Star Odyssey Chapter 216


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When the lake fell, in the middle of the lake, only Xia divine light cannot be believed to stand, and in the distance, the breeze hurts nothing.

Qingfeng was also dumbfounded, and looked at himself, okay?

He looked towards Lu Yin next to the lake. This Origin Treasure Formation is actually really useful, blocking the Xia divine light attack.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, cracking a joke, Flow Transmitting Diagram, how could it be useless, and it is still laid out by his current cultivation base, it looks weak, but not to mention the summer divine light, even if Xia Shenfei breakthrough Star Envoy, The take action of the breeze may not be broken.

Evoking Virtuous College students are among the unbreakable.

“Mr. Haoyu, this, is this Origin Treasure Formation blocking Xia’s divine light?” Nong Si Niang asked.

A group of students stared at Lu Yin in a daze.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “His attack power is not enough, after all, it is Origin Treasure Formation.”

Nong Siniang was excited, “I knew that Mr. Haven’t deliberately escaped, and Xia Divine Light couldn’t break Mr.’s Origin Treasure Formation at all.”

There are also many girls who agree with him, and Lu Yin’s image that is on the verge of breaking in their hearts rises again.

The stuttering Little Fatty was also excited, “Too, too, too powerful, too powerful”.

Xia divine light deeply looked towards Lu Yin, just recently, the power of the knife knows himself clearly that the Origin Treasure Formation can be blocked, which is very unusual.

If it’s like this, if you want to solve the breeze within ten strokes, you must do it really.

Lu Yin is looking forward to Xia divine light’s Divine Martial Transformation. Xia Shenfei has done it. It’s quite amazing. What Xia Shenfei cared about Lu Yin the most was actually his innate talent. The past reappeared, and it almost made him wonder. In comparison, the strength of Xia Divine Light today is far inferior to Xia Shenfei.

Xia divine light raises the knife and rushes towards the breeze, there are already three moves, and seven moves.

The breeze is alert, and the water mystery picture rises from the lake surface. This is Qing Chen’s Combat Technique, but it is useless for Xia divine light.

Xia divine light stare cool breeze, and directly cast the Secret Technique-Reverse, which can reverse the enemy’s injury, even if the enemy increases in strength, it can be reversed. It is a terrifying Secret Technique.

Qingfeng’s strength was indeed reversed. He originally wanted to avoid using space to transform water, but he didn’t do it.

But Xia Divine Light couldn’t break the Origin Treasure Formation with a single shot, but just knocked Qingfeng away.

Xia divine light once again rushed over, lifted the knife and cut out, this blade, behind him appeared a huge illusory shadow of the knife, this is Belief Concept.

Nong Siniang’s eye light is wide, Belief Concept, originally only Lu Family can, but after Lu Family was exile, Four Way Balance stole this power.

As soon as Xia divine light Belief Concept came out, Qing Feng’s warning signs burst, and the next cut was terrifying, and he hadn’t confidence to stop it.

Lu Yin is still unperturbed, and what about Belief Concept? The strength has improved, but it still does not reach the power limit of breaking the Flow Transmitting Diagram.

With a bang, the lake churned, and the blade glow swept across the surrounding area, moving towards the lake.

Mr Zheng suddenly appeared, blocking the blade glow, waved to disperse the lake, looked towards the center.

There, Xia divine light once again was full of consternation. He couldn’t believe that he looked at the Origin Treasure Formation on Qingfeng’s body. It looked so weak, but it blocked his cut. After Belief Concept, it was a cut.

“It seems that you can’t break it.” The breeze was shocked. He didn’t expect Xia divine light this blade without to be useful. He thought he could at least break the Origin Treasure Formation, but he avoided the opportunity with the Origin Treasure Formation hindrance. Now it seems, no, no need to do anything, standing here, even if Xia divine light is cut.

Xia Divine light turned his head and stared at Lu Yin, eye light was shocked, “What is this Origin Treasure Formation?”.

Lu Yin smiled, smiling modestly, “forgot”.

Xia divine light eye light suddenly opened.

Mr Zheng frowned, “Mr. Haoyu, what’s the matter?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Students learn from each other, it’s not a major event, why did Mr Zheng come?”.

Mr Zheng said solemnly, “just recently the knife is not so simple to learn”.

Lu Yin laughed, “Then Mr Zheng can see someone injured?”.

Mr Zheng’s tone was stagnant, he glanced at Lu Yin deeply, and then looked towards Xia divine light, “You can’t break the Origin Treasure Formation, you don’t need to fight again”.

Xia divine light gripped the handle of the knife, “impossible, there must be a way to break it.”

On the other side, Wu Taibai arrives, “divine light, Mr Zheng is right, you can’t break the Origin Treasure Formation, don’t take action anymore”.

Xia divine light and Wu Taibai looked at each other for a moment, then once again took a deep look at Lu Yin, “I admit defeat”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “It’s just a discussion between students, Xia divine light, don’t care, students, this lesson has given you a good understanding of the use of Origin Treasure Formation in battle. The classmates who listened to my lecture went back to write a good thought, and handed it in the next class, we strive to take you to try to study the Origin Treasure Formation of the Academy within one year and find the secret of the Fire Phoenix.”

“Yes, Mr. Haoyu”, Nong Si Niang is happy, so good-looking first survived so powerful, so happy.

“Yes, Mr. Haoyu”.

“Yes, Mr. Haoyu”.

each and everyone The girls are excited to respond, with a happy smile chirp chirp twitter twitter.

The class was over, but Lu Yin failed to leave. He was surrounded by students and couldn’t walk away at all. Even Mr Zheng couldn’t talk to him.

Wu Taibai apologized to Lu Yin, Lu Yin laughed and didn’t care.

Xia divine light is gone, and the Origin Treasure Formation surrounded by fresh breeze is constantly echoing in my mind.

He has seen all kinds of Origin Treasure Formation and experienced the back battlefield, but the Origin Treasure Formation that Lu Yin showed Qingfeng has never seen before. It is necessary to find out what it is, otherwise it will be difficult to break it.

He asked himself to have the ability to skipping grades to challenge Star Envoy. Same as Xia Shenfei, he can break into the Star Origin universe with the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. He is a super genius, and he is more confident to fight against Lu Yin, but this person’s Origin Treasure Formation is somewhat different. Measurement.

I was thinking about it, facing him, a man with a back carrying a long sword came, looking cold and blocking his front.

Xia divine light stare man, surprised, looked carefully, “Liu Que?”

Precisely Liu Que who blocked Xia divine light, “Are you Xia divine light?”.

“I heard that you had planned to challenge all the students of Evoking Virtuous College. Why did you suddenly change your mind and join the college?” Xia Divine Light was strange.

Liu Que looked at him coldly and “played a match.”

Xia divine light narrowed his eyes. For Liu Que, he had heard many rumors and was quite jealous. Moreover, he easily defeated his peer Heaven’s Chosen when he entered the academy a few days ago. Although he is very arrogant and sufficient, he is more confident than before. The four Young Ancestors, but Liu Que is considered to be equally sufficient and comparable to the genius of the Four Young Ancestors.

“This is not the time,” Xia Divine Light said.

Liu Que eye light looked towards Xia divine light The left arm was torn apart by the breeze Lei Ren, with scarlet red, “Are you injured? Who?”.

Xia divine light didn’t want to say more, but a thought flashed through the mind, “You have heard, Mr. Haoyu”.

Beside the lake, Lu Yin finally coaxed these students away. These students all wanted to learn from the Origin Treasure Formation he gave Qingfeng. It was Origin Treasure Formation, not Origin Treasure, how could it be easy to learn.

Sometimes he is very grateful to the realm mentor, this Flow Transmitting Diagram is created by the realm mentor, sufficient is comparable to the true solution of Origin Treasure array.

After the surrounding students disperse, Qing Feng can approach and salute Lu Yin deeply, “many thanks Mr. Haoyu”.

Lu Yin raised his hand to support him, “Since you call me sir, you don’t need to be polite, just recently did a good job”.

Qingfeng was excited, “If it weren’t for sir, I couldn’t perceive Empty God Realm Domain once again. Facing Xia divine light today is another situation.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “You are very good, Qing Chen Senior received a good discipline.”

“Mr. knows his teacher?” Qingfeng was surprised.

Lu Yin said, “Have heard of Cold Gate Central Level Boundary Nine Gates Supervisory Lord, a very respectable Senior.”

Qingfeng said happily, “When I see my master again, I will definitely mention sir. Your master’s accomplishments in Language of Interpretation are amazing. It is estimated that even those Grand Origin Formation Masters on the back of the battlefield may not be able to reach the cultivation base of Mr. “.

Lu Yin immediately became humble, although he thinks so too.

His current theoretical attainments are comparable to Boundary Origin Formation Master, but there is still a long way to go from Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

Boundary Origin Formation Master, Origin Formation Heavenly Master, seems to be just one step difference, but heaven and earth’s difference to separate, Lu Yin although he has never seen Heavenly Master Xiu take action, but with the ability of Heavenly Master Xiu, the probability may not be cannot take skipping grades to challenge Half-Ancestor.

The Language Interpreter battle is full of mysterious.

At this time, Lu Yin eye light crossed Qingfeng and saw Liu Que who was walking by.

Liu Que also stare Lu Yin, with bright eye light, “I found you, you really are the tutor of Evoking Virtuous College”.

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