Star Odyssey Chapter 2215


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Xia Shenfei has too many drinks, and her eyes are dim, “Yixian District is not very far from the Azure District.”

Xia Xing was surprised, “You doubt him too?”.

Xia Shenfei hiccuped, “If what you said before is true, with Cold Immortal Sect to help, what is impossible?”.

“That’s why evidence is needed. After all, it involves Cold Immortal Sect,” Xia Xing said.

Xia Shenfei eye light flashes, “Cold Immortal Sect wants to replace Lu Family. It’s not a day or two. On the contrary, I am interested in this Yuhao. Heavenly Master Gu Yan has spent decades training such a person. It’s interesting. “.

“Are you sure he really is Yuhao?”.

Xia Xing looked towards Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng said, “The trace of haven’t exchange appearance is him. We investigated everything he did after he arrived in Yucheng, and it conformed to Yuhao’s behavioral logic.”

Xia Shenfei shrugged, the behavior logic can be changed, but the exchange appearance, and the exchange appearance in front of Half-Ancestor is unlikely, unless the opponent’s strength is not below Half-Ancestor, if you like this, why bother to pretend to be Yuhao?

This person is really Yuhao? He became more and more curious.

Yixian District, not far from the academy, Lu Yin saw Yuchuan, and then found a place to retreat.

Raise your hand, dice appears, a finger pointed, dice rotates slowly, then stops, three o’clock.

Looking at the upper and lower light curtains, Lu Yin had no plans to improve.

The deposit Netherworld River previously handed to Unbounded was upgraded to the Half-Ancestor level by him, which consumed nearly 40,000,000,000 cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence. After the promotion, he also asked Kui Luo to send it to the Azure Zone, and agreed on the location to hand it to Unbounded. .

Now there are only more than 160 billion cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence. It looks like a lot, but it is not enough. At his current level, any foreign object he wants to use will cost tens of billions of crystal essence. This can only be improved several times. ?

Every time he feels that he doesn’t have enough money to spend, he thinks of the Young Ancestor star. By the way, Lu Yin thinks of the God of Cookery. The God of Cookery is in Wangzulou, and Wangzulou is next to the Young Ancestor star. Identity, you are qualified to visit the God of Cookery in Wangzulou, does it mean you can go to Young Ancestor to search for it?

The more I think about it, the more excited Lu Yin suppresses this thought, once again a finger pointed, shaking dice.

Dice stopped slowly, at four o’clock, it went smoothly, and as expected, it was easy to shake at four.

After entering Static Time Dimension, Lu Yin took out Supreme Mountain and found Xia Xing.

In order to prevent Xia Xing from regaining her strength and making trouble in Supreme Mountain, he specially asked Ancestor Wu to seal Xia Xing’s body slightly, even if Xia Xing during the peak period does not want to move, and those people in Supreme Mountain can only I saw a cloud of mist, but I couldn’t see Xia Xing inside.

Bring the mist out of Supreme Mountain, as the mist slowly dissipated, Xia Xing appeared in front of Lu Yin.

Xia Xing has been trapped for half a month since the last Unbounded ambush. Although it is impossible to move, her injury has healed a lot.

When the fog dissipated in front of her eyes, Xia Xing suddenly took action when she saw Lu Yin, slashing it out, enveloping Divine Martial Astral Aura, this blade is the strongest slash he can perform, and it is performed at the moment the blade approaches. With Divine Martial Transformation, power is even more terrifying.

Lu Yin bends the corner of his mouth and slowly raises his hand. In an instant, the Starry Sky shines, and Xia Xing breaks into the Starry Sky. First, the Divine Martial Astral Aura fades. Xia Xing’s knife fell completely, he stared blankly at his hand, the blade is already gone, the power he exerted completely disappeared, only a knife hilt in his hand, just like Hai Tong’s toy.

He couldn’t believe that he looked at Lu Yin, the same shock hit once again, no, it was even more shocking than last time.

Before half a month, Lu Yin pressed his Divine Martial Astral Aura with one hand. He was shocked. He kept thinking about that scene these days. He still didn’t want to believe that the Divine Martial Astral Aura of the dignified Xia Family would be easily suppressed, so He cut a knife at the moment he appeared, not only wanted to get out of trouble, but also wanted to verify that scene. He would rather it be an illusion.

However, the results obtained now make him unacceptable. Divine Martial Transformation combined with the strongest sword intent of Xia Family, even this youngster can’t touch it. His power with no difficulty resolves Divine Martial Astral Aura. What is it? The power is so terrifying? Even if Lu Family have hadn’t this kind of power.

“You are Lu Xiaoxuan? What did you do?” Xia Xing was shocked.

Lu Yin has already recovered his original appearance at this moment, and looked at Xia Xing calmly, “Nothing, your power can’t reach me”.

Xia Xing’s pupils shrunk sharply, and a fluttering sentence is tantamount to denying the foundation of Xia Family for countless years.

dignified Divine Martial Astral Aura, can’t you reach this person?

Lu Yin smiles lightly, Xia Xing? No, even the power exerted by Wang Si who dropped the Star Envoy Peak level was disintegrated. His heart was chaotic due to the sword of First Ancestor, but he was too terrified and terrified by the power he reintegrated because of his comprehension of the Starry Sky Technique. He himself felt unable to understand.

Don’t talk about Divine Martial Astral Aura, even the power of the Sixth Continent at the helm of the Jialan lineage and the Lu Family’s Jialan lineage can be disintegrated. What is the trifling Divine Martial Astral Aura?

“Impossible, my Xia Family Divine Martial Astral Aura is invincible, how can I not reach you”, Xia Xing shouted, threw the hilt away, and slapped Lu Yin with a palm, which is still Divine Martial Astral Aura.

Lu Yin stood still, Xia Xing slapped his heart with a palm, but, without power, his destructive power was completely destroyed by the Starry Sky manifested in Lu Yin’s heart.

Xia Xing saw it. He saw the stars around him and saw a new universe. Is this, Inner World?

“Are you Half-Ancestor?” Xia Xing exclaimed.

Lu Yin eye light shone, and the index finger fell on the center of the eyebrows between Xia Xing’s eyes, “Xia Family Owner, you and me, as different as heaven and earth”, the voice fell, and the invisible force shook Xia Xing As soon as he flew out, Xia Xing’s brain shook, and the sky was spinning. The moment he was struck, the whole person was blank, and he couldn’t remember anything. Only when he landed on the ground, the severe pain spread, he was sober, and could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. bending.

When did Lu Yin look up to the person, now he is lying on the ground with the dead dog Same.

The lord of dignified Four Way Balance can be destroyed at any time in his eyes.

He really wants to do it right away, taking the Fifth Continent and sweeping the Starry Sky Tree with great momentum, but also moth flies into the flame, Four Way Balance has Ancestral Realm powerhouse, and even if he has this ability to fight Four Way Balance, Eternal Clan should also be considered.

People live a lifetime, impossible do as one pleases, there are things that need to be taken into consideration, and there are things that need to be protected.

Xia Xing panted heavily and stood up on her body. Seeing that the front was still spinning, especially Lu Yin’s appearance, it was very vague and could not be seen clearly.

“Lu Xiaoxuan, you are impossible as Half-Ancestor, but you have mastered unimaginable power. This is the power left to you by Lu Family”, Xia Xing guessed, stare Lu Yin, and his eyes gradually became clear.

Lu Yin looked at him, “Are you an avatar or a subject?”.

Xia Xing eye light flashed, “I am me, and the nine avatars have been united in one”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “No, you are an avatar.”

Xia Xing expression remains unchanged, “What are you going to do to catch me? Revenge for Lu Family? That has nothing to do with me, and my strength can’t determine the affairs of exile Lu Family.”

“I want to know the 1/4 prohibition that your Xia Family masters”, Lu Yin spoke slowly, haven’t nonsense.

Xia Xing eyes shrank, “You want to save Star Union?”.

Lu Yin haven’t speak.

Xia Xing said in a low tone, “How do you know that those people in Star Union within the body have bans? And you also know that Four Way Balance has them. How did you get here? How is it going?”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, and a little man appeared on his shoulder, precisely Candle God.

Xia Xing looked puzzled.

Next moment, the skin on his body is suddenly degenerating, or it can be said to have disappeared, severe pain swept all over his body.

Lu Yin used Amplifying Universe Sutra Rune Word Principle Number to obliterate his existence. This was done with the help of Candle God. Candle God’s Rune Word Principle Number sufficient, comparable to Half-Ancestor, completely obliterated Xia Xing this person.

Xia Xing gritted her teeth and watched the skin disappearing, revealing flesh and blood, blood and water flowing, the fear of disappearing eroded her heart. This is another experience with fighting death, a despair experience like falling into hell.

He doesn’t understand what power this is. He was born in the Starry Sky Tree and has never experienced the Taoist Origin Sect era, nor has he been exposed to the Rune Word Principle Number.

“I’m asking you, not you asking me,” Lu Yin said lightly, stare Xia Xing coldly.

Xia Xing squatted down and endured the pain, “Since you guessed that I am an avatar, you know that I am not afraid of death, so what about death, you want to be prohibited, impossible”.

Lu Yin knew that Xia Xing was only an avatar when he knew that it was impossible to know the restriction through interrogation. These avatars are not afraid of death unless they want to replace the body with the same Xia Luo.

So far, Lu Yin doesn’t understand the nine avatars and the relationship between the subject and the avatars, so in the face of Xia Xing, he can’t take the initiative. Fortunately, he still has something to try.

“In fact, I really hope that you are the main body, but unfortunately, you are not”, Lu Yin said lightly, and then took out a bottle from Congealing Space Ring with liquid in it, “there is Ancestor Chen blood”.

Xia Xing eye light stared wide, as if hearing the most shocking thing in the world, “Ancestor Chen’s, blood?”.

Lu Yin opened the cap directly to “feel it”.

The moment the bottle cap was opened, an ancient and domineering pressure appeared, which made this piece of Static Time Dimension full of depression.

Although Lu Yin had been prepared for a long time, facing Ancestor Chen’s blood still made him trance for an instant, as if he saw a giant standing in the starry sky, invincible in the world.

Ancestor Chen’s blood comes from Ku Wei. Ku Wei absorbed Ancestor Chen’s blood in the blood pool of Chen Ancestor’s Tomb to become a giant, while Lu Yin used his blood to improve with three dice points. This blood, equivalent to Ancestor Chen One of the nine avatars, the blood of the giant within the body, is also the blood of Ancestor Chen absorbed by the Earth Pond Prison Lord after awakening.

The pressure of Ancestor Chen’s blood directly caused Xia Xing to cough up blood, but this was not what he cared about the most. The moment he approached the blood, he actually felt the same.

Ancestor Chen and Xia Xing are both members of the Xia Family. The bloodline originates from the same branch. Although they belong to different branches, Ancestor Chen cultivated to Ancestral Realm. His bloodline is already closer to the oldest Ancestral Realm of the Xia Family than the direct line. The founder, which means that Ancestor Chen, is also a direct line.

Xia Xing is also a direct line.

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