Star Odyssey Chapter 2202


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“Although Heavenly Master Gu Yan haven’t made it clear that he accepted an apprentice, he has remained simple since then. For several decades, many people speculate that he has accepted an apprentice, but your appearance has changed so much, especially Language of Interpretation. This piece is so powerful, not the teaching of Heavenly Master Gu Yan. I am afraid that no one in Starry Sky Tree can make you change like this”, Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin looked towards Bai Weiwei, “Is this your guess?”.

“It’s the guess of everyone who knows your identity. I can find your identity. Xia Family same is fine.” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin both haven’t admitted and haven’t denied. The discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan is a good background.

“I’m very curious, how did Heavenly Master Gu Yan teach? You have a Boundary Origin Formation Master level in such a short time,” Bai Weiwei was curious.

Lu Yin laughed, “Can you disclose the Bai Family’s Secret Technique casually?”.

“It was the student who was abrupt,” Bai Weiwei said, but it also confirmed that this Yuhao is really the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

This is not the same. Heavenly Master Gu Yan is the number one Heavenly Master of Starry Sky Tree. Although he has a weird temper and hates Four Way Balance, his influence is very impressive, otherwise he would be a member of Star Union. This Yuhao is the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, what should Xia Family do?

“Even if there is a Heavenly Master behind, I still haven’t put it in the eyes of Xia Family, I know the horror of your Four Way Balance”, Lu Yin said.

Bai Weiwei looked at Lu Yin, “Mister wants revenge?”.

Lu Yin looked at Bai Weiwei, “If you have experienced these things, would you let it go easily?”.

Bai Weiwei thought for a while, “You are right, even Heavenly Master Gu Yan can’t do anything to Xia Family, but my Bai Family is different”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, looking at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei smiled slightly, “Your hatred is not big, it depends on how you want to repay it.”

Lu Yin meditated.

Bai Weiwei also haven’t talked about it, some words are over.

She did not find out the identity of Yuhao herself, but Cold Immortal Sect told her.

Evoking Virtuous College came out with such a Language of Interpretation genius. How could Four Way Balance not care? Xia Family knows it, and Bai Family knows it naturally.

Compared with Yuhao’s hatred, they care more about Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

If you can use this to win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan, what if you offend Xia Family?

Four Way Balance seems to be united, but in fact the internal conflicts are extremely great. This is just the time when Lu Family was exile. After another thousand or ten thousand years, the influence of Lu Family will be completely eliminated, and Four Way Balance will internally Conflicts broke out.

Now they are accumulating the foundation.

For several days, Lu Yin and Bai Weiwei stayed on this red wasteland. Most of the discussions between the two were Language of Interpretation, and nothing else was mentioned.

On this day, Lu Yin looked at the wasteland in the distance and asked a question, “Legend of the world, the next Ancestral Realm powerhouse in Starry Sky Tree must be you Cold Immortal Sect Big Senior Sister Bai Xian’er, is that true? “.

Bai Weiwei subconsciously raised her head to look at Dingshangjie. Looking at it, she was a little depressed. Seeing the soil at Dingshangjie, she understood more and more why Four Way Balance exile Lu Family.

With the arrogance of Four Way Balance, why look up to the soil?

“It should be. Big Senior Sister is since ancient times, cultivate innate talent Number One Person, so young can touch the Ancestral Realm field. All of us are waiting for Big Senior Sister to break through Ancestral Realm and lead me to Cold Immortal Sect is one level higher,” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin is very curious, “Bai Xian’er, what kind of person is it? Can you tell me about it? I just heard her legend.”

Bai Weiwei was surprised, “Why is Mr. Curious about Big Senior Sister?”.

Lu Yin smiled slightly, “Is anyone not curious about Bai Xian’er?”.

Bai Weiwei also thinks about it. Although Bai Xian’er has never appeared before, it is a Legendary in Starry Sky Tree. Even if no one mentions it, she will not have anyone forgot. She is the brightest star in Starry Sky Tree.

“What do you want to know about Big Senior Sister, Sir?” Bai Weiwei asked.

Lu Yin shrugged, “I don’t know anything about her, I only heard that her appearance is accompanied by safflower”.

Bai Weiwei said, “I don’t know much about Big Senior Sister. Although we call her Big Senior Sister, she is more mysterious than White Ancestor Master. It’s impossible for her husband to learn from me, but I heard that Big Senior Sister encountered not only one assassination during the retreat, from Eternal Clan, when Big Senior Sister breakthrough Star Envoy, Starry Sky Tree is mighty, Ancestral Realm is coming…”.

Bai Weiwei knows no more than Lu Yin. What Lu Yin is most curious about is that Bai Xian’er must have experienced Star Envoy and Half-Ancestor levels in order to cultivate to Ancestral Realm, but these levels of experience are completely blank. , How did she cultivate?

Just like this Two more days passed until Lu Yin noticed the fluctuation of Empty God Realm Domain.

The Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated, Lu Yin took a look, “The mission is over, people have been caught.” After finishing speaking, he took Bai Weiwei to the direction where Mr. Tang and the others were.

The direction of the traitor’s escape was precisely northeast and north, but not in the section of Lu Yin, but in the section where Mr. Tang and Xia divine light were.

When Lu Yin and Bai Weiwei arrived, the people from Four Way Balance also arrived. Those who came were the two Star Envoys from Divine Martial Heaven and Wang Family. They both had three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, and the one caught It was also handed over to them by Mr. Tang.

Lu Yin looked, the person caught was an old man. He was seriously injured at first sight. He was dragged by the three-time Origin Tribulation cultivator of Divine Martial Heaven. He can only see the back and there are still blood stains on the ground. .

“It’s boring, trifling an Origin Tribulation”, Xia divine light disdain.

The Divine Martial Heaven three times the Origin Tribulation cultivator saluted Xia divine light. In his hands, the captured person fell to the ground, coughed and turned over.

Lu Yin saw his appearance, his eye light shrank sharply, and there was a moment of trance, a voice suddenly appeared in his ear, very kind and respectful, with doting and tolerance, “Little Lord, you again Here comes, did the fall hurt last time?”.

“Little lord, this, this is too much to eat, the old slave can’t eat it”.

“Little Lord, slow down, slow down.”

The trance was only a moment, Lu Yin quickly recovered, staring blankly at the man who fell on his back. He was an old man with a withered face. He looked skinny and pale, with a scratch running down the corner of his eyes. The bridge of his nose almost cut his entire face apart.

Looking at this face, Lu Yin’s pupils were big and small. He knew this person, he should know, and called him the little lord. He saw an island with food on it. This person belongs to Lu Family. People, he vaguely saw this person running with him with a kind and petting smile. He was about to fall. This person would lie on the ground as a cushion to prevent him from falling pain. He was punished and this person would follow him. Sheltered him from the wind and rain. He was hungry. This person tried to steal things for him to eat. This person, he should remember.

Lu Yin clenched his fists and watched the old man being dragged by the Divine Martial Heaven cultivator by his hair, dragged leave unceremoniously, and dyed red blood on the ground.

“Mr. Haoyu, let’s go, Mr Zheng and they have returned to the Academy directly, and the Chairman has gone too”, Mr. Tang said.

Lu Yin let go, click nods, calmly said, “Let’s go”.

The place quickly disappeared. The cultivator of Divine Martial Heaven and Wang Family dragged the old man away, and the tutor and students of Evoking Virtuous College returned.

It looks calm.

But there are double golden pupils appearing, looking towards the direction of Divine Martial Heaven and Wang Family cultivator leave, followed along.

Shortly after, at the border of Yixian District, just as Divine Martial Heaven and Wang Family cultivator were about to take the old man leave, a silhouette appeared, and the pressure of terror swept them out, grabbing the old man and leaving Suddenly, another silhouette came, tearing the void, and the moment that appeared, the wind and clouds rolled back, and the unspeakable oppression made the Yixian district dim.

Wen Chairman looked up, the old bastard still came.

First, a silhouette horrified looked at the people who appeared later, making a hoarse voice, “Half-Ancestor?”.

void, there is also an old man who appears, exactly Xia Family collateral Half-Ancestor, Xia Ziheng.

“Sure enough, it depends on where you flee.” Said, Xia Ziheng raised his hand and pressed down, grabbing to the silhouette.

silhouette precisely Tong Yu, Lu Yin contacted Tong Yu the moment he saw the old man and asked her to intercept him. He would not let the old man be taken away, and it would never be good to see the end.

With Tong Yu’s strength, there is no need to take action to deal with the Origin Tribulation cultivator three times, but whoever wanted to hide a Half-Ancestor secretly.

Tong Yu despair, this is Half-Ancestor, it’s over.

Suddenly, a Sound Devil laughed, “Isn’t this Xia Ziheng, Old Guy, long time no see, hahahaha”, Kui Luo arrived, and the spirit swept unscrupulously and blasted towards Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng’s face changed drastically. Facing Kui Luo’s spirit, he kept going backwards and his brain was dizzy. He was just a collateral Half-Ancestor. There was a big gap with Kui Luo’s Half-Ancestor powerhouse, and he couldn’t resist it.

“Are you, Kui Luo?” Xia Ziheng exclaimed.

Kui Luo walked out and looked at Xia Ziheng with a weird smile, “I miss you again. I saw you again. I still remember that you were drinking horse urine under the pressure of Lu Qi for so many years.”

“Shut up”, Xia Ziheng yelled abruptly, countless blades swept across heaven and earth, moved towards Kui Luo, wrapped around, this is his Inner World, with blades turned into a cage of trapped beasts, anyone is trapped Have to go through chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

“Yo, not bad”, Kui Luo spirit once again exploded, forming a substance and forcibly shattering countless blades, “See if you can fish leaping over the dragon gate”, the voice fell, and everything Xia Ziheng saw changed Now, he saw the waterfall, he saw the world of Dragon Sect.

The number of Starry Sky Tree Half-Ancestors far exceeds the Fifth Continent. Even so, there are very few who can reach the level of Kui Luo. Kui Luo is sufficient against the Heavenly Gate Gate Lord in the Heavenly Sect era, his spirit Increased by Lu Family First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra, he has completely transformed in countless years, otherwise he would not reach his current strength.

Don’t say Xia Ziheng, the Xia Family’s collateral Half-Ancestor, even Xia Yingxiong, the collateral Half-Ancestor is not Kui Luo’s opponent.

In the world of Dragon Sect, Kui Luo is condescending, like watching trivial ant watching Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng’s surrounding blades turned into storms, forming an endless blade glow general Inner World. He tried to go upstream and jumped out of the Dragon Sect realm, but he couldn’t get close. He was always suppressed by Kui Luo, and within the body Star Origin kept passing by.

He raised his hand high, Inner World gathered countless blades, and Divine Martial Astral Aura emerged, substantively covering the blades, and slashed out.

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