Star Odyssey Chapter 217


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Liu Que’s body was suppressed by a huge force. Fiercely slammed into the distant jungle. He wanted to resist, but he was unable to resist. The power of that finger was like the suppression of heaven and earth. It clearly did not cause much harm to him, but it was suppressed. Stopped him, leaving him powerless.

This kind of powerlessness, he has only felt in those super powerhouses.

“Um, this classmate, are you okay?” Not far away, Mr. Huai stared blankly. Unable to bear looked at the distance, seemingly flying over from a far away place.

Liu Que got up, calmed down the dust on Pats, and went away. He didn’t look at Mr. Huai from start to finish. All he thought about was the moment when Lu Yin just recently took action. I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it at all. , How did he appear? I didn’t have reaction ability, and why couldn’t I resist after being beaten up?

Liu Que’s mind is full of questions, but he is sure that he will not go to this Mr. Haoyu for the time being, the gap is too big.

The cultivation base of this person is a bit deeply impossible.

Liu Que is not a Xia divine light, he will not consider that many benefits, and all he thinks about is cultivate fighting. For this kind of person, Lu Yin takes action directly, simply and neatly, otherwise he will be annoyed by him in the future. Especially the Grand Shifting Formation on the stone pillar can’t hold him, this is the most annoying.

Since Liu Que was taught that day, he has never looked for Lu Yin again. Xia divine light is also haven’t moved, and there are fewer and fewer rumors about him and Wen Zhao in the academy, and they seem to be suppressed. Up.

And Lu Yin also took two classes safely. It was really smooth and stable, and no one had ever asked for trouble.

Just like this, half a month passed. On this day, Lu Yin received a notice that Wen Chairman convened a meeting with your tutors. This is also the first meeting since Lu Yin joined Evoking Virtuous College.

The meeting place is on the Chairman stone pillar, which is the courtyard. It is better to have a gathering than a mentor meeting. On this day, Lu Yin met all the mentors.

He saw the person from Cold Immortal Sect Bai Family, who is called Mr. Bai, who is a two-time Origin Tribulation cultivator.

Mr. Wei who saw the history of the bishop.

Lu Yin is still very interested in this Mr. Wei. When he first came to the Academy, he heard the students talk about him, saying that Mr. Wei is a cross-dresser and looks very handsome, and he finally saw it today.

Sure enough, it looks pretty, Lu Yin admires it.

This Mr. Wei is a standard beauty face. No matter how disguised, he can’t hide the beauty and purity. After the cross-dresser, he looks even more slender figure, full of different feelings.

Mr. Wei seems to be aware of Lu Yin eye light, turning his head and looking, slightly smiled.

Lu Yin blinked, nods with a smile.

“Mr. Haoyu is interested in Mr. Wei?” Mr. Huai walked out behind Lu Yin and asked in a low voice with a smile.

Lu Yin has been to Evoking Virtuous College for a month, and he has met Mr. Huai several times, and they are considered familiar with each other.

“Curious, after all, only history is taught in the academy. To survive is the first one,” Lu Yin said.

Mr. Huai said, “No one can see Mr. Wei’s cross-dresser. Perhaps only the Chairperson knows her true identity. I can tell you that the Chairperson treats her very preferentially.”

oh?” Lu Yin is interested.

Mr. Huai said in a low voice, “Mr. Wei is among all the new tutors, and only one tutor who does not need to teach, as long as she wants, she can not teach and still stay in the academy.”

“There is such a thing?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Mr. Huai said, “We don’t know the reason, but this Mr. Wei is a nice person. We don’t have any arrogance when we meet and greet each other. She is also one of the many mentors, and few of them are absent. Set the means on stone pillar”.

Lu Yin looked towards Mr. Wei, she stood quietly in the courtyard and looked into the distance, like a lotus flower? This word suddenly appeared in Lu Yin’s mind.

Chairman came, smiled and saw the tutors, said something politely, and then went to the main topic, “This meeting, I mainly want to tell you tutors, half a year later, Four Way Balance invites us to Evoking Virtuous College. Visit, exchange and study. Before that, we have to choose a tutor to lead the team. Not all tutors can go.”

“The tutor has the Haven’t qualification, not us, but in the students, who will have to vote at that time. The tutors with the most votes can lead the team to the experience. Naturally there will be no less rewards. The most important thing is after the experience , The instructor can watch Wenzu Jingyi”.

“Wen Zu Jingyi?” Mr Zheng exclaimed.

Wen Chairman smiled at the nods, “Everyone knows the importance of the ancestral scriptures, and the help to you is great. I hope that the tutors will work hard to gain the goodwill of the students. For the students, choose a suitable tutor It’s also very important. After all, it’s Four Way Balance, which represents the image of our Evoking Virtuous College and…”.

Chairman has said a lot, mainly to motivate your mentors.

After the meeting, several instructors stayed and wanted to tell Wen Chairman. Lu Yin originally wanted to stay and ask about Wen’s ancestors, but he was surrounded by Wen Chairman, can only leave.

By the lake, Lu Yin saw Mr. Wei standing there and didn’t know what to think. He thought about it and walked over.

“Mr. Wei, excuse me,” Lu Yin said.

Mr. Wei turned around and looked towards Lu Yin, smiling, “Mr. Haoyu, hello”.

Her voice is graceful and pleasant, which gives Lu Yin the feeling of drinking water when he is thirsty. How can I say, it quenches his thirst.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “What is Mr. Wei looking at?”.

Mr. Wei turned his head and continued looking towards the lake, “The academy is like this lake, it looks calm, in fact, as long as there is a little external force, Heaven and Earth turning upside down”.

Lu Yin is strange, “Why does Mr. will have this feeling?”.

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “It’s not emotional, just thought of it, is there anything Mr. Haoyu?”.

“Oh, I want to ask Mr. Wei for something.”

“Please speak”.

“What is Wenzu Jingyi?”.

Mr. Wei thought for a while, “In the history of my Starry Sky Tree, there have been some Ancestral Realm powerhouses, among them Wenzu. This Wenzu is also the founder of Evoking Virtuous College. He cultivates ancient characters and understands this. It is very deep. It is rumored that before he died, he had cultivated his own feelings and wrote a piece of scripture and hidden it in Evoking Virtuous College. Those who are predestined can see it and have sentiment.”

“Many instructors have seen it all over the time, and they have been more or less helpful. Their Chinese Chairman harvest was huge. After reading Wenzu Jingyi, the 2nd day they passed the Half-Ancestor Origin Tribulation, breakthrough Half-Ancestor, Therefore, Wen Zu Jing is regarded as the treasure of Evoking Virtuous College.”

Lu Yin understands, “It turned out to be written by Wenzu. No wonder, it is an Ancestral Realm. It will definitely help to cultivate yourself.”

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “Everyone has a different path to cultivate. The path of Wenzu may not be suitable for everyone. The historical trend is always similar. Every Ancestral Realm powerhouse will go out of his own way.”

Lu Yin is surprised, this Mr. Wei can actually think of this? This precisely Nine Mountains Eight Seas walks, she is just an Enlightenment Realm.

Mr. Wei looked towards Lu Yin, “Does Mr. Haoyu think I’m too arrogant? I’m just an Enlightenment Realm, but I am arrogant about the path of Ancestral Realm?”.

“Of course haven’t, Mr. Wei’s words reminded me that Cultivate values ​​myself more”, Lu Yin said.

Mr. Wei laughed, “I study history and study a lot of powerhouse life experience, without exception, they all have to go out of their own way. Although I am only Enlightenment Realm, but in terms of knowledge, It shouldn’t be worse than Star Envoy “.

“So, I have to disturb Mr. Wei in the future. I want to ask Mr. Wei for some things,” Lu Yin said. He really wanted to ask about some history.

Mr. Wei smiled faintly, “Knowing everything is silent”.

Not long after, the two left. This Mr. Wei gave Lu Yin a very strange feeling. He was obviously very approachable and easy to talk. But why did he give him a cold illusion? Is that the reason?

Lu Yin has come to Evoking Virtuous College for a month already, and at the same time, Xia Zhitong also received an invitation from Xia Family to let her participate in ancestor worship.

Xia Zhitong relaxed completely when she received the invitation to worship the ancestors. Xia Feng and Xia Yuan couldn’t help her detoxify. She only had hope for Half-Ancestor Xia Ziheng. This ancestor worship was the best opportunity.

Since the poisoning period, the torture she has suffered is unforgettable for her life. She can’t touch a man without telling her, her appearance is still aging, and she is always worried about being poisoned to death, as Yuhao said, this torture is the greatest in the world pain.

She wanted to touch men in her dreams, but because of this poison, she had to drive away all the men in the house, which made her crazy.

She impatient wants to go to Divine Martial Heaven, but the ancestor worship date has not yet arrived.

The Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated suddenly, she connected, haven’t silhouette, only a cold voice came out, “I found my whereabouts.”

Xia Zhitong was overjoyed, with insidiousness deep in his eyes, “Where?”

“Evoking Virtuous College, alias Haoyu”, a cold voice.

Xia Zhitong was surprised, “He went to Evoking Virtuous College to study?”.

“It’s a mentor, he is the mentor recently recruited by Evoking Virtuous College”, a cold voice replied.

Xia Zhitong didn’t expect Yuhao to go to Evoking Virtuous College as a mentor, “Okay, I’m understood”, finished the call, and then contacted Xia Yuan.

Soon, Natsuhara connected, “What’s the matter?”

“Yuhao has news,” Xia Zhitong said.

Xia Yuan said in a low tone, “Where? I’ll catch him”.

Xia Zhitong said solemnly, “Evoking Virtuous College, alias Haoyu, is a mentor”.

“Evoking Virtuous College? How do you know?” Xia Yuan was surprised. Yucheng and Evoking Virtuous College were still far away, and Xia Zhitong was unable to grasp the intelligence of Yixian District.

Xia Zhitong said, “I am looking for information purchased by Unbounded.”

Natsuhara hesitated, “Evoking Virtuous College is not an ordinary place. There is Half-Ancestor sitting there. Unless he comes out, it will be very difficult to catch him.”

Xia Zhitong is silent, Evoking Virtuous College is beyond her reach.

“But there is someone from Divine Martial Heaven at Evoking Virtuous College, you wait.” After that, Xia Yuan ended the dialogue with Xia Zhitong and found Wu Taibai’s contact method through Divine Martial Heaven.

Wu Taibai belongs to Divine Martial Heaven, and Xia Yuan belongs to Xia Family. Although they are both Divine Martial Heaven, they have never contacted each other. This is the first time he has contacted Wu Taibai.

Wu Taibai was also surprised when he received Xia Yuan’s contact. Xia Yuan belongs to the Xia Family. The largest one is Half-Ancestor. Even if it is far inferior to Xia Shenfei, Xia divine light’s direct line is not him. This ordinary Divine Martial Heaven disciple is comparable.

Although he is the Taizi generation discipline, Divine Martial Heaven has always been too many. The one who can really stand sect will always be the God generation. This is also the reason why he rebelled and went to Fifth Continent. He wants to go out of his own road.

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