Star Odyssey Chapter 215


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Nong Si Niang got up and scolded, “Xia divine light, don’t disturb Mr.’s class, are you sick? Isn’t it just a rumor? It’s also a matter between Mr. Haoyu and Mr. Xiaowen. What does it have to do with you? Money, people who have never heard of picking things up, have the ability to pick up and scold them.”

Xia divine light coldly looked towards Nong Si Niang, “For the face of Nong Family, I can ignore your words. Even if Nong Sanniang is here, I dare not speak to me like this and do your own thing.” .

Nong Siniang stuck in her waist, looking like I’m not afraid of you, “What kind of bullshit, my sister will kill you with a hoe.”

Qing Feng got up and said, “Xia divine light, sir, please don’t disturb.”

Xia divine light swept to the breeze, “I don’t like talking to trash, I have ten moves with ability to support me, and I will look at you.”

Qingfeng makes a fist. With his status, he is valued everywhere. He cultivates innate talent and is extremely high. Otherwise, Qing Chen Half-Ancestor would not be admired by Qing Chen Half-Ancestor, but it is far worse than Xia divine light. Qing Even if Chen is Half-Ancestor, the foundation is impossible comparable to Xia Family.

When he first arrived at Evoking Virtuous College, he was high-spirited and vigorous, and his self-identification was extremely high. How many of his peers reached Enlightenment Realm? However, after playing with Xia Divine Light and Wang Xiaofan, he recognized the reality, both Enlightenment Realm, seemingly similar, but the true strength is far behind.

This is also the reason why he is anxious to learn Domain. He doesn’t want to be left too many.

Xia divine light eye light looked towards Lu Yin, “Either apologize or accept my challenge. As Star Envoy, I dare not accept the challenge of an Enlightenment Realm student, so I should be a mentor.”

Bai Nan sneered, “Mr. Haoyu, you dare not accept the challenge of the 18th horizontal formation, now you dare not accept the challenge of the students?”.

Nong Si Niang scolded, “Stop talking nonsense, Mr. Haoyu is a literati, a Language Interpreter, and not a fighting mad, what fight with you”.

Xia divine light cold stare Lu Yin.

Lu Yin carried his hands on his back, “I am not good at fighting, I told you before.”

Xia divine light disdain, turned around and wanted to go, “waste”.

Many students are disappointed. Even if Nong Si Niang supports Lu Yin, they are also a little disappointed in this brief moment. This is not something that is not good at it. If this person has the courage to face the battle, how to teach the students?

Some students have mentioned before that since Mr. Haoyu is the Grand Origin Formation Master, why not go to the back battlefield?

At that time, many people said that they were afraid of death, especially those of Bai Nan who were very barely. Now it seems that maybe it is.

“However,” Lu Yin continued, “Although I am not good at fighting, I am good at Origin Treasure Formation.”

Xia divine light turned around and looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said, “You just recently said that Qingfeng couldn’t hold up even your ten tricks? It’s better to like this. I will arrange an Origin Treasure Formation for him. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Murderous intention too strong Origin Treasure, just one Auxiliary’s Origin Treasure Formation, if he can use this to hold ten moves under your hand, no, hold 50 moves, if he can use this to hold 50 moves under your hand, what if I win? If he can’t hold on, you Win, I will do whatever you say”.

Xia divine light looked towards Qingfeng, Qingfeng looked towards Lu Yin in amazement, let alone 50 moves, he couldn’t hold it even after ten moves. Although he had an understanding of Domain cultivate, but also only understood, not mastered, he and The gap between Xia Divine Light is too big, and Divine Martial Astral Aura alone cannot fight him, how can he hold 50 moves.

Xia Divine Light laughed, “Are you confident in this rubbish or in yourself? Tell you, if I get serious, let alone ten tricks, he can’t hold on three tricks, this is me Divine Martial The difference between Heaven and loose cultivator”.

“So, did you accept it?” Lu Yin asked back.

Xia Divine Light sneered, “Okay, I accept, without 50 moves, ten moves, as long as I can survive ten moves, I will admit defeat”.

Lu Yin looked towards Qingfeng, “Classmate, would you like to help me?”.

Qingfeng hesitated.

Nong Si Niang is anxious, “Qingfeng, is it a man? Not to mention Mr. Haoyu’s Origin Treasure Formation. Even if haven’t, you dare not fight Xia Divine Light? Where is your original spirit? “.

Qingfeng looked up towards Lu Yin, “I am not afraid of a battle, but I don’t want to hurt Mr.”.

Lu Yin raised his hand, Star Energy gathered around Qingfeng, and then arranged a modified Origin Treasure Formation-Flow Transmitting Diagram.

He used the alias Long Qi and used the Flow Transmitting Diagram Origin Treasure Formation take action. He was afraid of being recognized, so he changed it, “It’s okay, you can definitely”.

Qingfeng takes a deep breath, clicks nods, looked towards Xia divine light, “Come on”.

Many students around retreat and look forward to watching. I didn’t expect to see this kind of battle in class. Although Qingfeng is far less than Xia Divine Light, it’s because people like Xia Divine Light are too evil. Remove that. Several of the same grades as Xia divine light, Qingfeng is definitely the most powerhouse.

There was a good show.

Students gathered around, all students who heard Xia divine light talking around the lake, each and everyone was very excited.

The place of battle is above the lake.

Looking at the Flow Transmitting Diagram surrounded by the body surface, Qingfeng looked blank. This is too simple. He felt that this Origin Treasure Formation would break at the touch of a touch, and could block the Divine Martial Astral Aura of Xia’s divine light?

not only Qingfeng thinks so, Xia divine light, including the students around watching the excitement.

Xia divine light sneered, dressing up as God, playing the devil, he understood what Lu Yin meant, that is to let this Qingfeng replace the dead ghost, no matter what, as long as Qingfeng challenged him, he could withdraw from this battle. In the end, even if he loses, it is a shame for Qingfeng, not because he loses himself.

At most, I asked him to apologize to Wen Zhao. This is what he should do. This person is sinister enough.

Xia divine light guessed it. I didn’t say it. Bai Nan said it, and many people guessed it. Suddenly, Lu Yin’s image in the hearts of many students continued to decline, including those girls.

“You are also bad luck, so take a lesson.” Xia divine light said indifferently, raising his hand, the invisible air flow flying like a ribbon, raising his hand, aiming at the breeze far away, he wants to be the fastest The speed ends, and the faster it ends, the more embarrassed that Haoyu will be. Bai Nan has already announced his thoughts, and he will only become more embarrassed.

Qingfeng’s eye light shone, facing Divine Martial Astral Aura, he quickly avoided, but Xia Divine light had anticipated this step, and suddenly turned his palm, Divine Martial Astral Aura shredded void, fiercely bombarding Qingfeng.

The breeze raised his hand, “Shui Xuan Tu”, the voice fell, and the water before him turned into a fantasy landscape world like Meng Ru, trying to block Divine Martial Astral Aura.

But he underestimated Divine Martial Astral Aura, this is Divine Martial Heaven’s superpower, domineering, and destructive power. How can it be resisted by a cultivation technique?

Divine Martial Astral Aura directly smashed Qingfeng’s water mystery map. Fortunately, the water mystery map is not useless. It is still a hint of hindrance, letting Qingfeng avoid it.

Xia divine light bends the corner of her mouth, a long knife appeared in her hand, and one foot stepped out. The knife body wrapped Divine Martial Astral Aura and cut towards Qingfeng, “Remember this trick?”

Qingfeng’s pupils shrank sharply. He challenged Xia divine light before, but was defeated by this blade, but at that time, Xia divine light was the sixth move when he made the knife, and now the 2nd move is out, he obviously wants to do it quickly.

Many students raised their hearts. Many people still prefer Qingfeng, because Qingfeng is honest and enthusiastic and willing to help others.

Qingfeng died stare Xia divine light fell with a knife, Lu Yin’s voice suddenly came from his ear, “Domain”, lightning flashed through his mind, that night, the experience of Mr.Tang Empty God Realm Domain once again appeared, He watched Xia divine light fall with a knife, looked at Divine Martial Astral Aura nothing that cannot be broken, saw the void being torn apart, and thought of four words-space into water. This is what he realized.

This blade, Divine Martial Astral Aura blocked the surrounding area. Xia divine light was sure to defeat Qingfeng. He did this before. In such a short time, Qingfeng was unable to cross the gap of this blade.

But this blade failed after all, and the breeze is like a fish avoid.

Xia divine light cannot believe, “You?”.

The breeze avoids Xia divine light with a knife, stretches out his hand, and the thunder shines, turning into Lei Cheng, slashing towards Xia divine light at an angle that cannot be thought, his attack method has changed.

Xia divine light watched Lei Ren penetrate the void and hurriedly avoided, but this blow shocked him. He actually hadn’t completely avoided. The angle and arc cut by Lei Ren was really weird, and it seemed to cut open. The flow of water does not tear the void with destructive power.

This feeling is very strange. It makes Xia Divine Light think that it is not the breeze, but another person.

Beside the lake, a crowd of students stared blankly. What did they see? Seeing Xia divine light bleeding? he is injured.

Qingfeng holds Lei Ren. This is his innate talent. With the help of the cultivation techniques from Master Shuixuantu, the destructive power of the innate talent is enhanced, and he can compete against all the experts of his generation, but he enters Evoking Virtuous College to challenge Xia Divine Light and Wang Xiaofan. Later, his pride was gone.

Now, the lost pride is back. It is not impossible for him to surpass them, at least Xia Divine Light is injured.

Lu Yin was surprised, this Qingfeng’s innate talent on the Domain is okay, everyone has a different understanding of space, and Lu Yin’s understanding of Qingfeng made Lu Yin curious, no wonder Mr. Tang praised him that night.

Xia divine light watched the blood flowing on his arm, no longer the disdain and indifference at the beginning, the whole face sank, and looked up towards Qingfeng, “You are very good.”

The breeze held Lei Ren tightly, thunder shining, “continue”.

Xia divine light touched the injured arm, bloody fingers, “I look down on you, but it’s over, be careful of your own life”, after finishing speaking, the long knife was raised and cut horizontally, encumbering Divine Martial. Astral Aura, shatter void.

Qingfeng saw through void and hurriedly avoided. Suddenly, the same knife appeared behind him. Qingfeng subconsciously avoided. In front of him, Xia divine light faced him, the raised knife fiercely cut down, and Divine Martial Astral Aura fell abruptly.

By the lake, many people turned pale and finished.

Qingfeng watched a knife fall on his head, once again avoid at a critical moment, but he avoided the knife, could not avoid Divine Martial Astral Aura, could not avoid another knife that appeared inexplicably in Xia divine light, a knife, an astral qi at the same time Falling on him, this blade, Xia Divine Light’s confidence is over. He didn’t keep his hands. Not only did it end as simple as it was, Qingfeng had to pay for just recently’s take action.

He is a member of Xia Family, a member of Divine Martial Heaven, and he has the most outstanding inheritance. No matter what he has learned, he is impossible to compare with him.

The breeze failed to avoid, the knife and astral qi fell firmly on him, the lake burst, and the terrifying force swept all over, making void all twisted.

The water of the lake rises into the sky and then falls, like rain.

Everyone looked into the lake, wanting to know the result.

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