Star Odyssey Chapter 2213


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Wen Chairman is gone, speak to Lu Yin and Yuchuan alone.

The others leave, and the two of them stop pretending.

“Xiaohao, How is it going?” Yuchuan asked.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I committed suicide decades ago.”

Tamagawa closed his eyes in grief, “It’s my fault. I was smart. I thought I could hide from Four Way Balance by acting a bitter trick, but it turned my Yu Family into the laughing stock of the entire Starry Sky Tree. My fault. “.

Lu Yin comforted, “No one didn’t expect Four Way Balance to be so ruthless, and even use this method to deal with Yu Family.”

Yuchuan was bitter, then looked at Lu Yin with doubts, “So, who are you? Why do you do this?”.

Lu Yin thought for a while, but didn’t know how to answer.

“If you don’t want to say it, it’s just that, haven’t meaning, Yu Family already is the biggest laughing stock, and haven’t has a worse result than this, no matter what your purpose is, be careful of Divine Martial Heaven, everyone in Star Union After being banned, the Four Way Balance must be released before it can be lifted,” Tamagawa reminded.

Lu Yin looked at Yuchuanleave’s back. He would live not far from Yixian College, so that the two could meet.

Although they know each other, the play will continue.

Sometimes Lu Yin really doesn’t know the meaning of Four Way Balance’s prohibition on the people who control Star Union. Many of these people see through life and death. The prohibition may not restrict them. Perhaps they just want to do something because they are alive. What, such as death on the back battlefield, such as atonement.

That prohibition is just a prison shirt for some people, nothing more.

On the other side, Xia Ziheng returned to Divine Martial Heaven, tried several times, and finally contacted the ancestor of Xia Family – Xia Shenji on the 2nd day.

He reported to Xia Shenji what happened during this period, and finally made a guess, “If everything is true, Cold Immortal Sect will not only use Bai Weiwei to win Yuhao, but also try to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but also secretly want to get it. The other three companies are about the prohibition method of Star Union. They want to get Heavenly Master Gu Yan and Star Union at the same time. The ambition is great, Zhao Ran promises to reveal.”

“If Bai Weiwei hadn’t done it too obvious, and it happened that Xia Yan knew about the change in Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s attitude towards Cold Immortal Sect, we were all kept in the dark, and would never think of someone who would take action on Xing Xing. Perhaps it would be Cold. Immortal Sect”.

After waiting for a long time, Xia Shenji issued an instruction, “Fully encircle Unbounded, determine the black hand behind the scenes”, no matter whether Xia Ziheng guessed right or not, if you want to attack Cold Immortal Sect, you must have evidence, otherwise Xia Family alone will deal with it. No Cold Immortal Sect, the other three must take action at the same time.

Xia Ziheng’s speculation is close to the facts to a certain extent. Although Xia Shenji is Ancestral Realm, it is only stronger than others on the cultivation base. It does not mean that he can see through the world. This instruction means that he believes Xia Ziheng’s words.

“What did the ancestor say?”, a voice came from behind.

Xia Ziheng turned around and looked at the incoming person, “Encircle and suppress Unbounded with all his strength and find evidence.”

The man clicked nods.

“Still can’t feel it?” Xia Ziheng asked, looking at the person in front of him, this person is indeed Xia Xing.

Xia Xing is the Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master and Xia Family Patriarch. Naturally, the Nine Avatar Technique will be displayed until now. The avatar that is shown to people until now is also the avatar captured by Lu Yin at the Central Level Boundary. And his body has always remained in Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin’s caution is right. Fortunately, Xia Xing was not released after the capture, otherwise the subject will inevitably feel in which direction it is, when the time comes is dangerous.

“I can’t feel it, the person who caught my avatar is very cautious. My avatar is trapped, but it should not be dead, otherwise I will be injured”, Xia Xing said.

Xia Ziheng narrowed his eyes, “Premeditated, not only knowing your whereabouts, but also knowing that it is an avatar, otherwise why you are trapped, you can’t even feel it”.

“Yes, if it is really Cold Immortal Sect take action, it won’t be the only way, Heavenly Master Gu Yan, Star Union, these are not sufficient to let them suppress the other three, there must be other ways”, Xia Xing looked towards Cold Immortal Sect.

Starry Sky Tree Central Level Boundary has a place, like hidden land of peace and prosperity, haven’t cultivated, haven’t war, people here are surrounded by huge lakes, living on an island, said to be an island, then Compared to this lake, the island is actually very large, and this lake is also sufficient to nurture civilization. It is called Wucun, a place where there is no fighting and killing.

The sky, birds flew in flocks, the ground, the people in the village worked hard, and it was peaceful, and there was a strange flame-burning horse outside the lake. It was huge and would run from one end of the lake every once in a while At the other end, the flames brought up from far to near, this is the work and rest time of the people in Wu Village.

After the giant flame horse ran a circle, they experienced a day. This kind of day already lasted for a long time, and that kind of giant flame horse was not one, but a group, illuminating the whole Wu Village.

On this day, a group of giant flame horses ran to the top of the lake. They stepped on the flames, bringing bright heat to Wu Village.

In the fields, many people slapped their collars to dissipate their sweat, and walked to the fields to drink water. From time to time, there were laughter and noise.

It was originally an ordinary day. For the people in Wucun, it was just the most ordinary day. However, when a silhouette was torn apart, the huge flame horses were crushed into blood by raising their hands. It changed in one day and became no longer ordinary.

The land, the fields, beside the river, there are still many huts sprinkled with blood and the wailing of the giant flame horse.

Sky, Xia Ziheng looked down at Wucun, “Who would have thought that the headquarters of Unbounded, the biggest killer intelligence organization, is here. Today, I, Divine Martial Heaven, will remove Unbounded from Starry Sky Tree.” Raising his hand to crush, Star Origin is vast, turning into a mountain and pressing against the entire island, pressing against the surrounding lakes, no one can escape.

In Wu Village, those working people stare at the sky blankly, their eye light is full of despair.

Xia Ziheng’s palms fell violently, underground, a pair of dark and cold eyes opened, accompanied by a breath of one after another terrifying counterattack, each breath is sufficient comparable to Star Envoy, and there are several strands of it. The breath is actually comparable to Xia Xing.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light suddenly opened, “Come out, kneel down for the old man”.

“zi zi, Xia Ziheng, how dare you make your grandfather kneel down and forget how I begged grandfather for mercy?” An old man smiled strangely, but his face was extremely solemn.

On the other side, someone also shouted, a young scholar with a feather fan and a towel, “Big brother Ziheng, you and my brother have not met each other for a long time, and now it’s hard to meet, why are you so insulted?”.

Xia Ziheng’s Star Origin was blocked by these people, especially the person in the center, with a cold eye light with an indescribable chill, bursting out Star Envoy Peak combat power, boiling Star Origin trying to counter-pressure Xia Ziheng.

Wucun instantly turned into a cloud of smoke. Around the lake, one after another black net obscured the sky, accompanied by countless murderous intentions. Here is the headquarters of the precisely Unbounded.

Xia Ziheng glanced across the crowd with cold eyes, “Many Old Acquaintances, I thought you were dead, didn’t expect to hide in Unbounded, like this, I will send you on the road today.” The blade broke through the void, broke the black net, and deployed Unbounded for countless years. All the mechanisms that confidently could withstand Half-Ancestor were destroyed. Numerous blades swept across the lake and then returned, turning into a bird cage to surround the island.

The cold-eyed person gritted his teeth, “Ziheng Half-Ancestor, you kill me Unbounded, there is nothing to say, but even if you die, you have to make me understand, how did you find this place?”.

Xia Ziheng looked towards the person, “I know you, Unbounded is the only person who communicates with the outside world. Didn’t expect your dignified Star Envoy Peak powerhouse to act as a liaison person. It seems that this place may not be Unbounded. Headquarters”.

The complexion of that person was slightly changed, and he didn’t expect a sentence that was exposed, “I just want to know how it was exposed here.”

Xia Ziheng sneered, not interested in saying more, the bird cage made up of blades suddenly disappeared, and all the people on the island were turned into blood. The blood dyed the island and the lake.

For Half-Ancestor, these people are too weak, not at the same level, and the chances of breaking free from the bird cage are all haven’t.

The reason why he is eager to take action is because he is worried that the Unbounded people will destroy the information. He is not here to deal with Unbounded assassins. In his eyes, these assassins are just inferior goods, but these people are Unbounded after all. He didn’t expect to be able to interrogate anything, he wanted information and evidence.

After cleaning up everyone, Xia Ziheng asked Divine Martial Heaven and a group of cultivators to go to the island to look for information, and he landed on a corner of the island, where someone was interested in reading something.

This is a youngster, it doesn’t look big. The cultivation base is Origin Tribulation Star Envoy at most once, but Xia Ziheng hasn’t looked down upon him, “This is not the Unbounded headquarters.”

“I know”, youngster indifferently said.

Xia Ziheng was helpless, “If it wasn’t for Xia Xing avatar’s disappearance, you don’t need to expose it in advance.”

The youngster looked up and smiled, “The family nurtures me, and it is time for me to give back to the family”.

Xia Ziheng praised, “The four Young Ancestor, Bai Shaohong died, and Wang Su went to Abandoned Land. Only you and Long Tian are still here. Fortunately, if you have something to do, return to your family, otherwise you will be trapped in Abandoned Land. You are also one of the people, Shenfei.”

youngster precisely Xia Shenfei, once one of the four Young Ancestors, Xia Family descendant, but completely different from the original alcoholic Xia Shenfei.

No one didn’t expect dignified Xia Family. Xia Shenfei, one of the four Young Ancestors, was willing to go undercover Unbounded. Here is the information he sent back.

Xia Shenfei let go, “Unbounded is too cautious. I have joined for more than 20 years and killed many people for them. The family has also cooperated with me to make great contributions to Unbounded. Even so, I can only come into contact with Here, do you know how to post tasks here?”.

Xia Ziheng shook his head, “You said this is Unbounded, I believe it, there is no need to know how they do it, we do things without evidence”.

Xia Shenfei’s mouth curled up, and he took out a bottle gourd of wine from Congealing Space Ring and took a sip, cheerful exhales, “I love wine as one’s life, but I have been abstinent for 20 years, and now I take a sip, haha.” .

Xia Ziheng admires that looking at Xia Shenfei, some people can magnify their desires infinitely and enjoy them for the rest of their lives, and they are also qualified to enjoy them, but some people can also make their desires disappear in a flash. Xia Shenfei is such a person.

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