Star Odyssey Chapter 2210


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Unbounded is the Assassin Organization. The most important thing is that they know who Red Back is Red Back and who is spy, but they just don’t act. They only have interest in their hearts. Once humans are utterly defeated, they must take refuge in Eternal Clan and Tian Dou. Same, this is what Lu Yin hates most, he is a quasi-traitor.

Just when Xia Xing was assassinated, far away in Clear Moon Region, a good show was also staged. Yuhao, who was disguised by Tong Yu, clashed with the branch of Xia Family Clear Moon Region, and the conflict was not small.

Xia Family has too many branches in Starry Sky Tree, generally Great Family is the same, Clear Moon Region also has Xia Family branch, Family Owner is Xia Ru.

This person, Lu Yin still knows, and when he escaped Starry Sky Tree, he also borrowed Xia Ru to reach Cloud Ladder. Because of this, Xia Ru was punished by Divine Martial Heaven very miserably.

But this is not the most miserable. Xia Ru doesn’t even know that his big brother Zhu Xian has an affair with his wife.

This time, Lu Yin asked Tong Yu to pretend to be Yuhao and pass by Xia Ru’s place specifically to create a contradiction. He not only asked Nong Si Niang to be a witness, but also Xia Ru, they are all witnesses, otherwise once Xia Family suspects Xia Xing’s accident was related to him, even if it was only a little bit, he couldn’t bear the consequences, and Yu Hao’s identity should not be a problem for the time being.

“Yuhao, you are bully intolerably”, Xia Ru fiercely stared at the youngster in front of him and roared.

This person precisely Tong Yu Yu Hao in disguise, Mr. Hao Yu in the eyes of Nong Si Niang.

Now, Nong Si Niang is sluggish, Yuhao, the husband is that Yuhao?

For Yuhao, how could she not know that Four Way Balance uses Yu Family to deter Starry Sky Tree. The main deterrent objects are Nong Family, Liu Family and other Great Family that support Lu Family. These Great Family can’t move, but And they didn’t want them to help Lu Family’s surviving minister, and that’s what happened to Yu Family.

Nong Siniang has heard of Yuhao’s rumors, and has heard a version of not only. She sympathizes and despises Yuhao. A man was bullied by Xia Zhitong into that way, and finally committed suicide. It was really useless.

When she killed her, she never thought that Mr. Haoyu, whom she respected, turned out to be that Yuhao.

Xia Ru knows Yuhao, that’s why we have this scene. Otherwise, they would have trouble finding Xia Ru and they would have no meaning. It’s time for Yuhao’s identity to be made public.

Tong Yu pretends to be Yuhao, stare Xia Ru coldly, “Did you forget what happened back then?”.

Xia Ru’s face is ugly, what happened back then? He glanced at his wife, screams, with a guilty conscience, “Yuhao, what do you want?”.

Tong Yu indifferently said, “Kneel down.”

Xia Ru complexion changed.

On the side, Madam Xia and Zhu Xian looked at each other, Zhu Xian stepped forward, “Yuhao, no matter what happened at the beginning, you are always Xia Family members.”

Tong Yu random point, Star Origin erased Zhu Xian within the body Star Energy, knocked him out, and slammed him heavily on the ground, “There is no place for you to speak.”

Zhu Xian reached the breaking point of the breakthrough Star Envoy decades ago, but until now he has not dared to break through. This kind of thing is too common. It is normal for many cultivators to drag several hundred to above 1000 years.

Xia Ru was furious, but facing Yuhao, who had the Star Envoy cultivation base on the surface, he was helpless and could only kneel down, but the resentment in his eyes could not be hidden. How could he be the branch Family Owner.

Tong Yu turned around and left, “Si Niang, go.”

Nong Siniang awakened like a dream, and hurriedly followed.

After they left, Xia Ru got up and clenched his fists. His wife said angrily, “This Yuhao is not dead and has become a Star Envoy. Tell the family quickly. The family will not let him go.”

“I know”, Xia Ru gritted his teeth, stare and they left behind, but they were also somewhat guilty. At the beginning, he also had a better time with Xia Zhitong, in Yufu.

Xia Family and Yu Family married, he went to Yucheng to congratulate him, and then naturally had a relationship with Xia Zhitong, that woman made him linger, which is one of the reasons why Yuhao troubled him.

He doesn’t suspect that this Yuhao is fake, otherwise how could he know about it?

Lu Yin, of course, knew from Kui Luo. On the surface, Kui Luo didn’t care about Yuhao’s life or death. Even when he was really dead, he didn’t take revenge, but he was worried about a love. I went too, but hidden in the dark and saw a lot of things.

So Kui Luo didn’t stop Yuhao from committing suicide. Yuhao’s heart was already dead.

Tong Yu pretended to be Yuhao and deliberately asked for trouble with the Xia Family branch, and then took Nong Si Niang to leave to investigate Clear Moon Region Mangshan.

After leaving Xia Family branch, Nong Siniang was silent all the way.

The order that Tong Yu received was to pretend to be Mr. Haoyu, so that Siniang Nong could know his true identity. As for what Siniang Nong thinks, Tong Yu haven’t bother. She is not Lu Yin pretending to be Yuhao. No need to think about this girl.

Just after Tong Yu took Nong Siniang to Mang Mountain, Nong Siniang said, “Sir, you are really that Yuhao?”.

Tong Yu thought for a while, “Yes.”

Nong Si Niang pursed her mouth, she didn’t know what to say, she looked at Mr. Haoyu in front of her, with a stern face, he deliberately troubled the branch of just recently Xia Family, just to vent, he, experienced Human World is a huge tragedy.

Since I learned that Mr. Haoyu is that Yuhao, Nong Si Niang doesn’t know what she should think, sympathize? disdain? indifferent? Still as usual? she does not know.

It seems that Mr. Haoyu in front of me is no longer the former Mr. Haoyu.

Tong Yu doesn’t care what the little girl thinks, and after investigating the makeup, he takes her to the Academy again.

A few days later, at the border of Yixian District, Tong Yu left. Lu Yin once again exchange appearance Cheng Yuhao appeared in front of Nong Si Niang. Without saying a word, he took her back to the Academy in such a calm manner.

Just when he arrived at the Academy, Lu Yin took the initiative to speak, “Everyone has a past. Whether it is sad or happy, it is already history. We have to be responsible for history. That’s why there is the course of Exploration, but not Will be trapped in history, the greatest advantage of mankind is wisdom, mankind will progress.”

Nong Siniang’s eye light looks at Lu Yin’s back intricately, is it progressing? Is the history of this person so easy to forget?

Lu Yin suddenly turned around and smiled at Nong Siniang, “Would you like to tell me about bedwetting when I was a child?”.

Nong Siniang’s face flushed suddenly, “Well, there is no bedwetting, sir.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Should I look at you now or at that time?”.

Nong Siniang’s mind was shocked, the confusion of the past few days disappeared, the depression in her heart opened, and a long-lost smile appeared on her face, “I understand, sir”.

Lu Yin laughed, “Although haven’t harvested this time, extracurricular practice is also a compulsory course for students. Go back. By the way, don’t be stingy with the credits.”

Nong Siniang clicked on nods and rolled her eyes, “Sir, you actually went to Clear Moon Region deliberately”.

Lu Yin eye light shone, disappeared in an instant, and haven’t been seen, “How to say?”.

“You are actually looking for trouble with Clear Moon Region Xia Family, I guess right,” said Nong Si Niang with interest.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, “Guess it yourself”, and leave after speaking.

Nong Si Niang looked at the back of Lu Yin leave, and it took a long time to haven’t came back to his senses before patted her own face, “Who used to be none of your business? Si Niang, don’t get too much Think, don’t think too much”, Nong Si Niang said to herself, but then contacted who, “Brother, your sister, I was bullied, who? Xia Zhitong, I’ll find her trouble…”.

On the other side, after Lu Yin returned to the stone pillar, he took out his personal terminal, inserted a piece of crystal card, the video appeared, and the whole process of Tong Yu pretending to be Yuhao looking for Xia Ru troubles was displayed. In order to prevent himself from being investigated by Divine Martial Heaven, Lu Yin asked Tong Yu to prepare.

He wants to make sure that he really went to Xia Family to make trouble, and he can’t let go of any details.

Xia Xing came to Central Level Boundary because of herself. There is no shortage of smart people anywhere. Divine Martial Heaven may not turn her attention to her side, and she cannot be suspected by them for the time being.

As for Xia Xing, don’t move in a hurry, he is afraid that this person will have some undetectable means to leave a trace on Divine Martial Heaven, waiting for Divine Martial Heaven to investigate.

Xia Xing went out alone, and his death haven’t quickly spread to Divine Martial Heaven, but as a Sect’s Master and one of Four Way Balance’s Sect Master, it is bound to be abnormal for a few consecutive days to disappear.

Finally on the 3rd day when Xia Xing was captured by Lu Yin, Divine Martial Heaven comprehensively investigated the road he walked, Four Way Balance countless people put the eye light in the place where Huaiyuan and Clear Moon Region meet, Xia Xing ,Precisely was ambushed in this place.

The place where Xia Xing was ambushed, the battle traces are quite obvious, and the void is still unstable. If it is not for the Central Level Boundary to be too large, the action on Xia Xing will inevitably attract expert attention.

Xia Ziheng looked at Mother Tree calmly. Around him, a crowd of Divine Martial Heaven cultivators blocked void, constantly investigating what.

After a while, an old man whispered, “It’s Unbounded, void still has the poison of the black net, and looking at the traces, it’s Unbounded’s usual method of ambushing the expert.”

Xia Ziheng frowned, “Unbounded, anyone can deal with Sect Master?”.

“I don’t know. Unbounded has always been mysterious. They even dared to enter the Cold Immortal Sect to assassinate. As long as the price is enough, there is nothing they dare not do”, the old man said, but then he was puzzled, “But even if Unbounded is capable Ambush Sect Master, the time is too late, after Sect Master decides to set off Central Level Boundary and then here, in such a short time, why is Unbounded ready? Unless”.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light opened sharply, “Unless someone has contacted Unbounded in advance to prepare them for an ambush, make sure Sect Master will come to Central Level Boundary.”

The old man bends down slightly and doesn’t say much anymore. Since Xia Ziheng guessed it, he doesn’t have to say anything, and if the guess comes true, then it’s not for him to intervene. He can understand the whereabouts of Sect Master and the entire Divine Martial. How many people can Heaven have? He can afford none of them, it is best to avoid.

Xia Ziheng was the first to think of Yuhao, apart from him, who else would know that Sect Master came to Central Level Boundary?

As the master of Divine Martial Heaven, I usually don’t leave sect. Even if Unbounded has the intelligence to monitor the traces of Xia Xing, there is no time to arrange it. Only if the assassination candidate is determined long ago can we arrange it in such a short time.

Yuhao, will it be him?

“Check me the traces of Mr. Haoyu from Yixian College”, Xia Ziheng ordered to go down.

Divine Martial Heaven is a huge monster. With an order, countless people move around, but at Ban Tian time, Haoyu’s traces appeared in front of Xia Ziheng.

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