Star Odyssey Chapter 2186


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Lu Yin’s cultivation base cannot hide from Half-Ancestor. Fortunately, his dead side is already not something that Half-Ancestor can see through, otherwise it would be really troublesome, and he would not claim to be the Origin Tribulation three times, which is too exaggerated. It is an Origin Tribulation.

This Evoking Virtuous College has two Half-Ancestors, as well as a God of Cookery who can’t test his ancestors at any time. It is meaningless to hide the cultivation base in front of them. Kui Luo and Ancestor Wu may not be able to take action against him. Let him retreat.

“In this case, Junior Haoyu has officially joined Evoking Virtuous College”, Lu Yin stood up and respectfully said.

Wen Chairman waved his hand, “You don’t need so many rules, in fact, when we get along, you know that our teachers and students get along very casually and harmoniously.”

Really? Lu Yin’s expression is weird. Unable to bear looked outside.

The stone pillar where the Chairman’s office is located stands in the starry sky. The higher you go, the greater the pressure. The ordinary cultivator will not reach the top. The reason for this is to prevent students from disturbing.

Evoking Virtuous College is a college. Since it is a college, it can’t refuse students’ requests for advice. Who is the student’s most wanted advice? Naturally it is the powerhouse, and the Chairman is the Half-Ancestor powerhouse. In order not to be disturbed by many students, he can only build this kind of stone pillar, and ordinary students cannot come.

This is the randomness and harmony that Chairman Wen said?

With a dry cough, Chairman Wen called who over through Cloud Communicating Stone, and then said to Lu Yin, “I will ask Mr Zheng to introduce you to the academy and the division of class hours, and he will be there soon.”

Lu Yin said, “Trouble.”

Wen Chairman laughed, “Mr. Haoyu came to my Evoking Virtuous College from the Zhanlan District to be a tutor, and I should thank him.”

Lu Yin and Wen Chairman made another polite sentence.

Wen Chairman and haven’t tested his identity, but Lu Yin asked about Mr. Tang.

“You said Tang Yao? Why are you interested in his Domain?” Wen Chairman asked.

Lu Yin nods, “Junior Domain cultivated to Transforming Spirit Realm will no longer exist. I came to the academy to ask Mr. Tang for advice.”

Chairman said with a smile, “Mr. Haoyu is a refreshing person, don’t worry, I, Evoking Virtuous College, regardless of the student mentor, whoever attains shall be first, if you want to ask Mr. Tang for advice, he will generally not refuse, even I also asked him about the Empty God Realm Domain.”

“Senior also cultivate Domain?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Wen Chairman said, “Well, my Wen Family has covered everything. The article can become an ancestor. The so-called article is not just writing articles, but the experience of a person life can be regarded as an article, Domain, also An experience”.

Lu Yin has heard this sentence, from Wen Diyi, speaking of which, Wen Diyi is still in the Supreme Mountain of his Congealing Space Ring, if the Chairman knows this, I don’t know what expression it will be.

If Wen Diyi knows that he is coming to Evoking Virtuous College, I don’t know what to look on.

Said, a middle-aged man with a solemn face entered, Lu Yin looked over, and the middle-aged man also saw him, surprised, a handsome young man, he was the first to think of the academy being lively, all youngsters, Such a handsome young man must have caused a sensation.

I don’t know which family wanted to get in, he frowned slightly, loathing this kind of going through the back door.

“Chairman,” the man said respectfully.

Wen Chairman nods, “This is Haoyu. From today on, he is the tutor of my college. Take him around and take a look around. Explain the Academy’s class and residence. Yes, let him arrange Between Mr. Tang and Mr. Xiaowen”.

Mr Zheng surprised, mentor? So young? He glanced at Lu Yin deeply and couldn’t see through the cultivation base, he didn’t walk through the back door.

“The arrangement is between Mr. Tang and Mr. Xiaowen? Isn’t that good? The tutor’s residences are always arranged in order. There is a vacancy next to Mr. Wen. If it is arranged between Mr. Tang and Mr. Xiaowen, you need Mr. Xiaowen moved a bit.”

Wen Chairman said, “It’s okay, just let Mr. Xiaowen move a bit, she will be happy to see such a handsome young man, hehe.”

Lu Yin blinked, what do you mean?

Mr Zheng speechless, “Well, let me talk to Mr. Xiaowen”, after speaking, he made a please gesture to Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu, I will show you to the Academy, please”.

Lu Yin politely said, “Trouble Mr Zheng.”

“You are polite”, Mr Zheng is unsmiling, with Lu Yin leave stone pillar.

Looking at the backs of the two of them leaving, Wen Chairman meditates, and the youngster is related to Kui Luo. Moreover, it is indeed very young, but already has such a cultivation base, which is quite good. The original four Young Ancestors were all impossible.

Involving Kui Luo, I hope that there will not be any moths, but no matter what the cultivation base looks like, this child is too compatible with Xiao Zhao, that girl eyes high above the top, I don’t like anyone, I don’t know. Would you like this Haoyu?

On the other side, Lu Yin accompanied Mr Zheng to leave stone pillar.

“Mr. Haoyu looks very young”, Mr Zheng took Lu Yin leave stone pillar on the road of Evoking Virtuous College and exclaimed.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “It just looks young and old, and can’t compare with these students”.

Mr Zheng glanced at him. Who compares you with a student? These students are only in their thirties, and some are even in their teens. If they can really compare with these students, this person is too enchanting, and even he can’t see through the cultivation base.

Mr Zheng took Lu Yin to visit many places in Evoking Virtuous College. Evoking Virtuous College is very large and occupies the center of Yixian District. The area is equivalent to one third in Yixian District. Most of the areas are wasteland jungle and few inhabited. Students can choose to live in this kind of wasteland jungle, or they can choose to live next to the stone pillar near the tutor.

Yes, not only the Chairman, but also these mentors live on the stone pillar.

After all, Evoking Virtuous College has enrolled students at a fixed time. Freshmen can join at any time. Those freshmen each and everyone have a vision for the future and admiration for their tutors. It’s possible to ask questions at any time.

But every instructor has a different arrangement of his stone pillar. The stone pillar of the Chairman can only step on top of Star Envoy. Some instructors’ stone pillar can restrict Exploration Realm and Cruise Realm, but cannot restrict Hunting Realm and Enlightenment. Realm, and the stone pillar of some tutors does not restrict anyone at all. In this case, either the tutor is not annoying and is willing to spend all his time teaching the students, or the strength is too low to stop many students and simply can’t stop it.

Mr Zheng told Chairman Wen to move Mr. Wen before. The embarrassment is here. There are so many Evoking Virtuous College stone pillars. Only when it is made of special materials, can it give those instructors the opportunity to use their abilities. Once opened, the arrangement is equivalent to the mentor who took over, which is unfair to Mr. Xiaowen.

Lu Yin is still unclear, but soon understood, he will live in Evoking Virtuous College today.

“Academy uses Fire Phoenix alternately to form a special hour. Fire Phoenix represents the day and the dark Phoenix represents the night. The two never meet. The alternating black and white is the Academy’s work and rest time. Regarding class time, Fire The Phoenix Diablo has twelve time periods, three hours a day, and one break on six days. Now there are 13 real instructors at the Academy, and Mr. Haoyu is 14 people. Everyone has one class hour a week. The class hours will be given to Mr. Haoyu, and Mr. Haoyu can choose the class hours that have not been selected.”

“As for the remaining four class hours, you can have a tutor or self-study. The Academy does not force students to study which tutor’s class hours. It is entirely voluntary…”.

Mr Zheng told Lu Yin a lot. Lu Yin listened and hadn’t interjected. For Evoking Virtuous College, he formed an impression in his mind—freedom.

“Tutors teach, students learn, and practice. According to the requirements of the Academy, you can get corresponding credits. With the credits, students can do many things, such as learning the Combat Technique, cultivation techniques, and Secret Techniques of the Academy, or redeem rare treasure. It is also possible to request a certain tutor to teach the experience alone based on the credits. As long as the rules allow, the credits can do everything.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can I ask the instructor to take the students to experience alone?”.

Mr Zheng nods, “This is the rule of my Evoking Virtuous College. The tutor can’t refuse it. Of course, the tutor gets great benefits. Students can ask for the tutor to get credits, and the tutor”, at this point, he is serious Looking at Lu Yin, “You can ask the Chairman to do something.”

Lu Yin eye light is wide open, with anticipation deep in his eyes, which is interesting. Chairman is Half-Ancestor, one of the top-level characters in Starry Sky Tree. Asking Chairman to do something? What can’t be done?

There was a sound of wind not far away. Mr Zheng and Lu Yin looked at them, and saw a few silhouettes passing quickly, chasing something.

At the front is a monkey-like creature, grimacing at the back while running.

“Catch it to Ben Senior Sister. I have a reward for catching it.” A young girl shouted, and several young teenagers rushed out to chase the monkey.

The entire group passed quickly.

Mr Zheng looked towards Lu Yin again, “Mr. Haoyu has doubts about the credit rules?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Of course haven’t, since joining the academy, follow the rules of the academy”.

Mr Zheng is satisfied. In fact, he doesn’t like Lu Yin. This person is too young and too good-looking to teach in the academy. But since it was arranged by the Chairman, he can only do it. Now it seems that this person is also obedience.

Evoking Virtuous College is a college, and the most students are naturally.

Mr Zheng took Lu Yin on a tour. It was normal to meet with the students, and then the situation changed. Since seeing Lu Yin, a group of female students followed, their eyes glowing, and Mr Zheng who was watching scolded many times, but still useless.

Lu Yin is funny.

Mr Zheng reminded, “Mr. Haoyu, as a mentor, he must pay attention to his teacher’s ethics. I have been running Evoking Virtuous College for so many years. I have never done anything wrong with the common customs. I also hope that Mr. Haoyu will manage himself strictly.”

Lu Yin is not angry either, “Mr Zheng, don’t worry, I am a mentor and have my own morality.”

Mr Zheng felt that he was serious, and he didn’t do anything. He said that was a bit too much. Thinking about it, apologized, “Sorry, Mr. Haoyu, I was the one who said the heavy.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Mr Zheng is strict with himself and is a good mentor. It also allows Junior to see the reason why Evoking Virtuous College can inherit the development. There is nothing to say about it.”

Mr Zheng points to nods and recalls, “The salaries of the ancestors are passed down, and the academy nurtures talents. Countless graduates died on the front line against Eternal Clan. I don’t have much pursuit at Evoking Virtuous College. I just want to cultivate more talents for mankind. , Nothing more”.

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