Star Odyssey Chapter 2185


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“Liu Que?” Someone exclaimed, unable to look at it with confidence.

Jin Wan also looked surprised, Liu Que? Is it him?

Jin Chongshan was shocked, but it was Liu Que?

Liu Que, Sword Monument Liu Family this generation, the top Heaven’s Chosen, sits outside the Sword Monument all the year round. He is one of the few Liu Family children who can comprehend Sword Monument at will. He has experienced four Young Ancestor eras. At that time, Liu Que is still Hai Tong. The leader of that generation of Liu Family is Liu Hao, but everyone in the Liu Family knows that Liu Hao is just Heaven’s Chosen and can compete with those of the Four Young Ancestors. Liu Que, however, is the top Heaven’s Chosen. High hopes can surpass the genius of the four Young Ancestors.

until now Liu Quedu haven’t appeared, but there are more and more rumors about him from the outside world, and more and more exaggerated. The most famous one was when he defeated Liu Lu with a single sword. Liu Lu is the same generation as Liu Hao. Even if the cultivation base is far inferior to the original Liu Hao, it is not easily defeated by a junior, let alone just a sword.

It is said that as long as Liu Que is willing, no sword is needed.

Many people guess that he might already reach the strength of the fourth Young Ancestor.

“What enlightenment?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Liu Que calmly looked at Lu Yin, “I’m going to draw a sword, please enlighten me.” After speaking, the long sword directly penetrates the sheath behind him and floats in front of Liu Que. The long sword is ordinary, but there is a The gap, the obvious gap, is at the tip of the sword.

Lu Yin asks himself that he is quite proficient in the sword technique. He has learned The Thirteen Swords by integrating into Liu Qianjue within the body, comprehending from the Sword Monument, and learning how to crack it. Some time ago, he also integrated into Liu Yishou within the body and experienced This starry sky Liu Family’s sword technique, but he has never seen a person who makes the sword of the gap.

Before blending into Liu Yishou within the body, there is no memory of this person. Liu Yishou’s memory is too mixed, and what he sees is only part.

“Why is there a gap in your sword?” Lu Yin was curious.

Liu Que indifferent, “My name is Liu Que”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, is this an explanation?

In the distance, Jin Chongshan made a fist, Liu Que, although he did not see anyone, his reputation had already overwhelmed countless people of this generation, only Four Way Balance those monsters were comparable, he wanted to see how good this person is .

Everyone wants to see Liu Que’s sword technique, and Lu Yin is also very curious about how to move without the sword edge.

“Offend”, Liu Que clenched the hilt of the sword, came with a sword, broke the void, and came directly in front of Lu Yin. Lu Yin was surprised, a good sword, but it was just a test, and this person was not real. He took out the sword, just want to see his reaction, the sword is not sharp, with hesitation, because Liu Que is also uncertain whether it is Lu Yin who helped the blue ghost before, he does not want to hurt the innocent.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Once you hesitate, this sword will change.”

Liu Que heard, the eye light brightened, and it was him, thinking about it, sword edge changed, and in an instant, the hesitation disappeared. It was the same sword, but it felt completely different. Not everyone can do it. Change the sword intent after the sword is released.

Lu Yin secretly said that nods, this person’s sword technique is extremely high, at least when Liu Shaoqiu was so old he was far away from this kind of sword technique, relying on The Thirteen Swords, Liu Tianmu can be compared, but This may not be the true sword technique of this person.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t plan to play anymore. No matter how high this person sword technique is, it won’t attract him much.

Liu Que pierced Lu Yin silhouette with a sword, clearly stabbed, but failed. When he stopped, Lu Yin actually said, “A good sword technique”. After speaking, his body disappeared.

“Fast speed”, someone exclaimed.

“Yes, that person actually avoided in advance, leaving behind an afterimage of void, so Liu Quedu hadn’t found out.”

“Perhaps is entering the Star Origin universe, right”.

Listening to the people around, Liu Que’s face is solemn. Just recently it is not a question of speed, but a void pause. This person has affected the space. How did he do it?

Jin Wan ugly complexion, fortunately, Haven’t take action, which actually affects void, and speed are two concepts. He would rather that person is too fast, so fast that he can’t see him, and he doesn’t want that person to influence void. To be able to do this, that person is far from what he can fight against.

This is the Yixian District, which brings together all the talents of Starry Sky Tree.

For Yixian District, Zijin Family has the deepest obsession, because Evoking Virtuous College, imprisoning undying birds and dark phoenixes, formed a special time only for Evoking Virtuous College. Zijin Family has wanted to enter the top of Evoking Virtuous College for countless years. The undying bird was rescued, but without success.

Starry Sky Tree is too many.

Liu Que put away his sword and looked towards a direction. Although I don’t know where the person went, in Yixian District, the most it’s possible place to go is Evoking Virtuous College. I planned to directly challenge the one in Evoking Virtuous College. A few guys, it seems unnecessary, there is value worth entering.

“Third Uncle, where did that person go?” Jin Chongshan asked, the surrounding people gradually dispersed, only some people stayed in the place of the blue ghost Transcending Tribulation and wanted to find the Jiejing, as long as they found a little bit, they sent it.

Jin Wan said solemnly, “I don’t know, but in this Yixian district, you either leave from Evoking Virtuous College, or you have to go to Evoking Virtuous College, maybe you will meet him.”

Jin Chongshan is not stupid, “You can’t even see the third uncle, this person cultivation base is very high”.

Jin Wan looked at Jin Chongshan, “This trip, you are going to be admitted to Evoking Virtuous College. With no difficulty, remember that if you enter Evoking Virtuous College and see this person, you cannot offend him. Ten million cannot offend.”

Although Jin Chongshan was unwilling, after all, the plan to kill the blue ghost was ruined, but still nods, “I know, the third uncle, I can’t provoke that person.”

“It’s good to know, you are much better than Feiyuan. He is too arrogant. He doesn’t know how to constrain. He is narrow-minded. He was defeated in front of Wangzu Tower by someone else and unexpectedly sneak attack. This caused Divine Martial Heaven to hate him, and was even more affected by Lu. Xiaoxuan defeated with a palm, you have to win glory for our Zijin Family again, this starry sky powerhouse is too many too many, my Zijin Family can only survive in the cracks”, Jin Wan sighed.

Jin Chongshan’s eye light sank. Jin Feiyuan was his big brother. When he was a child, this big brother was high-spirited and vigorous. He went in and out of Divine Martial Heaven, accompanied by the most spectacular Heaven’s Chosen, but since a trip to Wangyu, The whole person has changed, especially when he was crushed by the Lu Family bastard decades ago. After returning to the family, he was devastated, and no one remembered that.

He worked so hard apart from for himself, and also wanted to fight for Jin Feiyuan. This big brother was very good to him. Unfortunately, he was just Hai Tong at that time and couldn’t comfort him. Now, he wants to use practical actions to cheer Jin Feiyuan up. stand up.

What happened here quickly spread to Yixian District. Many people used it as after-dinner talks, especially for Lu Yin’s identity. After all, his appearance was too prominent.

Lu Yin the past few days wandered around Evoking Virtuous College. Three days later, he officially entered the unique space where Evoking Virtuous College is located.

The space where Evoking Virtuous College is located is shrouded by the huge Origin Treasure Formation, which is like the Fifth Continent Great World, and it does not seem to be a separate space. Anyway, even ordinary people can enter it. This is the Academy, Heiner Hundred Rivers.

Anyone who cultivates is from ordinary people. What Evoking Virtuous College teaches is not necessarily a cultivator, but also ordinary people.

Entering the Origin Treasure Formation is Evoking Virtuous College, with a purple-golden flame burning the sky above your head, from an undying bird, and a few young students in the distance, introducing what to those who enter this space.

As Elder Qing Xing said, Evoking Virtuous College haven’t has a fixed enrollment season. You can apply for exams at any time, and you can graduate at any time. As long as you have the ability, the applicants are not limited to the cultivation base, even Star Envoy.

Lu Yin looked around and walked up to the students. There were still a bunch of people in front of him, and his appearance caused a sensation.

“Okay, good-looking little brother”, a petite and lovely girl looked at Lu Yin with eye light.

Many people also looked at Lu Yin, and I have to say that Yuhao likes this looks really outstanding, even if he is a man, he has to admit that he is very handsome and has fatal attraction to many women.

This is not a contempt for women, just like a beautiful woman who is attractive to a man, the opposite sex attracts each other, but Yuhao’s appearance is a bit exaggerated in attractiveness.

The Evoking Virtuous College students all stared at Lu Yin in a daze, and a woman muttered to herself, “It’s great to have him join the Academy, so I won’t be bored.”

And the male student on the side gritted his teeth, “Never let him join, otherwise the brothers will be mixed up.”

“Dare you”, the female student stared at the male student screams.

The male student is coldly snorted, and stares at Lu Yin, “embroidered pillow” rather unhappy.

It wasn’t long before it was Lu Yin’s turn.

“What’s the name of the little brother? It’s the first time to come to Evoking Virtuous College. Let me introduce to you. We have one in our college.” The girl immediately babbled when she saw Lu Yin.

The male student next to him was upset and interrupted, “Is it possible to enter the academy and tell me what to introduce?” Said, provocatively looking at Lu Yin, “Boy, what’s the cultivation base? Come to the newspaper and listen. Go, don’t waste other people’s time”.

“Shen, are you looking for something? This little brother, our sister group has booked, and no one wants to drive away,” the female student scolded.

The male student rolled his eyes and said, “Let’s talk about it before taking the test, it won’t work.”

“Rude, no wonder Xiaofeng doesn’t like you”.

“Nonsense, we are in love”.

“You’re just talking nonsense, waiting to treat you, wait until Heaven’s Desolation, the old man and Xiaofeng also look down on you”.


Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Um, sorry, I’m not here for the assessment.”

The two simultaneously looked towards Lu Yin, the female student was disappointed, while the male student’s eye light lit up, thinking that Lu Yin was counseled, pretending to be fierce, “Isn’t here for the assessment? What are you doing? Looking for something?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I’m here to apply for a mentor.”

Above the towering stone pillar, there is a courtyard, which is simple but beautiful. This is the office of the Evoking Virtuous College Chairman.

At this moment, in the courtyard, Lu Yin is sitting quietly, drinking tea, and on the opposite side is an old man with white hair and youthful face, precisely Evoking Virtuous College’s Chairman, a Half-Ancestor powerhouse.

Wen Chairman looked at the invitation letter and looked at Lu Yin again, as if to see him through.

Lu Yin coughed.

The text Chairman sorry puts down the invitation letter, “Sorry, I’m used to it”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “The God of Cookery Senior asked Junior to try to be a mentor. Junior doesn’t know if he is qualified enough?”.

Chairman said with a smile, “Since it is the invitation of the God of Cookery, of course it is qualified. Three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, Mr. Haoyu is young and promising.”

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