Star Odyssey Chapter 2177


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The only people related to Yu Family are Ba Ye and Xia Zhitong. After solving this Ba Ye, the next one is Xia Zhitong.

The former residence of Yu Family has already become a place for Xia Zhitong and Miantou to play. It is rumored that there are sixty-nine houses and sixty-nine people who live in this place. Xia Zhitong transformed Yu Family, servants, guards, and even built The handyman of flowers and plants is her face, each and everyone is very handsome, as long as she is interested, she can play anytime and anywhere.

Many people who come to Jade City will walk outside the Jade Mansion just to see this amazing mansion. It is worth mentioning that the plaque of Jade Mansion is still hanging here, which is the biggest scenic line of Jade City.

Rainbow Bridge’s yellow rays of light are covered by the earth, and the sky is shrouded outside the Yucheng, making the night fall.

Outside the Jade Mansion, Lu Yin looked at the guards on both sides of the mansion gate. I have to say that Xia Zhitong was really ruthless. These guards should have been carefully selected, and their appearance is obviously higher than that of ordinary men, with solemn killing. aura.

The whole jade city is not expert.

Lu Yin easily entered the Yufu and found Xia Zhitong. At a glance, the dark red room was full of extravagance and a woman’s smile.

Xia Zhitong’s appearance is beautiful and alluring, especially her voice is gentle and soft, and she has an exhilarating voice, otherwise she can’t fascinate Jade Little Young Master.

There was constant laughter coming from the room, as well as the voice of men.

Tong Yu looked at Lu Yin weirdly, “Don’t go in?”.

Lu Yin frowned. He was thinking about how to deal with this Xia Zhitong. You can’t kill her. If you kill her, how can you enter Divine Martial Heaven with her? Even if you want to kill, you have to completely give up the identity of Jade Little Young Master.

I can’t kill, but I want to use it, which is a bit troublesome.

“old fogey, what do you say?” Lu Yin asked.

Kui Luo hissed, “Don’t talk, listen.”

Lu Yin blinked and looked at Kui Luo weirdly, just like Tong Yu’s eyes were the same, “You still have a hobby who listens to this?”.

“Don’t talk nonsense, the topic is here”, Kui Luo loudly shouts.

In the room, Xia Zhitong’s voice came out, “Say it again, if you can’t let me join the Brokerage Club, don’t come later.”

“Baby, it’s not that I’m not letting you join. It’s that the qualifications for entry into the Easy Club are too difficult and involve too much. And your reputation is too big. Haven’t attract the capital of those big guys and make it easy for you to join. Not to mention exposure, maybe it can still attract Four Way Balance’s attention, then it will be troublesome”, the man embarrassed.

Xia Zhitong is coldly snorted, “You look at me too high, I’m just a chess piece of Xia Family, Xia Family controls Divine Martial Heaven, but it can’t fully represent Divine Martial Heaven, just like your Uncle Command Lord Zuo also belongs to Divine Martial Heaven. But it does not belong to my Xia Family, I am a member of the Xia Family, let alone attract the attention of Divine Martial Heaven, even Xia Family will not care about me”.

“Don’t think I don’t know what the outside world thinks of me. Yu Family’s reputation is bad, and my reputation is bad. Xia Family wants to stay away from me. No one wants to approach me. Even my Uncle is the same. I don’t want to protect myself. When I am forgotten one day, my fate will not be much better than that of Yu Family. Lu Family’s survivor killed batch after batch. Someone will trouble me. I need to protect myself. “.

The man sighed, “Duanyi will not have as much magical power as you think. If the situation is really like what you said, it will not be able to keep you. The cultivate world is too real. No matter how much influence it will have, just Haven’t dealt with the strength of the Lu Family’s survivors, even if the entire Starry Sky Tree belongs to the Broken Exchange, it is useless, not to mention the Lu Family’s survivors face the entire Starry Sky Tree.”

“They are not even afraid of Four Way Balance, so how could they be afraid of breaking the trade union”.

Xia Zhitong’s voice is much lower, “So you certainly wouldn’t recommend me to join?”.

The man pondered for a moment, “Wait a minute, wait until my status is higher, or when my Uncle status is higher, you will be sure, you don’t want to try rashly, and then never get in.”

Outside, Lu Yin was curious, “What is the break-off meeting?”.

Kui Luo said, “I have heard that a group formed by many a nobody hopes to rely on their respective influences to expand with small ones, and ultimately influence the organization of Starry Sky Tree.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “There is this kind of organization?” He has been involved in many Starry Sky Tree cultivator within the body, but he hasn’t seen the introduction of the Brokerage Society.

Kui Luo laughed strangely, “The level of Starry Sky Tree is too clear. Four Way Balance sits at the top of the Starry Sky Tree. The Central Level Boundary has Nong Family and Liu Family suppressed by a few families. No matter what they do, they are no better. Go to them, if there are signs, either the expert will be taken away by Four Way Balance, or they will be arrested directly to Star Union. Do you think the only people in your Lu Family survivors and Star Union who resist Four Way Balance?”.

“Some people have been oppressed for a long time, on the surface they dare not resist, they unite behind their backs.”

“Useful?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Kui Luo thought for a while, “This Broken Yi will not have much influence when it was first established. I just knew them at that time, but as they developed, they kept adding some characters. These people seemed nothing special at first glance. , The power is not high, but the combination can always affect some things. What I am most impressed is that they can affect the frequency of certain people on the back battlefield to a certain extent to ensure the probability of that person’s survival on the back battlefield.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can they do it?”.

Kui Luo nods, “I’ve seen the list and did it. Any cultivator that enters the back battlefield must obey the distribution and participate in the war for a certain number of years, or how many wars, but among those who count the number of years or battles People who have broken trade will change their impossible on a large scale, but they can change it in a small range, change the number of years, and adjust the performance. In the end, many people can leave the battlefield half or even a year earlier than others.”

“For those cultivators with a background, it is good to leave the back of the battlefield in advance, even if it is a day or two in advance, otherwise they may die in which war.”

Lu Yin knows that the battlefield on the back is too ambitious. Impossible checks are in place for everyone. They don’t need to directly change someone’s experience. Just a little change, and the total can affect that person’s chance of survival.

“This is just one business of the Brokerage Club, a very cautious business. Apart from this, there are people from all walks of life in the entire Starry Sky Tree who join the Brokerage Club. Those people do not need to be the most powerful, but they are definitely at the key. In terms of position, it can help Duanyi to accomplish certain things, and Duanyi will also train talents to join various industries to supplement every time. How many years have passed, I don’t know how much influence Duanyi will have today”, Kui Luo said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Have you not followed?”.

Kui Luo rolled his eyes and said, “I pay attention to what it does. No matter how influential it is, it is impossible to really influence the Starry Sky Tree major event. It is just their unrealistic dream to make a big gain, even if they have one or two Half behind them. -Ancestor support, as long as those huge monsters notice them, it will only take a minute to destroy them, and there may not be one or two Half-Ancestors behind them.”

“The kid inside is right, who the Lu Family’s survivor wants to touch, Bro Yi will not be able to keep it.”

“Then what do you listen to the root of the wall now? It looks like you care about it”, Lu Yin was strange.

Kui Luo pursed his lips, “Stop talking nonsense, just listen.”

Lu Yin shook his head. This Old Guy just likes to listen to secrets. He likes no matter who’s secrets. He has no quality.

“There is a Half-Ancestor behind this broken trade union. I know one, but I don’t know a few now. See if I can find out, hehe,” Kui Luo said weirdly.

In the room, Xia Zhitong was still talking with the man, but the topic already gradually changed, and no longer talked about the easy meeting, but business matters, such as Mother Tree bark sales, such as the selection of Flower Chief, etc. .

Lu Yin listened for a while and knew that the man on the surface was the Patrolling Envoy of the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce He knows that he has got this memory when he merged into Elder Qing Xing within the body.

Whenever there is a transaction, there is an organization that maintains the transaction, which is the so-called Chamber of Commerce.

There is also the Fifth Continent, and Starry Sky Tree is not unusual.

Chamber of Commerce’s status is actually not high. It can only make money and serve those huge monsters.

The dialogue inside is all trivial matters, Kui Luo regrets, “Nothing.”

Lu Yin exhales, “It’s time to talk to this Xia Zhitong.”

The dark red room was full of clothes, Xia Zhitong curled up in the man’s arms, said softly and whispered on her mouth, but her eye light was terrifying.

At this moment, a voice rang outside the door, “Master, Yuhao is back.”

Xia Zhitong stood up abruptly, the snow-white skin of the man next to him pierced under the red light glowed, and licked his lips, “Yu Hao? That’s the Jade Little Young Master? Isn’t he dead?”.

“Just missing”, Xia Zhitong frowned, “How did he come back? Alone?”.

“Yes, alone, looks haggard”, replied outside the door.

Xia Zhitong got up, and the man hugged him, “Baby, leave him alone, let’s talk if you have enough fun.”

Xia Zhitong pushed the man away and smiled, “He is my husband in name”.

“hmph, it’s just a Xiao Bai face. Isn’t it okay to die? He actually came back. Does he know that he is the biggest joke in the entire Starry Sky Tree”, the man sneered, “We are under this bed. His, haha”.

Xia Zhitong just put on a nearly transparent gauze and walked out, almost unable to cover the body.

On the bed, the man cursed up and got up very upset. This woman can’t see her anymore, let alone take her into the Broken Society, otherwise Broken will be easy to expose. Although he likes to play, he is not stupid. The identity of Uncle cannot join the Brokerage Club.

He is more cautious than anyone else.

However, when the man was about to go out, Tong Yu appeared in front of him.

He was stunned, why would Jade Mansion have a woman? And this woman is so attractive.

On the other side, in the hall of Jade Mansion, Lu Yin sat quietly, surrounded by guards, each and everyone eye light fierce stare, he seemed to eat him the same, and at the same time, there was a mockery deep in his eyes. ridicule.

The sound of footsteps sounded, Lu Yin looked towards the door.

Xia Zhitong came, carrying a fragrant breeze, and staring at Lu Yin, and the guards around the tulle covering the body swallowed.

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