Star Odyssey Chapter 218


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“Does your college have a teacher named Haoyu?” Xia Yuan asked, his tone was not very polite, Wu Taibai was still a discipline in his eyes, nothing more.

Wu Taibai replied, “There is a Mr. Haoyu”.

“Test his depth, I want to know everything about him,” Xia Yuan ordered.

Wu Taibai eye light flashed, “I’m understood, but Senior perhaps can go to Xia divine light directly, because Xia divine light had an enemy with Haoyu”.

“divine light is enmity with him? What’s the matter?” Xia Yuan is puzzled, but the first thing that comes to mind is that Yuhao took the initiative to make trouble with Xia Family. He was too courageous to make trouble with Xia Family. .

Wu Taibai talked about what happened between Xia divine light and Lu Yin. Xia Yuan was shocked when he heard that, “That Haoyu has the strength of Star Envoy? Or is it Grand Origin Formation Master?”.

“Not bad”, Wu Taibai replied.

“Are you sure?” Xia Yuan was shocked.

Wu Taibai responded positively, “Absolutely sure.”

Xia Yuan’s thoughts turned sharply. According to time calculation, Yuhao was absolutely impossible to reach Star Envoy. Why did he? He is only the same generation as Shenfei. When Xia Zhitong married Yucheng more than 20 years ago, Yuhao was just a waste at that time. Not to mention Star Envoy, he is not good at even cultivating, let alone Grand Origin. Formation Master.

Language of Interpretation It is far more difficult to reach the Grand Origin Formation Master than to cultivate. His impossible is Yuhao.

Xia Yuan once again contacted Xia Zhitong and asked everything about Yuhao. Xia Zhitong also wondered why Yuhao suddenly became so powerful.

The two compared the former Yuhao with the current Yuhao and concluded that either this person is a fake, he is not Yuhao, or they have obtained the chance against the sky, which is never in the Four Young Ancestor achievements. under.

But what chance can he get? Trifling has become a Star Envoy from a waste breakthrough for more than 20 years. Not to mention, has reached the Grand Origin Formation Master?

“If someone impersonates, they must deal with me Xia Family, and this person’s origin is not simple”, Xia Zhitong said solemnly, she would rather that person is a fake, otherwise she will be inferior to Yuhao’s hatred of her dead.

Xia Yuan also prefers that the person is a fake, like this, he hasn’t been wrong with Yu Family’s plan to deter Starry Sky Tree, and the fault is that someone is staring at Xia Family and has nothing to do with him.

“But if it is not a disguise, then there must be a great character behind this Yuhao, it is better to tell Ziheng Half-Ancestor”, Xia Zhitong said, she hopes Half-Ancestor will intervene as soon as possible to solve this matter. If it weren’t for the inability to contact Half-Ancestor, how could she be willing to wait until the ancestor worship, waiting for a while and then torturing for a while.

Natsuhara’s eye light is blinking, should I report Ziheng Half-Ancestor? He is not sure. If he can solve these things, he will report the results afterwards, and he will get praise. Those who can’t solve the problems are waste in the eyes of the people above.

“If someone uses Yuhao’s identity to deal with my Xia Family, it is definitely not simple. Let me ask Starry Sky Tree today, who has this ability? This is not something you and I can solve,” Xia Zhitong reminded.

Natsuhara exhales, “I understood”.

Shortly after, he found Half-Ancestor Xia Ziheng, and said all about the whole sequence of events, “Old Ancestor, the younger generation was afraid that someone would use the name Yu Family to deal with me Xia Family, so I came to report, and this person is now hiding Evoking Virtuous College, not for me to intervene”.

In front of Xia Yuan, an old man was sitting alone on the cold river to fish, listening quietly. After a good Ban Tian, ​​the old man said, “Twenty years ago, Heavenly Master Gu Yan went to Lower Boundary and returned. Later, he mentioned a youngster who was eye-catching. As for having hadn’t accepted that youngster as a disciple, no one knew.”

“Old Ancestor suspects that Heavenly Master Gu Yan is after Yuhao?” Xia Yuan asked.

The old man said, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan has a weird personality and hates Four Way Balance. Either Yuhao’s experience is very it’s possible to make him sympathize. If this person has the Language of Interpretation innate talent again, take Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s Ability may not be able to make him an unpolished jade.”

Xia Yuan’s face is ugly, Heavenly Master Gu Yan, that’s the most powerful Origin Formation Heavenly Master in Starry Sky Tree, can Yu Hao have this kind of Good Fortune?

“If it weren’t for Heavenly Master Gu Yan, who could turn a waste into a Grand Origin Formation Master in such a short time and break through Star Envoy? Origin Formation Heavenly Master is a completely different existence from Half-Ancestor, Even if Ancestral Realm has the means they have, the old man once again sighed with emotion.

Xia Yuan said solemnly, “If this person is really accepted as a discipline by Heavenly Master Gu Yan, what should we do?”.

The old man threw the fish hook out, “I’ll do what I’m going to do with Four Way Balance, I’ve never planned to do with this Heavenly Master Gu Yan, he can only stay on the back battlefield in his life, unless he can accept the solicitation. “.

Natsuhara breathed a sigh of relief, “Junior understood.”

The old man raised his head and looked at the sky, “Hate my Xia Family, want revenge, hehe, but this one is clever. Haven’t really wanted to act by the name of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but hid in Evoking Virtuous College. Even if we cannot be too embarrassed about Evoking Virtuous College, it is not the time yet.”

Natsuhara haven’t interrupted, he knew Old Ancestor was thinking of a way.

After a while, the old man said, “Yu Family and my Xia Family are still related by marriage. I can invite my Xia Family to worship the ancestors.”

Natsuhara’s eye light lit up, “Let this child come to Divine Martial Heaven? When the time comes, it’s up to us to deal with it.”

Old man haven’t speak, Xia Yuan respectfully leave.

During this period, many students at Evoking Virtuous College became interested in the stone pillar where Lu Yin is located. To be precise, they became interested in the Grand Shifting Formation.

The method Lu Yin arranged on the stone pillar is the Grand Shifting Formation. Anyone who enters will be transferred out. This arouses the interest of many students. Each and everyone try, but unfortunately, unless you can break into the Star Origin universe, otherwise Ability to breakthrough Grand Shifting Formation.

In Enlightenment Realm, there are too few people who can break into the Star Origin universe. The original four Young Ancestors, now Liu Que, Xia divine light and the others, even the breeze can hardly do it.

Wu Taibai is here. Under the eye light of many students, he directly broke into the Star Origin universe and boarded the stone pillar, which aroused the envy of many students, but they are not surprised. Wu Taibai is the only one among Enlightenment Realm tutors. After the eighteenth horizontal formation, many people know his identity. During the Fourth Young Ancestor, Divine Martial Heaven was an elite of the Taizi generation.

Wu Taibai boarded the stone pillar and stood outside the courtyard, “Mr. Haoyu is here, Wu Taibai, please.”

The courtyard door opens, Lu Yin walks out, looking towards Wu Taibai, “Mr. Wu is looking for me?”.

Wu Taibai said, “On behalf of Divine Martial Heaven, invite Mr. Haoyu to participate in the Xia Family ancestor worship.”

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Shouldn’t ancestor worship be part of Xia Family? What does it have to do with me?”.

Wu Taibai looked at Lu Yin deeply, “I felt that Mr. Haoyu was familiar at the first meeting, and he knew only after being reminded that Mr. Haoyu was precisely the City Lord of Rainbow Bridge Yucheng, Yuhao”.

When someone exposed his identity, Lu Yin’s face changed and his attitude was completely different. He waved, “Mr. Wu can go.”

Wu Taibai is not surprised. The story of Xia Family and Yu Family, Starry Sky Tree is everywhere, especially Yuhao is already the person who has been ridiculed the most by Starry Sky Tree. All this is because of Xia Zhitong, rumors that Yuhao has long been Suicide, Wu Taibai did not expect this person to come out, not only that, breakthrough Star Envoy in one fell swoop, and became the Grand Origin Formation Master, this experience is simply legendary.

“Yu, Mr. Haoyu, it is Ziheng Half-Ancestor who invited you,” Wu Taibai reminded.

Lu Yin sneered, “He can come by himself, kneel in front of me, maybe I will go.”

Wu Taibai indifferently said, “Treat Half-Ancestor with a minimum of respect.”

“Xia Family people are not worth it”, Lu Yin replied.

Wu Taibai nods, “Since Mr. Haoyu is unwilling, I will tell Ziheng Half-Ancestor, excuse me”, then left.

After Wu Taibai leave, Lu Yin’s complexion recovered, is it already exposed? So, what action will Xia Family have next? They would not allow their own existence, and Yu Hao’s identity would not last long.

Wu Taibai quickly told Xia Yuan about Lu Yin’s attitude, and he didn’t add any oil and vinegar, and he didn’t need to. Lu Yin’s sufficient attitude made Xia Yuan extremely angry.

Natsuhara found Ziheng Half-Ancestor to report with a gloomy expression.

Soon, Chairman Wen received Xia Ziheng’s contact, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Ziheng’s tone was flat, “Does your Evoking Virtuous College have a tutor named Haoyu?”.

Wen Chairman was surprised, “A Star Envoy can enter your Xia Ziheng’s eyes, why, his identity is unusual?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “His real name is Yuhao. You can check it out. It is my Xia Family son-in-law. I hope he will be one of the mentors led by Evoking Virtuous College in half a year.”

Wen Chairman frowned, “Xia Ziheng, has your Xia Family passed, a Wu Taibai, a Xia divine light, already two people have entered, and now there is another Yuhao, which is too much”.

Xia Ziheng is indifferent, “I don’t know how he became your tutor at Evoking Virtuous College. In short, I will see him at Divine Martial Heaven in half a year.”

“Whether he can go and ask all the students of the college to decide,” Wen Chairman said.

Xia Ziheng smiled, “I can arrange for a group of students to enter Evoking Virtuous College, you know, it’s not difficult for me.”

Wen Chairman coldly snorted, end the call, let alone arrange a group of students, just the support of Xia divine light can let Yuhao lead the team to experience, he didn’t expect this person to be the son-in-law of Xia Family, what a thing.

Wait, wasn’t he brought by the God of Cookery?

Thinking of this, Chairman Wen once again took out the invitation letter from the God of Cookery. That’s right, he was invited by the God of Cookery to be a mentor. How could the God of Cookery invite the son-in-law of Xia Family? what the hell?

Wen Chairman immediately investigated Yuhao, and he was surprised to find out that Yuhao’s experience has been spread in Starry Sky Tree already. Numerous storytellers have promoted him, and many versions have been circulated, each of which is extremely It’s miserable, but at the level of Chairman Wen, these things really don’t reach him unless he wants to hear it.

Generally speaking, Evoking Virtuous College does not take the initiative to investigate the identities of tutors and students. This is an academy, not a closed sect and family, so Wen Chairman has only now realized that Haoyu is Yuhao and Yuhao’s experience.

This is too exciting, too miserable.

He understood the meaning of Xia Ziheng’s words. He didn’t walk through the back door, but wanted to deal with Yuhao at Divine Martial Heaven.

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