Star Odyssey Chapter 2214


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As the Four Young Ancestor, Xia Shenfei love wine as one’s life, I don’t care about anyone, even if I meet the ancestor of Xia Shenfei, I don’t need to be too evasive, but I hide my identity from the first day I joined Unbounded , He put away the bottle gourd, and didn’t take it out until today. People who like this are the most terrifying.

“Birds in the sky, insects in the ground, people’s hoes, combined with the time, air humidity, and the direction of the wind, can be combined into a set of secret words that only Unbounded killers can understand, even if an outsider has lived in Wucun for hundreds of years Even for thousands of years, there is no weak spot. This is Unbounded’s contact method.” Xia Shenfei took a sip of wine here, “It’s a shame to be exposed now, but not exposed. Unless you hide for thousands of years, you will know Wucun at best” .

Xia Ziheng nods, “so that’s how it is”.

Xia Shenfei threw the paper book just recently read to Xia Ziheng, “This is what you want”.

Xia Ziheng took it and looked around quickly.

The destruction of Wu Village is not a major event for most people in Starry Sky Tree, because these people have no access to Unbounded, only those huge monsters are affected. For example, Cold Immortal Sect has an elder who commissioned Unbounded. Assassination, Wang Family, White Dragon Sect, including Xia Family, apart from this, Central Level Boundary, those huge monsters that control a district, also have many people entrusted to Unbounded.

These are all controlled by Divine Martial Heaven, including the commission of Elder Qing Xing.

Similarly, Divine Martial Heaven also has the information about Lu Yin’s commission of assassination of Xia Xing. From the beginning to the end, from the first word to the end, it has been recorded, but there is no one after Lu Yin exchange appearance. Recognize.

These are just assassination commissioned materials. Unbounded divides various materials into assassination commissions, intelligence commissions, and even-suspected spy Red Back materials.

Central Level Boundary, outside Seed Garden, Cai Shu arrived and arrested Patriarch, a branch of the Nong Family, and attracted Nong Family Patriarch Nong Ya.

“Cai Shu, what do you mean?” Nong Ya asked.

“Patriarch, save me”, that branch Patriarch horrified.

Nong Family is different from other families, as long as the branches recognized by them live around Seed Garden, not in all districts like Xia Family same, and unlike Liu Family, they can walk freely.

Cai Shu presented the information from Divine Martial Heaven, “The Unbounded headquarters was broken, and the information clearly states that this person is suspected to be a spy and must be brought back for investigation.”

Nong Ya looked at the information. It clearly stated when this branch Patriarch commissioned Unbounded to assassinate who, and the person who commissioned the assassination was another branch of the Nong Family, Patriarch, which hadn’t reason, but Unbounded was killing After the branch Patriarch, that person said before he died, “You are spy”.

The killed branch, Patriarch, did not know that it was an Unbounded take action, but barely had spy assassination. Obviously there was a suspect. Combined with this person’s task, this person has a great spy’s probability.

Nong Ya stared at the branch Patriarch with an ugly expression.

Branch Patriarch lowered his head, afraid to look at him.

“You turned out to be a spy”, Nong Ya gnashing teeth.

The branch Patriarch quickly said, “No, I am not spy, I just want to compete with him for a piece of land, spy is not me”.

“Who is that?”, Nong Ya screams.

Cai Shu said, “Nong Ya Patriarch, this person will be interrogated by Cold Gate, I will leave first.”

“Patriarch, help me, Patriarch”.

Nong Ya haven’t take action. At this time, the evidence is clear, the time and place, and the commissioned details including images are all available. It is not quibble. Even Unbounded suspects that this person is a spy, so this person is most likely to be.

Divine Martial Heaven released a lot of information, among which almost all suspected spy Red Back was handed over to Cold Gate. They didn’t have the energy to deal with it. Apart from involved Four Way Balance, they would deal with it themselves.

In just over ten days, Starry Sky Tree was full of foul wind and bloody rain, Central Level Boundary, Cold Gate arrested batch after batch of people, followed by the name Xia Shenfei, Divine Martial Heaven impossible does good deeds without leaving a name. Xia Shenfei pretended to enter Unbounded and let Divine Martial Heaven find the Unbounded headquarters. A large number of spies were arrested. This shocking achievement made Xia Shenfei fame and fortune.

There are also a group of people arrested in the Lower Boundary Root Organization. Too many people trust Unbounded, and they entrust Unbounded to do things. It is easy to be identified.

Of course, more people will hide their identities and contact Unbounded, the same as Lu Yin, but with Unbounded’s intelligence capabilities, it is easy to analyze the true identity of these people.

Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary are like this. The upper boundary is also not flat. Four Way Balance killed a group of people, arrested a group of people, and a group of people did not know how to deal with it.

For example, White Dragon Sect commissioned Unbounded to assassinate a junior of Wang Family, Cold Immortal Sect also commissioned Unbounded to assassinate the person of White Dragon Sect, etc. These things are too many too many, not only that, inside Four Way Balance There are indeed people colluding with Unbounded. Among them, Lu Yin is most familiar with Wang Shang. He turned out to be one of the Unbounded killers and is qualified to know the existence of Wucun.

This made Wang Family furious, but Wang Shang went to Abandoned Land, otherwise he would definitely be arrested.

Apart from Wang Shang, Cold Immortal Sect, Xia Family, White Dragon Sect all colluded with Unbounded, and eventually involved the Brokerage Society.

Broken Yi will provide funds and intelligence to Unbounded, and their operation method is made public, making the leaders of Four Way Balance angry.

Four Way Balance expelled Lu Family, regardless of the overall situation against Eternal Clan, it is indeed wrong, but it does not mean that they will not be Protector.

Lu Family was exile and Four Way Balance completely took on the back battlefield. In their hearts, fighting against Eternal Clan is always the first, so Divine Martial Heaven haven’t kept the Unbounded copy of the suspected spy Red Back information, but gave To Cold Gate, the purpose is to do it as soon as possible to prevent these people from escaping, and Break Yi will secretly control some materials on the back of the battlefield, so that some people will not participate in the battle and escape life and death. For Four Way Balance, this is not forgivable.

After learning about the break-easy meeting, Four Way Balance immediately took action, thoroughly investigated the back battlefield, and caught all those who were connected with break-easy will have.

An Unbounded makes Starry Sky Tree turbulent.

Central Level Boundary, Evoking Virtuous College, Chairman of the text, looking at a tutor being taken away by Cold Gate, in a bad mood.

“didn’t expect Mr. Lian is actually a spy”, Mr Zheng was angry and helpless.

All around, many students have seen it, “Even a good man like Mr. is a spy. Eternal Clan is too hateful.”

“At the beginning, I asked Mr. Lian to accompany me to practice, which cost a lot of credits, but now I want to really terrifying.”

“Spy Red Back can’t see it, everyone it’s possible. If it weren’t for Young Ancestor Xia Shenfei’s lurking for twenty years and destroying the Unbounded headquarters, these people are still hidden. Xia Shenfei has done too much for humans.”

“This is what the four Young Ancestors can do. Even if the cultivation base exceeds the four Young Ancestors, it is difficult for others to do it. Xia Shenfei love wine as one’s life, 20 years ago in order to hide Unbounded, stupefied the second In ten years, who can compare this will?”.

“Yes, the most hateful thing is Lu Xiaoxuan. If he hadn’t killed Bai Shaohong Young Ancestor, Bai Shaohong Young Ancestor might be able to do a major event and become Ancestral Realm in the future.”

“Don’t remember Lu Family, do you want to explode?”.

“Lu Family was exile by Four Way Balance because of collusion with Eternal Clan, Lu Xiaoxuan killed Bai Shaohong Young Ancestor, he himself is Red Back, too hateful”.

Listening to the discussion of the surrounding students, Lu Yin is calm. This is the power of Four Way Balance. Once you take control of the Starry Sky Tree, after a few years, everyone only remembers that the Lu Family confirmed by Four Way Balance colluded with Eternal Clan, and never thought The past achievements of Lu Family.

If it weren’t for Lu Family, where did Starry Sky Tree come from? Where is the stable Fifth Continent? All the merits and demerits, Lu Family will bear the responsibility.

“Mr. Haoyu, you are here”, Nong Si Niang found Lu Yin.

Lu Yin is complicated, “Mr. Lian was taken away, I don’t know if this Academy has hadn’t other Red Back spy”.

Nong Siniang pursed her lips, “Someone from my Nong Family was also taken away, spy everywhere, really terrifying.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “rest assured, one day, humans can drive away Eternal Clan and restore peace.”

“Yes, humans will certainly do it,” Wu Taibai said.

Bai Weiwei also appeared, “This requires human cooperation to do this.”

People around me kept saying something, among them, the Broken Exchange Society was mentioned.

Before this, few people knew about the Brokerage Club, Xia Zhitong tried every means to join, and its influence penetrated into the back battlefield, but now, Brokerage Club is completely abolished. With the ability of Four Way Balance, once Attention to it, it breaks the possibility of haven’t existed.

Lu Yin returned to the stone pillar with a quiet face.

He overlooked one thing, nine avatar.

Xia Shenfei pretended to enter Unbounded, and it should be one of the avatars. Then, as the Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master, Xia Xing must also cultivate nine avatars.

Is it Xia Xing body or avatar? Regardless of the body or the avatar, once he appears, another Xia Xing should be able to detect it.

Thinking of this, Lu Yin was grateful. Fortunately, he never let him out after catching him. Otherwise, once Divine Martial Heaven knows the approximate location, he may not be able to hide from the sky.

But Xia Xing’s being locked up is always not a problem. You must meet and be prohibited.

There is only one way that will never be noticed by Divine Martial Heaven, and that is Static Time Dimension.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin leave Evoking Virtuous College, apparently visiting Yuchuan, but in fact started shaking dice.

Ding Shangjie, Xia Ziheng, Xia Xing, and Xia Shenfei and other Divine Martial Heaven executives all looked at the front image. The image showed the appearance of precisely Lu Yin in disguise. In this way, he commissioned Unbounded to assassinate Xia Xing. .

“Have you not found this person yet?” Xia Xing asked.

Someone answered, “haven’t.”

Xia Shenfei took a sip, “exchange appearance, it’s easy”.

“He first put the assassination deposit in the blue area, and the assassination location was at the border of Huaiyuan. The two areas were far apart, and there was nothing to see at all”, Xia Xing frowned.

void The Central Level Boundary map appears.

“For a top expert, distance is not a problem,” Xia Ziheng said.

Xia Shenfei suddenly said, “The one you suspected before is called Yuhao, at Evoking Virtuous College?”.

Xia Ziheng nods, “I suspected him because only he knew that Sect Master would go to Central Level Boundary, and at that time, he happened to be in Clear Moon Region, not far from the Huaiyuan border.”

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