Star Odyssey Chapter 220


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Xia Xing stare old woman, her eye light shrank, “Mama Dou?”.

The old woman smiled sharply, “didn’t expect someone to know the old man now”.

Xia Xing’s face is ugly, “Why did you appear in this era?”.

In the distance, Kui Luo was astonished, “It’s actually her? Didn’t expect that she will appear in this era. She seems to be frozen. Unbounded is not small. Everyone looked down on them at the beginning. They were early Era was arranged a long time ago”.

“Who is that old woman?” Lu Yin asked.

Kui Luo said solemnly, “Grandma Dou, an Old Guy older than me, originally committed any imaginable misdeed, what he liked most was scattered beans turns into soldiers.”

“scattered beans turns into soldiers? What do you mean?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Kui Luo said, “Each bean represents a parasitized person. Her innate talent is the bean that can parasitize the human body. Anyone parasitized by her beans will cause the whole person to become sluggish. Order things because the brains of the parasitized people were eaten by beans.”

Lu Yin frowned, looking towards the little bean-wife in the distance, “That’s why it’s called scattered beans turns into soldiers?”.

“It is not surprising that Xia Xing can recognize her, because Granny Dou is not a confirmed dead person. The cultivator can survive a long period of time in ice, so as long as she is not confirmed dead, she may reappear, but this old woman cultivation base It’s not too high, and it hasn’t reached the Half-Ancestor level until now,” Kui Luo said.

While speaking, in the distance, Granny Doupo and Xia Xing already hand in hand.

Grandma Dou has seven Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, surpassing Xia Xing. However, Xia Xing is the master of Divine Martial Heaven, cultivate Divine Martial Astral Aura until Divine Martial Transformation, with Secret Technique and rare treasure, even though Grandma Dou’s cultivation base Beyond him, Lu Yin does not think he can win.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Granny Dou to be shot flying by the giant transformed by Divine Martial Transformation. She coughed up her blood and continued to throw beans. Every bean appeared turned into a person and rushed towards Xing Xing without fear of death. In an instant, she threw out a thousand beans, which was tantamount to slaughtering thousands of cultivators for her use, extremely vicious.

Xia Xing kept slapped, slapped several people to death with a sufficient palm.

These people can be valued by Mrs. Dou. Their cultivation base is not weak, but they are too far apart from Xing Xing. They can only be considered as ants. However, there are also several Star Envoys, and even a five-time Origin Tribulation cultivator, which casts Wang. Family’s Sitting Forgetfulness Technique was still shot dead by Xia Xing.

Suddenly, the sound of drums appeared once again. This sudden appearance directly caused Xia Xing’s heart to stop and he almost stopped beating. He knelt on his knees, Divine Martial Transformation subsided, the corners of his mouth, blood was flowing, and his pupils kept flickering.

Another expert came out, but five times Origin Tribulation, but with unique power, Xia Xing’s Divine Martial Transformation was unable to support.

“Divine Martial Transformation is difficult to confront head-on, but from the very beginning that person uses drums to connect with the frequency of Xia Xing’s heartbeat. Xia Xing thought he killed him, but he suddenly took action. After the weak spot, Divine Martial Transformation faded, otherwise the two people would be beaten to death by Divine Martial Transformation”, Kui Luo said.

Lu Yin frowned, “If Unbounded is this way, even Xia Xing’s hole cards can’t be forced, let alone kill him.”

“Unbounded is not the only way to find people like Granny Dou. Their methods are more than you can imagine,” Kui Luo said.

Lu Yin recognized Kui Luo’s words that he was assassinated by Unbounded at the beginning, not only once, and I deeply realized the weirdness of their assassination, with no opportunity, a little carelessness is death, then, what is Unbounded’s method? .

Xia Xing’s Divine Martial Transformation has faded, but Divine Martial Astral Aura is still there, a long knife appeared in her hand, and she cut it out at Granny Dou, Xia Family Blade Technique, domineering, unparalleled in the world, Granny Dou’s face is ugly, she People who are most afraid of assassinating such Great Sect forces are too difficult to deal with.

Why hasn’t it worked yet? It should be effective.

Xia Xing fell with a stab and suddenly stopped. Her body fell and almost fell to the ground.

He looked towards the surroundings in amazement, himself, poisoned? When?

Mr Doupo breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Do you think my Unbounded method is so easy to break? Xia Xing, it’s over”, after speaking, she took action by herself, and behind Xia Xing, the one who interfered with Divine Martial Transformation with drums Five times the Origin Tribulation cultivator also takes action at the same time.

Xia Xing is poisoned. They are too confident about Unbounded’s poison. As long as the poison is released, this person will not be able to move for a short time.

This is Unbounded’s poison. If you don’t see it, if you block it, it’s really blocked, because Unbounded’s poison can penetrate the Star Origin universe, staying void and invisible to naked eye, as long as Xia Xing gets out of what he thinks is blocking the poison Space will touch the poison that stays in void, and no one can escape Unbounded’s means.

Looking at Lu Yin with fear, the most terrifying thing about Unbounded is not the strength of the killer, but all kinds of weird methods that make you can’t guard against it.

At the beginning, I used my alias Long Qi and I was assassinated by Unbounded several times. The most dangerous was the moment when I escaped Starry Sky Tree. Unbounded analyzed the action mode, and I was assassinated in a position where I could escape to the Fifth Continent. The arrow penetrated the body, and three sharp arrows aimed at the head, neck and heart. At that time, he really thought he was dead and unable to move.

If it weren’t for Mr. Liu Xie to follow him, at that moment, perhaps he really died in Unbounded’s hands.

Unbounded will not give up as long as he accepts the task, no matter who the opponent is, as long as the cost is enough, with this ability, Lu Yin suspects that they would even dare to assassinate Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

Dignified Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master was also Unbounded plot against.

Grandma Dou and the five Origin Tribulation cultivator approach Xia Xing and take action at the same time.

Lu Yin watched quietly.

Xia Xing raised her eyes, her body suddenly moved, and her long knife slashed horizontally, killing Granny Dou who was close at hand and the Origin Tribulation cultivator five times.

Xia Family Secret Technique-Reverse, can reverse everything, including Combat Technique, injury and even the strength of the enemy’s improvement.

After slaying Granny Dou and the Origin Tribulation cultivator five times, Xia Xing breathed a sigh of relief, her sweat was low, she wiped the blood stains at the corner of her mouth, her eye light was cold and Unbounded, he would surely be wiped out.

once again glanced at Granny Dou’s body, Xia Xing was about to leave, suddenly, Granny Dou’s body was divided into two, and a smaller silhouette appeared in front of Xia Xing. He was caught off guard and raised his hand to press Clicking on Xia Xing’s head, Xia Xing wailed and backed away. There was a bean in his right eye that kept going deep, trying to sink into his head.

Xia Xing was furious and swung the knife horizontally. The silhouette was too small, but his movements were extremely flexible. In a flash, he entered the Star Origin universe escape.

In the distance, Lu Yin and Kui Luo can see clearly that it is a miniature version of Dou Po.

Kui Luo was surprised, “This is her real body. The height of the one meter before was also in disguise, for that many years?”.

Lu Yin thought of Old Wu at the time. He also disguised his height and almost killed him. Didn’t expect to see this method here again.

Xia Xing, are you okay?

He didn’t really want to kill Xia Xing with Unbounded’s assassination. He didn’t think that Unbounded was capable of killing a Divine Martial Heaven lord. Xia Ziheng had Ancestral Realm’s sword intent. How could Xia Xing be haven’t.

But he underestimated Unbounded. If that bean really falls into Xia Xing’s mind and makes him a puppet of Mrs. Dou, then everything he has planned is for nothing. It is not worth killing a Xia Xing at that many price. Up.

Lu Yin is worried.

Xia Xing roars, next moment, and Ling Li’s blade is raging. This is Ancestral Realm’s sword intent, the same as Xia Ziheng.

Unbounded Although there are many killers and weird methods, they have one fatal weakness, that is, they don’t understand Ancestral Realm. They are most exposed to the Half-Ancestor level, the power of Ancestral Realm, and the breakthrough is beyond their cognition.

As soon as Ancestral Realm’s sword intent appeared, the smug smile on Granny Dou’s face had not disappeared, and her whole body was shattered and completely disappeared in the starry sky.

Xia Xing’s left hand went deep into his eyes, and finally pulled the bean out. Similarly, his eyeball was also pulled out, and half of his head was dyed red with blood.

“Unbounded, Unbounded -“, Xia Xing roared, thrusting a knife into the ground, panting, he was a big loss, not to mention the injury, the life-saving knife intent given by Ancestral Realm is still used, if you don’t do this , Dou Po undying, that bean is not so easy to take out.

At this moment, Xia Xing’s hatred of Unbounded has reached extreme.

In the distance, Kui Luo said, “Boy, it’s our turn. Don’t worry, Unbounded’s take action this time is defeated. They have many methods, but they can never reach the top power. Ancestral Realm’s power sufficient sweeps everything.”

Lu Yin clicked nods, stepped out, and appeared directly in front of Xia Xing.

Xia Xing covered her right eye and saw someone appear. She suddenly raised her head and grabbed the handle of the knife subconsciously, but Lu Yin moved faster than him. When Xia Xing’s hand grabbed the handle of the knife, Lu Yin’s hand pressed In his hands.

Xia Xing tried to withdraw the knife, but couldn’t move it.

He was shocked. Once again, he still couldn’t move. Unconsciously, Divine Martial Astral Aura appeared and wanted to push once again. However, no matter what he did, the knife, including his hand, was pressed and couldn’t move. Cents.

Xia Xing died stare Lu Yin, her pupils shrank sharply, “You are, Yuhao?”.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, “Xia Sect Master, long time no see”.

Xia Xing cannot look at Lu Yin with confidence, “You, how could you? No, you are definitely not Yuhao, even if Yuhao is extraordinary natural talent, it is impossible to suppress me in decades.”

He is not only shocked by the power of Lu Yin, but Lu Yin actually suppressed his Divine Martial Astral Aura, which is Divine Martial Astral Aura, no one should be able to suppress it.

Divine Martial Astral Aura is the ultimate power of Xia Family. Even if Lu Family suppressed Xia Family, Divine Martial Astral Aura could not be suppressed. The power of Divine Martial Astral Aura should not be suppressed.

But at this moment, the moment Divine Martial Astral Aura appeared, it was suppressed by Lu Yin, as if this kind of power acknowledged allegiance Lu Yin, which made Xia Xing unable to understand.

“Xia Sect Master, come with me.” Lu Yin stunned Xia Xing casually, punched the Death God seal in his Star Origin Cyclone, took out Supreme Mountain and threw it in, then raised his hand, Life Spirit Palm .

Life Spirit Palm is Lu Family’s palm technique, he learned from Xin Girl, and it just came in handy today.

After doing all this, he left. As for the traces of the battle between Xia Xing and Unbounded, haven’t moved, let Divine Martial Heaven trouble Unbounded.

Unbounded received his Netherworld River as the assassination deposit. Even if the assassination is defeated, Netherworld River will not return it. In this case, Lu Yin has no need to cover up for Unbounded.

Although he uses Unbounded, he hates the existence of such an organization.

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