Star Odyssey Chapter 2176


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Today’s Jade City is no longer the original Jade City. Since Xia Zhitong was angry with the old City Lord, and Jade Little Young Master committed suicide. Under her control, the entire Jade City has become a drunk gold fan, a place full of power and color, and the entire Jade City No matter the daytime is black, the lights are bright, every lake in the city has a flower boat, every street, every manor is hidden in spring.

The original Jade City was just a very ordinary city with Rainbow Bridge. Yu Family manages Mother Tree Bark. Can only said that it maintains the existence of Jade City. However, as Xia Zhitong came to the throne and changed the atmosphere of Jade City, today’s Jade City is even famous at the top. Not to mention Central Level Boundary.

Countless people have come here, and Yucheng has nearly doubled.

As for the face of Xia Zhitong, it has also doubled not only, immersed in wine all day, full of happy laughter and cheerful voices.

When Lu Yin walked into Yucheng, he could hardly believe it.

“This is very prosperous,” he exclaimed.

There are people everywhere, and the restaurants on both sides are full of laughter and noise. The cities are more prosperous than the cities he saw when he came, and even surpassed the Bay City by the sea.

Kui Luo sneered, “Of course it is prosperous. Xia Zhitong managed this city with human nature. It may be a good thing for the people living in Yucheng. Many people have become rich, but unfortunately, they dare not claim to go out. It’s from Yucheng. If the Yu Family is still alive, they have to die again.”

Lu Yin nods, “Yeah, some businesses have been done so hard to see, which hurts the whole city”.

They haven’t rushed to find Xia Zhitong. With the strength of Lu Yin and Kui Luo, she can be destroyed by just moving their fingers, but the identity of Jade Little Young Master must be exposed. After exposure, he did it before. Everything will be picked out.

What he wants to do is really like a person who wants revenge, by fair means or foul, to make everyone feel his hatred.

That night, on the quiet lake, a flower boat floated alone.

It looks a bit lonely, but in fact, there is only this flower boat in the entire lake, which is dedicated to this flower boat. On the flower boat is a beautiful Flower Chief, leaning on the railing, looking at the lake with blurred eyes. Waiting for something, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

Shortly afterwards, a loud laugh came. As the flower boat swayed, the beautiful woman looked towards the deck, and her habitual smile appeared, “Ba Ye, you are here.”

The one who laughed was a middle-aged man, who looked elegant and had several points of tolerance, especially those eyes that were as attractive as magnetism, and the looking woman blushed.

Although the middle-aged man has a refined appearance, but his actions are very rude, he directly hugged the woman and kissed him.

The woman is delicate, “Ba Ye, why are you so anxious today? Let me serve you slowly”.

“Haha, of course, I was impatient. I waited for a few days, and finally waited until the woman found someone else, so I could come to see you, Little Darling,” Bale said greedily.

The woman chuckled, “You are not afraid of the City Lord’s blame”.

“What can she blame, that many men are enough for her to play, after a while, she even got tired of playing with me, I will accompany you every day, haha”, Ba Ye said with a smile, looking forward to that day .

The woman also smiled, “Okay, I’ll wait.”

Ba Ye laughed once again and rushed forward.

“Ba Ye is in good spirits”, a voice suddenly rang from the rear, especially abruptly on this quiet flower boat.

The Bale’s expression changed drastically, and the body that was about to fall into bed was torn apart and void, but he didn’t even look at it, so he just fleeed.

However, his body was torn to void after being unable to move, hanging in the air, neither could he see behind, nor could he fall down. In front of him was the pale face of the beautiful woman in fear, through her pupils, he Seeing a youngster sitting in a corner and not knowing when he was sitting there, he didn’t realize it.

Beside Lu Yin, Tong Yu waved his hand casually, Ba Ye turned upside down and smashed into the boat, right under Lu Yin’s feet.

Ba Ye stiff body, slowly raised his head, his thoughts turned sharply, and kept thinking that he had offended who, just recently, he had not been able to fight back, and his cultivation base was extremely high, at least three times Origin Tribulation. Even the Four Times Origin Tribulation cultivator, has he ever sinned against such a person?

When he raised his head, Ba Ye saw Lu Yin, his pupils shrank sharply, his face was extremely ugly, like a ghost, “Jade, Jade, Jade Little Young Master?”.

The beautiful woman on the bed was shocked when she heard it, Little Young Master? Seems to have heard it, haven’t you been missing for a long time?

Lu Yin looked at Master Ba with a smile, “Master Ba, are you having fun?”.

Ba Ye stared at Lu Yin blankly, looking at this face, he never thought he would see it in his life, “Little, Little Young Master, you, what are you? You are not?”.

Lu Yin smiled, “Master, what’s wrong? Not happy to see me? I can’t even say a complete sentence.”

Ba Ye swallowed saliva and said, dead stare Lu Yin, how could this one appear? Shouldn’t he be dead? Although haven’t seen it with his own eyes, it is rumored that Little Young Master committed suicide. How could it happen? Is it fake?

Thinking about the face of his stare Lu Yin, this is true, haven’t exchange appearance.

“Ba Master, long time no see,” Lu Yin said.

Ba Ye’s finger moved and glanced at Tong Yu standing behind Lu Yin, his eye light was fierce, and suddenly he took action to control Lu Yin, but when he moved, Tong Yu was faster than him and grabbed his arm easily. , And then hard, Ba Ye screamed, his right arm was forcibly torn off, and blood spilled down the cabin.

The beautiful woman fainted with a scream.

Ba Ye covered the broken wound and looked at Tong Yu in amazement, extremely expert.

Lu Yin looked at him amused, “Master Ba, how come you give me such a gift as soon as I meet? How do you say I should return the gift?”.

Ba Ye’s face deathly pale, he knelt down and begged, “Little Young Master, what happened back then has nothing to do with me, please let me go, it really has nothing to do with me, it was the woman Xia Zhitong and her lover. It was Xia Family’s instigation. I was just one of her faces. Haven’t helped her deal with the old City Lord.”

Lu Yin’s smile disappeared, “Are you a bit misunderstanding about this? Xia Zhitong, my Yuhao’s wife, you and her have an affair, but it seems like it doesn’t matter the same, why, I need to congratulate you ?”.

Baby sweat dripped off his forehead and kept kowtow, “Little Young Master, I was wrong, it was my beast, I was wrong, but please believe me, I absolutely haven’t helped her deal with the old City Lord , I never thought about what to do to the old City Lord, she did it, it has nothing to do with me”, while talking, the flower boat was cracked and started to leak.

Lu Yin just watched him kowtow quietly, beside the lake, Kui Luo watched this scene, and he was rarely moved.

Encouragement is called revenge only if you avenge yourself. Lu Yin’s return with the appearance of Jade Little Young Master is another kind of revenge.

After slamming the incense for a while, Lu Yin was tired of seeing it, “You said that it was Xia Zhitong and her lover who took action for me Yu Family. Who is her lover? Have I seen it?”.

Ba Ye trembling replied, “I have seen, that is, the Uncle who sent her to marry Yucheng.”

Lu Yin surprised, Uncle? surname Xia, isn’t it a pro Uncle, if so, can this Xia Family tolerate it?

“In fact, at first I thought Xia Zhitong was just for fun, but after so many years I realized that she was originally sent by the Xia Family sideline to deal with Yu Family, because Yu Family had been close to Lu Family, they wanted to take Yu Family The end of the game was announced to the entire Starry Sky Tree, so that others would not dare to help Lu Family’s survivors anymore, so it propagated what happened in Jade City and transformed Jade City into like this.”

“When the old City Lord died of anger and the disappearance of the Little Young Master, Xia Family actually reached the effect with the help of this incident. In many places in the Central Level Boundary, Lu Family survivors were betrayed, and no one wanted to become the next Yu Family.”

Lu Yin complexion is gloomy, Yuhao’s father deliberately sold out his father, which is Yuhao’s grandfather, in order to keep Yu Family. This made Yucheng safe and sound. Of course, this should be discussed by Yu Family, they are smart , Four Way Balance is not stupid, obviously it can’t handle it, so it comes secretly, and uses such a shameless method.

Yu Family is completely notorious, and it was ruined by a Xia Zhitong. When this incident was publicized, you can imagine how many people mocked Yuhao. How miserable his reputation is, normal people can’t bear to commit suicide, because they simply look at it. Without the hope of regaining it, he faces the Four Way Balance Xia Family, a huge monster.

Not everyone is Ancestor Chen. Even Ancestor Chen can do it because of the support of Lu Tianyi Old Ancestor, otherwise it would have been wiped out by Xia Family.

This worship of Lord Ba is of no value at all. If it weren’t for Lu Yin that he needed to find out the direction of his thoughts and trajectory after Yuhao’s identity was exposed, he would never find him.

However, according to Ba Ye, Lu Yin found that it was not a waste of time to find him. He really wanted to do something for Yu Family. Regardless of Yu Family’s position after Lu Family was exiled, they always attributed an accident to Lu Family.

“Little Young Master, I thought about looking for you. Really, I really thought about it. I want to hide you and let you live your life safely, but you are missing and you can’t find it, Little Young Master. “You believe me”, Ba Ye seemed to feel Lu Yin’s killing intent and hurriedly said.

Lu Yin got up, exhales, turned around and left.

Ba Ye had to say something, but was strangled by Tong Yu and fell into a pool of blood with his eyes open.

This is the first one.

Leave the lake, Kui Luo walks out.

“I told you the same, Yu Family was suffering because of my Lu Family, but it was more ruthless than you said. They deliberately promoted the end of Yu Family and warned the entire Starry Sky Tree. As long as Four Way Balance is in power for one day, Yu Family will It will always be a joke, a great joke, and Xia Zhitong will always be happy.”

“The more comfortable she is, the more miserable Yu Family will be, and more people will know about it”, Lu Yin indifferently said.

Kui Luo laughed strangely, “Some people are so cruel that others can’t imagine. The Old Master of Yu Family is still in Star Union. I don’t know if it’s dead or not. If you know Yu Family’s fate, it’s probably dead and angry. Mad”.

“It’s possible to hide the hatred, just for revenge one day,” Tong Yu interjected.

Kui Luo looked towards Lu Yin, “Which one do you want?”.

Lu Yin startled, the eye light is complicated. Normally, I hope that the jade Old Master will live. After all, the Yu Family is too miserable, and the jade Old Master also has a good relationship with Lu Family.

But because Yu Family is so miserable, will he lose his mind and hate not only Four Way Balance, but also Lu Family? If it were not for Lu Family, Yu Family would not like this.

This is human nature. If you really like this, Lu Yin doesn’t know how to face him.

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