Star Odyssey Chapter 2217


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This incident is actually a good thing. No matter how Four Way Balance is fighting, Red Back spy has been caught a lot, batch after batch, and it has exposed countless dark sides.

The Brokerage Society, which sells back battle supplies and controls the number of battles, is almost pulled up by the roots, including the second base formation Command Lord Zuo.

Lu Yin is a pity. If you don’t use the Broken Trade Union, the Broken Trade Fair is gone.

It’s been a few months since I went to Four Way Balance.

Lu Yin keeps thinking about how to get the control of Cold Immortal Sect and Wang Family.

On this day, Bai Weiwei found it.

“Look for me to take you to experience?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Bai Weiwei said, “Go to Zhongpinghai, this experience is actually a task assigned to me by the family, to kill the creature of Origin Tribulation cultivation base alone.”

Lu Yin said, “Why don’t you find Mr. Bai?”.

“I found it, but Mr. Bai is still unsafe, so I want to find Mr. Haoyu together.” Bai Weiwei said, after finishing speaking, laughed playfully, “Sir, you can’t refuse, I have credits.”

Lu Yin helplessly, “Well, since I have credits, then take a trip, where is Zhongpinghai?”.

Bai Weiwei drew the region, “This piece is fine.”

Lu Yin looked at the area she drew, and was surprised to find that this piece of land was close to Wangyu. He just thought about how to search for Young Ancestor star on Wangyu not long ago. The opportunity came, which inspired him, “Okay, anytime set off”.

Bai Weiwei asked Lu Yin to accompany her during the practice. Pinghai was naturally not because of safety issues. Xia Family had any plans. Cold Immortal Sect knew that Cold Immortal Sect also wanted to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan. At the time, Lu Yin and Bai Weiwei were red. As mentioned on Wasteland, this experience has a precisely opportunity.

Cold Immortal Sect is about to formally raise the conditions.

The fact that Bai Weiwei invited Lu Yin to take her to experience quickly spread. Nong Siniang was the first to disagree, but Bai Weiwei relied on credits and she couldn’t stop it.

Wu Taibai also understood, immediately contact Xia Ziheng.

Xia Ziheng asked Wu Taibai to take Yuchuan away. As long as he mastered Yuchuan, Yuhao could not escape. Cold Immortal Sect wanted to win Yuhao. One of the conditions must be to release Yuchuan, and Yuchuan controlled by Divine Martial Heaven. The condition of Cold Immortal Sect does not hold.

The endless Zhongping Sea surrounds the Central Level Boundary. In the distance, under the blue sky, flocks of birds pass by. Some birds tear the sea surface with strong winds and catch swimming fish.

This is the place where Zhongping Sea is far from the coast, and it is also an area where Star Envoy creatures may occasionally appear.

Lu Yin, Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai are riding on a white paper folded boat. The boat is very large, with cabins and decks folded out, almost the same as the real boat.

Mr. Bai sits on the stern to fish. Many people in Starry Sky Tree have hobby fishing.

Bai Weiwei stood at the bow of the ship and looked into the distance, looking towards seabed with her eye light from time to time, looking for something.

Lu Yin leaned boringly on the railing, not far from Bai Weiwei, to prevent her from accidents.

“Mr. Haoyu, if there are haven’t Star Envoy creatures around, let’s go in another direction,” Bai Weiwei said.

Lu Yin Domain reached the Transforming Spirit Realm, which is just to find powerful creatures.

After distinguishing the direction, Lu Yin pointed to a direction, “Go there, I feel that the creatures in that direction are stronger”.

Bai Weiwei complied.

seabed, a huge creature was suppressed to be impossible to move. This creature possessed the strength of Origin Tribulation once, but was firmly suppressed by Lu Yin, preventing Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai from discovering.

It is so easy to find the target, how can he guide the two to Wangyu, and he pointed the direction precisely to Wangyu.

They are already sailing in the Zhongping Sea for ten days.

Mr. Bai was surprised, “It stands to reason that there should be a Star Envoy creature in this Sea Territory, why haven’t it?”.

Bai Weiwei is also strange, looking towards Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu, should we change direction again?”.

Lu Yin nods, “good”.

Change directions several times in a row. In the eyes of Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai, they moved towards different directions. In fact, in Lu Yin’s plan, no matter how the direction changes, they will eventually move towards Wangyu.

With a thump, Bai Weiwei emerged from the sea, and with a stroke, a huge turtle was thrown out and thrown into the sky.

Turtles have the strength of Enlightenment Realm, which is obviously not the target.

“It’s a pity, it’s still haven’t,” Bai Weiwei said, “This time I went out, the time already exceeded expectations. I thought I could find it in this Sea Territory within ten days at most.”

Mr. Bai said, “Mr. Haoyu, maybe your Domain has scared away the creatures in the sea, let me come.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “Okay.”

Mr. Bai also cultivates Domain, but he is not good at it. His Domain power is also Enlightenment Realm, but fortunately, the scope is very large.

In the next few days, Mr. Bai also failed to find a creature with the strength of Origin Tribulation. Even the second Origin Tribulation were haven’t, but there was a huge creature that could not see the depth swimming by, scaring the three of them. I dare not say a word.

The creature floated directly above the sea, shuttled through the Star Origin universe and then overturned the ocean and swept the sky.

“At least six times of Origin Tribulation strength, fortunately I didn’t notice us”, Mr. Bai’s face turned pale, a little scared.

Bai Weiwei rejoiced, “We are too weak and failed to attract its attention”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Maybe we are too young to fill its stomach”.

Mr. Bai is speechless, “This is not very pleasant.”

Lu Yin laughed, and the three continued to search.

“I have always been curious about the origin of Zhongpinghai. With so many powerful creatures here, no one has thought of guiding them to the back of the battlefield to contribute to humanity?” Lu Yin asked.

Mr. Bai put down his fishing rod, “A person who does this kind of thing will only become a sinner of mankind.”

Lu Yin is strange, “Why is this?”.

Mr. Bai looked towards Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu haven’t read any books about Zhongpinghai?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I haven’t had time to read the books on cultivate and Language of Interpretation, as well as books about Wenzu.”

Mr. Bai said with a smile, “Does Mr. Haoyu know the Fifth Continent?”.

Lu Yin expression remains unchanged, “Of course I know.”

This starry sky hasn’t listed the Fifth Continent and Sixth Continent as taboos, but the Fifth Continent is called Abandoned Land that’s all.

“Zhongping Sea originates from the Fifth Continent Star River. It is not only the ocean, but also the place where Mother Tree roots and roots need water for planting”, Mr. Bai said slowly.

Bai Weiwei said, “I remember, Big Senior Sister seems to have said that many creatures in Zhongpinghai are connected with Lower Boundary and connected with the roots of Mother Tree.”

Mr. Bai’s nods, “It’s not a secret. Eternal Clan has always been hitting the Pinghai Sea, trying to pollute the Zhongping Sea and destroy the mother tree roots in order to break the back battlefield, but fortunately, Zhongping Sea is too big. It’s big, and some of the creatures inside cannot be tested deeply, so Eternal Clan haven’t succeeded. They are impossible, and we humans are equally impossible.”

“So the creatures here can theoretically touch the roots of Mother Tree?” Lu Yin was surprised, he really didn’t know such a thing.

Mr. Bai nods, “Books record this, but maybe only a few people know how it is.”

“Mr. Just recently said that Zhongpinghai is from Star River in Abandoned Land?” Lu Yin asked again.

Mr. Bai said, “It is also a book record. It should be true. It is said that the Fifth Continent, which is today’s Abandoned Land, the Star River flows around the Mother Tree and once connected to six continents. The creatures inside are extremely powerful. Mother Tree roots”.

Lu Yin understands, no wonder there are powerful creatures in the Fifth Continent Star River from time to time, and Kui Luo wants to catch them.

“What is this?”, Lu Yin knelt down, picked up something that looked like metal from the paper boat, precisely stunned, he dropped it on purpose.

From knowing that Zhong Pinghai came from Star River, he would like to know the origin of Yan. After all, there are a lot of Yan in the Fifth Continent Star River. Of course, he can’t let these two people know that Yan came from him.

Mr. Bai and Bai Weiwei looked at it, “This is the material that the roots of Mother Tree decayed. It is called mother soil. Don’t underestimate it. One gram of mother soil can produce destructive power. It was once widely used. On the back of the battlefield, but unfortunately the output is too small to be used anymore.”

Bai Weiwei said, “It took too long for the Mother Tree roots to corrupt the mother soil. The history of our Starry Sky Tree is haven’t that long. The mother soil we used before, I heard from the seniors that they were Tree came here.”

“The place with the most mother soil must be Abandoned Land, but unfortunately, I can’t get it”, Mr. Bai said with regret.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, mother soil? Mr. Bai and Bai Weiwei knew each other, and the people from the Starry Sky Tree Expeditionary Army must have known them too. They didn’t say anything, they were taking away after waiting for the connection of the Xinkong Corridor.

Mother Yang, Abstruse Formation Technology, these should be the targets of those in the Starry Sky Tree expeditionary army.

“It seems that the creature just recently touched the roots of Mother Tree at close range,” said Mr. Bai.

The few people were just chatting, Mr. Bai was still looking for a creature with the strength of Origin Tribulation, and Bai Weiwei talked about Xia Family.

“Xia Xing Sect Master disappeared, Divine Martial Heaven madly destroyed the various branches of Unbounded, and even destroyed the headquarters, but it could not restore the negative impact of Xia Xing’s disappearance. Now in Four Way Balance, White Dragon Sect is at the bottom. Xia Family was originally second only to my Cold Immortal Sect, but now it is estimated to be surpassed by Wang Family, and my Cold Immortal Sect will always be the strongest”, Bai Weiwei said, speaking proudly.

Lu Yin agreed, “Xia Family can’t be compared with Cold Immortal Sect.”

“If Heavenly Master Gu Yan joins my Cold Immortal Sect, it will definitely make my Cold Immortal Sect further, Mr. Haoyu, I want to know, what conditions do you need to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan into my Cold Immortal Sect?” , Bai Weiwei asked directly.

Lu Yin hesitated.

Bai Weiwei said, “Originally, I wouldn’t be so anxious, but I know that Xia Ziheng Half-Ancestor took your grandfather Yuchuan away from Star Union. Sect will find a way to make Yuchuan free, but the price is not small, so We need your attitude, otherwise sect will not pay that many”.

Lu Yin looked at Bai Weiwei seriously, “I want revenge, Xia Zhitong must die, and Xia Yuan behind her and the Clear Moon Region Xia Family branch, and rescued my grandfather Yuchuan. If you can do it, I would prefer to join Cold Immortal Sect”.

Bai Weiwei smiled, “I will tell sect.”

Mr. Bai hasn’t always spoken. Although he is from Evoking Virtuous College, he is also from Cold Immortal Sect because he is surnamed Bai.

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