Star Odyssey Chapter 2170


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“My Uncle Xia Yuan is the second only to Zihuan Half-Ancestor in the collateral line. This news is what he overheard when he was in the same place with me and with me,” said Xia Zhitong.

Lu Yin frowned, “This is just a news, how can you help me rescue my grandfather?”.

Xia Zhitong said, “I can find Xia Yuan. The restrictions of those people in Star Union come from Cold Immortal Sect, but not only Cold Immortal Sect. Four Way Balance has ways to control the restrictions. As long as I find Xia Yuan, through him perhaps You can learn how to break the prohibition and rescue your grandfather.”

What Lu Yin wants is not only to rescue the old man from Yu Family, but also all Lu Family survivors in the entire Star Union.

If you don’t break the prohibition, he can’t save it. If you want to break the prohibition, passing through Xia Yuan is one way. Another way is to keep shaking the dice six points, you can always integrate those great characters within the body, such as Xia Family Family Owner Xia Xing , He must know how to break the ban.

But saving the people in Star Union is one aspect. He also needs to save the people in Safflower Garden. If it’s possible, he needs to get Divine Martial Heaven Nine Avatar Technique. These all are what he will do next.

Then, Lu Yin looked towards Xia Zhitong, this woman really cannot be killed, the value of keeping is better than death, she will always die, but not now.

A person who has been tortured by hatred for decades will not let his enemies go so easily. He needs to vent his hatred slowly.

Lu Yin is this person. If he is really a Little Young Master, Xia Zhitong cannot die easily.

“I want to rescue grandfather, so I won’t kill you”, Lu Yin said.

Xia Zhitong breathed a sigh of relief.

“But”, Lu Yin stare Xia Zhitong’s eyes, saw the fear in her eyes, “I will make you tortured, don’t you like to play? I will poison you within the body. Once you touch the opposite sex, This kind of poison will spread throughout the body, making you worse than death. You can try to detoxify, and I will not stop it, but every attempt will make your life one step closer to death, and make you one step closer to aging.”

Xia Zhitong’s pupils shrank sharply, she could not touch the opposite sex, death, aging, these all are she was terrified, “Yuhao, Yu Young Master, Yu big brother, many things have passed, you should think about your grandfather, if I Dead, how do you save your grandfather”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I never said that you will die, just torture.”

“Xia Family ancestor worship is approaching, if I was found to be poisoned”, “It doesn’t matter, see who has the ability to detoxify for you, perhaps, you can ask your fellow Huan Half-Ancestor to try it, this is my Master The poison developed, see who can break it, after a while, I will look for you, hoping that when the time comes, you can rescue my grandfather, otherwise, you know the consequences,” Lu Yin finished, and directly stunned Xia Zhitong.

Watching Xia Zhitong fainted to the ground, Kui Luo walked out, “Unexpected joy, you found out about Star Union. Do you think she can help you rescue those people in Star Union?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “It’s not possible, but it’s just to create opportunities for me to try. Through her, people from Xia Family will continue to appear, and I will also have the opportunity to contact the seniors of Xia Family, in the name of Yuhao, Xia Family I don’t care about a Yuhao, even if this person has a fortuitous encounter.”

After that, Lu Yin invited Ancestor Wu out. After some praise, Ancestor Wu invented a micro-invasion of Xia Zhitong with the body similar to what Lu Yin said.

“My micro and even Star Envoy can create, imitating Star Origin Cyclone, what you said is too simple”, Ancestor Wu proud.

Lu Yin quickly sent the flattery, “Junior knew that Senior could do it, so he said the toxicity was a little bit magical. This woman doesn’t believe it yet. When she wakes up, she will know how brilliant Senior’s methods are.”

Ancestor Wu frowned, “If it wasn’t for the sake of saving Lu Family, I won’t help with this. This woman is not qualified to touch my Wei, disgusting.”

Lu Yin sneered, “Junior knows, thank Senior.”

Ancestor Wu returned to the mirror, Lu Yin looked towards the unconscious Xia Zhitong, “I come back, Starry Sky Tree will not be so stable, Four Way Balance, it will not be stable, let’s go.”

Leave Yufu, Lu Yin took away the man who hooked up with Xia Zhitong, and he was very interested in the Broken Exchange.

Four Way Balance suppresses the Starry Sky Tree, which is an absolute huge monster. Under this huge monster, apart from the Nong Family on the surface, Liu Family, Evoking Virtuous College, Ghost Deep Pool, etc., and similar Hidden organizations like the Earth Hidden, although these organizations are very small, once discovered, they may be destroyed directly, but just like the purpose of the Broken Exchange, they are small and broad.

Under the premise that haven’t is discovered, these organizations are still very useful, at least for Lu Yin, a person hiding in the dark.

Outside Jade City, Lu Yin threw the man out. The man was knocked out by Tong Yu. He woke up immediately after hitting the ground.

He rubbed his head, his face was confused, and he saw Jade City in the distance. How could he be outside Jade City, isn’t he in Jade Mansion? I kept recalling what happened. Suddenly, I noticed someone behind me. I suddenly turned my head and saw Lu Yin, Tong Yu, and Kui Luo. Of course, they couldn’t see their appearance, and all three of them were covered.

“Are you who?” The man was wary, not too afraid, and hadn’t taken action hastily.

Lu Yin looked at the man, “name”.

“You are who? How did you bring me out of Yufu? Where is Xia Zhitong?”, man screams.

Lu Yin raised his head, “I’m asking your name”.

The man sneered, “dressing up as God, playing the devil, Xia Zhitong wanted to use this method to intimidate me, let me bring her to join, don’t dream, I said that when I let her join, I will naturally bring her to join It’s useless to force it, I’m leaving”, the man got up and left.

He really thought it was Xia Zhitong who did it. After all, he is in Jade Mansion. Now who dares to take action on Jade Mansion? Although Xia Zhitong is only a sideline of Xia Family, in Xia Family without status, on the surface is also Divine Martial Heaven’s pawn against Yucheng. Is it a saber, who dares to attack?

Tong Yu’s eyes narrowed, and a terrifying imposing manner broke out, directly pressing the man to the ground.

The man was shocked. This pressure made him unable to breathe, as if he was being held down by the entire starry sky. He couldn’t believe that this pressure was actually greater than Uncle. How could it be that Uncle is the Four Times Origin Tribulation powerhouse, these people in front of him What is the origin?

When Tong Yu came out of pressure, he knew that it had nothing to do with Xia Zhitong. No matter how much Xia Zhitong hooked up, he couldn’t hook up with this kind of powerhouse, apart from her Uncle.

“Want to say now?” Lu Yin smiled lightly.

Tong Yu’s pressure disappeared.

The man panted heavily, his body almost collapsed due to the huge pressure, he slowly raised his head, looked at Lu Yin’s indifferent eyes, and said in fear, “You, are you who? Why do you want to catch me?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “It seems you still didn’t understand what I said”, the voice fell, and Tong Yu’s pressure appeared again.

This time the pressure was even more horrible than just recently. The man vomited blood and the internal organs were shattered. Everything he saw in front of him was blurred. The sky was spinning. He wanted to beg for mercy, but couldn’t speak.

The pressure was only a moment, but already it hurt him seriously.

The man spit out blood once again, but he did not dare to let out the atmosphere, for fear of spitting out the internal organs.

“Name”, Lu Yin said lightly.

When the man heard it, he didn’t dare to hesitate.

“Identity”, Lu Yin continued to ask.

“Chamber of Commerce Patrolling Envoy”, Zuoshan replied.

“Identity”, Lu Yin asked again.

The left Mountain God is horrified, countless thoughts circled in my mind, and then replied helplessly, “Member of the Broken Exchange”.

Lu Yin looked at Zuo Shan and asked, “What is the Broken Trading Meeting?”.

Zuo Shan coughed, blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth, dyed red to the ground, but he still did not dare to hesitate, and trembled and explained the origin and purpose of the Broken Exchange Society.

It is roughly the same as what Kui Luo said, but more detailed than Kui Luo. At least he told Lu Yin the names of some people in the Broken Yi Society, such as the second base formation Command Lord Zuo, which Lu Yin knew when he talked with Xia Zhitong Yes, there is the old woman who redeemed Merit Points from the second base formation, and a cultivator who enters the back battlefield from the top to guard the portal, and so on.

“That’s all I know,” Zuo Shan said tremblingly.

“You Uncle is the Command Lord Zuo, you should be in a good position in the Brokerage Society, how do you know these people? And these people are related to the back battlefield, mostly connected to the second base formation”, Lu Yin is strange.

Zuoshan replied, “I was responsible for transferring some supplies to Central Level Boundary for sale in the Brokerage Club, and became a bridge for certain families, bringing me the list of people they need to protect to Uncle. I don’t know the others. I am only responsible for this”.

Lu Yin believes him, things are already talking about this, there is no need to hide it, he even sold his Uncle.

Broken Yihui, everyone is responsible for different, this Zuoshan is mainly responsible for the second base formation, then the rest of the base formation, as well as the top boundary, the Central Level Boundary, including the Lower Boundary, must have someone responsible, see It seems that this is a small organization hidden under Four Way Balance. In fact, the influence of this organization is quite good.

Be aware that even Four Way Balance cannot protect a person on the surface on the back of the battlefield. Of course, it’s just the face.

“How did you get the second base formation materials?” Lu Yin asked.

Zuoshan replied, “The battlefield supervision is very strict, but there are always people who redeem Merit Points and go back to the battlefield without getting things. If they fail to come back alive, the materials are naturally detained, but on the surface those materials are already exchanged go”.

Lu Yin eye light sighed, “Even if some materials can be exchanged at the time, you will deliberately deduct them, right”.

Zuoshan haven’t spoken. He regretted it. Just recently, he was scared. He said everything. In fact, this person didn’t know a lot about things. How Yi will operate, he shouldn’t know.

However, it was too late to regret, and I said everything.

Lu Yin frowned and looked at Zuoshan’s eye light and became disgusted. These beasts, the frontline battlefield cultivator, were desperately working hard, but they secretly delayed the materials they exchanged for their military exploits. Based on the intensity of the battlefield on the back, if the materials were not available at the time, they would delay After a day or two or even a few hours, the exchange man might go to the battlefield again and die on the battlefield.

Although it is not possible to transfer a large amount of materials in this way, the accumulation of less can add up, and it is also a considerable income for the Brokerage Association. The five base formations add up and the gains are quite a lot.

But these incomes are exchanged for the life of the frontline cultivator.

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