Star Odyssey Chapter 2180


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Forget it, the class time he chose should be the last class of the week. Before this class time, the haven’t tutor chose it. After all, it is the last class. Most students have already made an appointment for the 2nd day. The probability of wanting to attend the class is not great, and he came to Evoking Virtuous College for his own purpose anyway, not really wanting to be a lifetime tutor, it doesn’t matter.

First stay at Evoking Virtuous College for a while, check what is attractive to Four Way Balance, and then find a way to bring students to experience Four Way Balance, and you can also shake the dice during this period.

I don’t know where the Qing Ping Senior Brother is. Did you go to Mu Xie Senior Brother? Mu Xie Senior Brother knows he is this little Junior Brother? Where did Kui Luo go?

On the adjacent stone pillar, Mr. Xiaowen seems to be calm, but she is also observing Lu Yin. She knows the thoughts of Supreme Grandfather. Although she does not want to contact this person much, she is also very curious about this person.

Supreme Grandfather allows him to get close to himself, which means he is not very old, and may be similar to himself. This kind of age has the Star Envoy cultivation base, which is a bit mysterious.

This person has not arranged any means so far, Mr. Xiaowen is strange.

The stone pillar is not only the place where the tutors live, but also a form of identification. Every tutor will arrange the means on the stone pillar, unless you really want to devote yourself to teaching students. Follow the previous arrangements.

Lu Yin has not arranged any means up to now, and has used her means, which makes her unpredictable, and she has also heard that this person was booed by the students and still resisted haven’t challenged the 18th line. How can you bear it?

Is it interesting to be young?

A middle-aged man walks out of another adjacent stone pillar, with a refined temperament, and looks like a mentor.

Lu Yin smiled politely when he saw the man appear.

The man saw Lu Yin, startled, eye light looked towards further away, he saw through void, he saw Mr. Xiaowen, strange, changed?

He slowly said, “Your Excellency is the new Mr. Haoyu?”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, Domain, Empty God Realm, he felt it, void was shaking. This is Space Power. He felt it from the battle of Hen Xin and the eight-star innate talent displayed by Tiankong Jialan. That is a kind of spatial memory, and he himself can also Ce Word Secret Technique .Chess Move Withdrawal, which all involve space, and the feeling of changes in space is obvious.

“It’s me, I would like to ask Mr. Tang for your care in the future”, Lu Yin said with a smile.

Mr. Tang laughed and said, “relevant pictures”. After finishing speaking, he looked at Mr. Wen from a distance and guessed what Chairman Wen was thinking. This youngster is indeed good-looking, and the cultivation base is not weak.

Evoking Virtuous College has 14 tutors and two Chairmen, but there are 15 stone pillars surrounding the college. The Chairman stone pillar is at the center, and the Honorary Chairman and haven’t lived in the Academy, which is Saying he is coming, there is still a stone pillar blank.

Now that one day has passed, many instructors have returned to stone pillar to rest.

Lu Yin haven’t looked towards other stone pillars. The adjacent stone pillar naked eye can be seen. If you look towards other stone pillars, you need to use some means, which is not polite.

Anyway, the instructor can always know these people.

There was no words for a night. On the second day, Lu Yin came to Yixian Shuge, where there are many ancient books and classics, and he is looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it was restricted.

“This tutor, Shuge requires credits to read”, the old man stopped Lu Yin with a smile and said.

Lu Yin blinked, “I am a mentor”.

“Yes, the new Mr. Haoyu”, old man said with a smile.

Lu Yin is depressed, “Does tutors need credits to study?”.

old man said with a smile, “Have no one told you? Students can rely on credits to do something within the scope of the Academy rules, and the tutor also needs it. For example, this book pavilion, students can only read two levels, and tutors can Go up to 5-Layer, but if you want to go up again, you need credits. By the way, there is Secret Technique at the top level. As long as there are enough credits, anyone can learn.”

Lu Yin is surprised. Did Secret Technique just throw this casually?

“How do you earn the credits?” Lu Yin asked.

The old man pointed to the bottom, “3rd floor, the fifth ranked ninth book, which records the experience of a college tutor earning credits, you can take a look.”

Lu Yin ordered nods and went downstairs. According to the old man, he found it.

He flipped it through and finished it quickly.

Some of the ways for tutors to earn credits are the same as those of students, such as participating in the back battlefield and making military exploits, such as catching human traitors, Red Back, and of course, accompanying students to experience, being respected by students, etc. The strength of the tutor is recorded in books Not high, maybe afraid of death, afraid to go back to the battlefield, the way to earn credits is a bit weird, that is, being a nanny.

When every nanny who seems to be a promising student teaches personally, whenever the student has a little doubt, it will immediately appear, what kind of preparation the student needs, in the long run, many students love it, and some pure-minded students even learn The name of the father really earned him a lot of credits. After all, this is the academy, and the tutor is definitely the greatest achievement. As for what these credits are used for, it is not written on it.

Lu Yin Geying looked at this method, and suddenly thought of Ku Wei, isn’t this just shooting student flattery? Tired is a little tired, but it must be very effective to be able to publish books and put them in this book pavilion.

“If a student is willing to call you by the name of the school father, you will get a lot of learning branches”, the old man who guards the book court sweeps the floor and reminds him, “By the way, don’t threaten or lure you, Chairman sees Who is sincere and who is fake”.

Lu Yin put down the book, “This method is too tiring”.

The old man laughed and continued to sweep the floor, haven’t talked again.

After some time, Lu Yin looked at the time and it was almost time. The next class is about to start. The instructor is Mr. Huai, an Enlightenment Realm peak cultivator, who has been in Evoking Virtuous College for more than ten years.

The biggest headache for him now is that he doesn’t know what the lecture is about.

Evoking Virtuous College has a different place for each tutor to teach. After all, the college is too big, let alone a dozen tutors, even if it is increased tenfold, each tutor can still be allocated a large area to teach.

Lu Yin rushed to the place where Mr. Huai teaches. It is a jungle. Mr. Huai likes the feeling of winding paths and quiet places, but in Lu Yin’s view, he may be purely because there are too few students in class and he is afraid of embarrassment. , So I chose this kind of place, no matter how small the number of people is, I can’t tell.

Mr. Huai has only a handful of more than fifty students in his class. These students are scattered in the jungle and can hear with keen interest pleasure, and Mr. Huai’s lecture is how to break Extreme Realm.

Extreme Realm, the term already disappeared in Lu Yin’s life for a long time, and his current cultivation base is too far away from Extreme Realm, I didn’t expect to hear it here.

“Extreme Realm’s breakthrough needs…” On a large tree in the jungle, Mr. Huai was very excited and excited. It seemed that many people attended the same class, and Lu Yin was a little admired.

Two hours later, the students dispersed. Mr. Huai saw Lu Yin and stepped forward enthusiastically, “Mr. Haoyu, I didn’t expect you to come to my lecture.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I just came here and I don’t know what to say, so come and see.”

Mr. Huai smiled bitterly, “Mr. Haoyu saw it, there are only a few students, let Mr. laugh.”

Lu Yin said, “Mr. Huai speaks very well, why are there so few students?”.

Mr. Huai was helpless, took Lu Yin to the side, and made him a cup of tea. “Many students of Evoking Virtuous College background is quite extraordinary. I am just an Enlightenment Realm and a loose cultivator. I can’t teach those students at all. At the beginning, don’t talk about these students, all of them are haven’t, no way, I can only teach the knowledge of Extreme Realm. After all, not all the students who come to Evoking Virtuous College to study are Great Family descendant, there are also loose cultivators, which have not reached Extreme. There are also many students in Realm, just let them listen, I can get a foothold in this college, otherwise”.

He haven’t said that Lu Yin can also guess that Evoking Virtuous College impossible makes people here for nothing. If there are no students, maybe they will be expelled.

“But Mr. Haoyu definitely has no worries in this regard, you, Star Envoy, right?” Mr. Huai asked tentatively, somewhat cautiously.

Lu Yin also haven’t hidden, “just breakthrough soon”.

Mr. Huai envied, “Star Envoy tutors, there are not many Evoking Virtuous Colleges here. Once the wind is released, all the students will gather. It is not the same level as me.”

Lu Yin said, “Mr. Huai doesn’t need to be overly Qiang, I think you will soon break through Star Envoy”.

Mr. Huai shook his head, “so close, yet worlds apart that’s all, how easy is it to break through Star Envoy”.

In the next two days, Lu Yin listened to several lectures from several tutors, all of which were Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. These tutors all took a different approach, either speaking very basic knowledge or cultivating a certain aspect. Attracting some students, until the morning of the 3rd day, Lu Yin saw Mr. Tang teaching, the number of students was far from comparable to those of Enlightenment Realm tutors.

He wondered if all the students from the Academy had come.

In Mr.Tang’s class, he saw most of the students in the college. Some students are indeed exceptionally natural talents. They are very young but have a very high cultivation base. Several of them have reached Hunting Realm at a young age and are very close. The original Ten Decisions.

He didn’t show up with haven’t, otherwise this appearance could easily cause commotion and disturb Mr. Tang’s class.

“Hey, I heard about haven’t? A very handsome and very handsome tutor came to our college, called Haoyu, with a nice name”, a girl said.

The girl next to her hurried over, “I also heard, Mr. Haoyu, a nice name, I want to take his class.”

“I checked. Just this afternoon, Mr. Haoyu will speak, not far from here.”

“Great, Academy should find more mentors of this kind. Look at Mr. Huai’s mentors, what can they do? Just make up the number.”

“That’s right, my mother has already breakthrough Extreme Realm, and I still use him to talk”.

Lu Yin heard it, speechless. If Mr. Huai hears these words to death, he will hate him too much.

“You, you can’t, you can’t say that about Huai, Huai, Huai.” Not far away, a simple-faced Little Fatty was anxious to say something.

Many people around laughed.

“Mr. Huai, I’m so anxious to death, can’t you finish it in one breath?”, a girl made fun of.

Little Fatty’s face flushed, “Sophora, Sophora”.

“Mr. Huai,” a male student laughed.

Little Fatty was wronged, “Mr. Huai is very, very serious. I, I like to listen and listen to his lectures.”

“If you like you, go chant, come here, do, do, do?” Someone laughed.

Little Fatty flushed and wanted to argue, but couldn’t say anything.

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