Star Odyssey Chapter 2220


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Looking at them leaving, Lei Wu’s eye light flickered. These two strangers weren’t recommended by Diyin. If someone else followed him, what if the Diyin person came? Wait or not?

Can’t wait, Lei Wu eye light dazzles, Hidden Organization is hidden, and it has influence in many forces of Starry Sky Tree, but it doesn’t mean it’s very difficult to deal with. The reason why it’s secret is because of fear of exposure. Once exposed That’s it.

He doesn’t think that people from Diyin can deal with the two strangers, especially those two and the others. Seeing that the posture is not good for Wang Family, they even dare to plot against Wang Family. provoke.

Thinking of this, he was anxious and decided to find a way to contact the organization and tell the organization what happened here.

Lei Wu wanted to inform Diyin, but he was impossible. The two strangers always stare him. They are not there, but there is always power to linger, so Lei Wu dare not move.

2nd day, Lei Wu still couldn’t think of a way to avoid them to inform Diyin, and on this day, Lu Yin arrived and he appeared alone.

Looking at the Lei Mansion in front of him, Lu Yin remembered the chase outside of Dragon Mountain. It was really fate. That time he just got into the assassin within the body who wanted to kill Lei Wu and learned of the hidden existence of this starry sky. If it weren’t for him, Lei Wu’s grandson would have died. If you want to enter the Wang Family continent, you can only find the influential high-level man who is hidden in the Wang Family.

Although the person has a high status, he can’t control the selection of people entering and leaving the Wang Family continent. The direction of management is different. It is not as convenient as Lei Wu, and it is easier to expose.

“Tell me the master here, just say that acquaintances are visiting”, Lu Yin spoke and guarded Lei Mansion.

The guard hurriedly returned to the house to report.

Soon, Lei Yan walked out and saw Lu Yin, Lu Yin already exchange appearance, the appearance was very ordinary, nothing special.

“Who are you? Know my Lei Family?” Lei Yan looked at Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “please tell Lei Wu Patriarch, just say that acquaintances can visit.”

Lei Yan frowned, “I don’t have any acquaintances here, Lei Family, let’s go.” After speaking, he turned back to the house.

Lu Yin froze, what do you mean? Elder Qing Xing clearly contacted Lei Wu through Diyin.

The door closed, Lu Yin frowned, turned and left.

In the door, Lei Yan breathed a sigh of relief. He also knew that someone from Diyin contacted and wanted to enter the Wang Family continent through them. The person just recently was introduced by Diyin. He also thought of what Lei Wu could think of. I hope that person will not be entangled anymore, otherwise not only their bad luck, but also their presence.

The two strangers didn’t care about Lu Yin’s visit, so Lei Wu breathed a sigh of relief and secretly praised his grandson you did good. Over the years, he has gone north and south with him and developed a sense of caution and caution.

“Lei Wu Patriarch”, a voice suddenly sounded behind Lei Wu. He was startled, turned around, and saw Lu Yin with a smile, “You, who are you?”.

When Lei Yan saw Lu Yin, his face was pale, “Didn’t you let you go? My Lei Family is not familiar with you, so hurry up.”

Lei Wu’s heart sank, was Di Yin introduced him? It’s troublesome, it’s going to be exposed.

Lu Yin is strange, “How can I go back on what I have said clearly? Patriarch has forgotten his identity”.

Lei Wu looked ugly, and kept winking at Lu Yin, “I will do things naturally when I receive the money from your organization, but now is not the time. Next time you must make up for it. You hurry and go.”

Lu Yin just sits like this, haven’t cares about him.

At this time, a stranger appeared, looked at Lu Yin coldly, and looked towards Lei Wu again, “This is the person sent by the organization you said? Want to be on the Wang Family continent too?”.

Lei Wu nods, “If you want to be on the Wang Family continent not simple, you must go to two people at most at a time. Even if you have a relationship, you can go to three people at most. If you bring this person, you can only go to one person, so I I want to drive him away and let them organize to wait for the next opportunity.”

The stranger coldly said, “Don’t wait for the next time, just this time.”

Lei Wu is surprised.

Lu Yin looked towards the stranger.

“On the Wang Family continent, regardless of life or death, it is difficult to find a trace. In order to avoid accidents, this person should disappear.” After finishing speaking, he pressed Lu Yin with one hand.

Lei Wu sighed, she still likes this, and this person is also courting death.

The palm fell on Lu Yin’s shoulder, and the terrifying Star Origin penetrated and tried to erase Lu Yin. However, at the next moment, Lu Yin did not move and did not respond. The stranger started and suddenly looked towards Lu Yin, which was the first time. Facing Lu Yin squarely, once again, force, Lu Yin still did not move, and looked at him with a smile.

The stranger’s face changed, and he hurriedly backed away, but Lu Yin grabbed his arm, squeezed his arm, and slapped his body directly on the ground.

Lu Yin stepped on this person’s back, “What do you just recently want to do?”.

Lei Wu and Lei Yan stared at this scene blankly, unable to understand, this person is Star Envoy, how could it be easily crushed to the ground? Is it fake?

The stranger cannot look at Lu Yin with confidence, “who you are?”.

Lu Yin stepped on his back, bent over, and looked at it with a smile, “Yes, you are from Divine Martial Heaven, right”.

The stranger’s face changed drastically, “Are you from Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Lei Wu and Lei Yan are at a loss, what Divine Martial Heaven, what Cold Immortal Sect?

Lu Yin is also confused. He sees that this person is from Divine Martial Heaven, because his power is similar to Xia Shenfei and the others, and he has also cultivated the similar strength of Divine Martial Astral Aura, but how could this person guess him? Are they from Cold Immortal Sect?


Lu Yin suddenly looked towards a direction, void distorted, the majestic Star Origin erupted in the distance, but was instantly converged. There, another stranger was shocked and turned his head to look at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, spirit passes by, and the stranger’s brain is shaken by heavy wounds, and he falls down.

The stranger under his feet has a numb scalp and easily controls them, “You are an expert on six Origin Tribulation.”

Lei Wu is shocked. How can the person introduced by Di Yin have such a strong ability?

Lu Yin stepped fiercely with his right foot on the person’s left leg. The face of the originally fierce stranger changed greatly once again, this time it was fear. His Star Origin Cyclone was in this position.

“As long as you apply force, you will be useless”, Lu Yin indifferently said.

The stranger horrified looked at Lu Yin, “Cold Immortal Sect is really prepared. Even if we find this unremarkable Lei Family, we will be followed by you.”

Lu Yin is even more curious. This person insisted that he belonged to Cold Immortal Sect. Why?

“Let’s talk about identity, purpose”, Lu Yin indifferently said, when he said that, he raised his eyes and looked towards Lei Wu and Lei Yan, and waved.

The two looked at each other and hurriedly withdrew. They were a little confused. Was this person from Cold Immortal Sect or was he introduced to him?

Lu Yin arrested all two strangers, and the other person Lu Yin knew, precisely Xia Yuan.

He didn’t expect to meet Xia Yuan here, and these two people really belonged to Divine Martial Heaven.

Xia Yuan was stunned, and Lu Yin didn’t wake him up either, but looked at the person who was always under his feet, “Why, don’t you want to say? It’s okay, I just abolished your Star Origin Cyclone”.

“Wait, I said, I said”, the man was bitter, “In fact, you know everything, what else do you want me to say?”, suddenly, he remembered something and looked at Lu Yin in surprise.

Lu Yin knew he thought that he was not from Cold Immortal Sect, and looked at him with interest.

This person swallowed saliva and said, “Are you from Cold Immortal Sect?”.

“Last Chance,” Lu Yin said coldly.

The person hurriedly said, “Senior, I said, say,” he ugly complexion, pondered for a moment, and slowly said, “We are from Divine Martial Heaven, and the purpose is to send a letter to Wang Family Patriarch Wang Zheng. If Senior is Cold People of Immortal Sect, we haven’t concealed the need. Since Cold Immortal Sect invites Senior to appear here, we must know everything. If Senior is not from Cold Immortal Sect, I sincerely invite Senior to join the three alliances to fight Cold Immortal. Sect “.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Three Alliances?”.

“Yes, I am Divine Martial Heaven, White Dragon Sect, and Wang Family. We want three alliances to fight Cold Immortal Sect together”, this person solemnly said.

Lu Yin blinked, “tell me in detail”.

This humanity said, “Actually, I don’t know very well. I just sent the letter. Xia Yuan should know that Senior can ask him.”

Lu Yin said, “Tell me what you know”.

This person thought for a while and said, “As far as I know, the disappearance of Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master Xia Xing cannot escape from Cold Immortal Sect. Cold Immortal Sect used various means to capture our Sect Master. At the same time They imprisoned White Dragon Sect Patriarch Long Ke. They deliberately involved Star Union. This was inadvertently revealed by Xia Yuan. He walked very close to Ziheng Half-Ancestor and knew more, and I also heard from him. Come”.

Lu Yin is becoming more and more curious. Bai Teng has disappeared. Why does Divine Martial Heaven think that Cold Immortal Sect took Xia Xing? And so sure?

As for Long Ke, he plot against. Long Ke is suspected of dealing with Bai Teng. It is normal to be caught by Cold Immortal Sect. What does this have to do with Xing?

He awakened Xia Yuan and asked why.

At first, Xia Yuan didn’t want to say it, but Lu Yin had countless ways to make him speak. In the end, Xia Yuan came up with a conclusion that stunned Lu Yin, “Cold Immortal Sect deliberately used Bai Teng’s disappearance to cover up the fact that we Sect Master was taken away. But who can’t tell? How could Bai Teng, a dignified Sect Master, disappear silently? The God of Cookery is not far from the place where he disappeared, and Long Ke also haven’t had the motive of taking action on Bai Teng. As a result, Long Ke was arrested. It was Wang Zheng who accused him.”

“All this is a coincidence. Cold Immortal Sect used Wang Zheng to testify against Long Ke and imprisoned Long Ke in Cold Immortal Sect, in order to obtain Star Union within the body prohibition, because at this time, Wang Family and White Dragon Sect hated each other. The most that Cold Immortal Sect loses is Bai Teng. This person is just a puppet. It has long been rumored within Cold Immortal Sect that Bai Xian’er will become the new Sect Master.”

“Sacrifice a Bai Teng and get the White Dragon Sect ban to control Star Union and make White Dragon Sect hate Wang Family. This is the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect. We guessed it, so we plan to unite Wang Family and White Dragon Sect fights Cold Immortal Sect together”.

Lu Yin knows, “You think Cold Immortal Sect prevents you from joining the Wang Family, so you hide your identities and use the convenience of Lei Wu to board the Wang Family continent. It is not Wang Family that is deceiving, but Cold Immortal Sect?” .

Natsuhara nods, “Yes, the woman of Cold Immortal Sect is too meticulous. If we openly interact with Wang Family, she will definitely be aware of it. She must have various ways to prevent the alliance. This is not only my Divine Martial Heaven The decision is also the decision of White Dragon Sect”.

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