Star Odyssey Chapter 2180


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Lu Yin has changed his mind and the Brokerage will be able to use it, but this business must be cut off for them, and they will inevitably pay the price in the future.

The cultivators on the back of the battlefield are fighting against human enemies, and they are all human heroes. Many of those people have children and daughters, and parents are high, but they die because of this kind of thing. It’s not worth it.

It suddenly occurred to him that when he exchanged Cloud Village Clothes by himself, the old woman also said to wait for a while, maybe it was a deliberate delay!

If you die on the battlefield, wouldn’t the Cloud Village Clothes redeemed by the Qing Chen Senior Merit Points overdraft be broken? That’s Cloud Village Clothes, even if Command Lord Zuo is jealous.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin became more angry.

He raised his hand, and the Death God seal entered directly into Zuoshan within the body.

Zuo Shan looked at Lu Yin in panic.

Lu Yin is indifferent, “Give you a period of time, and find a way to give me the list of members of the Brokerage Society on the back of the battlefield related to the sale of supplies. I can let you live and make you climb higher in Brokerage Society, even Exceeding your Uncle, of course, if you don’t give it to me, I will make you worse than dead. You can go and ask your Uncle to help you relieve my power from staying in your within the body. You can find anyone and see who can do it “.

After that, Lu Yin kept the method of contacting him Cloud Communicating Stone.

Cloud Communicating Stone and the Fifth Continent personal terminal same can communicate face-to-face like images, but the Haven’t Wireless Gu is capable of ignoring distance and even communicating between different universes.

can only say good and bad.

Lu Yin left, leaving Zuoshan.

Zuo Shan looked at the empty surroundings, then looked at Yucheng, gritted his teeth, and quickly left.

Those few people should have nothing to do with Xia Zhitong, but also don’t know. Unfathomable mystery has such an expert. He was the first to think of Xia Family. Xia Zhitong won’t tell Xia Family about the Broken Exchange, just recently. How many people belong to Xia Family? No, she is not that stupid. No matter how much she contributes to Xia Family, Xia Family will not look at her.

Who are those people?

After Ban Tian, ​​Yufu, Xia Zhitong pretended to go out, his eyes were full of anxiety and fear.

She tried, and she really couldn’t come into contact with the opposite sex. She touched a guard, the fire incineration within the body, and the biting feeling of countless Frightening Ants made her go crazy, wishing to tear herself apart.

Although it was only a moment, the feeling was unforgettable.

Yu Hao is right. She poisoned herself and wanted to let herself experience the greatest torture in the world.

For myself, haven’t men are the biggest torment.

She came all the way to the end of the Rainbow Bridge near the top of the upper boundary, and found the Xia Family who guarded the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge belongs to Divine Martial Heaven, and Xia Family has naturally assigned expert care.

Xia Feng, this expert, Four Times Origin Tribulation cultivator, can break through to five Origin Tribulation in just one step.

Seeing Xia Zhitong’s arrival, Xia Feng was disgusted. This woman corrupted the style of Xia Family. Even though she was at the Rainbow Bridge, he never saw this woman.

“Let her go”, Xia Feng waved his hand to drive Xia Zhitong away, not wanting to see him at all.

Soon, someone reported, “She is making noisy outside, it is really inconvenient to drive away.”

Xia Feng frowned, impatiently, “Let her come in”.

Xia Zhitong was soon brought to Xia Feng.

Xia Feng looked at her in disgust, “What’s the matter?”.

Xia Zhitong respectfully said, “Seven grandfather.”

Xia Feng raised his hand, “You and I are different, just say something.”

Xia Zhitong gritted his teeth, “I am poisoned.”

Xia Feng was surprised, “Poisoned? Then you detoxify, what are you doing with me?”.

Xia Zhitong helplessly, “I know Seven grandfather doesn’t like me, but I really can’t help it. This poison is not medicine-solvable, otherwise I would not find Seven grandfather.”

“Reporting back to the family, don’t you have a good relationship with Xia Yuan? Let him help you”, Xia Feng sent.

Xia Zhitong looked at Xia Feng, “Seven grandfather, the family’s approach to Yucheng is not only because of Yucheng. You should know the importance of this matter. If I have an accident, the family will lose a lot of money, and outsiders will think it is Lu Family. The bereaved ministers took action on me. Not only could it not deter the Lu Family bereaved ministers of Starry Sky Tree, it would encourage their arrogance. Seven grandfathers should think twice.”

Xia Feng sneered, “It has nothing to do with me. It is the family who asked you to marry to Yucheng. I am not responsible for your life and death.”

“I can’t go back to the family,” Xia Zhitong said dimly.

Xia Feng started, and then shook her head. Although Xia Zhitong’s plan was successful and made Yu Family the laughing stock of the entire Starry Sky Tree, many people horrified and sold Lu Family’s survivors for fear of being the same as Yu Family, but she also sacrificed herself , Fame, dignity, everything is haven’t, although this is her own choice, but the family will not let her go back.

She lost too much face to Xia Family.

“Maybe there is no me in the genealogy”, Xia Zhitong laughed at himself, looking very pitiful.

Xia Feng’s eye light flashed, “Who poisoned you?”.

Xia Zhitong replied, “Yuhao”.

“Yuhao? That Jade Little Young Master?” Xia Feng was surprised, “Isn’t he dead?”.

Xia Zhitong shook his head, “He’s back, the whole person is completely different, he poisoned me, and made me suffer the greatest torture in the world. He is revenge on me. He doesn’t want me to die so happy, he wants revenge on Xia Family.”

Xia Feng coldly snorted, “a trifling junior wants to deal with Xia Family, ridiculous”, after finishing speaking, he put one hand on Xia Zhitong’s shoulder and wanted to detect the poison of her within the body.

Suddenly, Xia Zhitong screamed, and immediately backed away, his face pale.

Xia Feng was puzzled, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Zhitong tells Xia Feng about the characteristics of the poison. Xia Feng narrows his eyes. This method is not ruthless, as long as he doesn’t touch the opposite sex, it is the biggest torture for Xia Zhitong. This woman’s greatest pleasure is that If she can’t do that kind of thing, what fun does she have in life?

In order to deal with Yu Family, she lost her reputation and everything, just to be immersed in the joy among, but Yuhao deprived of this pleasure, leaving Xia Zhitong with endless torture and humiliation.

Haven’t the joy, she became sober and thought of many things.

If it was before, how could she be sadly unable to return to Xia Family, how could she care about being removed from the genealogy? She didn’t care at all, it was different now.

This torture just started just recently.

Xia Feng didn’t touch Xia Zhitong and tried to use Star Origin to disperse her within the body toxins, but he couldn’t find where the poison was? No matter what he did, he couldn’t find it, and any medicine was useless.

Xia Feng’s face is solemn, “What’s the matter with Yuhao? He is impossible to have this method, trifling several decades, even Young Ancestor is impossible to do so that I can do nothing.”

Xia Zhitong despair, “Can’t even you cure the poison?”.

Xia Feng helplessly, “It’s not that I can’t solve it, it’s that I can’t find it at all, you are really poisoned?”, he was a little suspicious.

Xia Zhitong immediately swears and swears all the vicious oaths. Nothing can torture her more than this kind of poison.

Xia Feng sighed, “I can’t save it, maybe the family can save it, you can find Xia Yuan”, after that, let Xia Zhitong leave.

Xia Zhitong walked out desperately, looking up at the top realm, looking for Xia Yuan? She can’t find it, she can’t go back to the family at all, perhaps, she can’t even go to the upper realm!

No, I must detoxify. I have already become like this in my life. I can’t go back to the past. If I don’t detoxify, it’s better to die. Her eye light is firm.

On the other side, Lu Yin found a place to retreat.

Kui Luo is weird, “Boy, your retreat time is short, but the frequency is high, what’s the matter?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Suddenly feel, close up, cultivate all of a sudden, it’s normal”.

Kui Luo sneered, “Normal fart, there must be something shameful about you brat”.

“Tong Yu, guard for me”, Lu Yin directly drove Kui Luo away, let Tong Yu guard him, set up the Origin Treasure Formation, and started shaking the dice.

He wouldn’t put his hope on Xia Zhitong. Now this starry sky is here, and dice’s six o’clock into this starry sky expert within the body has the greatest probability. When will you wait until you don’t try it now?

No matter how bad you are, you can get some information.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad when I shake dice this time. I shook it to three o’clock twice in a row, but haven’t shook it to six o’clock once.

After resting for ten days, Lu Yin continued to shake dice, and finally reached six o’clock on the third time.

Consciousness entered that piece of Dark Space, Lu Yin found that he saw more bright light clusters than in Fifth Continent, and all light clusters as a whole were brighter than when they saw it in Fifth Continent, representing the overall strength of Starry Sky Tree Far surpassing Fifth Continent.

But I still don’t see the brightness that can be close to my own strength.

The consciousness moved, and I looked around, but haven’t found it.

Even in the Starry Sky Tree, there are no more than one million combat power houses.

Worried that Star Crystal Essence would consume too much, Lu Yin had no choice but to find the brightest integration.

After blending in, Lu Yin opened his eyes, caught the eye, and the blade landed. He was taken aback, and quickly moved away. The blade passed the void and slashed on the ground. Zhang Dingtian’s confused eyes were facing him, huh? Zhang Dingtian?

Zhang Dingtian stared blankly, “Teacher?”.

Lu Yin startled, Teacher? At this time, the memory flooded in, and he speechless found that he was actually integrated into the Graceful Sword Grandmaster Liu Yishou within the body.

This Graceful Sword Grandmaster is the first person he has seen in the Sword Monument Liu Family, and Zhang Dingtian is his discipline.

At this moment, because Zhang Dingtian has just recently felt the Sword Monument and has some understanding, he asked Liu Yishou to guide him. I didn’t expect that as soon as the knife fell, he would merge into it. If he didn’t react quickly, Liu Yishou would not be hacked to death. ! Lu Yin thought strangely.

“You this blade, very weak”, Lu Yin spoke with a hoarse voice, clearly the voice of Liu Yishou.

Zhang Dingtian is strange, “Compared to Teacher, of course it is very weak. Teacher can see what this blade needs to make up for?”.

Lu Yin looked at the knife in Zhang Dingtian’s hand. The memory was still pouring in. He wanted to find the memory of Star Union, but there were very few. Liu Yishou is a member of Liu Family, not Four Way Balance, for Star Union His understanding is similar to that of him, and even if he is a member of Four Way Balance, the Four Times Origin Tribulation cultivation base is not sufficient to know the secrets of Star Union.

It’s useless to blend into him within the body.

“Teacher?” Zhang Dingtian became stranger.

Lu Yin raised his eyes and said, “Take you just recently and do it again. Remember, you need to be the same.”

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