Star Odyssey Chapter 2216


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When the bottle cap was opened, a faintly discernable connection appeared in Xia Xing’s feelings. He couldn’t think about it. This feeling was that the bloodlines were connected and the sense of precisely the same origin. Whether this blood belonged to Ancestor Chen or not, he could be sure This blood is homologous to his blood within the body and belongs to the Xia Family.

“Who owns this blood?” Xia Xing asked in shock, stare Lu Yin.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “I said it belongs to Ancestor Chen”.

“Impossible, Ancestor Chen has never been to Starry Sky Tree, Taoist Origin Sect era, Fifth Continent and Sixth Continent battle, Ancestor Chen is dead”, Xia Xing denied.

Lu Yin is funny, “Since Ancestor Chen has never been to the Starry Sky Tree, how can you know his life and death”.

Xia Xing wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

For Ancestor Chen, he knows the truth, but because he hasn’t really been in contact with that era, he doesn’t feel it deeply. Moreover, now Ancestor Chen is a taboo in Xia Family. He never thought he would come into contact with Ancestor Chen one day Blood.

Looking at that blood blankly, Xia Xing didn’t know if she really didn’t believe it was Ancestor Chen’s blood, or she didn’t want to believe it.

“Ancestor Chen, named Xia Shang, from Divine Martial Heaven Xia Family”, Lu Yin slowly said, “He is the Ancestral Realm powerhouse of your Xia Family. It is the truly invincible powerhouse of that era.”

Xia Xing’s eyes kept flickering, and finally couldn’t help but look towards Lu Yin, “Do you want to use this blood for the prohibition method?”.

Lu Yin shook his head and slowly said in Xia Xing’s confused eye light, “I will not change the method of restraint, but will give you a chance to escape, absorb this blood, and you will it’s possible to escape from my hands. “.

Xia Xing wondered, “Why do you do this?”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly and threw the blood directly to Xia Xing, Xia Xing took it.

“Absorb it, let me see how strong the dignified Xia Family Patriarch absorbs Ancestor Chen’s blood”, Lu Yin said.

Xia Xing really can’t understand Lu Yin. Since there is Ancestor Chen’s blood, they don’t exchange it, but give it to him directly. This makes him puzzled, but facing the temptation of this blood, whether it’s Ancestor Chen’s or not , This must be the blood of Xia Family Ancestral Realm powerhouse, useful to him.

Xia Xing has been in charge of Divine Martial Heaven for many years. She is determined to kill herself and is not a hesitant person. After pondering for a moment, she smashed the bottle and started to absorb Ancestor Chen’s blood.

Lu Yin eye light looked at Xia Xing strangely. Is he the kind of person who perfects others? Of course not, he is not a fighting mad, just to fight Xia Xing who absorbs Ancestor Chen’s blood. These are not reasons. The real reason is that he wants the Xia Xing avatar in front of him to get rid of the main body’s restraint.

Although I don’t know about nine avatars, it can be seen from Xia Jiuyou that avatars other than Xia Luo can be directly absorbed. The avatar is not afraid of death. Xia Xing just recently also said that he doesn’t care about death. These avatars each and everyone Like a puppet same, temptation, threat, is it useful for a puppet? Even if he appeared to be tempted or even threatened, Lu Yin would not believe it.

He would rather believe that these avatars are doing everything for the subject.

In this case, he will let these avatars get rid of the subject, which is equivalent to creating a subject for Xia Xing, just like Xia Jiuyou and Xia Luo.

He doesn’t know how Xia Luo did it, but Xia Xing avatar absorbs Ancestor Chen’s blood, 90% of which might change his mind.

Xia Luo will not be willing to be integrated by Xia Jiuyou. Once Xia Xing avatar has the will to dominate, she will not be willing to be integrated by Xia Xing subject. This is Lu Yin’s attempt.

Xia Xing’s body turned red, Ancestor Chen’s blood made his breath rise, he issued an angry roar, his body began to grow bigger, and the direction moved towards the giant changed.

Lu Yin exclaimed, Ancestral Realm is a new level of mankind. Only blood can change a Star Envoy, which is amazing.

The changes in Xia Xing come quickly, and they end quickly.

In half of the incense time, he became a giant. Looking down on Lu Yin in Static Time Dimension, he suddenly took action and pressed down with a punch. At this moment, he is confident to suppress Lu Yin.

Lu Yin shook his head, just so still, Xia Xing hit him fiercely with a punch, without the effect.

Xia Xing cannot wonder, how could it be possible that he absorbed the blood of Ancestor Chen, his cultivation base was close to seven Origin Tribulation, plus the power of the giant, even if the Star Envoy Peak powerhouse dared to fight, he was still the same. invalid?

Lu Yin sneered, his pupils turned into Rune Word Principle Number, and in midair, he borrowed Candle God Rune to turn into a huge palm, appeared abruptly, descended, directly patted Xia Xing’s head, and pressed him down.

Candle God’s Rune Word Principle Number is comparable to Half-Ancestor. Even though it is Star Envoy Peak, after being upgraded by Lu Yin as a candle, it has a Rune Word Principle Number comparable to Half-Ancestor. Xia Xing with no difficulty.

Xia Xing’s body kept shrinking, and finally returned to its original shape, lying on the ground, unwilling to look at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin bends down, stares at him, satisfied, “From your eyes, I see the desire to survive.”

Xia Xing frowned, “What do you mean?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I gave you a chance to escape, but you are defeated. Then, it is still my life that is in charge.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m just an avatar,” Xia Xing said, same as the previous words.

Lu Yin carried his hands on his back, “Who said that avatar cannot replace the main body”.

Xia Xing eye light opened sharply, and his brain roared. Lu Yin’s words opened up a new way of thinking, avatar, to replace the subject?

Lu Yin has been looking at Xia Xing and seeing his expression change. It seems that his guess has succeeded. With the help of Ancestor Chen’s blood, this person got rid of the main body’s restraint and opened up new thinking.

Just like Wang Si turning on Four Way Balance can resist Lu Family’s thinking same, Lu Yin at this moment also opened Xia Xing avatar’s thinking.

Sometimes things are scared to think, and the more you think, the more you change.

On the battlefield, fierce and unafraid of death are normal. However, once someone escapes, it is equivalent to opening up new ideas for those fierce and unafraid of death, and more and more people will escape.

Xia Xing avatar is like this at the moment, why should he die? Why must die? He can also live, why can’t he replace the subject and truly become the Lord of Divine Martial Heaven? Become the Patriarch of Xia Family? He was originally Xia Family Patriarch.

The more I think about it, the more Xia Xing avatar hopes to do it, the more life he has in his eyes.

Lu Yin squatted down and said, “Tell me the prohibition, I can leave you alive, and even help you replace the subject”.

Xia Xing avatar stared at Lu Yin in a daze, confused, complicated, hesitant, tangled, all kinds of emotions kept flashing, he didn’t know what to do?

On this issue, he is like a just recently child with independent thinking ability, lost in confusion.

“What can you hesitate?” Lu Yin said, “You are Xia Xing, you are the owner of Divine Martial Heaven, you are the Patriarch of Xia Family, you have the ability to integrate the rest of the avatars, you are Master”.

Xia Xing avatar eyes shrank, “This is your purpose”.

Lu Yin laughed. This is the magic of the nine avatars. Each avatar has the ability to think independently, but cannot resist Destiny, which is fused by the subject. It seems that being fused by the subject should be a fixed mind. Actually These avatars are not stupid, otherwise Ancestor Chen why each avatar can destroy the ancestor?

Ancestor Chen’s nine avatars are superb, but they still won’t get rid of Destiny who resists the integration of subjects.

With just a few words, Xia Xing avatar understood Lu Yin’s purpose and opened the door. He also saw the fact that he must integrate into the subject, the fact that he can die for the subject, but now, he can resist .

“Interesting, isn’t it?”, Lu Yin said with a smile.

Xia Xing avatar stare Lu Yin, “Lu Xiaoxuan, you are terrifying, completely different from what you used to be”.

Lu Yin got up and looked at Xia Xing condescendingly, “My name is Lu Yin, that Lu Xiaoxuan, is dead”.

Xia Xing avatar’s eyes narrowed, and now he can’t say anything to die at any time, he doesn’t want to die, this is also seen by Lu Yin, there is no need to bravado, he wants to return to Divine Martial Heaven to merge the subject, he wants to be The new subject.

“You only need the prohibition method?” Xia Xing asked.

Lu Yin nods, “Tell me the method of prohibition, I can leave you alive.”

Xia Xing avatar exhales, “It’s too difficult for you to rescue the people from Star Union. Four Way Balance each masters some of the prohibitions. Even if you get my Xia Family, why do you get the other three?”.

“This is not something you should worry about,” Lu Yin said.

Xia Xing is funny, “We even exile Lu Family, but in the end we were plot against by a Lu Xiaoxuan, which is really ridiculous”, with emotion, Xia Xing still told Lu Yin about the prohibition method controlled by Xia Family.

Like this, Lu Yin mastered the prohibition method of White Dragon Sect and Xia Family, mastering half of it, and half of the remaining.

“You said you would let me go,” Xia Xing avatar said.

Lu Yin nods, “I will let you go, but not now.”

Xia Xing avatar didn’t expect Lu Yin to release him immediately. He was also worried that the news of his appearance in Starry Sky Tree would leak out. Lu Yin said that in his surprise.

“If I said, just give me the Nine Avatar Technique, I will not only let you go, but also help you integrate the subject, and teach you Ancestor Chen Combat Technique, would you like it?” Lu Yin suddenly said, stare Xia Xing avatar .

Xia Xing avatar smiled wryly, “I’m willing, but impossible.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “How to say?”.

Xia Xing avatar is helpless, “Nine Avatar Technique is cultivated by the subject. We are only created and impossible to actively cultivate. This is the limitation of Nine Avatar Technique on us. As a result, our thinking has long been fixed and will not resist the subject. Unless the subject is too weak and limited by our forced breakthrough thinking, secondly, even if we resist and want to integrate the subject, there’s still’t cultivation techniques, I can’t teach you.”

Lu Yin stare Xia Xing avatar, I don’t know what he said true or false.

Xia Xing avatar met Lu Yin calmly.

After a while, Lu Yin retracted the eye light and said, “Let you go in a while”, after saying that, once again, please leave Ancestor Wu to imprison Xia Xing avatar.

Ancestor Wu appearance shocked Xia Xing. He didn’t dare to look directly, but he always felt familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

Ancestor Wu seems to have a breakthrough in Refining Blood Technique. After trapping Xia Xing, he immediately returned to the mirror without saying a word.

The outside world is now in great chaos due to the information that Unbounded has released, but Evoking Virtuous College is still peaceful. At most, some students return to their families because of changes in the family.

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