Star Odyssey Chapter 2188


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Lu Yin is funny. People with a discerning eye can see that he can break through five horizontal lines, and he can graduate already, but he just doesn’t want to graduate. There should be many such people in Evoking Virtuous College.

Mr Zheng haven’t say more, “Forget it, just try it, go on.”

Bai Nan looked at Lu Yin, “Should Mr. Haoyu be an eye-opener for us? Not every tutor can break through the 18th horizontal formation. Among the Enlightenment Realm tutors in the college, only Mr. Wu It can be done, and we hope that Mr. Haoyu can do it too, adding excellent mentors to our Academy.”

Lu Yin laughed, “I’m impossible”.

Bai Nan was taken aback, so direct?

Mr Zheng was also stunned, but haven’t said more and waved impatiently, “Okay, let’s go down, I want to take action for the eighteenth lineup”, after speaking, looked towards Lu Yin, “Hao Mr. Yu, let’s go.”

Lu Yin clicks nods and follows Mr Zheng leave.

In the same place, some male students disdain, “It’s just an embroidered head. He didn’t even dare to try. Mr. Wei, who teaches history, has tried it. Although he could not make it through the eighteenth line, his courage is commendable. Mr. Haoyu is haven’t a bit of masculinity.”

“That is, it is estimated that they are going through the back door, and all students can go through the back door. Why can’t the instructor say so”, someone said.

Some girls are upset, “What nonsense are you talking about? Mr. Haoyu is humble and demeanor, which is like you, each and everyone is a muscular man, and hasn’t a little temperament.”

“The eyes are so small, I see that Mr. Haoyu is more handsome than you, you are all jealous.”

Bai Nan was unhappy, “If you want to be handsome, Mr. Wei is more handsome than him.”

Some girls were dissatisfied, “Mr. Wei is clearly a cross-dresser. You guys have already noticed that each and everyone is the same with the three grandsons, and Mr. Haoyu is handsome.”

“You are shallow”.

“You are ignorant”.

“You guys…”.

Lu Yin and Mr Zheng, who have long been far away, have heard the quarrel. Mr Zheng is very upset. This person has caused internal conflicts among the students when he first arrived. Although it is a minor conflict, it is also not a good sign.

“Why didn’t Mr. Haoyu just recently try? Like this is not conducive to establishing prestige among the students”, Mr Zheng asked.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Wen Chairman said that teachers and students in our college can get along with each other, casually and harmoniously. Why does must have prestige?”.

Mr Zheng shook his head, “That’s just a method of getting along. This is the Academy after all. The tutor’s accusation is teaching. If the students don’t think the tutor has the ability to teach them, why come to my Evoking Virtuous College?”.

Lu Yin points nods, “Mr Zheng is right, he is taught.”

Mr Zheng haven’t said more, today’s scene will soon spread throughout Evoking Virtuous College. He would like to see how many people this Mr. Haoyu attended during the first class? Will it not be the lowest in Evoking Virtuous College history? It shouldn’t be, this person is sufficient to attract a large number of female students.

But that is more embarrassed. As a mentor, using this method to attract students will be laughed at.

When Mr Zheng told Lu Yin’s information, especially when she saw the appearance, she immediately guessed Wen Chairman’s thoughts, so she asked Mr Zheng to remind Lu Yin to avoid embarrassment on both sides.

Lu Yin points nods, “I’m understood, don’t worry, I won’t disturb Mr. Xiaowen”.

Mr Zheng just brought a sentence. Haven’t said more in this regard, “Bring it to the place already, and I will send it to you through Cloud Communicating Stone during class. If you pick a class, then I will go first.” .

“Mr Zheng is troublesome this way”, Lu Yin said with a smile.

Mr Zheng politely said, “I hope Mr. Haoyu can bring more talents to this Starry Sky Tree, inherit human civilization, goodbye”.

“Goodbye”, Lu Yin replied, in front of him, Mr Zheng leave.

After Mr Zheng leave Xiao Ban Tian, ​​two silhouettes descend from the stone pillar, one is Hou Qing, and the other is Mr. Xiaowen precisely, the woman who Lu Yin looked towards the stone pillar before.

Mr. Xiaowen looked towards Lu Yin, “I am already taking the one who should be taken away. If you have any questions, please directly contact the Chairman.”

Lu Yin nods, “I understood, please trouble Mr. Xiaowen.”

She left indifferently and took Hou Qing away. Hou Qing was very curious about Lu Yin. She just recently heard from above that this person is actually a mentor, so young and so beautiful.

After they left, Lu Yin stepped out and boarded the stone pillar.

According to Mr Zheng, almost every tutor has a layout on the stone pillar to minimize the number of interruptions by students. It is not that they are unwilling to teach, but that the tutors must rest and cultivate. There are also secrets. In addition, there are more and more students in the academy, and some students are not even worse than their tutors. In comparison, they naturally need some arrangement.

The arrangement of Mr. Xiaowen’s stone pillar is a top-down gust, covering only two meters beyond the range of the stone pillar. Within this range, the top-down gust sufficient makes Cruise Realm difficult, only Hunting Realm and Hunting Realm Enlightenment Realm can be boarded.

Lu Yin climbed to the top of the stone pillar and looked around.

These stone pillars moved towards Evoking Virtuous College. The center is inclined. Although the angle of inclination is not large, it is too high. Gradually, the stone pillars will move closer. He can easily see the two adjacent stone pillars at the top of the stone pillar. , And farther away, the invisible stone pillar in the center is the Chairman’s office he has been to.

The top of the stone pillar is not a haven’t any courtyard. It is just a simple stone house, with lakes, flowers and small animals. He likes this kind of environment.

There are two stone pillars adjacent to this stone pillar, one is Mr. Tang who masters Empty God Realm Domain cultivation base, the other is Mr. Xiaowen.

Originally, it was only necessary to arrange Lu Yin to the adjacent stone pillar. The stone pillar had a haven’t residence, but in order to fulfill Lu Yin’s desire to learn from the domain, Wen Chairman specially asked Mr. Xiao Wen to move. Let Lu Yin be adjacent to Mr.Tang or Mr. Xiaowen. Lu Yin is considered very important.

Soon after, Lu Yin saw the adjacent stone pillar, Mr. Xiaowen and Hou Qing boarding.

Although the stone pillars are adjacent to each other, they are still far apart. At least the Cruise Realm cultivator cannot see the adjacent stone pillars, but Hou Qing as Enlightenment Realm can be seen.

She saw Lu Yin, laughed.

Lu Yin points nods.

“Mr. Xiaowen, what cultivation base is this Mr. Haoyu?” Hou Qing asked.

Not far away, Mr. Xiaowen began to decorate the stone pillar, “I don’t know, I can’t see through”.

Hou Qing looked towards Lu Yin’s direction, “Perhaps it is Star Envoy, but such a young Star Envoy is rare. If he is about the same age as ours, innate talent sufficient comparable to the original four Young Ancestor”.

Mr. Xiaowen said indifferently, “Don’t worry about him, what don’t you understand about Word Prison?”.

Hou Qing reacted and quickly asked for advice.

Fire Phoenix fell, the Dark Phoenix replaced the sky, Evoking Virtuous College became dark, and the day passed.

Lu Yin was lying comfortably on the chair, enjoying the breeze at the top of the stone pillar. It was a bit cold, but also quite comfortable.

Mr Zheng sent him the class hours one hour ago. The two days were full. He chose a choice and arranged his class hours in the afternoon three days later.


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