Star Odyssey Chapter 2184


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The old man comes from Zijin Family. Although it was only an Origin Tribulation, he obviously spent a long time in an Origin Tribulation, and he was a stare blue ghost. Although I don’t know the reason, the blue ghost can’t run away.

The blue ghost was burned by the purple-golden flames and was embarrassed to leave the Star Origin universe. In front of him, the old man sneered, “Oh, help me make the Zijin Family famous, so you can die faster.” After finishing speaking, endless Raging Flames gathered Palm, one palm falls, covering the blue ghost.

The blue ghost was pale, gritted his teeth, turned into a blue fish, avoided at a nearly impossible angle, and moved towards the distance.

And in the direction of his escape, two people take action. These two people are only Enlightenment Realm, but they have rare treasure, simultaneously take action, and want to block heaven and earth.

They cannot attack the blue ghosts in the Star Origin universe, but they can still be affected by rare treasure.

The old man eye light sighed, “Dare to resist”. After speaking, the flames spread wildly, covering the sky, purple-golden undying birds singing, endless fire sea coming, not incineration Star Origin universe, just incineration void, but the high temperature made the blue ghost unbearable and had to show up, coughing up blood continuously, and the blood was burned by the flame.

The people watching around backed up, “This guy Zijin Family stare has been around for a long time. At the beginning, he abolished a lot of family power children, including Zijin Family.”

“The one who wants to solve him most is Cold Immortal Sect, he has heavy wounds and several disciplines before Cold Immortal Sect.”

“Cold Immortal Sect can’t pull his face to let Star Envoy go. The Zijin Family is different. This Senior is the powerhouse of the older generation of Zijin Family. He specializes in stare blue ghosts. The blue ghost breakthrough is also forced by him. Never let blue ghosts escape. If there is no breakthrough for one day, he will follow one day, and the blue ghost can’t do anything.”

Listening to the surrounding discussion, Lu Yin is frowned and Zijin Family is a bit bullied. Although the Blue Ghost has his shortcomings, he has fought together before, and he wants to help.

At this time, a screams came, “Third Uncle, show mercy, he will give it to me”.

When everyone looked at it, they could only see the distance, the undying bird flew, turning into a young man, moving around and approaching the blue ghost in an instant, and the purple-golden flame turned into a long sword and beheaded.

The blue ghost gritted his teeth, despicable, that Star Envoy did not remove the flames, but still suppressed himself, but this Zijin Family younger generation also took action, they did not join forces, but regarded him as spoils of war, by the elders heavy wounds , Junior take action, is equivalent to creating a reputation for Junior.

No one of Four Way Balance of the same generation can kill him Blue Ghost, and he was eventually killed by a junior of the Zijin Family, which is very important for the promotion of fame, not to mention that he also broke through Star Envoy, which is equivalent to a leapfrog killing.

This is also the reason why Zijin Family spent so much energy stare him, not only because of the grudge between him and Zijin Family.

The blue ghost gritted his teeth, blood flowed along the corners of his mouth, and backed with all his strength. The Zijin Family junior man fell to the ground with a sword lifted and cut horizontally. The sword edge burned the flames to tear apart the blue ghost’s abdomen, and the burning pain spread from his abdomen.

The blue ghost raises his hand and grabs the purple-golden flame long sword, Star Origin decomposes Star Energy, and takes action from the Star Origin universe with the other hand.

Zijin Family old man eye light shone, the flame penetrated the Star Origin universe, incineration blue ghost.

The blue ghost was scalded on half of his body. The sword edge pierced his body in front of him. The blood couldn’t drip because he was directly incineration by the flame.

“Despicable”, blue ghost roar.

Zijin Family The youngster sneered, “Remember, the one who killed you is called Jin Chongshan.” After finishing speaking, sword edge crossed and wanted to split the blue ghost into two parts.

But they underestimated the Blue Ghost. The Blue Ghost was able to escape from Four Way Balance’s Elite Disciple that many times, and even failed to catch the four Young Ancestors, since it has several points of ability.

Lu Yin haven’t take action is also because of this, the blue ghost has long used rare treasure.

The kind of rare treasure that doesn’t know how to do it makes everyone look biased. For example, the old man from Zijin Family, looks like flame incineration and half of the blue ghost’s body makes him dying of heavy wounds, but in fact it only burns his one. The left arm, and that Jin Zhongshan was more ridiculous, his sword only pierced the skin of the blue ghost’s arm, and did not cause him any substantial damage.

Lu Yin blinked, “Haoyu”.

“But your Excellency took action to save the blue ghost?” Jin Wan asked. Not far away, Jin Chongshan stare Lu Yin, unable to bear, said, “Third Uncle, isn’t it him, he”, “Close Mouth”, Jin Wan screams.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “You say yes.”

Jin Wan is puzzled, “Your Excellency, what does this mean? Yes, no, no.”

Lu Yin said, “It can be or not, it depends on whether you believe or not.”

Kim Man frowned, this person spoke upside down, is it deliberately provocative or doesn’t care about them at all? He was not sure, if this person really took action just recently, how did he do it? What kind of cultivation base is it?

“Your Excellency taught what sect, maybe I’m an old acquaintance with Zijin Family, we can also recount the old when we meet today”, Jin Wan said kindly.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “There is no teacher out, just a loose cultivator, and you will definitely have no contact with your Zijin Family, all right, I’m leaving, let’s talk about it later”, and leave after finishing talking.

Jin Wan’s finger moved, trying to block, but he was scrupulous, for fear that this person’s cultivation base would exceed him too many, and he would not please him.

But today, all of this is planned by the Zijin Family for a long time. It is to use the reputation of killing blue ghosts to help Jin Chongshan rise to power. After joining Evoking Virtuous College, he can enter the eyes of some people. Now it is destroyed by this person. Even haven’t, he will not be easy to explain when he goes back, and Zijin Family will become a laughing stock.

Jin Wan hesitated.

Lu Yin wants to go, Jin Wan haven’t blocked it and is still embarrassed, but the youngster who made the blue ghost horrified and back carrying a long sword stood in front, “Liu Que, please enlighten me.”

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