Star Odyssey Chapter 2200


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Stable Circumference seems fair, but if the people who came out of Origin Treasure knew about Origin Treasure murderous intention, then maybe they would take advantage of it. Of course, not too many. After all, if two Origin Treasure murderous intentions were superimposed, they would happen. Everything cannot be foreseen. Different locations, different angles, and different murderous intentions appear. Unless someone has already plot the two Origin Treasures against them, it’s possible to take advantage, but there are too few such people.

Moreover, even taking advantage of it is just the beginning. As the two enter the game, Origin Treasure murderous intention immediately changes.

Lu Yin did this because he was one level higher than Bai Weiwei after all, and he made a humble posture.

Bai Weiwei said with a smile, “OK, sir.”

Lu Yin said, “Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, as for the star rating, whatever.”

Among the crowd of onlookers, Mr Zheng was surprised. Generally, Origin Formation Master is playing games like Palm Control Intermediate Level Origin Treasure. Although the Origin Formation Master level is above the Limitless Correction High Level level, it does not mean that you can do it at will Language of Interpretation Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, some Origin Treasure murderous intention is not so simple.

The highest level of Origin Treasure is Limitless Correction High Level, but some Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure even Origin Formation Heavenly Master is careful.

This Haoyu actually chose Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure as the pawn of the game. Is it self-confidence or arrogance?

Bai Weiwei’s eye light flashes, Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, this is not simple, you know, if you want Language of Interpretation Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, the lowest level of cultivation must be Enlightenment Realm, any Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure’s murderous intention perhaps is not something Enlightenment Realm can fight against. As for the game, it’s extremely difficult. It’s good to be in a chess game that hasn’t been shattered by the chaotic Origin Treasure murderous intention.

However, since Lu Yin spoke up, she was not good at rejecting it, “Okay, just Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure”. After speaking, I took out two Origin Treasures from the Congealing Space Ring. One was like a kettle, with a twisted ripple. Water flow, but not water flow, and those ripples converge again after spreading to form a kettle. The void contained in the kettle continues to burst, which looks dangerous. This is a One Star Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure.

The second Origin Treasure is like a disc. The moment it appears, Ling Qi cuts the void and breaks the space. It absolutely possesses destructive power above Star Envoy. This is a two-star Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure .

Bai Weiwei threw out the two Origin Treasures, Origin Treasure murderous intention suddenly staggered, Ling Lingzhi cut into the pot-shaped Origin Treasure, and the ripples of the pot-shaped Origin Treasure continued to spread to the disc-shaped Origin Treasure. The two murderous intentions are constantly superimposed, forming an absolute Land of Death for Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin couldn’t bear it, “Let’s find Palm Control Intermediate Level Origin Treasure, this kind of Origin Treasure murderous intention is unfair to you”.

Bai Weiwei smiled slightly, “It’s okay, I can accept it”.

Lu Yin waved his hand to disperse Star Energy and spread. Origin Treasure murderous intention continuously destroyed Star Energy. In the end, only a few dots spread over Origin Treasure murderous intention. Lu Yin took action again, half of Star Energy turned white and half Change to black, “choose chess”.

“White,” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin said, “My cultivation base is higher than you, so it is not fair to you to test this way”. After that, the direct take action turns most of the black Star Energy into white, “like this is fair”.

Bai Weiwei was surprised.

Outside the field, a group of students were even more surprised. Nong Si Niang was unable to bear, “Sir, this is not fair to you.”

Although Qingfeng saw Bai Weiwei blushing, she couldn’t bear to bear at this moment, “Sir, this is too bad for you, think twice.”

Mr Zheng doesn’t understand Language of Interpretation, but he has seen Origin Formation Master playing Stable Circumference. He knows that this kind of game depends mostly on strength and less on luck. Even if he takes action and hurts his opponent’s pieces, his own pieces will have loss.

Nowadays, there are so few black chesses, only one of 40% of white chesses, they are easily affected and destroyed, and the probability of winning is too low.

Bai Weiwei looked at Lu Yin earnestly, “Sir, are you underestimating me?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Student Bai, don’t misunderstand, just pursue fairness, let alone fight, just Origin Treasure murderous intention is not something you can easily fight against the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. As a mentor, how can I take Students are cheap”.

Bai Weiwei nods, “Okay, since Mr. is pursuing fairness, this round will be like this, but I hope to have a second match with him.” After that, the eye light fell on Origin Treasureous intention, no Talk again, watch quietly, and choose the direction to enter.

Playing against Stable Circumference, the person who enters it first is easily at a disadvantage, and she wants to go first.

Lu Yin saw her thoughts, but unfortunately, in this game, he originally wanted to press these Four Way Balance Heaven’s Chosen, the chess piece made the opponent one hand, and at this moment, he has to make the second hand and raise his foot , Stepped out in one step, and entered Stable Circumference under the confused and shocked eye light of everyone.

No one expected Lu Yin to go in so quickly and decisively.

There are many onlookers who have watched the game of the game. After the start of the game, both sides of the game are cautious and watch the changes in Origin Treasure murderous intention. Various changes in order to achieve the purpose of destroying the opponent’s pieces, looking for the best plan to save your pieces as much as possible.

Some Origin Formation Masters even move a few days after the start. It’s normal. Only if the gap is too big or the Origin Formation Master who is really confident in themselves, they will quickly step out of the 1st Step, but no matter how fast they are Not so fast.

This has just been set up.

Lu Yin stepped out and entered the Stable Circumference directly. The surrounding Origin Treasure murderous intention agitated and formed various changes. The crowd watching scared witless, those Origin Treasure murderous intentions could destroy the Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin entered it, raised his hand, and flicked his fingers. The Origin Treasure murderous intention suddenly boiled and changed constantly, destroying white chess pieces, and black chess pieces were also affected, but rarely.

When everything is calm, in the Stable Circumference, there are only less than half of the white pieces left, while the black pieces are only affected by 20%. Looking at it now, the white pieces are not much more than the black pieces.

Lu Yin looked up towards Bai Weiwei, said with a smile, “Student Bai can observe slowly, not in a hurry”.

Bai Weiwei looked at Lu Yin blankly, how could it be possible, how could this person observe Origin Treasure murderous intention so quickly? Is he really a Grand Origin Formation Master? not only, absolutely not only, can do this step at least Boundary Origin Formation Master, is this person a Boundary Origin Formation Master? Such a young Boundary Origin Formation Master?

The people around are also dull. The more people who understand this game, the more shocked they are at this moment.

Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan and the others look at Lu Yin eye light with unprecedented solemnity. This hand is quite not simple. Stable Circumference is not only a game, but also one of the means to compete with Origin Formation Master. Now the gap between these two people on the field is too obvious Now, this should not be the difference between Grand Origin Formation Master and Origin Formation Master.

Nong Siniang was shocked. She hoped that Lu Yin was great, but why is she so great?

Qingfeng’s eye light is bright, Mr. Haoyu, cannot measure deeply.

Liu Que is not surprised. If these people know that this person makes him haven’t even able to fight back, he would be more surprised. In comparison, he doesn’t know much about Language of Interpretation.

In the center of Evoking Virtuous College, on top of the stone pillar, Chairman exhales, looking at Lu Yin deeply, seems to want to see through him, Mr. Haoyu, this one is amazing.

Behind Wen Chairman, Wen Zhao was shocked, “Why so fast? This shouldn’t be the Grand Origin Formation Master level.”

Wen Family has always cultivated Language of Interpretation, from Wen Zu to Wen Chairman, Wen Zhao is good at Language of Interpretation, especially Wen Chairman, which itself is Boundary Origin Formation Master, which is only one step away from Origin Formation Heavenly Master Unfortunately, he walked for too long this step, and there is no such aptitude.

Wen Zhao is the Origin Formation Master, one level with Bai Weiwei.

Because of this, she shocked Lu Yin’s performance even more.

“It is indeed not the Grand Origin Formation Master level”, the Chairman murmured.

Wen Zhao looked towards him, “Can you be so fast?”.

Chairman startled, thought for a while, “perhaps, maybe, impossible”.

Wen Zhao couldn’t believe, “How old he is and how he did it? Looking at the history of Starry Sky Tree, he can reach this step’s haven’t at such a young age.”

Wen Chairman’s mouth curled up, “I understand what Xia Ziheng is worried about. That’s right, the youngster Heavenly Master Gu Yan mentioned in Lower Boundary is him. He should be the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan.”

Wen Zhao was shocked, “Mr. Haoyu is the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan?”.

Wen Chairman haven’t told Wen Zhao about Yuhao, he secretly investigated it and made speculations based on known intelligence, and concluded with Xia Ziheng the same. Of course, there are doubts in this, but all the doubts are broken at this moment. .

Apart from Heavenly Master Gu Yan, who can turn this piece from a waste into the Language of Interpretation genius of rays of light ten thousand zhang? Only Heavenly Master Gu Yan can do it.

This son is not just the Grand Origin Formation Master, it should be the Boundary Origin Formation Master. Heavenly Master Gu Yan is called Starry Sky Tree Heavenly Master Number One Person, and it deserves it.

Beside the lake, everyone was shocked by the speed of Lu Yin’s 1st Step, and at the same time looked towards Bai Weiwei. Next, it was her turn.

Haven’t disturbed, Bai Weiwei kept observing Origin Treasure murderous intention and thinking about various plans, but her initial state of mind was broken by Lu Yin, and now she faces this game in a peaceful form like haven’t. In the end, she gave up.

Everyone is not surprised. The gap between the two can be seen at a glance. Even if Bai Weiwei reluctantly continues to play, the result is inviting humiliation to oneself.

Lu Yin walked out of Origin Treasure murderous intention with a faint smile, raised his hand, and separated the two Origin Treasures. Like this, Origin Treasure murderous intention would not overlap.

Bai Weiwei put away two Origin Treasures and looked at Lu Yin’s eye light with shock, respect, and confusion. She was really lost and couldn’t understand the person in front of her. She was young, but she was so deep. Language of Interpretation, how to do it.

“Mr. Haoyu, are you really the Grand Origin Formation Master?” Bai Weiwei asked the question everyone wanted to know.

Lu Yin said, “Yes.”

“Then why are you just recently so fast?” Bai Weiwei puzzled.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “I don’t know, anyway, seeing these Origin Treasure murderous intentions, I can feel their changes”.

Everyone’s face changed. This is innate talent, a natural language interpreter.

Bai Weiwei understood, “You are the real genius Language Interpreter, and perhaps you will also be the next Origin Formation Heavenly Master of Starry Sky Tree.”

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