yin with great interest, eye light with indescribable pride.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, this kid’s eyes were wrong, he must have done something, it looks like it really reserves a beating.

Not long after Bai Nan, when a person came, Lu Yin finally knew what he was proud of, because the person who came was Xia Divine Light. He found this, and it is probably related to Bai Nan.

Bai Nan sneered, watching Lu Yin’s endless lectures, Xia divine light is here, and see how you respond.

Xia’s divide light appearance caused a sensation. There are a few students in Academy who rarely attend classes, even Mr. Tang and Mr Zheng’s classes are not very good. Xia divide light is one of them, Four Way Balance descendant, now Now he has become one of the loudest voices of Young Ancestor.

The Four Young Ancestor is a specific title after the Origin Ring Festival. Only the Xia Shenfei generation is considered the real Four Young Ancestor, but the Young Ancestor star still exists, even if you don’t need to go to the Domination Boundary to find the Object of Origin, the Young Ancestor star is still It can be used, but the use time has not yet been determined.

This means that apart from does not go to Domination Boundary and loses the opportunity to get Object of Origin. Xia divine light is no different from Xia Shenfei’s generation.

But as for whether they really won’t get Object of Origin, outsiders will not understood.

In short, in the eyes of this generation, Xia divine light is a candidate for the four Young Ancestors. Eight-nine will monopolize one Young Ancestor star.

If Lu Yin’s face against Yuhao excites many girls in the Academy, and they look at beauty, then Xia divine light also excites them. They look at strength and have two completely different views.

But in the final analysis, a beautiful vase is far inferior to the powerful Young Ancestor.

“Mr. Haoyu, can you explain the rumors about you and Mr. Xiaowen?” Xia Divine Light spoke up with a loud voice, spreading around the lake.

Around the lake, Lu Yin’s lecture is only one corner. The whole lake is too big. I don’t know how many students are here, some fishing, some rest, and some cultivate.

Xia divine light’s words caught everyone’s attention.

Lu Yin calmly said, “Xia divine light, I don’t have much to explain. The clearer is self-clear, and blindly emphasizing such rumors will only damage Mr. Xiaowen’s reputation. Is this what you want to see? “.

Xia divine light raised her head, “Then you apologize, you are the one who damaged her reputation.”

Lu Yin’s face against Yuhao’s face and his status as a mentor is equivalent to a change of person and a deliberate change of temper. No one is concerned about provocations, but it does not mean that there is no fire at all. This summer divine light makes him a little unhappy. If it weren’t for disguising his identity, he would not be able to find Bei with a slap.

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