Star Odyssey Chapter 2207


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Fixed Unbounded, Lu Yin thought for a while, then took out Supreme Mountain and found Elder Qing Xing, “There is a Haven’t Language Interpreter on the back of the battlefield. Is it a hidden person?”.

Elder Qing Xing nods, he is controlled by Lu Yin, and naturally knows everything, “There is one, the Origin Formation Master. At the beginning, we absorbed him because he has the unusual Language of Interpretation innate talent. I went to the back After the Battlefield Language Interpreter headquarters, he even went to the Boundary Origin Formation Master. Unfortunately, his Master died.”

“Contact him, I will tell you what to do,” Lu Yin said.

Will Xia Xing come to Evoking Virtuous College? What Lu Yin has to do is not wait, but force it.

Xia Ziheng values ​​Heavenly Master Gu Yan so much because he guesses that he is the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and is willing to abandon Xia Zhitong’s people who have persecuted Yu Family, and he is also willing to find another in-law for himself. You can imagine Xia Family right. Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s value, since Xia Family values ​​it, others will also value it, such as Cold Immortal Sect.

However, no matter how much Xia Family cares about Heavenly Master Gu Yan, it may not be able to let the dignified Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master come to see him immediately. If he does not come, he will be forced to come. He is definitely not enough and he needs Cold Immortal Sect. The weight.

In the next period of time, Lu Yin often met with Bai Weiwei, and sometimes even took the initiative to find Bai Weiwei to make Nong Si Niang gritted his teeth.

On the back side of the battlefield, the second base formation Commander-in-chief Xia Yan returned tiredly, “Please Origin Formation Master to repair the original cone.”

“Commander-in-chief, Master Luo is already here and repairing the original cone”, someone to report.

Xia Yan is strange, “Don’t these Origin Formation Masters generally delay the time waiting to come to the door? Why do they come so fast?”.

The man replied, “Master Luo said that he seemed to have gone to Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s residence and just returned.”

Xia Yan was surprised, “He went to Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s residence?”.

“Master Luo said so.”

Xia Yan waved people back, and then flipped through the top boundary and Central Level Boundary’s intelligence during this period of time. Even if he was on the back battlefield, he would not be completely ignorant of Starry Sky Tree.

After watching for a while, Xia Yan walked out and came to the base formation, and saw a middle-aged man sitting exhausted, with four or five cultivators waiting next to him. This is the treatment of Language Interpreter on the back battlefield.

Xia Yan is already used to it and walks over.

The middle age person saw Xia Yan appear and quickly got up to salute. Although they were arrogant in front of the other cultivators, they were also afraid to face the base formation Commander-in-chief, who is also Half-Ancestor’s Xia Yan. impudent, “pays respects to Commander-in-chief”.

Xia Yan points nods, said with a smile, “Master Luo has worked hard.”

The middle age person said, “It should be.”

Xia Yan said a few words with Master Luo, nothing more than a statement of concern, “By the way, I heard Master Luo went to Heavenly Master Gu Yan?”.

Master Luo respectfully said, “Yes, I want to go to Heavenly Master whenever I have the opportunity to listen to the teachings of the younger generation. Heavenly Master Gu Yan is the number one Heavenly Master of mankind, and I will be inspired by a few words with him.”

“Go to see Heavenly Master, Heavenly Master’s spirit is better…”.

Listening to Luo Shi’s saying of said respect for Heavenly Master Gu Yan, Xia Yan is not surprised. Although Heavenly Master Gu Yan has a weird temper, many people don’t like him. There are also a group of people in Language Interpreter who don’t like him and follow other Heavenly. Master, but I have to say that there are still a lot of people who admire Heavenly Master Gu Yan. This is one of the reasons why Xia Family values ​​Heavenly Master Gu Yan. Apart from his own ability, his influence cannot be ignored.

Xia Yan recalled the information just recently seen, that Yuhao was actually the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan? real or fake? Xia Ziheng wanted to use him to win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan. He didn’t feel right, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“Fortunately, Heavenly Master is idle, otherwise it will be the same for several decades, and I will not be able to listen to the teachings at all,” Master Luo breathed a sigh of relief.

Xia Yan a thought flashed through the mind, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan has been busy for decades?”.

Master Luo clicked on nods and thought of something, and said, “I heard that I received a discipline, extraordinary natural talent, which is envious.”

“Haven’t you met his discipline?” Xia Yan asked, Stare Master Luo.

Master Luo shook his head, “I haven’t seen it, apart from Heavenly Master Gu Yan, no one should have seen it, but I heard from Xiaocui that look is very beautiful”.

Xia Yan eye light flashed, and Yuhao’s appearance came to mind for the first time, Yuhao, Yuyu Tiancheng, both in the eyes of men and women belong to the type that looks good, is it really him?

“By the way, Heavenly Master Gu Yan is not busy right now, is it his discipline finished apprenticeship?” Xia Yan was curious.

Master Luo said, “Maybe, it’s just that I haven’t been busy in recent months, otherwise I will still not see Heavenly Master.”

In recent months, more and more matches, Yuhao appeared, revenge Xia Zhitong in recent months, it seems that he is really him.

“Heavenly Master is a bit weird,” Master Luo struggled.

Xia Yan eye light flashed, “How to say?”.

Master Luo hesitated.

Xia Yan laughed, “Master Luo don’t have to worry, you can just say anything. You and I have met many times on the back battlefield. If you are comrades-in-arms, can you leave alive? Here are two things to say, what are the taboos.”

Master Luo was right to think about it. He waved his hand to make the people around him retreat, and whispered, “Commander-in-chief, I’ll just say something.”

Xia Yan said, “Don’t worry.”

Master Luo whispered, “Before, Heavenly Master Gu Yan hated Four Way Balance, but just recently I met him and he took the initiative to ask about Cold Immortal Sect. The words were so disgusting and weird. “.

Xia Yan expression slightly changed, Cold Immortal Sect?

“Not only that, he actually asked me that Cold Immortal Sect has a haven’t outstanding descendant, female”, Luo Shidao.

Xia Yan frowned, “What about the others?”

Master Luo shook his head, “Others are just haven’t. I don’t know about Cold Immortal Sect. I know even more impossible that they have haven’t any outstanding female descendants.”

Xia Yan exhales, restored to its original form, with a smile, patted Master Luo on the shoulder, “Maybe Heavenly Master Gu Yan has heard of something, Cold Immortal Sect, whether it is Young Ancestor Bai Shaohong at the beginning or the descendant now Language of Interpretation innate talent, maybe I want to compare his discipline.”

Master Luo said, “Yeah, why didn’t I expect? It must be like this, or Commander-in-chief can see the overall situation.”

Xia Yan laughed, after leaving, turning his back to Master Luo, the whole face sank. Master Luo couldn’t figure it out, how could he not figure it out? If Yuhao is really the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, Heavenly Master Gu Yan Some explanations for this behavior, because at Evoking Virtuous College, there is Cold Immortal Sect, the most outstanding descendant of the time, and the female is said to be very beautiful.

After he returned, he read the information about Yuhao repeatedly, and immediately contacted Xia Ziheng, not allowing Cold Immortal Sect to take the lead, Four Way Balance, Cold Immortal Sect already gradually overwhelmed them, if not for Bai Shaohong decades ago Killed by Lu Xiaoxuan, they were already suppressed. Once Cold Immortal Sect draws in Heavenly Master Gu Yan, it will be completely different.

The ambition of Cold Immortal Sect has long been exposed.

Xia Ziheng received the message from Xia Yan and immediately contacted Wu Taibai at Evoking Virtuous College to let Wu Taibai see Yuhao’s current situation.

At this moment, Lu Yin is drinking tea in Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei is actually very strange. Mr. Haoyu has been looking for her frequently recently, saying that he is studying Origin Treasure Formation, but at his level, why do you look for her to study? The only possibility she can think of is that what she said to him on wasteland is valid.

Does Cold Immortal Sect want to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan? Of course, Bai Weiwei did the same. Didn’t expect the effect is so good.

But it should not be because of her, but because of-Big Senior Sister.

This Yuhao kept mentioning Big Senior Sister, he wouldn’t make the idea of ​​Big Senior Sister, that would be crazy.

Lu Yin stayed at Bai Weiwei at Ban Tian before returning to his stone pillar. Under the stone pillar, he met Wu Taibai.

“Mr. Wu is here to find me?” Lu Yin’s tone was flat, Yuhao’s identity was exposed, and there was no need to disguise enthusiasm.

Wu Taibai said with a smile, “Look for Mr. Haoyu if you have something.”

Lu Yin clicked nods and made a please gesture.

Soon, the two sat down in the courtyard on the stone pillar and said, “Mr. Wu has something to say, in fact, I and you Divine Martial Heaven have said everything.”

Wu Taibai said, “In fact, I came to Mr. Haoyu and Divine Martial Heaven has nothing to do with Divine Martial Heaven, but I want to ask him what he thinks about the experience of leading the team in a few months.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Leading the team to practice? Isn’t that the students’ decision?”.

Wu Taibai said with a smile, “Students decide which tutor will lead the team, and the tutor who leads the team must also decide which students to take. Mister would not think that all students in the college can go.”

Lu Yin has forgotten this point. His mind lies elsewhere and he hasn’t even considered it.

“What does Mr. Wu mean?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Wu Taibai said, “Throwing aside my identity, I am also a college tutor. In my opinion, Mr. Haoyu must be one of the tutors who can lead the team, and I am also somewhat confident, so I want to confirm with my husband List”.

Lu Yin laughed, “You have confidence, but I haven’t, so this list, don’t rush to confirm, wait until I really confirm that it is the leader of the team, and then confirm with Mr. Wu.”

Wu Taibai haven’t reluctantly, “Okay, but there are a few students who want to confirm with Mr. Haoyu, such as Wang Xiaofan, Xia Divine Light, Bai Weiwei and Qingfeng, Liu Que, these people are all right.” .

Lu Yin said, “They are all the best in Academy. Of course, there is no problem. Nong Si Niang should also be added.”

“Natural”, Wu Taibai said with a smile, “So, for the student leader, what do you suggest, Mr.?”.

Lu Yin without the slightest hesitation, “Bai Weiwei”.

Wu Taibai eye light flashed, “Bai Weiwei?”.

Lu Yin nods, “She was born in Cold Immortal Sect, and she knows the top realm. She is strong and has an overall view of the overall situation. She is very suitable as a leader.”

“It seems that Mr. Haoyu knows Bai Weiwei very well,” Wu Taibai said.

Lu Yin said, “During this period of time, I often discussed Language of Interpretation with her. Looking at the many students in the college, I should know her best.”

Wu Taibai points nods, “so that’s how it is.”

“Mr. Haoyu can be here, Bailin visits.” A voice came from under the stone pillar, and it was heard by Lu Yin and Wu Taibai.

Lu Yin expression remained the same, as expected, Wu Taibai was surprised, “Mr. Bai? He came to Mr. Haoyu?”.

Lu Yin said, “I have something to discuss with Mr. Bai, Mr. Wu, don’t give it away.”

Wu Taibai glanced at Lu Yin deeply, and said a few words of leave.

After Wu Taibai leave, Mr. Bai boarded the stone pillar.

Actually, Lu Yin didn’t know that Mr. Bai would come, but he would naturally pretend in front of Wu Taibai.

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