Star Odyssey Chapter 2208


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On the other side, Wu Taibai contacted Xia Ziheng immediately after leaving and explained what he had observed.

Xia Ziheng’s face is ugly, don’t guess. This Yuhao has frequent contact with Bai Weiwei. It is obvious that Cold Immortal Sect is wooing him, and the information sent back through Xia Yan, whether it is Yuhao or Heavenly Master Gu Yan, Begin to lean towards Cold Immortal Sect, this is absolutely not allowed, even if Yuhao is dead, Divine Martial Heaven is completely opposed to Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and Heavenly Master Gu Yan cannot be allowed to join Cold Immortal Sect.

He couldn’t figure out, how could a Yuhao so influential make Heavenly Master Gu Yan, a person who hates Four Way Balance, change his mind.

But then his complexion changed. Since Yuhao has such a big influence, control him, Same can make Heavenly Master Gu Yan lean towards Divine Martial Heaven.

No, it must be resolved as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, he immediately contacted Xia Xing.

“Go now?” Xia Xing frowned.

Xia Ziheng said, “Cold Immortal Sect already take action, I don’t know what promise was given to Yuhao. This Yuhao has frequent contact with Bai Weiwei, and Heavenly Master Gu Yan has also heard news about Cold Immortal Sect several times. Thing”.

Xia Xing is strange, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan has never been in contact with my Four Way Balance. Where did Ziheng Half-Ancestor get the information?”.

“Xia Yan told me directly.” Xia Ziheng patiently explained that although he is Half-Ancestor, he is a sideline after all, and Xia Xing, the master of Divine Martial Heaven, has a huge identity gap. The Half-Ancestor cultivation base smooths out the gap, but it can’t be like ordering Xia Xing to other people’s same, so it has to be explained slowly.

“Xia Yan Half-Ancestor?” Xia Xing thought for a while and contacted the back battlefield.

Xia Ziheng’s face is ugly, this is not to trust him, but he can’t help it.

Shortly after, Xia Xing put down the Cloud Communicating Stone and carefully analyzed the situation that Xia Yan and Xia Ziheng had said. If all the information is true, the situation is indeed serious.

Four Way Balance internal battles are getting more and more fierce. If it hadn’t been for Long Qi to kill Bai Shaohong, Bai Xian’er breakthrough and yet haven’t succeeded, all three of them would be suppressed. Once Heavenly Master Gu Yan joined Cold Immortal Sect was a huge blow to them.

Not only that, he has to consider the reputation of Divine Martial Heaven.

Yu Hao, this person must not fall into Cold Immortal Sect, otherwise everyone will laugh at Divine Martial Heaven. Divine Martial Heaven uses Xia Zhitong to plot against Yu Family to deter Starry Sky Tree, but in the end it fulfills Cold Immortal Sect, like this. Shame, let alone him, even if Old Ancestor can’t accept it, he will never look up.

“Yuhao must my guarantee?” Xia Xing asked.

Xia Ziheng has a headache. “This child is determined to ask you, the Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, to give a guarantee.”

Xia Xing laughed, “trifling several decades, it did change a person, he is smarter”.

Xia Ziheng raised her eyebrows, what does this mean? Admit Yuhao’s words? It was tantamount to denying his Half-Ancestor’s promise, which made Xia Ziheng uncomfortable, but there was no way.

Faced with the pressure of Cold Immortal Sect, Xia Xing haven’t hesitated again and set off to leave Divine Martial Heaven and moved towards Central Level Boundary. Heavenly Master Gu Yan is either neutral or can only belong to his Xia Family. Otherwise he cannot accept it.

Beside the lake, facing a pair of puzzled eye lights, Lu Yin said with a smile, “So some ancient book records may not be false. I read a lot of ancient books in Shuge and finally determined a place. It is Mangshan in the Clear Moon Region. The original Wenzu happened in Huaiyuan that other people didn’t know. For us, everything that happened to Wenzu is what we need to know. Maybe it is with Fire Phoenix. Dim Phoenix related”.

“Sir, are you going to Mangshan to investigate?” Nong Si Niang raised his hand and asked.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “must go”.

“Can you take me, then?”, Nong Siniang’s eye light is bright, with anticipation.

A girl next to her also raised her hand quickly, “I want to go too.”

“I also want to accompany Mr. Haoyu.”

“Me too”.

The stuttering fatty raises his hand, “Me, me, and me too”.

Lu Yin pressed his hand and said with a smile, “The academy’s rules, haven’t reached the standard, must not leave Yixian District, and students must not leave Academy at will.”

“We can apply.” Nong Si Niang very much hopes to accompany Lu Yin out and go on a scenic tour with Mr. Haoyu. What a great opportunity.

Lu Yin nods, “Well, if I can apply, I will take you there.”

Nong Siniang was excited, “It’s agreed, sir”.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends.

At the end of a class, many students ran away and wanted to apply to accompany Lu Yin to Huaiyuan to investigate the place where the ancient book records the Chinese ancestors. Lu Yin also returned to the stone pillar and waited quietly.

Not long after, Nong Siniang came excitedly, “Sir, I have applied, and I can go to Huaiyuan with you together.”

Lu Yin eye light Yi Lin, then, it’s time.

Before the class, he received a letter from Unbounded saying that Xia Xing had left Divine Martial Heaven and would land on the Central Level Boundary through Mother Tree. The landing was Huaiyuan. Lu Yin asked Unbounded to set the assassination location at Huaiyuan. Border, the Clear Moon Region he was going to Mangshan was not too far from Huaiyuan, and Nong Siniang was the witness to Mangshan.

It is not so easy for the master of Four Way Balance to act according to his layout, and Lu Yin will not miss any chance.

One day later, Lu Yin and Nong Siniang came to Clear Moon Region. Nong Siniang was very happy. No one else applied. Only she succeeded. Mr. Haoyu is her alone. The more I think about it, the happier I am. However, she didn’t know that at this moment, Mr. Haoyu was already replaced by another person, replaced by -Tong Yu, the real Lu Yin, which was not right. Mr. Haoyu, who was actually disguised by Lu Yin, had gone to Huaiyuan.

At the same time, Xia Xing also boarded the Cloud Ladder and moved towards Central Level Boundary, disguising her identity.

As the master of Divine Martial Heaven, I usually don’t leave easily, even if the leave is secret, it will not only cause chaos, but also it’s possible to attract murderous intention.

There are too many people who hate Four Way Balance. Usually, those people hide and dare not show up because it is not worth it. Once the news of his appearance as the Lord of Divine Martial Heaven is exposed, many people will moth flies into the flame Generally, he is not afraid of killing, but he is also annoying.

All the way down to Huaiyuan, Xia Xing casually showed the Four Way Balance identity and let the Smoke Cloud Sect cultivator guarding the Cloud Ladder be released respectfully.

It’s been a long time since I came to Central Level Boundary. Xia Xing looked all around, then looked up and smiled. The Old Ancestor’s decision was too correct at the time, not to exile Lu Family. How is this top level theirs?

He still remembers the years when he looked up to Lu Family, and since then, those days are gone forever.

With a comfortable mood, Xia Xing moved towards Yixian District.

Passing the Huaiyuan Cold Gate all the way, Xia Xing didn’t even look at it. Although Cold Gate is big, but also Four Way Balance is unwilling to care about it. At the beginning, the remnant of Lu Family Lu Xiaoxuan escape, Cold Gate also helped. Account, Four Way Balance remember, sooner or later, I will pay it back, and Yixian Academy is also the same.

Four Way Balance will solve the mess of disobedience left by Lu Family.

Soon, Xia Xing saw the Clear Moon Region, as long as it crossed the Clear Moon Region, it was not far from Yixian District.

In front, a bright light flashed, Xia Xing eye light was attracted, and then, a deep drum sound came, every beat and his heart beat the same frequency, Xia Xing eye light opened sharply, deep in the eyes With the meaning of ice cold, someone wants to take action on him.

He tore the void and tried to leave. Since the other party takes action, he must know his identity and strength. Even so, he still needs to take action. There is only one explanation. If the other party is sure, he is in danger. Can only leave first.

Suddenly, the earth shattered, and the black nets enveloped the earth at no time, lifted into the air from the bottom of the earth, moved towards him and wrapped it around, like catching a fish.

Xia Xing screams, “This method, are you Unbounded people?”.

No one answered him. The light in the distance was getting more and more dazzling, replacing all the colors he could see, only that light was left. At the same time, the drums kept accelerating, making his heart beat faster, causing Xia Xing’s body shook, and he couldn’t shuttle void.

Black’s net instantly covers heaven and earth, enveloping Xia Xing.

Xia Xing was furious, “You Unbounded courting death, after today, I will launch Four Way Balance to completely wipe out Unbounded”, said, Divine Martial Astral Aura appeared on the body, waved, and constantly tore the black net, this The net is made of special materials by Unbounded. It is specially designed to deal with the cultivator more than six times of Origin Tribulation. It succeeded not only once. The net is not black, but it becomes black because of the poison of Unsolvable. Of course, it also contains blood.

Unbounded has assassinated six cultivators above Origin Tribulation several times, and even assassinated Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master, but has never attacked Divine Martial Heaven. This time, Xing’s Divine Martial Astral Aura made them completely unprepared. The black net is useless.

Not only that, the Divine Martial Astral Aura on Xia Xing’s body surface continuously distorted void, and then turned into an armor-like form to wear on the body, the armor continued to grow, and finally turned into 100 meters tall giant overlooking heaven and earth, Divine Martial Astral Aura The transformed giant, as if conscious, raised his hand to tear open the black net, facing the distance with a palm, breaking the void where the bright light was.

Far away, Lu Yin watched quietly, eye light surprised, that’s it?

“Divine Martial Transformation, Divine Martial Heaven’s perfect Combat Technique, can only be successful if Divine Martial Astral Aura is cultivated to extreme realm. Cultivate Divine Martial Transformation does not look at the cultivation base, but only depends on the understanding of Divine Martial Astral Aura, but Legend has it that Divine Martial Heaven has not been trained in Divine Martial Transformation for nearly ten thousand years. Only Xia Shenfei has done it. This Xia Xing is so hidden, no wonder it can be the master of Divine Martial Heaven.” Kui Luo said with emotion.

“Will Xia Shenfei too?” Lu Yin was surprised. When he was playing against the Fourth Minor Group in Domination Boundary, Xia Shenfei did not use Divine Martial Transformation.

In the distance, Xia Xing used Divine Martial Transformation to break the Unbounded murderous intention forcefully, and the drum sound disappeared, at the same position as the light. However, now, there is only the broken void in that position, and even the Unbounded killer’s body cannot be seen.

However, Unbounded is not so easy to solve, otherwise I would never have dared to assassinate Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master, but it was assassinated in Cold Immortal Sect sect.

Starry Sky Tree, only the original Lu Family was something that Unbounded didn’t dare to provoke. Other forces, Unbounded have nothing to fear.

On the body of Xia Xing, the giant transformed by Divine Martial Transformation suddenly looked in one direction. An old woman walked out from there, her face was withered, and her height was only one meter. She gave out a weird smile, “didn’t expect the old woman to live in Kill a Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, the blessing of three lifetimes, hahahaha”.

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