Star Odyssey Chapter 2210


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Looking at the boundless Star Crystal Essence under his feet, Lu Yin took a few deep breaths. This is the smell of money and the smell of power.

One day, he can no longer care about consumption, and he will have a wave of unscrupulous improvement.

“I don’t understand why you want so many Star Crystal Essences. You cultivated Star Origin, not Star Energy.” Ancestor Wu was strange, constantly looking at Lu Yin, she felt that this guy had a secret.

Lu Yin coughed, “Senior, that, can you, that is, can Junior put away the mirror?”.

Ancestor Wu raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean? Don’t let me appear? Abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal? Little Brat, you can do it”.

Lu Yin hurriedly smiled and promised, “Junior has secrets. This is not to hide Senior, but Junior’s secrets are really inconvenient for people to see. Like this, Junior gives Senior a guarantee.” Lu Yin expressed solemnity, “Just the In the past few days, let Senior come out with the greatest possible chance.”

Ancestor Wu’s eyes widened, “Let me come out? Are you sure? Do you have this ability?”.

Lu Yin affirmed, “Try it, so, Senior, can you?” Before he finished speaking, Ancestor Wu returned to the mirror and left a sentence before leaving, “I take it seriously, if you can’t do it , Don’t expect me to help you in the future”.

Lu Yin put away the mirror. He didn’t doubt Ancestor Wu’s determination. After all, he was one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas. He was used by the Origin Tribulation cultivator so many times and didn’t know anything. It was really unhappy.

But his innate talent can’t be exposed just like that. Kui Luo already saw it, but he didn’t know the details. Ancestor Wu didn’t necessarily see it clearly. They had different visions.

Will you not expose it without exposing it?

But when it comes to this, you have to find a way to help Ancestor Wu get out of trouble, so the first thing to improve is naturally-needle.

He wants to upgrade the slippers, but even if the Young Ancestor star has a lot of resources, it may not be enough to upgrade the slippers. According to a rough estimate, each Young Ancestor star has 300,000,000,000 to 500 billion cubic Star Crystal Essence, and the slippers want to upgrade. It must be in trillions of dollars. He doesn’t want to come here to just upgrade one slippers. Even if the slippers are raised to the point where they can shoot Ancestral Realm, it’s useless to him. He can’t get close to Ancestral Realm. At present, the power is enough. Lift the needle with confidence.

Among all the foreign objects in his body, the only one that can be promoted to help Ancestor Wu is the needle. When Ancestor Wu came out, he could have the strength of Half-Ancestor. It also relied on needles and slippers.

The Young Ancestor star where he is now is the Divine Martial Young Ancestor star. The guardian is both Senior and several Star Envoy stunned. Lu Yin raises his hand, dice appears, a finger pointed, he needs only three point.

He haven’t so big Congealing Space Ring takes away the Star Crystal Essence on Young Ancestor star, so even if it rolls to four o’clock, entering the Static Time Dimension is useless.

Luck was not very good. The first time was two o’clock, the second time was four o’clock. He spent nearly a year in Static Time Dimension and cultivated Starry Sky Technique. He originally planned to upgrade all Star Crystal Essence in Congealing Space Ring. , Anyway, in the Static Time Dimension, it must be able to shake to three points, but after thinking about it, it is still haven’t, and concentrate on cultivating Starry Sky Technique.

The third time it was shaken to five o’clock, and it wasn’t until the fourth time that it was three o’clock.

Looking at the two upper and lower light curtains, Lu Yin moved his arm, and his physical work came. He was about to move Star Crystal Essence.

Lu Yin thought that the needle promotion would consume a lot, because today’s needles can break through the Half-Ancestor Inner World, which belongs to the Half-Ancestor. If you raise it, you may touch the Ancestral Realm level, but he still didn’t. t expect Raising a needle will consume that many, which is exaggerated.

Four thousand 60 billion, a full four thousand 60 billion cubic Star Crystal Essence.

Looking at the needle that has not changed much, Lu Yin swallowed saliva and said, this is the time he has promoted the most.

The entire Star Crystal Essence on Divine Martial Young Ancestor has been consumed for most of the time, leaving only the first floor on the surface to prevent it from being seen by the chef in Wangzulou.

The consumption of so much money, even with his current eyesight trembling.

Slowly picked up the needle, it looked no different.

After touching it, it was still so cold, Lu Yin did not dare to experiment to prevent the destruction of something from being seen by the God of Cookery.

He looked at Congealing Space Ring and then at Young Ancestor star.

There is nothing to improve on this Young Ancestor star. Thinking about it, he took out the mirror and asked Ancestor Wu to take him to the next Young Ancestor star.

Ancestor Wu glanced subconsciously after coming out, his face was strange in surprise, and some couldn’t think, “Where is that many crystal essence?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “Senior, Junior’s secrets are really inconvenient to tell you, but don’t worry, after leaving here, Junior is confident that he can help you break more micro.”

Ancestor Wu glanced at Lu Yin deeply, did not say anything, and took him to the next Young Ancestor star.

This is the Star of White Dragon Young Ancestor. Lu Yin was here to make Nong Lie unable to help Long Tian, ​​thus obtaining the qualification to enter the Domination Boundary.

He also consumes some Star Crystal Essence here, but it is very small for the entire White Dragon Young Ancestor star.

The mirror was also included in the Congealing Space Ring. Lu Yin had already thought about the next thing to improve, precisely-the dead wood of the years.

Ancestor Ku has a very high status in Lu Yin’s heart. Although he hasn’t Ancestor Chen’s domineering and invincible, haven’t Ancestor Hui’s unparalleled wisdom, and haven’t Ancestor Fu’s magical unpredictability, but to be able to fight, Ancestor Ku recognizes the first. I guess no one would dare to recognize the second. Even Ancestor Wu said that Ancestor Ku belongs to the undying monster. Forgotten Ruins God Wang Miaomiao also mentioned this.

And Ancestor Ku dared to rush to Eternal Clan alone, his confidence comes from his strength.

The dead wood of the years, the rare treasure left by precisely Ancestor Ku.

Lu Yin has the ability of the spring comes upon a withered tree. However, the first two words for years withered tree are years, which means time. He has been thinking about where Ancestor Ku is linked to time? Even Ku Family haven’t any Ancestor Ku has a record of time power.

Only Ku Rong said that Ancestor Ku mastered the power of time, but only the spring comes upon a withered tree.

Lu Yin feels that the dead wood of the years is not for nothing. With Ancestor Ku’s low-key personality, he has only heaven knows.

Lu Yin has seen the power of time of Wendy Yushan and Chu Yuan, traveled through time and space, and almost saw human history. His desire for time is extremely strong. Even if there is a chance, he wants to try.

Looking at the dead wood with peace of mind, Lu Yin rested for ten days, a finger pointed, and started shaking dice.

Looking at dice slowly spinning, and then stopped. At six o’clock, his eye light brightened and appeared in Dark Space, surrounded by bright or dark light clusters. He didn’t want to waste time, so he directly found a brighter one. The light group blends in.

Open your eyes, there is a killing battlefield, all around it is dark, and the soles of the feet are huge base formations, here is the back battlefield.

In front of Lu Yin, several Corpse Kings attacked. He subconsciously avoided. This body has five Origin Tribulation cultivation bases and easily retreats into the Star Origin universe. The Corpse Kings who have teamed up to besie him all have Star Envoy combat power, one of the Corpse King can be transformed into a green pupil, the physical body is extremely powerful, and he has a weird innate talent. He is the person who Lu Yin blends into.

Memory keeps pouring in, Lu Yin knows who this person is.

The fourth base formation Command Lord —— Jiu Zizai is also the most powerful Command Lord in the fourth base formation, equivalent to Lu Yin, the second base formation Command Lord Zuo that Lu Yin has seen, and his cultivation base is still Command Above Lord Zuo, it can be regarded as the fourth base formation second only to Commander-in-chief.

If it’s just these, Lu Yin will just withdraw from the integration.

But he actually discovered through memory that this person was actually Red Back. The second war he encountered when he entered the back battlefield a thousand years ago was developed as Red Back. In that battle, he should have died, but Defeated, killed his comrades, and begged Eternal Clan for mercy. Uneasy Season, one of Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons, developed into Red Back.

For nearly a thousand years, he did nothing, and Uneasy Season did not let him do anything. He just tried to avoid spreading to him when attacking the second base formation, and he himself, because of the extraordinary natural talent, has never just entered The Enlightenment Realm cultivation base on the back battlefield had a smooth breakthrough all the way to Origin Tribulation five times, and all the achievements he made were sent deliberately by Uneasy Season, just to make him climb higher.

Now this person is already the fourth base formation and the strongest Command Lord, second only to Commander-in-chief, and the second only to Commander-in-chief. If you break through, it will be useful to Uneasy Season.

Through this person’s memory, Lu Yin knew that Uneasy Season didn’t let him do anything on the back battlefield. The five base formations are a whole. Even if this person becomes a Half-Ancestor or a Commander-in-chief of a certain base formation, he cannot Control the war.

Uneasy Season wants this person to return to the Starry Sky Tree from the back battlefield. Only then can his role be played out.

Imagine that an expert who has gone through a thousand years of fighting on the back battlefield and reached six Origin Tribulation or even seven Origin Tribulation cultivation bases once he returns to the Starry Sky Tree, he will surely become the target of all forces and he will become the Starry Sky Tree. One of the biggest Red Back.

Looking at these memories, Lu Yin was deeply shocked. Many people think that the back battlefield is the front line blocking Eternal Clan. This is indeed the biggest barrier to protect the Starry Sky Tree, but Eternal Clan thinks this is a development. The land of Red Back.

There are definitely many people like Jiu Zizai on the back battlefield. Eternal Clan sees the weakness of human nature. As long as he wants to survive, he is likely to become a spy Red Back. Eternal Clan can develop unscrupulously on the back battlefield, and then Let them return to Starry Sky Tree.

People who like this are the least likely to be suspected by others. Even Cold Gate dare not interrogate these people at will, which will cause a lot of backlash.

Lu Yin controlled Jiu Zizai’s body to fight against Corpse King. He almost couldn’t help but want to commit suicide. But think about it, it’s still haven’t. Since Jiu Zizai is known to be Red Back, then this person has nothing to hide. Through him, perhaps you can use Eternal Clan in turn and know the secret of Eternal Clan.

This person has never done anything bad to the fourth base formation so far. On the contrary, Uneasy Season has created a lot of credit for him. These credits are all due to Corpse King’s life.

Lu Yin suddenly had a weird idea. If a large number of people take refuge in Eternal Clan and become Red Back, will Eternal Clan continue to make military exploits for them in order to get them to the top? And those people’s exploits will cause Eternal Clan to lose How many?

If those people are really Red Back, Eternal Clan’s loss is naturally worthwhile, but what if it is fake?

Once this idea appeared, it could not be contained. Lu Yin eye light became brighter and brighter, so that it was almost shot by Corpse King without notice.

These Corpse Kings don’t know that Jiu Zi is Red Back. They are really fighting. Only the Corpse Kings at the top who can threaten Jiu Zi are aware of them and create opportunities for him at critical moments.

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