Star Odyssey Chapter 2187


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Lu Yin a thought flashed through the mind, “Mr Zheng, I heard that the relationship between the Academy and Four Way Balance has become harmonious?”.

Mr Zheng brows frowned, “Mr. Haoyu, let me take you to see the eighteenth horizontal formation. That is the characteristic of my Evoking Virtuous College. Anyone who comes to the academy, whether learning to survive or being a mentor, will make it. , These eighteen horizontal formations are famous as Starry Sky Tree. Once you break through, Mr. Haoyu’s name will be very loud, and there will be many students who will listen to your course.” After that, moved towards one direction.

Lu Yin looked at his back, don’t you want to say more? It seems really changed.

Four Way Balance puts a lot of pressure on Evoking Virtuous College.

“What is Mr. Haoyu good at?” Mr Zheng asked on the way to the Eighteenth Line.

Lu Yin startled, “good at?”.

Mr Zheng said, “Of course, as a mentor, of course he will teach students what he is good at. For example, Mr. Tang is good at Domain, cultivated to Empty God Realm, Mr. Xiaowen is good at Word Prison, and many students come to our college. In order to learn ancient characters, cultivate Word Prison, this is a very good offensive and defensive method, and Mr. Wei is good at history and can be taught, not necessarily in combat.”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “What is Mr Zheng good at?”.

Mr Zheng said, “I am good at physical body War Spirit.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “War Nation?”

Mr Zheng said, “Yes, War Nation.”

Lu Yin is surprised. Xiaoxiao’s Evoking Virtuous College hidden dragons and crouching tigers, Mr. Tang’s Domain Empty God Realm, and Mr. Zheng’s War Nation are equivalent to saying that they can learn the extreme of these two powers here. There are only two mentors. There are Half-Ancestor on it. The Academy itself also has Secret Technique, Origin Treasure Formation, Language of Interpretation, etc. Evoking Virtuous College is indeed the largest Academy of Starry Sky Tree. Sent in.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “I should be good at giving pointers. I can see more clearly the loopholes in the Combat Technique of others.”

Mr Zheng is surprised, good at pointing? This is not a casual talk, can you see through other people’s Combat Technique? This is Evoking Virtuous College. Many of those who come here to study are the children of Great Family sect, and now there are also Heaven’s Chosen from Four Way Balance. They are all studying their own Combat Technique cultivation techniques. They are also the best in Starry Sky Tree. What is the Combat Technique? Chairman dare not boast so much.

But Mr Zheng haven’t said more. His responsibility is to tell this person about Evoking Virtuous College. As for what this person will have in the future teaching, that’s his own business. Evoking Virtuous College is not without The mentor was expelled.

While speaking, the two moved with the Star Envoy cultivation base torn apart the void. Little Ban Tian later went to a place surrounded by several peaks. The peaks were tall, but it’s empty in the middle, and the lake was at the bottom, quite far away from the top. distance.

Before, there is a golden horizontal line lying in void.

Mr Zheng took Lu Yin to one of the peaks, “Look, this is the eighteenth horizontal formation. It is one of my Evoking Virtuous College assessment methods for graduation. Anyone who can pass the five horizontal formations can graduate. “Only when generally speaking can reach the peak of Exploration Realm, and even Cruise Realm can pass the five horizontal formations.”

Lu Yin nods, “It is worthy of being Evoking Virtuous College. It is not comparable to other colleges to graduate when it reaches the peak of Exploration Realm.” He still remembers that Starry Sky War College must reach the Exploration Realm to graduate, an Exploration Realm, and an Exploration Realm peak. There is a big difference between the two. Compared with the normal cultivator, it is five times the difference of combat power.

Mr Zheng said with pride, “The people who come to my Evoking Virtuous College to study are all elites. Graduation is almost no problem. It’s better than how to graduate. Some people can graduate early, but they don’t leave, just to stay more. Accept the instruction and want to graduate through more horizontal formations to become famous as Starry Sky Tree”.

“I heard that a few decades ago, there was a man named Wen Diyi in the college. How many horizontal formations did he break through?” Lu Yin suddenly remembered and asked.

Mr Zheng was dazed and looked at Lu Yin, “Do you know Wen Diyi?”.

Lu Yin nods, “I have heard that I wanted to go to Wangyu at the beginning, but my age is limited and I am not qualified to board, but I have seen Wen Diyi in Zhongpinghai, his style is amazing”, he must say his age Limit, otherwise it was the younger generation at that time, equivalent to the same generation as the four Young Ancestors, and the Long Tian and Xia Shenfei of the four Young Ancestors were all in this starry sky. If they hadn’t had the Origin Tribulation cultivation base three times, they would have reached. It’s weird.

As for whether Yuhao’s identity will be exposed because of this, it does not matter. The pseudonym Haoyu was not intended to be hidden. Even if it is exposed, others will think that they are talking nonsense and will not suspect that Yuhao’s identity is false. Half-Ancestor can’t see through.

Mr Zheng looked at the eighteenth horizontal formation, with complicated eye light, “Wen Diyi, is the most innate talent student of my Evoking Virtuous College in thousands of years. At the beginning, he broke through the 17th horizontal formation.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “That’s really amazing.”

It seems that these eighteen horizontal formations were set up exclusively for Star Envoy. Wen Diyi originally had the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. The real combat power is not as good as the Four Young Ancestors, and the Four Young Ancestors can match Star Envoy, which means Fourth, Young Ancestor has the cultivation base to break through the eighteenth horizontal formation, and Wen Diyi is close.

Lu Yin looks at the golden horizontal line, which means that once Enlightenment Realm has broken through the eighteenth horizontal line, it means that it has the highest combat power of Enlightenment Realm, which rivals the original four Young Ancestors.

“How about, Mr. Haoyu try?” Mr Zheng asked, quite interested. He knew that the Lu Yin cultivation base was very high, at least Star Envoy, because he couldn’t see through it, but even if the cultivation base was very high High, what can still be seen in the eighteenth horizontal formation.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “If this is set up for Enlightenment Realm, then I can get through it, after all, it is Star Envoy”.

Mr Zheng said, “Mr. Haoyu doesn’t want to try?”.

Lu Yin shook his head. At this time, many students chased up, mostly girls, who followed Lu Yin, and Mr Zheng frowned again, “Go back to cultivate, what the hell?”.

A girl boldly said, “Mr Zheng, is the new student next to you? Tell me about it.”

“Yes, Mr Zheng, we want to meet new classmates”.

“Mr Zheng, introduce me.”

Mr Zheng glared at them, “Don’t be impudent, this is the new mentor, Mr. Haoyu.”

“Tutor?” The students were surprised, “So young?”.

“So handsome?”.

“So pretty?”.

Several male students feel uncomfortable, “Mr. Haoyu, there is an eighteenth line in front of him, try it out and see what he can teach us.”

“That’s right, Mr. Haoyu try.” Someone booed and attracted more students.

At this time, the number of Evoking Virtuous College students is still quite large. The main Starry Sky Tree is too large, and there are many Great Family sects in any district. These Great Family sects can always cultivate one or two outstanding children with their best efforts. It is not difficult to enter Evoking Virtuous College. Just Central Level Boundary can admit hundreds of people, and the nine districts add up to thousands of people. In addition, the cities at the top and the Rainbow Bridge, Lower Boundary adventurer, As well as the outside world and loose cultivator, there can be nearly two thousand students in total.

However, the previous Evoking Virtuous College impossible enrolled so many students, and there were only a few tutors. At that time, it was not easy for the children of Four Way Balance to enter. It was not easy for the children of Four Way Balance to succeed in the assessment. Wen Diyi even asked to join Evoking Virtuous College , In a vain attempt to exchange Xia Taili’s rare treasure.

However, today’s Evoking Virtuous College has really changed, and the number of students and mentors continues to increase.

Mr Zheng yelled, “Stop making trouble, what Mr. Haoyu wants to do is his freedom. It has nothing to do with you. I want to try it myself.”

These words stopped some people, but there are still students booing. These students have a lot of background and are naturally bold.

Most people are so booed by the students that they have long lost their face and want to try, especially that many female students are looking at them with bright eyes.

But Lu Yin has long passed the age of passion and impulsiveness. When those people make a fuss, he will be treated as a theater. Not to mention, it’s very interesting. Those make a lot of rivals for love.

Gradually, the booze is less, because Lu Yin is not excited at all.

Mr Zheng glanced at him. As a tutor, if he can’t stand in front of the students, it is difficult for anyone to listen to his class.

“It seems that Mr. Haoyu is not going to show his hand anymore, let me show you Mr. Bai Nan, so that he can be mentally prepared.” The youngster who was the most booing stepped out and stride proudly ahead towards the 18th line. .

Bai Nan? Lu Yin eye light flashed. It should be a child of Cold Immortal Sect Bai Family, but it is definitely not a direct descendant. It is just a collateral line. If so, his status is also very high, especially the cultivation base is not bad, Hunting Realm peak, here Evoking Virtuous College should be considered a tyrant.

At his age, the Fifth Continent Ten Decisions is no more than Hunting Realm and may not reach Enlightenment Realm.

Bai Nan stepped out of the mountain with one foot and moved towards the golden horizontal line. When approaching the golden horizontal line, the golden horizontal line twisted like an invisible force, and then suddenly let it go and slapped the other end. Xiang Bainan.

Bai Nan was surrounded by rising winds, scudding clouds, waving his hand violently, Wind God Slash, the golden horizontal line was torn apart, he quickly crossed the golden horizontal line, moved towards the distance.

Soon, another golden horizontal line appeared, and the previous golden horizontal line recovered extremely quickly. The two golden horizontal lines attacked Bai Nan as if they had spirituality.

Lu Yin looked at this scene and was quite surprised, that there seemed to be War Spirit on the golden horizontal line, which was the same as the person.

“The Evoking Virtuous College Origin Treasure Formation came from my Evoking Virtuous College Origin Treasure Formation. It is rumored that it was created by Wen Zu. Each golden horizontal line is a kind of strokes of ancient characters. Various strange methods can appear to simulate human battles.”, Mr Zheng explained.

Lu Yin was surprised, “From Origin Treasure Formation? Does that mean that the Origin Treasure Formation that guards the academy is activated and will have countless golden horizontal lines appearing?”.

Mr Zheng looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “Mr. Haoyu also understands Origin Treasure Formation?”.

Lu Yin is humble and “knows a little bit”.

Mr Zheng haven’t say more.

Above the valley, the golden horizontal lines already increased to five. At this time, Bai Nan is struggling. Once the five golden horizontal lines are crossed, he can graduate.

“Big brother Bai, take a moment, and give Mr. Haoyu a chance to perform.” Someone shouted, reminding Bai Nan not to be too pushy and to graduate directly.

Bai Nan woke up, quickly backed away, and settled firmly on the mountain, exhales, sweating slightly on his forehead.

“Bai Nan, why don’t you continue?” Mr Zheng looked at him severely.

Bai Nan pouted, “The student knows he is invincible, and he wants to learn more.” After finishing speaking, he looked towards Lu Yin with provocation in his eyes.

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