Star Odyssey Chapter 2206


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“haha, dare to say that about Half-Ancestor, you are rare, hahahaha”, Chairman Wen laughed and laughed happily.

Lu Yin doesn’t care, “I have experienced a lot of things, but I’ve seen a lot of them, what about ordinary people, what about Half-Ancestor, even if Ancestral Realm, same is a human, facing life and death, same worry, fear, feelings, same hesitation, Since they are all human beings, the worst result is nothing more than death, for fear of him being a fart.”

Wen Chairman admired and looked at Lu Yin, “Only people who have experienced life and death have this insight. I just recently are superfluous. As long as you are not afraid, he will not do anything to you. Heavenly Master Gu Yan is not easy to provoke. of”.

Lu Yin could not bear to lie to the Chairman, but he hadn’t taken the initiative to lie. It was all others thought. Just recently he had a conversation with Xia Ziheng. He never said that Heavenly Master Gu Yan is his Master. These people are Too self-confident, thinks smart, can analyze some things, but does not know that a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.

Of course, he is not talking about Chairman Wen, Chairman haven’t hurt his heart, at best he guessed wrong.

“Since Lu Family disappeared, Four Way Balance has become more and more overbearing. I didn’t dare to treat me Evoking Virtuous College decades ago. Now it’s already changed. So if you and Xia Ziheng’s conditions haven’t reached, It’s better not to go to Divine Martial Heaven, it’s too dangerous”, Wen Chairman once again persuaded Lu Yin to go back, without mentioning Yuhao’s identity from beginning to end.

Some things he doesn’t care about, and some people, but they want to protect them, but also just try to protect them as much as possible. Once they leave Evoking Virtuous College, he can’t protect them.

Lu Yin returned to the courtyard where he lived, and happened to meet Mr. Tang and greeted him.

Dark Phoenix replaced Fire Phoenix, the sky was dim, only the stars shining.

Lu Yin sits at the stone table, dips his fingers in the water, and writes a few words on the stone table, Star Union, Safflower Garden, nine avatar, Food Paradise, the method of prohibition, etc., these are connected in series and sufficient to shock Starry Sky Tree, this is what he has to do.

How can I get the prohibition law? How can I rescue the people in Safflower Garden? How can I learn the nine avatar?

Everything is as difficult as heavenly ascension for even Half-Ancestor. He has to do it before Yuhao’s identity as haven’t expires, but his thoughts are in confusion.

Unconsciously, once again raised his hand and wrote the word Diyin on the stone table. Then after thinking about it, he wrote the Broken Yihui, Unbounded, wait, Unbounded?

Lu Yin suddenly looked up. Others can use Unbounded to deal with him. Why can’t he use Unbounded to deal with those who want to deal with?

Unbounded has assassinated Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master. As long as the benefits are in place, they dare to do anything.

Master all the resources of Fifth Continent, what benefits does Unbounded want? Haven’t? Even if haven’t, he can be promoted to them.

Yes, Unbounded, the words Lu Yin stare on the stone table were lost in thought.

In the courtyard house, Lu Yin took out the mirror, because he was worried that Ancestor Wu would appear suddenly, so as long as he returned to Evoking Virtuous College, he would include the mirror in the Congealing Space Ring, but now he has to use it. The Half-Ancestor monitors and really does nothing.

The mirror was taken out, but Ancestor Wu did not come out, Lu Yin can only enter the mirror, “Senior?”.

Ancestor Wu’s voice came from behind the fog, “What’s the matter?”.

“Can Senior come out for a while?”, Lu Yin pleased said with a smile.

Ancestor Wu is dissatisfied, “Look for me when you use me, and put the mirror into Congealing Space Ring when you don’t need it. I’m not your nanny.”

Lu Yin hurriedly continued to please him, and at the same time all kinds of praise were sent madly, and he was able to coax Ancestor Wu out of Ban Tian.

After walking out of the mirror, Ancestor Wu looked at all around, “No one is watching, you can play by yourself”, and then return to the mirror again.

Lu Yin followed, “Senior, Evoking Virtuous College has three Half-Ancestors, and this Starry Sky Tree may have Half-Ancestors at any time, so if you suddenly appear without knowing the outside world, this, junior Very embarrassing”.

“I don’t know? Are you talking about me?”, Ancestor Wu said in a higher tone.

Lu Yin hurriedly said, “No, it’s because the juniors didn’t handle the external situation well. It’s definitely not Senior. I don’t know. Senior is Ancestor Wu from Nine Mountains Eight Seas. Even the former Ancestor Chen and Ancestor Ku are looking up, even Bai Wangyuan , Wang Fan is here. When I see Senior, I will call you Ancestor Wu.”

“hmph, I won’t go out casually”, Ancestor Wu said once and haven’t talked to Lu Yin again.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief and stopped putting the mirror into the Congealing Space Ring. He was afraid that Ancestor Wu would be angry and would not help him in the future.

Confirmed that no one is watching, Lu Yin scattered the courtyard with Star Origin, then took out Supreme Mountain and entered.

He found Yu Chen directly, “I want to contact Unbounded”.

In Supreme Mountain, everyone was almost separated. Yu Chen was alone in the col. The sudden appearance of Lu Yin surprised her, for fear of what Lu Yin would do to her.

“Unbounded? Have you been to the Starry Sky Tree?” Yu Chen was excited.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “I can’t let you go for the time being”.

Yu Chen said in a low voice, “Unbounded is the biggest killer intelligence organization in Starry Sky Tree. Its eyes are spread throughout the entire Starry Sky Tree. It is not difficult to contact them, but the difficulty lies in finding the senior Unbounded. Fortunately, I Keep their contact method.” After finishing speaking, she gave Lu Yin the contact method.

Lu Yin is very clear about the positioning of Unbounded in the Starry Sky Tree, as both an Assassin Organization and an intelligence organization, and has an unclear relationship with some people in Four Way Balance. At the beginning, he walked in the Starry Sky Tree under the alias Long Qi. He also described Kui Luo as an Unbounded person, otherwise he could not explain the intelligence of that many Red Back spy.

Qing Chen Supervisory Lord believes it, he can believe it, on behalf of Unbounded it’s possible to find out who is Red Back and who is spy. Even so, it is still impossible to clear Unbounded. You can imagine the difficulty of Unbounded.

Since Unbounded is so difficult, let Four Way Balance experience it for yourself.

Put away the Supreme Mountain once again, Lu Yin took out the Cloud Communicating Stone and tried according to Yu Chen’s contact method, but he exchanged appearance before contacting.

Soon, a pair of dark, narrow eyes appeared, “What’s the matter?”

“Are you from Unbounded?” Lu Yin asked.

Narrow and long binocular stare Lu Yin, “Since you can contact, why bother to doubt?”.

“I want to ask you to take action, how do you charge?” Lu Yin asked. After speaking, I felt that this kind of thing was familiar. By the way, Old Smoker, he asked Old Smoker to take action. Old Smoker needs to avoid Heavenly Treasures of the crisis level, he was so much that he eventually brought Old Smoker into the Great Yu Empire.

“Target identity, do you take the initiative to provide information or do you need us to provide information?” asked the cold voice.

Lu Yin said, “The target identity is a bit big, and the cultivation base is also very high. I don’t know if you have the guts to take action.”

“But it doesn’t matter”, the cold voice doesn’t care. Their most brilliant record is to assassinate its Sect Master in Cold Immortal Sect sect. That’s Cold Immortal Sect sect, how exaggerated, it became famous in one fell swoop.

Lu Yin eye light Yi Lin, “Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, Xia Xing”.

The cold, narrow eyes suddenly widened, staring at Lu Yin in shock, looking deeply, as if to see Lu Yin through.

Lu Yin didn’t care. He couldn’t see through the appearance of a dead exchange, and Half-Ancestor couldn’t see through it. Moreover, he still contacted the Cloud Communicating Stone. Unbounded never knew who he was, and he contacted Unbounded’s Cloud Communicating Stone. Often used as Yuhao.

“Yes”, the cold voice spoke, no longer as flat as before, but with solemnity, “Remuneration, Ancestral Realm, deposit, Half-Ancestor”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “How to say?”.

“Pay the deposit first, the assassination is successful, give us the Ancestral Realm, the deposit is returned, the assassination is defeated, the deposit is not returned, and there is no need for Ancestral Realm’s material rewards”, said in a cold voice.

“What Ancestral Realm is?” Lu Yin asked.

“This is your business, we must take out the Ancestral Realm items that satisfy us. If the assassination location is in the Divine Martial Heaven sect, the Ancestral Realm items will increase to three,” a cold voice said.

Lu Yin thought for a while, he has Ancestral Realm, but impossible to Unbounded, precisely Death God’s left arm and slippers, by the way, and the corpse, all impossible to Unbounded, he didn’t really want Unbounded to kill After Xia Xing, Unbounded take action is just a cover, Xia Xing is dead, how can he get the Divine Martial Heaven prohibition method?

“I’ll give you ten more seconds. If haven’t an Ancestral Realm that satisfies us, let this matter go”, the cold voice said.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, “Tribulation Crystal Pillar, possible?”.

The gloomy eye light shrank, “Do you have Tribulation Crystal Pillar?”.

Lu Yin immediately took out the Tribulation Crystal Pillar. Originally, he had two, one from the Ruins of the Forgotten Ruins, and one from the Dragon Ancestor. When the original name was changed precisely by Long Qi, one of them was given to Ming Yan, and now there is one left.

Looking at the Tribulation Crystal Pillar, with dark eyes contemplating for a moment, without allowing him to speak, Lu Yin suddenly remembered something, “It is rumored that you Unbounded has something to do with Four Way Balance, some great characters, and it’s not related to Xia Xing, right?” .

The cold voice is icy, “Even if Xia Xing is my Unbounded person, as long as you get paid, the same kills”.

Lu Yin was surprised.

“You are bidding for the life of Xia Xing, the lord of Divine Martial Heaven. Even if he is related to my Unbounded, he must endure this killing. This is my Unbounded’s reputation.”

Lu Yin praised, “That’s good, how about it, are Tribulation Crystal Pillar satisfied?”.

“Yes, as a deposit of Half-Ancestor, you put it in a place by yourself and inform us that our people will pick it up. After receiving the deposit, we will start arranging the assassination of Xia Xing. The time is uncertain. Let us arrange. After all, you only have one Tribulation Crystal Pillar,” said coldly.

Lu Yin said, “Xia Xing should come to Central Level Boundary soon.”

“We have our own plan.”

“I need him to be assassinated when he is at Central Level Boundary. When the time comes, you have to tell me in advance.”

“This is not in compliance.”

“Half-Ancestor can also give you a deposit.”

The narrow, dark eyes were silent for a moment, “Yes.”

Ending the call, Lu Yin rummaged all over his body. The only thing in Half-Ancestor was the needle. He didn’t plan to give this to Unbounded, so only promotion.

The years withered wood is reluctant, I always feel that there is the time power left by Ancestor Ku, Netherworld River is okay, as long as it reaches the Half-Ancestor level, it can be given to Unbounded. Anyway, he has Ancestor Wu in it.

Netherworld River still needs to be improved. It is not at the Half-Ancestor level now, but it is only one step away from the Half-Ancestor level, but it will definitely cost a lot.


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