Star Odyssey Chapter 2218


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Wangling in the sea for a few days, finally, guided by Lu Yin, they saw Wangyu.

“Isn’t that Wangyu? Didn’t expect to come here”, Mr. Bai exclaimed, his eye light with envy.

Starry Sky Tree, who doesn’t want to climb Wangyu? The younger generation competes for the name of Young Ancestor and the opportunity to enter the Domination Boundary, while the older generation cultivator finds the right person who wants to follow, because Young Ancestor is bound to become an ancestor, following a future Ancestral Realm powerhouse, and the future cannot be limited.

But he is not qualified to follow Young Ancestor, his strength is too weak.

“Since I have come to Wangyu, of course I have to go take a look, let’s go,” Bai Weiwei said.

Mr. Bai hesitated, “This is not very good. Before entering the Domination Boundary to compete for Object of Origin, it is not allowed to enter Wangyu.”

Wangyu Young Ancestor star, only those who are confirmed as Young Ancestor are eligible to board, and Young Ancestor is a specific time, a specific title, the honor that can be obtained after the competition after the precise Origin Ring Festival, even if there are young in other ages Elites who reach the strength of Young Ancestor cannot be called Young Ancestor either.

Only Young Ancestor has the opportunity to go to the Domination Boundary to compete for the Object of Origin. After all, the Domination Boundary does not have that many Object of Origin. This is also the reason why the Fifth Continent picked the Starry Sky Tree at the Origin Ring Festival and later.

Of course, not being able to compete for Object of Origin does not mean haven’t Object of Origin, but the method of obtaining is different.

The Young Ancestor competition looks more like a ceremony to Lu Yin today.

Could it be that if Bai Shaohong people have hadn’t got Object of Origin in Domination Boundary, would they have hadn’t Object of Origin? Not necessarily, but Bai Shaohong’s cultivator before and after their generation had no chance to get Object of Origin? Naturally impossible.

The most obvious is the era of Seven Heroes. They haven’t experienced the Origin Ring Festival, but everyone is sure that they can reproduce the glory of Nine Mountains Eight Seas. Nine Mountains Eight Seas is Ancestral Realm. If they can’t break their ancestors , Where is the glory of Nine Mountains Eight Seas.

haven’t Object of Origin cannot break the ancestor, which means that Seven Heroes will definitely get Object of Origin.

In the final analysis, whether you can get the Object of Origin and whether you can get to Wangyu and get the resources of the Young Ancestor star depends not on the age, but on the strength.

The so-called fairness and luck are just for ordinary people.

Mr. Bai is this kind of ordinary people. In his opinion, only Young Ancestor can reach Wangyu Island, and the Young Ancestor generation has already passed, even if he is Star Envoy, he is still an ordinary people.

Bai Weiwei raised her head, “Who doesn’t allow?”.

Mr. Bai startedled, everyone said that Wangyu was not allowed to enter, but who gave the order? Naturally Four Way Balance, Bai Weiwei can represent Cold Immortal Sect to a certain extent.

“Let’s go,” Bai Weiwei said lightly.

Mr. Bai haven’t hesitated again, and controlled the paper boat moved towards Wangyu.

Lu Yin always haven’t talked. He couldn’t show the idea of ​​going to Wangyu, so he didn’t say anything at all and let Bai Weiwei decide for himself.

Soon after, they boarded Wangyu.

When I came to Wangyu again, Lu Yin was still a little bit emotional. The last time I came here was led by Long Kui. Here, he has gained a lot. I don’t know if this time can be achieved.

Last time I came to him and haven’t had a good look at Wangyu. Now I accompanied Bai Weiwei to walk on Wangyu, and found that this place is no different from other places. Perhaps the biggest difference is Young Ancestor star.

Four Young Ancestor stars hang outside Wangyu, but only the ancestral building can be seen.

After Ban Tian, ​​the three of them came downstairs to Wangzu, and the whole Wangyu was haven’t, only the sound of Insect Cry.

Bai Weiwei looked up at Wangzulou, “This is the legendary Wangzulou”.

Mr. Bai looked at Wangzulou, didn’t expect to be here one day by himself.

“Mr. Bai, I heard that an Old Senior in the college is here?” Bai Weiwei asked.

Mr. Bai said, “I have also heard of it, but I don’t know the details.”

Bai Weiwei looked towards Lu Yin again.

Lu Yin said, “There is an Old Senior who is called the God of Cookery”.

Bai Weiwei was surprised, “Why is it called this?”.

“How did Mr. Haoyu know?” Mr. Bai also asked.

Lu Yin laughed, “I accidentally met this senior cook, and was invited to come to the academy as a mentor.”

“so that’s how it is”, Mr. Bai knows that he entered the academy earlier than Lu Yin, and there is no reason why this person knows something he doesn’t know. If it is like this, he can understand it.

haven’t said more, the three of them climbed to the ancestral building and finally saw the four hazy Young Ancestor stars far away on the top floor. At the same time, delicious food appeared on the table.

“This is Wangzulou’s food, try it.” Bai Weiwei was very interested. While eating, she looked at the Young Ancestor star, her eye light with desire.

not only Mr. Bai is an ordinary people, so why not Bai Weiwei, at least she hasn’t the ability to break the rules.

Gourmet appearance without signs, when the plate in front of you is emptied, new ones appear.

Lu Yin laughed, “Senior seems to be afraid that we are hungry”.

Mr. Bai’s expression is respectful.

Bai Weiwei got up and said, “Bai Weiwei, a college student, please invite Senior, the God of Cookery, to appear.”

Mr. Bai immediately got up and saluted, “College tutor Bai Lin, please invite Senior to show up.”

Lu Yin also got up, “Academy tutor Haoyu, please invite Senior to show up.”

No reaction, the three of them repeated once again, but still no reaction.

“Forget it, Senior doesn’t want to be disturbed by us, so let’s leave after eating”, Lu Yin said.

Bai Weiwei said, “Since I have come to Wangyu, it is a pity not to board the Young Ancestor star.” After finishing speaking, she left Wang Ancestor and moved towards Young Ancestor star.

Mr. Bai was shocked and hurried to follow.

Lu Yin followed.

Soon, they came outside the Stars of Cold Immortal Sect Young Ancestor, Bai Weiwei was about to enter, but was blocked by a soft but irresistible force, “Cold Immortal Sect Young Ancestor can’t enter, retreat”.

Bai Weiwei landed, “Cold Immortal Sect disciple Bai Weiwei, wants to enter the Young Ancestor Star One View”.

“It’s not Young Ancestor, don’t enter”, the voice came out.

Lu Yin and Mr. Bai arrived, looked towards the Young Ancestor star, saw the boundless Star Crystal Essence, Lu Yin’s eyes glowed.

Bai Weiwei is unwilling, “I am the most outstanding discipline of Cold Immortal Sect this generation. I have the comparable strength of Young Ancestor Bai Shaohong at the time. Can’t I be a Young Ancestor star?”.

In the Young Ancestor star, a man walked out, and the Chengtian Senior who guarded the Young Ancestor star precisely. Each Young Ancestor star was guarded by several Star Envoys, one was the Origin Tribulation cultivator six times, and there were two more. Three Star Envoys, and this Chengtian Senior is six Origin Tribulation expert.

He and Bai Weiwei looked at each other, “I really want you to come in, but the rules cannot be broken. Once broken, I will take responsibility unless you can get the consent of the Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master.”

The young Ancestor star guarding the Young Ancestor doesn’t really want to stay here for the elderly. Instead, they want to cling to Young Ancestor, Young Ancestor, the probability of becoming an ancestor in the future is great. They have this kind of opportunity to cling to, which countless people cannot ask for.

Bai Weiwei is the most outstanding discipline of this generation Cold Immortal Sect. Even though Chengtian is an Origin Tribulation expert six times, he still wants to cling to it. He himself cannot go further, but if he can wait for the future Ancestral Realm powerhouse, wait for it. To achieve Ancestral Realm, his status will be as the tide rises, the boat floats, and even further cultivation base is not impossible.

So his words are not false. He also hopes that Bai Weiwei can board the Young Ancestor star and give him hope, but the rules are the rules.

Bai Weiwei frowned, “You let me in, I accept your favor”.

Chengtian Senior shook his head helplessly, “I’m sorry”, he is not betting on a generation, he can live a long time with his cultivation base, as long as he keeps on guarding the Young Ancestor star, he can always meet the genius of Ancestral Realm, the most it’s possible in the future. , If you are driven away from Young Ancestor for breaking the rules, it is not worth it.

Bai Weiwei is useless to say anything, and finally can only helplessly leave.

This trip to Wangyu apart from went up to Wangzu Building and took a look, but didn’t get anything else.

On the paper boat, Bai Weiwei was not reconciled, “If it is not late for several decades, it may not be Bai Shaohong’s turn.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. From his point of view, Bai Shaohong is much better than Bai Weiwei. Do these people really think that the Fourth Young Ancestor depends on luck? Wrong, haven’t a certain cultivation base, even if it becomes the strongest discipline of Cold Immortal Sect, it cannot stand in front of the other three Young Ancestors.

The four Young Ancestors rely on their strength. If Bai Shaohong was in Bai Shaohong’s era, she would be at most one level with Nong Sanniang and Liu Hao, and a short distance from the four Young Ancestors. In this period, it would be difficult to catch up in her life.

The sky in Zhongpinghai darkened, and a luminous whitebait rushed out of the seabed, shooting ten thousand zhang rays of light from the height.

On the paper boat, Mr. Bai’s face turned pale, “No, it’s a Four Times Origin Tribulation creature”.

Lu Yin hurriedly arranged the Origin Treasure Formation to block the ten thousand zhang rays of light, while Mr. Bai and Bai Weiwei simultaneously take action and it took a little one hour to repel the silver fish.

When the sky recovered, Mr. Bai almost lost his strength, and Bai Weiwei was also breathing heavily.


Lu Yin spit out blood, Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai hurriedly supported him, “Mr. Haoyu, How is it going?”.

Lu Yin’s face is ugly and he keeps coughing up blood, “Four Times Origin Tribulation attacked, I can barely hold the Origin Treasure Formation, but also suffered from heavy wounds, I may not be able to help you in the next few days.”

Bai Weiwei is grateful, “If it weren’t for Mr. Haoyu this time, we would be nine deaths and still alive. Although the husband is healed, we will find a place to rest in the past few days.”

Lu Yin clicked on nods and sat in the paper boat with a pale face.

And there, a same Haoyu is already there, precisely Tong Yu disguised.

After confirming that Bai Weiwei came to Zhongpinghai, Lu Yin contacted Tong Yu and asked her to follow from a distance, ready to replace.

He didn’t come to Zhongpinghai to waste time, but for the resources on Young Ancestor.

In everyone’s perception of the Starry Sky Tree, the resources on the Young Ancestor come from the entire Starry Sky Tree. It is said that it is for Young Ancestor. The name of Young Ancestor does not only refer to Four Way Balance. It is said that Young Ancestor is the genius cultivated by Starry Sky Tree.

But now the Young Ancestor star is controlled by Four Way Balance. This generation of Liu Que is very strong, but still can’t use Young Ancestor star resources to cultivate. Young Ancestor star is the private property of Four Way Balance.

In this case, Lu Yin smiled unceremoniously.

He asked Tong Yu to disguise himself. In order to be afraid of revealing a weak spot, he specially invited a Four Times Origin Tribulation silverfish to hurt himself to prevent Tong Yu from revealing a weak spot when communicating with Bai Weiwei, while he himself was in Ancestor. Under the cover of Wu Wei, once again boarded Wangyu, and successfully concealed himself from God of Cookery, and boarded the Young Ancestor star.

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