Star Odyssey Chapter 2183


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Lu Yin looked up towards Dingshangjie, Xia Family worshipped the ancestors, and Xia Zhitong was invited. Then, his nominal husband should also go, but for fear of encountering Xia Family Old Ancestor and being identified, I have to think Think of ways to.

“This play is over, it’s your turn to watch the play with me,” Kui Luo said.

Lu Yin was perplexed, “What show to watch with you?”.

Kui Luo smiled with indignation, “The old bastard of the God of Cookery actually mocked old fogey. I have no virtue. Well, old fogey has no virtue to show him. Go to Evoking Virtuous College. Teaching and educating people has always been old fogey. Ideal”.

Lu Yin is weird, look at Kui Luo, he, teaches and educates people? It doesn’t look like it at all.

“Boy, what is your look? Tell you, old fogey, I know how to teach students the best”, Kui Luo is dissatisfied.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Okay, let’s walk with you.”

Actually, even if Kui Luo doesn’t say it, he still has to go to Evoking Virtuous College. Taking student experience is one of the few ways to enter Four Way Balance just and honorable, and Evoking Virtuous College has the Domain Empty God Realm he wants. The cultivation method can touch the space, maybe it can make him understand Ce Word Secret Technique to a higher level, and he is also very interested in what attracts Four Way Balance there.

It’s time to be a mentor. I don’t know if it is qualified.

Central Level Boundary has nine regions. Each region’s name has its own unique origin. For example, Cloudy Mountains Region is large, but the region is desolate. People walking into it don’t feel cold. Ordinary people even It is difficult to walk outside the Cloudy Mountains Region.

Clear Moon Region is named Clear Moon Region because only in that area can you see the green hills outside the world, which looks like an azure full moon from bottom to top.

And Lu Yin and their domain name at the moment is Yixian District. Nothing else, because Evoking Virtuous College is here, so it is called Yixian District.

“The Yixian District is different from the Rainbow Bridge and the Cloudy Mountains Region that I have visited in the past, Huaiyuan is different,” Lu Yin looked at the vast mountains and rivers ahead with emotion.

Since the Rainbow Bridge Yucheng left, he moved towards Evoking Virtuous College under the leadership of Kui Luo. It took Ban Tian and the Central Level Boundary was too big. A mountain and river can contain starry sky civilization. The distance from the district to another district is no closer than the Fifth Continent from Outer Universe to Cosmos Sea, or even farther.

The entire Central Level Boundary range is much larger than the Fifth Continent, but the upper boundary is much smaller, and the Lower Boundary is the largest range. After all, it is the root of the Mother Tree, but Lu Yin did not see how large it is. Over.

He hasn’t really looked down on the Starry Sky Tree from the starry sky above, and can see the land clearly.

“Evoking Virtuous College has been famous since ancient times. Even Four Way Balance will find a way to send its own children to study, let alone other families. Central Level Boundary all influence are stare Evoking Virtuous College, and countless young talents come from all around. He tried his best to enter the Evoking Virtuous College, which led to the prosperity of the Yixian District, full of vigor,” said Elder Qing Xing, he was released.

Kui Luo sighed, “I thought, old fogey, I also came to Evoking Virtuous College to study, but this ruined place is too rigid and boring, so I left.”

“I can’t pass the exam, right”, Lu Yin gave him a sideways look.

Kui Luo grinned, “For old fogey, trifling Evoking Virtuous College is a fart. I and Luo Zuna Old Guy were invincible in the whole world when they were in this area. How many beautiful women gave away Hug, eh, I was too young to know how to cherish, otherwise I would be full of children and grandchildren.”

At this time, Ancestor Wu appeared, looking into the distance, his eyes bright, “I like this place, young and energetic, you see, there are duels everywhere.”

Lu Yin followed the Ancestor Wu eye light and saw several youngsters fighting in groups and performing various Combat Techniques. There were still wild words in their mouths. Many people around them stopped and watched, and they were a city in the distance. It is bustling and lively, with a cultural atmosphere that is not the same as that of Bay City.

By the way, Lu Yin looked at those people, then at himself and the others. No wonder he felt wrong when he first arrived in Yixian District. The clothes those people in Yixian District wear are the same as those of ancient literati swordsmen. And I and the others wear and so on, and the shoes under my feet have modern technology, which looks nondescript.

On top of the head, one after another silhouette said with a smile and went away, both youngsters, and there were elders in the distance, but hanging far away.

The blue ghost looks haggard, and his clothes are tattered and looks miserable, but the eye light has the slightest bit of fear. “A group of old bastard who have to have no shame, have been stare Lao Tzu, just waiting for Lao Tzu’s breakthrough. Well, I will have a breakthrough today, see if you can kill me”, said, took out two short guns, fiercely stabbed out, the gun body disappeared, entered the Star Origin universe, and then went out from another direction, thrusts at take action man of.

The blue ghost innate talent is a blue fish, who was able to wander the Star Origin universe during the Enlightenment Realm period. He is no stranger to the Star Origin universe. Today, breakthrough Star Envoy has transformed its strengths in all aspects. Star Energy has become Star Origin and is no longer affected by Star. Envoy suppressed it as if it had changed individuals.

But his opponent has also been promoted from Enlightenment Realm to Star Envoy, and it is Stare, his long-time Star Envoy.

The person taking action is an old man. The eye light moves from one side to the other, staring at the direction of the blue ghost take action, seeing the short spear pierced out, the purple-golden flames all over the sky, the high temperature burns void, making the Star Origin universe All twisted, the short spear touched the flame and melted directly, the blue ghost immediately gave up the short spear and kept backing away.

The old man plunged into the Star Origin universe to catch the blue ghost.

Lu Yin raises his eyebrows. This person uses Star Origin very well. The take action can deal with blue ghosts without being backlashed by the Star Origin universe. This is the Star Envoy powerhouse of Old Daoist, and this kind of purple- The golden flame is clearly undying bird lineage, which is the person of Starry Sky Tree Zijin Family.

For Zijin Family, his only impression is Jin Feiyuan, the guy who was defeated at Wangzulou and was ordered to take action by Xia Family after his identity was revealed, but he was slapped and stunned by himself. That guy ends up in Zijin Family. It shouldn’t be great.

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