Star Odyssey Chapter 2182


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Lu Yin has never been in a person for so long, including the original Bai Sheng, he hasn’t integrated for so long.

He saw the memory of too many Long Ke, and saw too many things that ordinary people could not know. For Long Ke, he also knew too many too many.

However, these are all important things for Haven’t Star Union. He knows how to break the ban. Unfortunately, everyone in Star Union within the body and similar to the Imprisonment Technique ban can be lifted by Four Way Balance. What Long Ke knows is only 40. One of %.

This is a rule set by Four Way Balance in order to prevent a single control of Star Union.

Everyone in Star Union is controlled for whatever reason, they are all Star Envoy, one or two Star Envoy cannot be afraid, ten-twenty Star Envoy is terrifying, even if Four Way Balance, a single family is still not so More Star Envoy.

Whoever controls Star Union alone is equal to crushing all the other forces on the combat power of the Star Envoy level. This is what Four Way Balance does not want to see.

Since it cannot be controlled separately, it is naturally distributed in four parts. This can prevent Star Union from being controlled separately, and it can also prevent someone from rescuing the people of Star Union. Four Way Balance has never underestimated Lu Family’s survivors.

Lu Yin has a headache. White Dragon Sect is only one of 40%, and I have to start from the other three. Divine Martial Heaven is it’s possible. Xia Zhitong can get close to Xiayuan. You may not get it through Xiayuan, but Cold Immortal Sect and Wang Family How to do?

Lu Yin thought of Wang Su. This woman was still locked in Heavenly Sect by herself. Unfortunately, haven’t locked in Supreme Mountain. Wang Yi is also the same. It is the hardest thing to get close to Wang Family.

This is just Star Union. Through Long Ke’s memory, he deliberately checked about Safflower Garden.

Safflower Garden seems simple, as long as you break in, you can take people away, but that place is not only the Safflower Garden where the Lu Family is detained, but also the back garden of Bai Xian’er. Once the Safflower Garden has an accident, Bai Xian’ er is the first to know.

No one knows how terrifying Bai Xian’er is. Although Bai Xian’er was the same as Seven Heroes, and was Long Ke’s Junior, but now Starry Sky Tree, who dares to call her Junior? Her cultivation base is deeply unable to test. It is said that already is Half-Ancestor. Long Ke has also heard Ni Huang Great Elder say that Bai Xian’er cannot test deeply. He would rather fight with the original Wan Zhiyi than Bai Xian’ er battle.

Ni Huang Great Elder has said so, and Long Ke is convinced.

Lu Yin also believes that it is not because of Long Ke’s memory, but when he met Starry Sky Tree face to face after the breakthrough Star Envoy, he saw Bai Xian’er’s eyes, those eyes looked down at heaven and earth. The broken Three Gates is also related to her. One finger made Old Chen jealous. This is Bai Xian’er.

Bai Xian’er is definitely the enemy of Lu Family, but now he is facing her directly. Lu Yin is not sure, what role this woman played in the original Lu Family being exile is still unknown. The Lu Family that was at its peak was exile , Not to mention him.

If you want to save, you have to save together. Otherwise, if you save Star Union, Safflower Garden must be prepared. This is the most troublesome thing. Four Way Balance is not a fool.

Lu Yin kept thinking about how to do it. He knew that Wang Wen and Wei Rong were brought together. These two plots against people are good hands.

Will you still shake dice now? Lu Yin thought for a while, and still had to shake it. The second time I blended into Long Ke within the body, maybe I would find Xia Xing, Wang Zheng, Bai Teng within the body after I blended into it a few times, and I knew the people who cracked Star Union directly within the For the method of body prohibition, I also know more about Safflower Garden.

Wait, Lu Yin suddenly checked the Congealing Space Ring, and it seemed that it took him a long time to integrate into Long Ke within the body, and I don’t know how much it consumed.

Looking at it, Lu Yin’s face twitched, ninety billion, a full ninety billion cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence, his heart was bleeding, and the cost was too much, how many times more than Liu Yishou?

Lu Yin swallowed saliva and said, throw away the free Congealing Space Ring. Although it hurts, it’s worth it. It takes too long to integrate into Long Ke within the body. You can visit Dragon Mountain for a long time. Far from being comparable with Liu Yishou, it is excusable to consume so much, and Long Ke is at the top.

Although he comforts himself so much, after all he has consumed so much, Lu Yin is still quite uncomfortable. He will definitely find Long Ke to get this account back. Anyway, he knows the location of Long Ke resource collection. As White Dragon Sect Patriarch, Even if it didn’t take long for him to take the post, he should have some savings.

While thinking about Lu Yin while shaking dice, I didn’t pay attention for a while. The time I just recently shook it into Long Ke was the fourth time, and this was the fifth time.

Severe pain came, making his head seem to be torn apart same.

No matter how the cultivation base is raised, dice can only shake four times, and the fifth time will definitely be unbearable, but the consequences haven’t exceeded the standard for the first time, at least haven’t fainted.

Lu Yin slowed down for a long time.

At this time, he noticed Kui Luo approaching and walked out.

“Xia Yuan has arrived in Yucheng, and already has joined Xia Zhitong,” Kui Luo said.

Lu Yin nods, looked towards the direction of Yucheng, “Just see if Xia Zhitong can bear the pain of defeated several times.”

Yucheng, Xia Zhitong finally waited for Xiayuan to come to Xiayuan. During this time, she was distraught and her complexion became haggard a lot, and there were more and more rumors about her from the outside world, all because she hadn’t found a face, not only that, but also It was extremely irritable to drive away all the faces in the Yufu.

Many people say that she is ill, an incurable disease. Some people say that she is nervous, and some people say that some people take action on Xia Zhitong. Now Yucheng is a little bit turbulent.

The reason why Xia Zhitong likes this is not only because of her microscopicity within the body, but also because she is a bit old. Last time she asked Xia Feng to help detoxify, it was defeated. After returning to Yucheng, she found that her skin was wrinkling. Even if it was changed with the cultivation base, it was useless. She found that her eyes hadn’t been so bright before, and her hair had become a little yellower.

This discovery made her collapse, she didn’t dare to meet people, she suddenly remembered what Yuhao had said, to make her suffer the greatest torture in the world, not just not touching the opposite sex, every detoxification, once defeated, she will age a little , Now fulfilled.

The more I think about it, the more fearful Xia Zhitong is. In this kind of despair, she waited for Xiayuan.

Xia Yuan saw Xia Zhitong, frowned, “How did you change?”

Xia Zhitong looked ugly, lowered her head, made a dry voice, a little hoarse, “Xia Feng can’t save me, it’s useless for you to come, I want you to find a way to get me back to Divine Martial Heaven, I want to participate in ancestor worship” .

Xia Yuan frowned, “I said I would help you, what can Yuhao do with trifling?”.

“Xia Feng can’t save me”, Xia Zhitong roar, her eye light is red, she is going crazy, she hasn’t touched a man for more than half a month, and her body is still aging, which makes her on the verge of collapse.

Xia Yuan’s eye light was cold, “Xia Feng is just unwilling to help you, do you think Yuhao can have the strength to compete with me? Even Shenfei is impossible.”

“I’m going to worship the ancestors”, Xia Zhitong died stare Xia Yuan, and wanted to eat people same.

“You are crazy, I’m helping you”, Xia Yuan was dissatisfied.

Xia Zhitong kept backing away, “Don’t touch me, and don’t want you to help me, I want to see Zihuan Half-Ancestor, only Half-Ancestor can save me”.

Xia Yuan scolded, “talk nonsense, you deserve to see Half-Ancestor? Let me see what poison you are in.” Said, Xia Yuan grabbed Xia Zhitong, the difference between the two was too great, and Xia Zhitong couldn’t get rid of it.

As a result, same with Xia Feng, Xia Yuan was helpless and let go.

Xia Zhitong screamed like crazy, “I said it’s useless, you’re hurting me, you want me to die, you want to make me old, make me ugly, and become the biggest joke of Starry Sky Tree, you Don’t think about it, I won’t let you have it.”

Natsuhara’s eye light flashes, where did Yuhao come from this method? It made him feel helpless, should he ask Origin Tribulation Senior take action six times?

Xia Zhitong’s clothes are messy, no longer the original bright brilliance, staring at Xia Yuan like a crazy woman, “I want to see Half-Ancestor, only Half-Ancestor can save me, let me see Zihuan Half-Ancestor, I am dead Others will only think that it was the survivor of Lu Family. Your plan will be defeated. Not only that, you will be blamed by the family and become a joke of Four Way Balance.”

Xia Yuan’s voice is cold, “It’s just death, do you think you can threaten me?”.

Xia Zhitong sneered, “I knew you were ruthless, dear Uncle, you believed you in everything you thought I was so stupid? You thought I didn’t know what the family thought of me? I’ve already arranged it, once I die Everyone knows that it was the Lu Family’s surviving minister, and it was definitely the Lu Family’s surviving minister. I promise you.”

Xia Yuan’s eyes narrowed, stare Xia Zhitong, full of murderous intention, said, “You spread the rumors outside?”.

Xia Zhitong laughed hoarsely, “This is just the beginning. I spread the story of Yu Family to help you intimidate Starry Sky Tree, and I also prepared a second hand. How quickly the story of Yu Family was spread in Starry Sky Tree, I was caught by Lu The list of family members killed, including those who have an affair with me, will have spread throughout the entire Starry Sky Tree.”

“My reputation is bad. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about the reputation of Xia Family.”

Xia Yuan is extremely angry, raising his hand to slap Xia Zhitong to death.

Xia Zhitong laughed wildly, “Come on, you kill, anyway, I like this, I am dead, the reputation of Xia Family is over, and you don’t want to find Yuhao, Yuhao can deal with me like this, and can deal with it like this you guys”.

Xia Yuan’s heart sank, Yuhao could have the poison that made him helpless, and he was not sure what means he would have.

Xia Family’s reputation is important. This woman died not worth mentioning, but she would destroy the Four Way Balance plan and encourage Lu Family’s prestige. This kind of thing must not be done, otherwise he would be over for the rest of his life, and he didn’t want to perish together with this crazy woman.

“I think you are crazy and threaten your family.” Xia Yuan put down his hand, and his tone eased.

Xia Zhitong mocked, “Why, don’t you kill?”.

Xia Yuan took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down, “I will let you worship your ancestors and let you see Zihuan Half-Ancestor, but you should be clear about what to say and what not to say, and you must find Yuhao , This person must be removed”.

Xia Zhitong’s eye light is insidious, gritted his teeth, “Don’t worry, I will get rid of him, I want him to taste the greatest torture in the world, and give him back thousands of times.”

Outside the Yufu, Lu Yin witnessed everything and watched the same drama.

Kui Luo is funny, “How about it? It’s not in vain that I call you out. Isn’t this a good play”.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “It looks good, but it’s a pity that I haven’t played, otherwise it will look better”.

Kui Luo smiled strangely, “Xia Family worship ancestors, what do you think?”.

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