Star Odyssey Chapter 2212


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Although Lu Yin said without weak spot, Xia Xing came to Central Level Boundary after all because of him. Lu Yin also called Xia Xing to come. This makes Xia Ziheng still unable to solve the puzzle. Only Sect Master guarantees To be able to convince him that the excuse is not sufficient.

“Yu Hao, it’s time for you to meet someone, and count my sincerity from Divine Martial Heaven,” Xia Ziheng said, and then contacted who with Cloud Communicating Stone and said to Lu Yin, “Let’s go, follow me to see him”.

Wen Chairman is alert, “You want to take Mr. Haoyu?”.

Xia Ziheng said indifferently, “I just saw someone, don’t worry, I’m outside the Yixian Academy”.

Wen Chairman and Lu Yin looked at each other, and then together with Xia Ziheng leave the Academy. In the forest outside the Academy, they saw an old man, an old man with a tired face.

The moment he saw the old man, Lu Yin complexion changed, he immediately stepped forward and yelled, “Old Master”.

The old man is really Yuchuan, that is, the previous City Lord in Yucheng, the old City Lord who was betrayed by Yuhao’s father and taken to Star Union.

Lu Yin didn’t expect Xia Ziheng actually brought him.

When Lu Yin saw the old man, Xia Ziheng kept staring at him, not knowing what he wanted to see. In the end, he was a little relieved and confused, watching Lu Yin recognize the old man.

The old man looked at Lu Yin approaching, his eye light flickered, and then he became excited, “Xiaohao”.

Lu Yin came to Yuchuan, excited, “Old Master, you are not dead? Very good, I know you are not dead, hahahaha”.

Yu Hao called Yu Chuan the Old Master. At the beginning, Yu Hao saved Kui Luo. He was introverted. He only said something to Kui Luo. Kui Luo knew Yu Hao better. He not only painted Yu Chuan for Lu Yin. The image of, moreover, tells something about what happened to Yuchuan and Yuhao. Of course, it’s just some things he knows, but it’s enough.

Lu Yin saw Yuchuan and thought a lot in an instant. He really regarded himself as Yuhao. When he saw Yuchuan as Yuhao, Yuchuan did not find any problems.

Let Lu Yin and Yuchuan recognize each other, and the Chairman looked towards Xia Ziheng, “Don’t tell me you brought him here with kindness, you are to test Yuhao”.

Xia Ziheng indifferent, “trifling for decades, from a waste to a Star Envoy cultivator, or even a Grand Origin Formation Master, even Heavenly Master Gu Yan, I think it is impossible to think.”

“Yes, but how do I feel that you are weird today, as if you are eager to confirm the same”, Wen Chairman is strange.

Xia Ziheng looked towards Wen Chairman and narrowed his eyes, “As you will know soon, I will tell you that Xia Xing is missing”.

The Chairman’s eye light opened sharply, “What did you say?”.

Xia Ziheng repeated, “I am the lord of Divine Martial Heaven, Xia Xing has disappeared and is at Central Level Boundary…”.

Wen Chairman is so smart that he understood at once, “So you doubt Yuhao?”.

Xia Ziheng looked towards Lu Yin who was talking with Yuchuan, “Apart from him, no one can predict the whereabouts of dignified Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master in advance, and he happened to leave Yixian Academy, why don’t I doubt it?”.

Wen Chairman haven’t denied that Yuhao is indeed the most doubtful.

“From the text, no matter what you think of my Four Way Balance, Xia Xing is missing, I will never let Divine Martial Heaven rest. Even if you turn over the entire Starry Sky Tree, you must find the murderer. If Yuhao has a problem, You’d better tell me, otherwise it won’t be good to get involved in Yixian Academy in the end,” Xia Ziheng said, half persuaded and half threatened,

Wen Chairman said, “I didn’t see any problems.”

“I hope so”, Xia Ziheng said lightly, looking at Lu Yin and Yuchuan, not knowing what he was thinking.

Lu Yin and haven’t heard the conversation between Xia Ziheng and Wen Chairman, he is now focusing on the Yuchuan in front of him.

Kui Luo told him something about Yuchuan, but only a little bit. It was all relayed through Yuhao’s words. When Yuhao rescued Kui Luo, Yuchuan was already taken to Star Union and he was also impossible to know. too many.

Fortunately, there is the biggest problem. Kui Luo knew about it and told Lu Yin that it was a bitter trick.

Four Way Balance guess Yes, Yuhao’s father betrayed Yuchuan, which caused him to be arrested to Star Union. It was indeed a bitter trick. Xia Ziheng was able to bring Yuchuan to prove that they all guessed it, so Lu Yin was the moment he saw Yuchuan , That kind of excitement haven’t concealed, otherwise under normal circumstances, he and his father betrayed Yuchuan, how could he be so excited when he saw Yuchuan again.

“Xiaohao, you are too reckless, like this will be seen,” Yuchuan whispered.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “Old Master, Xia Ziheng can bring you, indicating that they have known it a long time ago, and”, when he said that, he paused, “Do you know what’s happening at home?”.

Yuchuan’s fingers trembled and his face was extremely ugly, “I have suffered you.”

Lu Yin exhales, “This is my good-for-nothing, which humiliates the family, but Old Master, don’t worry, I will not let go of those who deal with my Yu Family.”

Yuchuan glanced at Lu Yin in surprise, and then silently nods, “No matter how much you can do, keep yourself saying, grandfather doesn’t care about you here, you can do it yourself.”

Lu Yin looked at Yuchuan, Yuchuan stare him, and his eyes met. He saw the pain and complexity in Yuchuan’s eyes, and his heart sank. The old man guessed that he was not Yuhao, but haven’t exposed him.

Xia Ziheng too underestimated Yuchuan’s hatred of Four Way Balance. He thought that he brought Yuchuan. Once Yuchuan found that Yuhao had a problem, he would tell him. He thought that there was nothing in Yuchuan’s heart that could compare to his grandson, but these years With the introduction of Yu Family to Star Union, Yuchuan’s hatred for Four Way Balance has long been unspeakable.

As long as there is a slight possibility, even if he is chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, as long as he can make Four Way Balance sad a little bit, he is willing, Yuhao in front of him, he can see that it is not real, his own Biological grandson, even if the exchange appearance cannot be seen, the feeling can’t be wrong, but what about it? This person pretends to be Yuhao, which is only bad for Four Way Balance but haven’t benefit. Yu Family hasn’t what Worthy of this person’s mind.

As for Zhen Yuhao, he had heard rumors decades ago that he was already dead, which should have nothing to do with this person.

He is in Star Union and everything is impossible. He can do whatever he wants.

Lu Yin raised his hand and held Yuchuan’s arm, “I am understood, Old Master.”

There is not much time left for Lu Yin to talk to Yuchuan. Seeing that Yuchuan Haven’t behaved strangely, Xia Ziheng wanted to take Yuchuan away.

“Ziheng Half-Ancestor, can you let my grandfather stay?”, Lu Yin spoke in front of Xia Ziheng in an almost imploring tone for the first time. This is what his grandson should show, and he also sympathizes with this old man.

Xia Ziheng’s expression looks better, this is the attitude this child should have, but it is still not enough to control this child by Yuchuan, but as long as you hold Yuchuan, Cold Immortal Sect is weaker, but now The win of this child is not the point, the point is to find out the trace of Xia Xing Sect Master.

“At the beginning of your Yu Family’s plan, we didn’t know it. Yuchuan’s survival to the present was not only his luck, but also our care for him, but because of your Yu Family’s fault, Xia Zhitong’s incident was regarded as punishment. Now people will give you I brought it, and I assure you that as long as you truly join Divine Martial Heaven, your grandfather will go back safely, and you will consider it carefully. For the time being, you can stay in the same place,” Xia Zihengdao, both soft and hard.

Lu Yin said thank you in a low voice.

Tamagawa has always been silent. The days of Star Union over the years have allowed him to see through life and death. If it wasn’t for good luck, he would either die on the back battlefield or under the hands of Red Back, or even Four Way Balance internal contradictions, if he could leave Star Union Of course he would.

At this time, Xia Ziheng’s Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated, he connected and “said”.

“Old ancestors, found traces of Lu Family Life Spirit Palm at the scene”.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light suddenly opened, and murderous intention appeared.

“It’s possible that this matter was done by Lu Family’s survivors. They were not sure about it, so they bought Unbounded.”

The first thing Xia Ziheng considers is not Lu Family’s survivors. Those wastes have not been able to lift their heads for a long time. With this ability, they will not wait until today. What he thinks is Cold Immortal Sect, because of Lu Family’s Life Spirit Palm, also called in Cold Immortal Sect-Xianfanyao.

Lu Family was exile, and some of the resources they left were shared by Four Way Balance, but Xian Fanyao did not have Lu Family after being exile, but the Lu Family Combat Technique obtained by Cold Immortal Sect a long time ago.

Life Spirit Palm, Xian Fanyao, essentially haven’t difference.

Xia Ziheng’s face is extremely ugly, and it’s Cold Immortal Sect, which has something to do with Cold Immortal Sect.

Lu Yin saw Xia Ziheng’s face look ugly. Although I don’t know what he said, it should be related to the traces of the Life Spirit Palm he deliberately left, because Life Spirit Palm apart from Lu Family, Cold Immortal Sect, too.

“Old Master, are there a lot of people in Star Union?” Lu Yin suddenly asked, his voice was ordinary, not hidden, and did not intentionally expand.

Tamagawa said, “It’s not too many, but also a lot, it’s all Star Envoy.”

“Haven’t a hundred people?” Lu Yin was curious, it sounded like small talk.

Wen Chairman said, “Star Union not only a hundred people”.

Yuchuan nods, “Yes, not only a hundred people”.

Lu Yin said with emotion, “It’s really a huge force. Whoever can control Star Union will immediately have hundreds of Star Envoy orders.”

He said so, Xia Ziheng heard it, and lightning flashed through his mind, Star Union, controlling Star Union? Xia Xing, Yuhao, Heavenly Master Gu Yan, instantly, he seemed to figure out something, and left without saying a word.

Lu Yin expression is calm, sometimes the smarter the person is, the more misled he is. He likes to deal with smart people, but fools are not easy to deal with.

“Chairman, can my grandfather live in the Academy?” Lu Yin asked.

Chairman is embarrassed. If it is an ordinary person, of course it is possible, but the person from Star Union.

This Yuhao is not clear, but he knows that the people in Star Union have been banned. Even if Divine Martial Heaven promises, Yuchuan is impossible to be truly free. He is still under the control of Four Way Balance. Once he enters Star Union, he will never get ahead. On the day, this person is the eyeliner of Four Way Balance.

“Xiaohao, the Academy is not suitable for people like me. You can stay at the Academy without worry. Xia Ziheng has already promised that I will be fine”, Yuchuan said.

Chairman Wen looked at Yuchuan sympathetically, “If you want to live in the Academy, you can, anyway, this is no longer a pure land.”

Lu Yin pretended to be suspicious, “What does Chairman mean? I am grandfather”, Yu Chuan said, “Chairman means that once I live in, Four Way Balance may send someone in to monitor.”

Lu Yin is helpless.

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