Star Odyssey Chapter 2201


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Listening to Bai Weiwei’s words, Lu Yin was humble, “Student Bai has reached the Origin Formation Master at such a young age. To be honest, I am also very surprised.”

Bai Weiwei is bitter, “Mr. Haoyu, if I have a problem with the Language of Interpretation, can I ask you to solve it?”.

“Of course, I am your mentor. Of course, please don’t be stingy with your credits, haha,” Lu Yin smiled.

Nong Siniang cheered loudly, Qingfeng and the others laughed, and the stuttering Little Fatty clenched a fist in excitement.

But some people can’t laugh at all, such as Bai Nan and Xia divine light.

Wu Taibai looked at Lu Yin deeply. This Yuhao has changed a lot before and after. After decades of trifling, how can a person change so much? No wonder Xia Family cares.

He suddenly thought of an old person, trifling about 20 years, embarking on the road of cultivation from an ordinary people, not only the cultivation base is unparalleled, the peers are invincible, but also in control of power, changed the Fifth Continent, how similar these two people are.

Stable Circumference makes Lu Yin more famous in Evoking Virtuous College. Everyone knows that he has a comparable Boundary Origin Formation Master level. Many students plan to bring ingots to Lu Yin Language of Interpretation. Some of the family sects gave up. They originally planned to win, but they can win Grand Origin Formation Master. Boundary Origin Formation Master is too high-end.

Some are more concerned, such as Nong Family, a Boundary Origin Formation Master is not sufficient enough to let the huge monster like Nong Family retreat, they even hope to win over Lu Yin.

So Nong Si Niang is happy because there are so many Origin Treasures from Nong Family. This is not Bright Eyes Junior Level and Palm Control Intermediate Level, but Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, even Boundary Origin Formation Master. Language of Interpretation A Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure is not so simple.

Apart from this, the story about the mentor leading the team to the top realm to experience is also spread. All students know that they need to vote for which mentor to lead the team, not the Academy’s internal decision. This makes them excited. Each student has three votes.

“I voted for Mr. Haoyu, Mr. Haoyu is a nice person, looks handsome, and it just represents the facade of our Evoking Virtuous College,” a girl said happily.

Suddenly many girls echoed.

Nong Siniang walked out immediately, “Sisters, I hope Mr. Haoyu will accompany us to the top of the world to stand up. I want to count the votes to ensure that Mr. Haoyu can lead the team to experience.”

“I”, “I”, “I”…

“Qing Big Brother Feng, who do you choose?”.

“Of course I choose Mr. Tang and Mr. Haoyu”.

“Where is another mentor?”.

The breeze pondered, and shook his head. It was still unsure. At Evoking Virtuous College, he had only attended classes with Mr. Tang and Mr. Haoyu, not even Mr Zheng.

The stuttering Little Fatty raised his hand, “I, I, I also choose Haoyu, Mr. Haoyu”.

“Little Fatty, even if you stutter, you can only vote three votes, hahahaha.”

Little Fatty flushes.

Bai Nan swept across the crowd coldly, and whispered to his people not to vote for Mr. Haoyu, but seeing this situation now, whether they vote or not has no meaning.

“I voted for Mr. Wu and Zheng Xian to survive with Mr. Bai”.

“I voted for Mr. Wei, Mr. Wei is very knowledgeable, we are a college after all, even if fighting is not better than Four Way Balance, relying on knowledge to crush them.”

“Who do you want to crush?”, a cultivator from Wang Family asked coldly.

The student slipped away immediately.

Listening to the students’ discussion, on the big tree, Mr. Huai was embarrassed, no one voted for him, none of them were haven’t. What’s more embarrassing was that he was still here, he came here first, and then came. A group of girls discussed frantically, and then attracted so many students. Once these students found him in a tree, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to die?

No, just pretend to sleep, Mr. Huai raised his head and fell asleep.

One month has passed. During this time, Academy calm and tranquil, apart from discussing which instructor will lead the team to experience, and the rest is fine.

Xia divine light and the others each and everyone are gone, Bai Weiwei often comes to listen to Lu Yin’s class, and Liu Que.

Lu Yin’s relationship with Wen Zhao has improved a lot. In Lu Yin’s view, Wen Zhao belongs to the kind of people who hate those who are close and who are far away but like.

I never approach her actively. She feels very comfortable with herself. Once she approaches her actively, she may hate herself. This kind of personality is really weird.

In this month, his Language of Interpretation has no less than ten Origin Treasures. Every three days, students bring Origin Treasures. Most of them are still Bright Eyes Junior Level and Palm Control Intermediate Level, only Nong Si Niang. I came here for a Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure. After three days of forcibly Language of Interpretation, he almost missed the class.

It’s a pity that everything in the Origin Treasure is haven’t, and when the Language of Interpretation Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure, Bai Weiwei came, looked calmly, and then calmly left.

On this day, Lu Yin just helped a student with the Language of Interpretation Origin Treasure and was notified by the Chairman to have a meeting.

“I have been at the Academy for several years, and there are very few mentor meetings. Why is there so much time?” The girl pouted, and she finally got a Palm Control Intermediate Level Origin Treasure from the family. Take this to chat more with Mr. Haoyu.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Since the Language of Interpretation is over, let’s go back, and come back later when I have a chance.” After speaking, leave the stone pillar and move towards the stone pillar where the Chairman is located.

On the Chairman stone pillar, Lu Yin saw Mr. Wei for the first time. He had visited Mr. Wei several times this month, and he was very familiar with it.

“I don’t know what the Chairman is looking for”, Lu Yin is surprised.

Mr. Wei was calm, “I don’t know, there should be something very important.”

Lu Yin clicks nods and moved towards the courtyard.

It didn’t take long for all the mentors to arrive.

Wen Chairman walked out with a serious face and glanced at the many instructors, said solemnly, “Recently, a traitor in Star Union came to my Yixian district. Four Way Balance was unable to block the entire Yixian district, so please help us arrest. It is necessary Time can be killed. This person is a male and has an Origin Tribulation cultivation base, so this mission can only be participated by instructors above Star Envoy, which is regarded as one of the credit missions issued by the Academy.”

Lu Yin surprised, Star Union traitor? Impossible, as long as everyone in the Star Union has been banned, only Four Way Balance can unlock it. He only gets White Dragon Sect by dice at six points to unlock the ban. If the ban is not unlocked, Four Way Balance will be available anytime. Anyone in Star Union can be killed. Haven’t restrictions. How can they have traitors?

“Chairman, this is Four Way Balance’s own business and has nothing to do with our Evoking Virtuous College. Why should we help them?” Mr Zheng asked.

Wen Chairman glanced at Wu Taibai and Mr. Bai, said solemnly, “Four Way Balance has the evidence. This traitor himself is also a hidden Red Back. He escaped because he has some confidential information and wants to Red Back reported that Four Way Balance had deliberately failed to track him and wanted to catch a bigger Red Back, but”.

“But they lost it”, Mr. Tang interface.

Chairman nods, “The only thing that can be determined now is that this person has already come to my Yixian district, where I can’t be determined. Four Way Balance means that he cannot leave Yixian district, otherwise it’s possible to send information Tell it to others, and they don’t have enough staff, so we have to take action.”

“This is not for Four Way Balance, it’s for humans”.

Many mentors are silent.

“I have already decided that Mr. Tang, Mr Zheng, Mr. Bai, and Mr. Haoyu will all participate in this operation. Your task is to block the northeast of Yixian District. I will block the southeast alone. Four Way Balance will send you The person in charge is responsible for the other two directions, and must seal this traitor in Yixian District.”

“Students can also participate in this task, but only those whose cultivation base reaches Enlightenment Realm, and must follow your four instructors”, arranged by the Chairman.

The task was quickly issued to the students, but the details of the task have changed. Haven’t explained in detail, only to assist Four Way Balance in capturing an Origin Tribulation cultivator.

Bai Weiwei, Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan, and Liu Que took the task. Qingfeng and the others haven’t participated. Their cultivation base is not sufficient to contact the Star Envoy level.

Behind the little Ban Tian, ​​on a red wasteland in the northeast of Yixian District, Lu Yin looked into the distance, and behind him, stood Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei accepted the task and chose to follow Lu Yin to this place.

“Why did classmate Bai follow me? Compared to other gentlemen, my cultivation base is the worst”, Lu Yin indifferently said.

Bai Weiwei replied, “This mission, the probability of encountering the traitor is very small. It is not so much a mission, but in my opinion it is an opportunity to be alone with her husband.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Be alone with me? What does classmate Bai mean?”.

Bai Weiwei thought for a while, “Should I call you Mr. Haoyu or Mr. Yuhao?”.

Lu Yin suddenly looked back at Bai Weiwei, her whole temperament changed, “How do you know?”.

“You haven’t pretended to be, don’t you?” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin retracted the eye light, haven’t spoken.

Bai Weiwei looked at him curiously, “I really want to know what happened to you in these several decades?”.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “This is why you followed me?”.

Bai Weiwei fixedly looked at Lu Yin, “After decades of trifling, there have been such big changes. Even the four Young Ancestors at the beginning were difficult to achieve. Now you are qualified to talk to Xia Family.”

Lu Yin is funny, “Talk to Xia Family? Me, am I eligible?”.

Bai Weiwei haven’t spoken.

Lu Yin continued, “Xia Family is one of the masters of Starry Sky Tree, owns Ancestral Realm powerhouse, has Half-Ancestor, and I am just a Star Envoy, even if I have some Language of Interpretation ability, why should I be with Xia Family? Dialogue, in the eyes of Xia Family, I am still an ant.”

“But you have Heavenly Master Gu Yan behind you,” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin raises his eyebrows, Heavenly Master Gu Yan? What do you mean?

See Lu Yin haven’t speaking, Bai Weiwei said, “Decades ago, Heavenly Master Gu Yan visited Lower Boundary, and after returning, he praised a youngster who had a very high Language of Interpretation innate talent, and you were there too. Missing for a while, you guessed it right, you are the youngster with extremely high innate talent mentioned by Heavenly Master Gu Yan.”

Lu Yin haven’t spoke, his expression hasn’t changed, and he kept thinking about the meaning of Bai Weiwei’s words.

Heavenly Master Gu Yan has been to Lower Boundary several decades ago and praised a youngster Language of Interpretation innate talent Qi Gao, is it me? I pretended to be Long Qi in Starry Sky Tree, and when I was looking for the Ant Eating Beast with Qing Chen Supervisory Lord in Lower Boundary, I did come across Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

Actually, Yuhao was indeed missing at that time.

They misunderstood, they treat Yuhao as themselves, no, they regard Yuhao as Long Qi praised by Heavenly Master Gu Yan. This is complicated. Whether it is Long Qi, himself or Yuhao in disguise now , Are all the same person.

And Heavenly Master Gu Yan hadn’t accepted himself as a disciple at that time?

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