Star Odyssey Chapter 2178


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Looking at Xia Zhitong, Lu Yin frowned. If he was really a Little Young Master, he would slap this woman to death at this moment, which is really disgusting.

Xia Zhitong looked at Lu Yin, with bright eye light, even obsessed.

She likes Yuhao, not because of anything else, but because of that face, which is more handsome than all the men she has ever seen, and it is more exciting. Even with the plot against of Haven’t Xia Family, she will find a way to marry Go to Yucheng and get Yuhao.

Unfortunately, because of Xia Family plot against, she had to piss off the old City Lord. Yu Hao was insane and disappeared. She often regretted that she should arrest Yu Hao. Even if she was crazy, the skin was still there. Then Handsome, so attractive, much better than others.

Fortunately, he is back.

The corner of Xia Zhitong’s mouth was curved in a charming arc, and in front of the many guards, he took off his clothes and walked step by step, “You are back.”

Lu Yin stayed, he knew Xia Zhitong’s virtues, but this was too blatant.

There are many guards around once again swallowed saliva and said, stare Xia Zhitong’s body, that eye light can’t wait to pounce on it.

Lu Yin saw Xia Zhitong walk in front of him, wanting to hug him, and couldn’t bear it anymore, “Tong Yu”.

The voice fell, and the surrounding guards simultaneously fell down. Xia Zhitong’s body was thrown away by huge force and hit the ground. She looked confused and didn’t know what happened. A piece of cloth fell and covered her.

Tong Yu walked out and stood on Lu Yin side of the body.

Lu Yin exhales, got up, walked to Xia Zhitong step by step, looked at her condescendingly, “You still haven’t changed for so many years.”

Xia Zhitong realized that Tong Yu haven’t put too heavy hands on her, this woman is still useful.

“You, do you dare to hit me?” Xia Zhitong was shocked.

Lu Yin is funny. “It’s really interesting. You mad at my father, making my Yucheng the biggest laughing stock of Starry Sky Tree. Yuhao didn’t dare to raise my head to see people and committed suicide. If it wasn’t for good luck, I met my teacher. I’m already dead, you say, facing you, will I take action?”.

Xia Zhitong complexion is gloomy, “Yuhao, do you know what you are talking about? How dare you do it to me? I am Xia Zhitong, a member of Xia Family, and a member of Divine Martial Heaven.”

“So what?” Lu Yin asked back,

Xia Zhitong died stare Lu Yin, “You are provoking Divine Martial Heaven, provoking me Xia Family, do you know the consequences? I said, your grandfather will die in Star Union, if I want to, you can kill The entire Jade City, let your name Yuhao be stinking for thousands of years, I can order to rewrite the history of Jade City, and put your Yu Family into consigned to eternal damnation, you know I can do it.”

Lu Yin nods, “I believe it, but you dare not”.

Xia Zhitong was extremely angry and smiled, “I dare not? Yuhao, who do you think you are? If it weren’t for your skin, I would have tortured you to death. If you dare to do it to me, my Xia Family will not let go By your side, everything I do here will have people to report Xia Family, I want to peel off your skin and hang it in the room, dig out your eyes and put it next to the bed, let you watch me and each and Every man is happy, so that you can never lift your head in Eternal Life”.

Tong Yu narrowed her eyes. What a cruel woman. As Deputy Referee of the Hidden Sinister Arbitration Institution, she killed a lot of people, but they were all clean and simple. Haven’t tortured who, but this woman is very good at torturing. People, no wonder the old City Lord can be pissed off.

Lu Yin knelt down, stare Xia Zhitong, “You threaten me, it will make me want to kill you.”

Xia Zhitong sneered, “Kill me, you will be chased by Four Way Balance, just like Lu Family’s little bastard. Decades ago, Lu Family bastard was exposed in Dragon Mountain. You should know his fate. , You will be worse than him, because Xia Family will not kill you, they will use you to pay tribute to me”.

Lu Yin eye light is cold.

Xia Zhitong continued, “Of course, you can also have another way.”

“Talk about it”, Lu Yin indifferent.

The fierce retreat in Xia Zhitong’s eyes, the corners of her mouth hung a charming arc once again, and she straightened up, and the cloth that had covered her body moved a little back, her skin was white and red, which looked very tempting, “You are still my husband , Everything that happens tonight will be haven’t passed. The Jade Mansion is still yours. You can restore it to the original state. Of course, everything has not changed externally, but I will not hurt you, let alone restrict your freedom.”

“If you want, I will accompany you every night, I know you are obsessed with me, obsessed from the first time you see me, I will always be yours, how?”.

Lu Yin eye light flickered, “You don’t want other men? Can Yucheng be restored?”.

Xia Zhitong shook his head, “For so many years, you won’t be so naive, right? It’s not me who dealt with your Yu Family, it’s Divine Martial Heaven. If Yucheng recovers, you will be over.”

Lu Yin mused.

Xia Zhitong continued, “If you don’t want me to have other men, I will try my best, but Yucheng and your Yu Family rumors will not change. I didn’t lie to you. Once you want to change, you will only die. Faster, this is Four Way Balance’s way to deter Starry Sky Tree, and no one is allowed to destroy it.”

“Master Ba is dead”, Lu Yin said suddenly.

Xia Zhitong startled, and then he didn’t care, “You killed it?”.

Lu Yin nods.

Xia Zhitong doesn’t care, “If you die, die, I’m tired of playing for so many years.”

“Do you think those words just recently can threaten me?” Lu Yin asked.

Xia Zhitong smiled, “If you wanted to kill me, I wouldn’t talk to me like that. If it were you, I would definitely not be able to live. Your father was pissed off by me. This hatred cannot be let go, but now so many years have passed. No, I don’t know what you’ve experienced for so many years, but I’m sure that some hatred can be let go, not to mention that I haven’t started killing your father because he can’t make it by himself and has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Yin was funny and couldn’t help applauding, “It makes sense, it makes sense, you can break through and do all kinds of ugly haven’t shameful things, and you really have your own reason.”

Xia Zhitong complexion changed, “What are you going to do?”.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “I want revenge.”

Xia Zhitong tightly stare Lu Yin, “Is it worth it? I give you everything you want, several decades have passed, you haven’t figured it out yet?”.

Lu Yin straightened up, “I have endured the pain of several decades of cultivation, just for revenge, do you think I will give up?”.

“Yuhao, you are too stupid. What if you get revenge? You are not chased by the same Lu Family, go up to heaven or down to Hades. No way? I tell you, your grandfather did not Die, still in Star Union, you dare kill my, he will die too”, Xia Zhitong screams.

Lu Yin looked at her playfully, “I know my grandfather is not dead, so I will not kill you, but I want you to bear the greatest pain in the world for you.”

Xia Zhitong is terrified. She doesn’t know how Lu Yin will deal with her. Although she is used by Xia Family and her reputation is ruined, she still enjoys the bliss of the world and does not want to lose it.

“Yuhao, you can’t do anything to me. The Xia Family ancestor worship is about to begin, and I will go when the time comes. Once the elders find out, you will be dead, Yuhao, do you think Can you tell me what you want, do you want to save your grandfather? I have a way”, Xia Zhitong anxious.

Lu Yin was curious, “What can you do?”.

Xia Zhitong said anxiously, “The people in the Star Union are all Star Envoy, and gathering in the same place is not a weak force, but do you know why they don’t escape? There are many Lu Family survivors, but all haven’t escape, do you know why?”.

Lu Yin eye light shone, he really didn’t think about this issue. When he first came into contact with Star Union, he was on the back battlefield. If he wanted to escape, he couldn’t escape, so he never considered, “Why?”.

Xia Zhitong said, “I tell you, you let me go”.

Lu Yin is funny, “Do you think it’s possible? Just a piece of news that let me let you go?”.

“This is not simple news. If you know this reason, the entire Starry Sky Tree, including Four Way Balance, will not have many people, at least Half-Ancestor can know,” Xia Zhitong said anxiously.

Lu Yin nods, “Talk about it”.

“You”, Xia Zhitong still wanted to talk about the conditions. Lu Yin suddenly took action and slapped her to the ground. The huge power almost didn’t faint Xia Zhitong. The residual power followed her cheeks into her body, making Xia Zhitong. The meridians within the body are on the verge of fragmentation.

Xia Zhitong spit out blood, his face was pale, and he was in a trance, as if he didn’t expect to be beaten.

This is Lu Yin’s first real revenge after disguising as a Jade Little Young Master, “You haven’t talked to me about the qualifications, say”.

Xia Zhitong horrified looks at Lu Yin. Although she is not good at cultivating, she is a member of the Xia Family after all. She is much better than Little Young Master, but just recently she slapped Lu Yin with a power that she could not imagine. of.

She is not strong, but she has a very high vision. Among those who accompany her to play, Star Envoy is not only one or two. The power of that palm makes her on the surface harmless, even her teeth are not broken, but she invades within The body makes the meridians on the verge of breaking, which is extremely terrifying for power control.

She didn’t understand what Yuhao went through, and her whole person changed.

“Talk about it”, Lu Yin said indifferent, eye light looked towards Xia Zhitong.

Xia Zhitong was previously afraid because she was afraid of Lu Yin’s revenge, regardless of the consequences. Now, she is really afraid. From Lu Yin’s eyes, she can’t see Yu Hao’s solitary concubine. What she sees is the cruel and unfeeling killing.

“The people in Star Union have been banned by Cold Immortal Sect, just like we can’t recall the same thing about Lu Family”, Xia Zhitong replied, dare not say any more conditions.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, prohibit? Cold Immortal Sect? He was the first to think of Imprisonment Technique.

Cold Immortal Sect can create the Imprisonment Technique that enslaves White Night Clan. It is not surprising that any prohibition can be created on this basis.

No wonder the people at Star Union can’t escape.

“How do you know?” Lu Yin asked curiously, this kind of thing should not be understood by people like Xia Zhitong.

Xia Zhitong trembled, “I said Uncle.”

“Xia Yuan?” Lu Yin’s tone became cold.

Xia Zhitong nods.

Xia Yuan is the Uncle who sent her to Yucheng on the day of Xia Zhitong’s wedding. He is the one whom Ba Ye said. He is not Xia Zhitong’s relative to Uncle. Although they are the same branch, Xia Zhitong is another branch. The sideline sent to Xia Yuan is considered a sideline in the sideline, so Xia Family doesn’t care about her reputation, she can even hook up with Xia Yuan.

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