Star Odyssey Chapter 2205


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As soon as Lu Yin said this, Xia Ziheng’s eyes light suddenly opened, and Wen Chairman watched him vigilantly, for fear that he would take action.

Lu Yin’s words hit Xia Family in the face.

People like Xia Zhitong don’t talk about Xia Family, even ordinary people’s families can’t stand it. Once it spreads, their reputation will be ruined.

That’s why Xia Family used Xia Zhitong to deal with Yu Family, so that Starry Sky Tree’s Great Family sects keep quiet out of fear, and dare not help Lu Family’s survivors anymore, causing many Lu Family survivors to suffer.

This hand is too vicious, not only desperate, but also stinking for thousands of years.

However, although Yu Family has become a laughingstock, Xia Family is not comfortable. After all, Xia Zhitong was born in Xia Family. It doesn’t matter if he was born in Xia Family. His collateral is too embarrassed.

Xia Zhitong also knew that when she was used out, the entire Starry Sky Tree apart from those guests who entered the curtain, no one waited to see her, and even the ancestors would not call her, she also gave up, just wanting to go for a lifetime , Nachengxiang Yuhao is back, and the old thing is brought up again, it is not Yu Family that hurts, after all, Yu Family already is like that, it is Xia Family that hurts now, the face of his branch.

“Wenlai, give me a face, let me talk to him alone, don’t worry, I will never take action, I will guarantee it with the reputation of Xia Family,” Xia Ziheng said in a deep voice.

Wen Chairman looked at Lu Yin, Lu Yin nods, without fear.

Wen Chairman said, “Okay, but I will stare you at any time. If you take action on him, I promise that for the dignity of Evoking Virtuous College, you don’t want to go out completely.”

Xia Ziheng moved his finger. He didn’t expect Wen Chairman to threaten him like this. Did he notice something?

Looking at the text Chairman leave.

Lu Yin is also welcome, and sits down directly, each minding their own business and pours a cup of tea.

Xia Ziheng looked towards him, “Xia Zhitong’s matter has nothing to do with my branch. You should know that it is not only your Yu Family that she has done that hurts you, but my branch is also famous.”

“So you mean to make me mind?” Lu Yin mocked.

Xia Ziheng said, “I mean, people have to look forward. I know the relationship between you and Heavenly Master Gu Yan. Since there is such a relationship, everything in the past can be disappeared.”

Lu Yin is funny, “disappeared? My Yu Family that many years’ reputation was lost, Yucheng became a laughing stock, and I became the legend of this Starry Sky Tree, an alternative legend, can all these disappeared?”.

Xia Ziheng said seriously, “These can be erased, just like erasing the existence of Lu Family same.”

Lu Yin startled, stare Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng sneered, “Do you think your Yu Family’s reputation in Starry Sky Tree is comparable to Lu Family? Lu Family can be erased, no one mentions it, let alone you are a Xiaoxiao Yu Family, or you I thought that the relationship with Heavenly Master Gu Yan could fight against my Xia Family. Do you really know Xia Family and Divine Martial Heaven?”.

Lu Yin haven’t speak.

Xia Ziheng continued, “As long as we are willing, Evoking Virtuous College can’t keep you, we can make you Yu Family stinking for thousands of years, no one can stop it”.

Lu Yin clenched his fists and stared at Xia Ziheng angrily.

Xia Ziheng shook his head, “You are too naive, but it’s okay. Haven’t been so stupid that Heavenly Master Gu Yan can save you, and hide in Evoking Virtuous College by being smart. Yes, the former Evoking Virtuous College perhaps can protect you. , But that was, now, and in the future, Evoking Virtuous College can’t protect you. Everything you have is nothing but ants in the eyes of Xia Family, too shallow.”

“Grand Origin Formation Master, Boundary Origin Formation Master? Even if it is Origin Formation Heavenly Master, my Xia Family can let you Eternal Life stay on the back of the battlefield until you die with Eternal Clan. Is this what you want? ?”.

Lu Yin eye light is cold, full of bitter hatred and murderous intention, “Do you think a few words can make me give up revenge?”.

Xia Zi laughed, “Avenging? Whom to look for? Xia Zhitong? Xia Family? Or Divine Martial Heaven?”.

Looking at Lu Yin eye light flashing, Xia Ziheng shook his head, “You look at yourself too high, facing Divine Martial Heaven, you are just an ant”.

“Since it’s an ant, why do you as a Half-Ancestor comment on me? You still say so much?” Lu Yin asked back.

Xia Ziheng said seriously, “You are an ant, but your future and Heavenly Master Gu Yan are not. You have the ability to make Xia Family value it. Of course, I am not referring to revenge, but profit. , If you can draw Heavenly Master Gu Yan to my Xia Family, I will help you repay your hatred.”

Lu Yin is funny, “You help me report? Do you want to betray Xia Family and help me?”.

Xia Ziheng’s tone was cold, “Xia Zhitong can die, whatever you do, even Xia Yuan can die, as long as you can reflect the value, the reputation of your Yu Family, I will help you redeem it, your grandfather can leave Star Union, you I will help you get what you need. From now on, your Yu Family will turn Heaven and Earth upside down. Don’t entangle that bit of hatred. Cultivate people, who have’t enemies? Do you really want to be wiped out? That human beings are long gone. Gone”.

Lu Yin’s face is ugly, with hesitation and entanglement.

Xia Ziheng saw his heart move, “The person who hurt your Yu Family is Xia Zhitong, and the person you want to revenge is also her. You can decide life and death for anyone who has an affair with her. This is very simple. Your revenge is revenge. One step closer to my Xia Family, that experience, you used your decades of hard work to vanish, starting today, you can start again.”

“The old man personally chooses an in-law for you, so that you can truly integrate into my Xia Family and Four Way Balance. You don’t need to be in Evoking Virtuous College anymore. Sooner or later, it will change. It is not your stage of development.”

Lu Yin puzzled, “Will Evoking Virtuous College change?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “You don’t need to understand these, as long as you know that old man is doing his best to help you, to avenge you, and to help you restore your reputation. Old man can help you get what you want. Old man represents Divine Martial. Heaven stands for Four Way Balance. What can’t this Starry Sky Tree do? As long as you have nods, you will be known as Starry Sky Tree in the near future, and you will be known forever with another method.”

I have to say that Xia Ziheng’s lobbying is very persuasive. If Yuhao is really sitting in front of him, he may not be unmoved, but Lu Yin sitting in front of him, and also haven’t worship Heavenly Master Gu Yan As a teacher, and with a larger background, it is enough to challenge the entire Four Way Balance. His words are so pale in Lu Yin’s ears.

“My grandfather is still alive?” Lu Yin asked.

Xia Ziheng said, “Alive, the old man confirmed, as long as you nods, I will release your grandfather and let him leave the Star Union.”

Lu Yin stare Xia Ziheng, “Leave the Star Union? How to leave?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “With an order, your grandfather is free. He can return to Yucheng to regroup, and I have the support of my Xia Family behind him.”

Lu Yin sneered and gave an order? Even if you don’t know the prohibition, you won’t believe it. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Star Union that many expert escape?

This Old Guy just wanted to fool him, and try to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan as much as possible. It may not even be a win. He just wanted to take him away from Evoking Virtuous College in a nice way. When the time comes, Xia Family has the final say.

There is no reason why these Old Guys each and everyone live so long.

Lu Yin lowered his head in thought.

Xia Ziheng smiled, and said that many, everyone will be heart-shaped, not to mention this Yuhao, he cares, needs, he knows too well, this is the weakness of human nature, as long as you grasp what the other party wants Can easily control him.

Speaking so much to this child as a Half-Ancestor shows sincerity.

“I want to know who Xia Zhitong marries me now, and whose idea was it,” Lu Yin asked.

Yes, as soon as this question came up, it represented that this child wanted to confirm the candidate for revenge. He hadn’t checked and asked himself, that he wanted to give him a revenge object. This object should not be too low or too high How low would think of such a thing, too high a status, it’s a matter of Xia Family’s face.

It was Natsuhara who really thought of this idea, but Xia Ziheng wanted to keep Natsuhara as much as possible.

Finally, Xia Ziheng said a name. The name Lu Yin has never heard before. It is just a Star Envoy cultivator and an Origin Tribulation. It is enough to meet Half-Ancestor and report something, but it is not a high-level person.

“He made Xia Zhitong’s idea of ​​marrying you. If you want revenge, his life is yours”, Xia Ziheng said. A word can tell the life and death of Star Envoy. His ruthless makes people fearful, that Star Envoy. But his descendants.

Lu Yin eye light is cold, “I will make him pay.”

Xia Ziheng’s mouth curled up.

“But”, Lu Yin raised his head, stare Xia Ziheng, “You can’t represent Divine Martial Heaven, if you want to win over my Master, I want to see Xia Xing.”

Four Way Balance is banned. It stands to reason that Xia Ziheng, Half-Ancestor, knows, but Lu Yin doesn’t want to take a risk. He wants to use Heavenly Master Gu Yan to bring out Xia Xing, the lord of Divine Martial Heaven as much as possible, and get Xia Family’s banning cracking in one fell swoop The method, this opportunity is only one time, he cannot take risks.

Xia Ziheng frowned, “Although Xia Xing is Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, but also Star Envoy, does the old man guarantee valid?”.

Lu Yin raised his head and said, “I only recognize Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, others, even if Xia Yingxiong comes, I don’t recognize them”.

“impudent”, Xia Ziheng was angry and stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin is stubborn, haven’t avoided.

“Don’t think that the old man tells you that many are wooing. The old man just doesn’t want humans to lose a genius Language Interpreter. I hope Heavenly Master Gu Yan will cultivate more Language Interpreter for my Xia Family. This is not something you can threaten the old man. “The confidence”, Xia Ziheng said solemnly.

Lu Yin said, “Master is old and value me very much. Several decades of teaching have been like a day, treating me like a child, as long as I speak, Master will definitely listen.”

Xia Ziheng’s eye light flickered.

Lu Yin continued, “I want to see Xia Xing, I want Xia Xing to reassure me what you just recently said, otherwise everything will be ignored.”

Xia Ziheng was extremely angry, got up and looked at Lu Yin condescendingly.

At this time, Wen Chairman walked over, “Okay, it’s been long enough, Haoyu will survive and go back to prepare lessons, Ziheng Half-Ancestor will walk slowly and not send it away.”

Xia Ziheng stare Lu Yin, “Are you so persistent?”.

Lu Yin got up and looked at Xia Ziheng with a stubborn eye light, “not bad.”

Xia Ziheng turned around and left without saying a word.

Looking at his leave, Chairman Wen said, “Lead the team to Four Way Balance to practice in a few months, maybe you shouldn’t go.”

Lu Yin expression is solemn, and salutes Wen Chairman, “thanks Senior for help.”

Wen Chairman waved his hand, “What did I help you?”.

Lu Yin said, “If it weren’t for Senior, based on Xia Ziheng’s character, juniors cannot guarantee that they are still alive.”

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