Star Odyssey Chapter 2181


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Although Zhang Dingtian was in a strange state, he still followed, “This is the student’s perception from the Sword Monument, one of the nine styles, the slashing style.” After finishing speaking, he slashed with a knife, obviously a knife, but he The body is like a knife. This feeling is similar to that of Leng Qing.

Lu Yin exited the fusion in an instant, and the blade happened to be at the position where he was fused. Liu Yishou’s consciousness recovered, no doubt about him, the blade was bounced off with a pong, “Nine styles, you have understood the six styles, although simple, But it contains the original meaning of a knife. After you wait for your nine-style Great Accomplishment, you can really touch Blade Dao.”

Zhang Dingtian looking thoughtful, although Liu Yishou’s state is strange just recently, but also didn’t say anything, just thought Teacher was thinking.

“Come again”, Liu Yishou loudly shouted.

Zhang Dingtian raised the knife high and dropped it with one knife.

On the other side, Lu Yin exhales and Liu Yishou have very complicated memories, after all, they have lived for so long, despite how high the cultivation base haven’t.

Most of his memory is about sword dao. By incorporating his memory, Lu Yin feels that he has a deeper understanding of sword dao.

In addition, he also learned that Liu Family attaches great importance to Evoking Virtuous College. Not only Liu Family, Nong Family, including Four Way Balance attaches great importance to Evoking Virtuous College.

But Liu Yishou did not know the specific reason.

Lu Yin meditated. Last time I came to Starry Sky Tree, Four Way Balance’s attitude towards Evoking Virtuous College was very strange. Xia Taili wanted to go to Evoking Virtuous College. Wen Diyi promised to help her. She was very happy. Everyone wants to enter Evoking Virtuous College?

He immediately asked Elder Qing Xing, Elder Qing Xing did not know, he asked Long Xi again.

“Evoking Virtuous College has a variety of Secret Techniques. This is what attracts us, but it is definitely not the reason for Four Way Balance and other families. I don’t know what it is,” Long Xi replied.

Lu Yin points nods, “It seems that Evoking Virtuous College still has some secrets.”

Long Xi said, “I have heard rumors that Evoking Virtuous College hides the Mountain Sea. I don’t know if this is what attracted them.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Hiding Mountain Sea? Nine Mountains Eight Seas?”.

Long Xi shook his head, “I don’t know, but Evoking Virtuous College has never broken Half-Ancestor. Although Ancestral Realm does not exist, the number of Half-Ancestors is not less than Four Way Balance. It has always been this way. Maybe it really hides Mountain Sea. “.

Lu Yin took back the eye light, if like this, this Evoking Virtuous College, he would really go, but what is the relationship between Mountain Sea and Half-Ancestor? In theory, Half-Ancestor is unlikely to inherit Mountain Sea, which is also a point of Ancestor Wu’s pride.

“Are we back to Starry Sky Tree?” Long Xi asked.

Lu Yin nods, “Do you want to go out?”.

Long Xi shook his head, “No need.”

Lu Yin said, “I might go to Evoking Virtuous College. Now Evoking Virtuous College has changed. Many people at Four Way Balance will go. Maybe I can meet your descendants of White Dragon Sect there.”

Long Xi thought for a while, “Probability is not great. It is difficult for my White Dragon Sect to give birth to offspring. There are only a few people in this generation. The next generation does not appear in several decades. Unlike other families, every 20 years. There are elites born”.

Lu Yin haven’t talked with Long Xi for too long, he still has to continue shaking dice, trying to spy on the secret of Four Way Balance.

By the way, let’s see how much it consumes first.

Now Lu Yin has too many Congealing Space Rings on his body. No way, one Congealing Space Ring can’t hold that many Star Crystal Essence.

2.7 billion, integrated into Liu Yishou within the body, consumed a total of 2.7 billion cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence. Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was acceptable.

At the beginning, it took 3,000,000,000 crystal essence to integrate into the sixth Continent Dream Vendor within the body, and Liu Yishou’s cultivation base was close to the Dream Vendor, and the difference was not much different. In addition, the distance was not far, and it was normal to consume 2.7 billion.

With my own net worth, this kind of consumption is not too much, continue.

At the same time, Xia Zhitong successfully contacted Xia Yuan.

On the Cloud Communicating Stone, Xia Yuan looked at Xia Zhitong’s image and yelled angrily, “I said, I don’t contact you, you must never contact me, you are too courageous, and you still contact me through others.”

Xia Zhitong calmly said, “If it weren’t for the desperate situation, I won’t contact you.”

Xia Yuan frowned, “What desperate situation? Aren’t you happy in Yucheng Xiaoyao?”.

Xia Zhitong heard his ridicule, and this is also the ridicule of the entire Xia Family to her, even Xia Yuan, a dewy person, is no exception. No one looks down on her. How is she different from Yu Family? ?

“I’m poisoned, I can’t solve it, can only please come to you”, Xia Zhitong said.

Xia Yuan raised his eyebrows, “Go to Xia Feng, he will help you.”

Xia Zhitong sneered, “I found it, he can’t help me, let me find you”.

“His cultivation base is higher than me, and he lives longer than me, why can’t he help you?” Xia Yuan said gloomily.

Xia Zhitong looked at Xia Yuan’s reluctant expression, and slowly said, “If you don’t help me, I can only find Patriarch, you know I have a way.”

“What do you want to do?” Xia Yuan shouted angrily.

Xia Zhitong calmly said, “I am tortured, no one can think about it. I will die if I am poisoned, and I must find someone to bury it.”

“Are you threatening me?”.

“If it weren’t for the desperate situation, I would rather enjoy a lifetime in Yucheng. Who has spare time to threaten you?”.

Xia Yuan’s eye light flickered, stare Xia Zhitong, “What poison? Who did it?”.

“Your Old Acquaintance, Yuhao”, Xia Zhitong said every word.

Xia Yuan’s eye light changed, “Yuhao? Isn’t he dead?”.

Xia Zhitong took a deep breath, “You’d better come to Yucheng, Yuhao has changed. He wants revenge, not only me, and the entire Xia Family.”

Looking at Xia Yuan’s disdainful eye light, Xia Zhitong continued, “I know you don’t look down on him, and I don’t think anyone can hurt Xia Family, but he already did it. No matter what the relationship is, you put forward the plan of Yu Family. You have benefited a lot from this credit over the years. If something happens, the family will not let you go.”

Xia Yuan thought for a while, “You wait for me, don’t go anywhere, I would like to see what Yuhao can do”, finished speaking, and ended the call.

Lu Yin had expected that with his current cultivation base, some great characters within the body could be incorporated in Starry Sky Tree, but he did not expect that the second one would be incorporated into a super great character-Long Ke, currently White Dragon Sect Patriarch.

White Dragon Sect experienced the severed main line, Long Ke branch line up, the foundation is very shallow, because of this, Long Tian was trapped in the Domination Boundary, Long Xi disappeared, Long Ke’s position was extremely unstable, and Lu Yin’s pseudonym Long Qi’s sudden emergence not only showed strong Language of Interpretation innate talent, but was also appreciated by the Cold Gate Governor Lord Mu Xie Old Ancestor and must be accepted as a discipline.

As soon as the news appeared, Long Ke was immediately abandoned by White Dragon Sect. Ni Huang Old Ancestor personally acted as a matchmaker for Long Qi, who was aliased by Lu Yin, and asked him to marry Xia Family Princess Xia Taili and cancel his identity as White Dragon Sect’s son-in-law. Once his cultivation base is improved, he can directly replace Long Ke and become the new main line.

It seems that this kind of superior method is very enlightened, but it actually exposes the shallowness and superficiality of White Dragon Sect the foundation. Hall Master’s vein apart from Long Tian and Long Xi, actually haven’t taken the take People who act, cause even a remote branch to be in position.

Long Ke has a deep mind. Lu Yin knows a lot about him. This person tried to use him to deal with the branch of Long Quan and sit firmly in the position of Patriarch. He is also very strong. He has five Origin Tribulation cultivation bases. Threatened Lu Yin and wanted to eradicate Lu Yin, but in the end, haven’t succeeded.

Lu Yin didn’t expect that the second one he joined was Long Ke.

This White Dragon Sect really has a relationship with me, first Long Quan, now Long Ke.

Long Ke is not comparable to Long Quan, even if his position is unstable, as White Dragon Sect Patriarch, he knows everything he needs to know.

Lu Yin keeps checking his memory, and the many secrets of White Dragon Sect without reserved are shown in his eyes, including White Dragon Sect Combat Technique, White Dragon Sect Secret Technique, and Star Union’s prohibition method.

Long Ke’s memory keeps pouring into his mind. The entire White Dragon Sect apart from only Half-Ancestor and Dragon Ancestor knows the secrets, and the rest are understood, including how Dragon Mountain’s Origin Treasure Formation was activated and cracked, including White Dragon The place where Sect collects resources, where Long Ke collects his own resources, and there are some common secrets of Four Way Balance.

He also saw the original Lu Family, and saw-himself.

Long Ke is a branch of White Dragon Sect, but because White Dragon Sect gave birth to Dragon Ancestor, its status is second only to Lu Family. When Lu Family is still there, they are also on par with Cold Immortal Sect, etc., with Long Ke I have been to Lu Family several times, and I have also met Lu Xiaoxuan.

Lu Yin didn’t expect to see who he was once in the memory of others.

The former self, as Long Xi said, is cheerful, enthusiastic, and exceptional natural talent. It is the envy and admiration of countless people throughout the Starry Sky Tree. In that generation, Seven Heroes was magnificent, and everyone thought that Taoist could be reproduced. The brilliance of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas in the Origin Sect era, and the White Dragon Sect also has one of the Seven Heroes, precisely the daughter of the main line of Long Xing, which is Lu Xiaoxuan’s Fourth Elder Sister.

Lu Yin looks at a person’s memory from haven’t so calmly, just like watching the same image, seeing himself in Long Ke’s memory, Lu Family in his memory, and feeling Long Ke’s emotions.

The first time he saw Lu Xiaoxuan, he showed enthusiasm, but he was full of jealousy and hatred for Long Xing, the daughter of the main line. He wanted to replace the main line. Just thinking about his status, the most exciting day in his life was when Lu Family was exile, the main line of White Dragon Sect disappeared, and he became Patriarch.

That day was extremely deep in his memory, unforgettable, and it also gave Lu Yin an unspeakable unforgettable memory. How excited Long Ke was, Lu Yin was just as angry.

In the memory of Long Ke, he saw the sky full of red flowers, saw Long Xi crying in tears, saw the disappearance of the entire top realm, saw the huge Ancestral Weed tail vertical heaven and earth, On that day, ordinary people lost their memories, only a few of them remembered.

Lu Yin did not see that day in Long Quan’s memory, nor did he see that day in Liu Yishou’s memory, because that day, that scene, only a small number of people can witness and are qualified to keep that memory.

Long Ke’s memory is too complicated. Even if Lu Yin takes a long time, the memory he sees is only a tip of the iceberg, can only look for important memories. After a while, someone asked to see Long Ke, and Lu Yin left the fusion .


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