Star Odyssey Chapter 2211


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Xia Ziheng looked at the recorded whereabouts of Haoyu, “He went to Clear Moon Region the past few days?”.

A man said solemnly, “Yes, there was a conflict with Xia Ru of the Clear Moon Region branch, and he let Xia Ru kneel in public.”

“When?” Xia Ziheng asked.

The man said, “Just three days ago, according to the traces, it should have been killed at the same time as Sect Master.”

Xia Ziheng looked towards the direction of Xia Ru’s house in the Clear Moon Region. Forget it, “Let Xia Ru come over, no”, he looked towards the man, “Go to Xia Ru’s house in person, and as soon as you come back, Tell me the time and bring Xia Ru to me.”

“Yes”, after speaking, the man disappeared.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light flickered and looked up. Sect Master is missing. I don’t know who is taking the action. Unbounded recognizes wealth. If they take action, someone must buy it. Unbounded can assassinate Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master. The price is definitely not small. The person who bought it has a great background. A Yuhao has a low probability, unless there is someone behind him. ?

Behind him apart from Heavenly Master Gu Yan, who else is there?

Xia Ziheng suddenly discovered that Yuhao’s appearance was too abrupt and troublesome.

This person’s appearance not only made them find a way to win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan, even Cold Immortal Sect was also involved, but also included Yixian College. Although it seems that these things have little to do with this person, he is passive. I just want to get revenge on some people from Xia Zhitong, but it doesn’t seem to be that simple to connect one line.

He never believed that Xia Xing’s accident was accidental.

Lu Yin, who is far away in Yixian Academy, didn’t know that Divine Martial Heaven started investigating the disappearance of Xia Xing. Divine Martial Heaven was the first to know about it, and it will spread to Four Way Balance next, and finally reach him This.

Once he knows it all, it means that the entire Starry Sky Tree is understood.

And he was still in the same class as usual, giving students the Language of Interpretation, as if nothing happened.

On the border of Huaiyuan, the man came back and brought Xia Ru, and Xia Ziheng also knew the time of the man’s round trip.

Xia Ru stands respectfully, Xia Ziheng in front of him is the ancestor of the first branch of the Xia Family. Not only that, but he is also a Half-Ancestor. Xia Family Patriarch saw the difference from him that he dare not neglect. It is Heaven and Earth. He never dreamed that he would one day talk to people like this.

Xia Ziheng looked at Xia Ru. This person is a standard Xia Family branch. Facing the upper person trembling with fear, this is the purpose of Xia Family. Branches can never resist the main line. The more remote the branch, the lower the status. Only like this can guarantee the absolute orthodoxy of Xia Family Owner.

“Don’t be nervous, Xia Ru, right?” Xia Ziheng spoke lightly, speaking as slow as possible.

Xia Ru breathes deeply, “Little man Xia Ru, pays respects to Ziheng ancestor”.

Xia Ziheng said, “I came to you to ask something, don’t be too nervous.”

Xia Ru respectfully said, “My ancestors, please say, the villain must know everything.”

Xia Ziheng nods, “I ask you, Yuhao, have you been to your place?”.

Xia Ru’s face turned pale, and she looked at Xia Ziheng in fear, “Ancestor Ziheng, he, he has been to mine”.

“Tell me more specifically, especially time. Tell me everything you have said to him,” Xia Ziheng said slowly.

Xia Ru swallowed saliva and said, how did this get to Ziheng Half-Ancestor? He is Half-Ancestor, what do you do with this kind of thing? Did he understood his affairs with Xia Zhitong? It shouldn’t be. How can you and Xia Zhitong be in the eyes of Half-Ancestor?

“en?” Xia Ziheng glared at him, “Why, not willing?”.

Xia Ru hurriedly said, “Yes, of course I do, but the villain is thinking about how to be more specific, and dare not say a word wrong.”

Xia Ziheng is satisfied. This is the attitude of the remote branch of Xia Family. He is respectful and dare not defy even death.

Xia Ru seriously recalled what happened that day, and said a word, even a movement, clearly.

Following his description, the scene of Heavenly Jade Hao making trouble for them clearly appeared in Xia Ziheng’s mind, and the time was similar to Divine Martial Heaven’s calculation of Xia Xing’s battle with people, and then based on the time between the two places. , Impossible is Yuhao, he doesn’t have the time to go back and forth, unless he arrives in an instant, only Half-Ancestor can do it.

And I confirmed with Xia Ru that Yuhao was definitely the one who troubled him.

Yuhao is nothing but Star Envoy, which is impossible anyway.

Although it was not Yuhao who did it, he did not rule out the news that Xia Xing will come to Central Level Boundary.

One day later, Xia Ziheng came to Yixian Academy and went directly to Lu Yin, which naturally attracted Wen Chairman.

“Ziheng Half-Ancestor, what I have to say last time, unless Xia Xing Sect Master guarantees, otherwise I will not believe you”, Lu Yin said directly in front of Wen Chairman.

Xia Ziheng stare Lu Yin, “Sect Master will definitely give you a guarantee, but I want to ask you something.”

“Xia Ziheng, what do you mean? Mr. Haoyu made it clear already, you can just let Xia Xing come.” Wen Chairman was impatient.

Xia Ziheng looked at Lu Yin and said, “Mr. Haoyu has been to Clear Moon Region Xia Family and has a conflict with Xia Family?”.

Wen Chairman looked towards Lu Yin in surprise.

Lu Yin does not shy away, “good”.

“Tell me in detail,” Xia Ziheng said indifferently.

Wen Chairman frowned, “Xia Ziheng, does a little conflict need your Half-Ancestor to come? When do you Xia Family value branches so much?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “No matter the main line or the branch line, I am a member of the Xia Family, there is nothing to value or not to value.”

Wen Chairman laughed, as if he heard the most ridiculous words under the stars. The laughing Xia Ziheng was quite upset. He was in a bad mood because of Xia Xing’s accident. “Wenlai, what do you mean? Look down on me Xia Family?”.

Wen Chairman almost couldn’t breathe with a smile, “This is really Starry Sky Tree, no, it’s the biggest joke in the history of mankind, do you Xia Family value branches? hahahaha”.

Lu Yin also wanted to laugh. When it comes to the oppression of the branch veins, Xia Family dares to be the second. I guess no one dares to be the first. No, there is one, White Night Clan, directly enslaving the Night King lineage with the Imprisonment Technique. But strictly speaking Night King lineage is not a branch line, it is also the main line, but it is the main line that competes for defeated.

With a bang, Xia Zi smashed the stone table in anger, “Wen Lai, are you laughing at me Xia Family?”.

Chairman has exhales and smiles at the corners of his mouth. “If you really value your branch lines, you won’t be overwhelmed by Cold Immortal Sect. You will have another name in Xia Family history-Xia Shang.”

Xia Ziheng’s eye light shrank, Xia Shang and Ancestor Chen are taboos of Xia Family, no one dares to mention.

“No, right? I remembered that the name Xia Shang is in your Xia Family genealogy. Speaking of which is still cruel to you. I removed his name from the genealogy and tried my best to kill others, and the others The family became an ancestor, and even became the Nine Mountains Eight Seas. You approached in turn. Without the consent of the others, you added their name to the genealogy. What’s more ridiculous is that after the Ancestor Nan incident happened, you actually wanted to remove that name. If it weren’t for Lu Family, I wouldn’t be able to see it. You guys really did that. It’s really ridiculous, ridiculous.” Wen Chairman laughed.

Lu Yin is weird, is there such a thing?

Xia Ziheng’s face flushed. This is indeed a shame that Xia Family did. Because of this, the name Xia Shang is a taboo for Xia Family.

“At the beginning, because of the protection of Lu Family, you had to keep Xia Shang’s name, and in order to maintain his reputation, you worked hard in the battle with Sixth Continent, and you worked hard to keep the juniors from knowing these things. Cover up and never mention the grievances between Ancestor Chen and you. Up to now, you Xia Family juniors still think that Ancestor Chen is their ancestor and the greatest Ancestral Realm powerhouse your Xia Family has ever produced.”

“Shut up”, Xia Ziheng was angrily and anxiously took action. The Chairman eye light was cold, waved, and countless words trapped him, “Xia Ziheng, this is Yixian College, not Divine Martial. Heaven “.

Xia Ziheng has a strong murderous intention in his eyes, “You are insulting Divine Martial Heaven.”

Wen Chairman laughed, “Speak frankly, you’ve done it, but are you afraid of being said?”.

Xia Ziheng clenched his fists, haven’t taken action again, stare Wen Chairman, as if he wanted him to be engraved in his head.

Wen Chairman waved his hand and Word Prison disappeared, “Forget it, I don’t bother to talk about the past, but Mr. Haoyu is from the Yixian College. I must be there for anything.”

Xia Ziheng released her hand, with a penetrating chill deep in her eyes, turned her head and looked towards Lu Yin, her tone slowed down a little, “Tell me, why bother with Xia Ru”.

Lu Yin pressed down just recently and heard the weirdness of an anecdote, curious, “a trifling Xia Ru, is it worthy of Ziheng Half-Ancestor to come and ask the teacher?”.

Xia Ziheng is impatient,” The Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master will come to give you a guarantee, but before that, you must cooperate with me. Xia Ru is involved in the original Lu Family, Lu Xiaoxuan. People doubt”.

Lu Yin is strange, “Lu Xiaoxuan? Is that the one who made trouble on Dragon Mountain decades ago?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “If you know it, it’s better to say it clearly.”

Lu Yin is funny, he actually used this excuse to question him, but Xia Ru did contact him, “Okay, let me say”.

Immediately, Lu Yin will explain why Xia Ru is in trouble, and what happened. For the cultivator, don’t talk about what happened a few days ago, even several years ago, even hundreds of thousands. What happened a year ago, as long as you remember, you can tell.

Xia Ziheng continues to confirm Xia Ru’s words and Lu Yin’s words, and the end result is that there is no difference.

The two people said the same, the words, actions, and time were all right.

“Ziheng Half-Ancestor, do you think I should trouble him?” Lu Yin asked.

Xia Ziheng doesn’t care about Xia Ru’s life or death at all, “Since he has such an entanglement with you, it’s up to you.”

Lu Yin eye light picks, “I will kill him”.

Xia Ziheng frowned, “Not for the time being, I said, he has something to do with Lu Xiaoxuan, not only us, Four Way Balance is stare, he can’t kill, but I promise you, as long as he hasn’t value, it’s up to you Disposal”.

Wen Chairman sneered disdainfully.

Xia Ziheng stared at him coldly and knew what Wen Chairman was laughing at. It was nothing more than his indifference to Xia Ru, but Xia Family never cared what others thought. They could do it, they could say it, but others No, this is Xia Family.

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