Star Odyssey Chapter 2220


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Uneasy Season already died in Fifth Continent, and no new Eternal Clan executive contacted him in Jiu Zizai’s memory. He has been waiting for the day when Leave is on the back of the battlefield and gloriously return to the Starry Sky Tree.

Lu Yin was about to withdraw from the fusion. Suddenly, another memory flooded in, and it turned out to be about the Broken Exchange.

Lu Yin quickly looked at his memory.

In memory, Jiu Zizai actually joined the Brokerage Society, and he is a high-level person, and his existence is also quite secret. It can’t be found in the Unbounded data, and there is no other Brokerage Society who knows his existence. I only know that there is such an expert.

Lu Yin eye light flickers, and the break easily will never have’t disappear. Their upper level is not transparent, but like this hidden.

There are indeed many senior leaders of the Unbounded Society recorded in the Unbounded data, but they are all on the surface. At least so far, Four Way Balance haven’t has caught a cultivator that has reached the Origin Tribulation cultivation base six times. The highest is only the second base formation Command Lord Zuo.

Command Lord Zuo is so famous in the Brokerage Club because of his nephew Zuo Shan.

Lu Yin exits the fusion and returns to within the body.

This integration is not a small harvest, and this Jiu Zizhi seems to be more of a personal talent. While he is a Red Back, he takes refuge in Eternal Clan. With the help of Eternal Clan, he climbs up on the back battlefield, and hasn’t worry about his life. On the other hand, he secretly joins. The break will be for personal gain.

He joined the Brokerage Club, Uneasy Season did not know.

This person is ambitious and capable, but unfortunately he was a bit bad luck and was discovered by himself. If not, who can catch him?

Nine Freedom is not the only one. Starry Sky Tree doesn’t know how many Red Backs there are, and it gets chills just thinking about it.

Lu Yin looked at Star Crystal Essence at his feet. It’s a pity that his innate talent can’t be exposed, and haven’t control the entire mankind. Otherwise, he will gather human resources and let himself shake dice at six o’clock, no matter how many Red Back he can dig come out.

Not much thought, Lu Yin raised his hand, dice appeared, slowly rotated, a finger pointed, five o’clock, useless, continue, the third dice stopped, two o’clock, continue again, three o’clock, Lu Yin loose Sigh, looking at the upper and lower light curtains, there is no need to wait ten days.

He asked Tong Yu to replace himself for ten days. It is planned that Tong Yu will replace himself half a month at most. He can’t leave too long, otherwise the Young Ancestor star will break out. Four Way Balance will follow it down. The longer he healed, the more worthwhile doubt.

Take out the deadwood of the years, still on the upper light curtain, and then start to increase frantically. He doesn’t know how much the deadwood of the years can be raised, and do his best.

A full 100,000,000,000 and 100,000,000,000 cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence were consumed before the dead wood fell.

At this moment, the dead wood surrounding the years is not only void distorted, but also flowing with a light gray, appearing and disappearing from time to time.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yin is breathing fast and gray, which is the color that impresses him, because every time Mr. Mu appears, the surrounding void turns to gray. Mr. Mu freezes a void time, gray, From Lu Yin’s point of view, it is the color of the fixed frame of time and space.

Not only that, the thunderbolt that sometimes passes over the dead wood makes him feel trembling, not simply thunderbolt.

The years withered wood, the years, the years, Lu Yin is excited, once again upgrade, fortunately, it can still improve.

This promotion is different. He has been promoted three times before The Years Deadwood has the Rune Word Principle Number of Star Envoy Peak, just recently promoted, and already reaches the Half-Ancestor level, and the thunderbolt manifests the surroundings and looks more Like Inner World, now it is upgraded again. It is estimated that with the same needle, maybe you can touch the Ancestral Realm level.

Lu Yin was a little flustered, and there was no response when the needle was ascended. What about the dead wood? Will you have a reaction?

Thinking about it for a while, no matter what, if you can improve, you can improve, otherwise he will not take so many Star Crystal Essences in the Young Ancestor star, leaving it to Four Way Balance will only be used to deal with himself.

Lu Yin keeps smashing Star Crystal Essence in to raise the dead wood of the years, 50 billion, 100,000,000,000, 150 billion, 200,000,000,000, 250 billion… 400 billion. Looking at the dead wood of the years, there is almost one third position that needs to drop, and the surrounding ones are circulating. The gray became more and more, the thunderbolt almost roared in his head.

Lu Yin swallowed saliva and said, the Star Crystal Essence on White Dragon Young Ancestor is already gone, only on the surface is left. He took out all the Star Crystal Essence stored in his Congealing Space Ring and continued to smash.

500 billion, five thousand and 60 billion, a full five thousand and sixty billion, the most promotion in history, Lu Yin’s heart trembled, if it weren’t for Young Ancestor star, he would not have been so completely crazy and ridiculous. The crystal essence consumed is too many too many, too much exaggeration.

Even Four Way Balance is impossible to easily take out so many Star Crystal Essences. He consumes the entire White Dragon Young Ancestor star plus his own Star Crystal Essence.

At this moment, the dead wood of the years is completely shrouded in gray, and there is a faint flash of thunderbolt.

Looking at the dead wood floating in the air, Lu Yin didn’t know what to do, touch it? He, he didn’t dare, for fear that he would be torn apart by thunderbolt, but it would be impossible without touching it.

Lu Yin appeared on the shoulder of the Candle God villain, waved his hand, and the Rune Word Principle Number was shrouded in the dead wood. I want to feel it.

When the Rune Word Principle Number touched the dead wood of the years, the dead wood turned into a thunderbolt and shot towards Lu Yin. Lu Yin watched. Haven’t has the slightest ability to avoid, the only thing he can do is release the heart. Power, trying to suppress the dead wood with that power.

The power in his heart is extremely strong, sufficient to suppress any power, but that is on the premise that the gap is not big, the withered wood at this moment is not what he can imagine, at least it is the top level of Half-Ancestor, even-Ancestral Realm level.

The Starry Sky shone, surrounded by black and white commas, turning into a starry sky, and the dead wood of the years passed directly through this starry sky, and then stopped. The next scene is the three views of breakthrough Lu Yin, the dead wood of the years seems to be rooted in This side of the starry sky is like, when this force returns within the body, and the years withered wood, also returns within the body, it takes root in his heart.

In the next instant, gray spread from the heart and directly enveloped Lu Yin’s surroundings, and he seemed to be sluggish, and it seemed that there was something in the sudden enlightenment, standing still.

One day, two days, three days, until ten days later, Lu Yin eye light has the focus and regained its radiance, while the gray surrounding it gradually faded and returned to the heart again.

Lu Yin looked at his heart, he understood, the years withered wood does not represent the mighty power of time, it still represents the extreme reversal of things, but the extreme reversal of things at another level.

I learned that the extremes of things must be countered, and can act on themselves, so that when facing strong enemies, they have almost impossible means to crack. It is a state of undying, and Ancestor Ku has already reached another level. He can counteract the extremes of things. Above other things, as long as that kind of thing has an extreme state.

The so-called extreme state is extreme. For example, when it acts on himself, the more he gets injured, the more he recovers. This is the method Lu Yin normally uses, and Ancestor Ku already puts the extreme of things on time.

Time is a state of extremes, because time is constantly passing, neither stopping nor flowing backwards. It always flows forward, and time is always consuming. This is a state of extremes. Ancestor Ku will have a negative effect on time. Above, the carrier is the dead wood he made.

The dead wood he made with his own hands is branded with the imprint of anti-reversal. Once used, the anti-reversal will be activated, and the dead wood can flow back in time.

Ancestor Ku haven’t mastered the mighty power of time, but used the material extreme and dead wood carrier to forcibly put the time back.

Can’t describe Lu Yin’s feelings at this moment, admiration, amazement, incredible.

A person who hasn’t mastered the power of time, but was stunned to force time back. This kind of innate talent is unimaginable.

Things must be reversed. What he understands now is only fur. This is not a cultivation technique at all, but a cognition of the state of the universe, a means of changing something rotten into something magical.

Lu Yin has always believed that Ancestor Fu creation Amplifying Universe Sutra is the most amazing, and now it seems that Ancestor Ku is not bad at all, but he is too low-key, low-key and instructive.

Lu Yin now doubts whether Ancestor Ku will be the most powerful house of that era. He dared to rush into Eternal Clan alone, not by recklessness, but by confidence.

He has a lot of sweat for the Sixth Continent. If it weren’t for Eternal Clan, an Ancestor Chen and an Ancestor Ku, no one else would need to take action. The Sixth Continent would be over.

Ancestor Ku is a strange method, and Lu Yin has seen it. However, it seems that he is also very strange. The heart can tolerate the dead wood. This can be tolerated. What else can’t be tolerated? How is this tolerant? Did you cultivate a strange power?

Close your eyes, rest for a while, and then open it again. Lu Yin lifted his foot and stepped out. The void was twisted, approached and shattered. This is not to tear the void, but to reverse the chaos void.

Although the dead wood of the years is not the mighty power of time, the moment of entering within the body, the dead wood of the years makes Lu Yin truly feel the Strength of Time. Yes, he feels the Strength of Time, but he cannot use it directly, but With Backstep it is different.

Ancestor Chen can use Backstep to reverse the chaos, and now he can.

Suddenly, Lu Yin thought of Ancestor Chen. No, he felt the power of Wendy Yushan’s time, but he couldn’t do it. Now he can touch the time with the help of years and dead trees, so that Backstep can reach the void level. Ancestor Chen is in Enlightenment It could be done during Realm Peak. Could it be that Ancestor Chen also mastered the power of time?

It’s not impossible, otherwise Ancestor Chen is impossible to reverse the chaos by Backstep in the Enlightenment Realm period. With the help of Ce Word Secret Technique.Chess Move Withdrawal, he can only reverse the chaos space, and the point where it is impossible to reverse the chaos time, Ancestor Chen is absolutely impossible to do even if he is extraordinary natural talent. The only explanation is that he has already touched the realm of time.

At the beginning of the Star Envoy Origin Tribulation, Ancestor Chen only appeared eight avatars, and the ninth avatar haven’t appeared. What power does that avatar hold?

Ancestor Ku is so powerful, the years withered trees can turn time back, Ancestor Fu is so magical, Amplifying Universe Sutra is available at any time, create something from nothing, Ancestor Hui sees everything, wisdom is unparalleled, and Ancestor Wu is not bad. Micro-creation Star Envoy, with no opportunity, plus Lu Tianyi’s ancestor, the Heavenly Sect era, was Dao child’s powerhouse, as well as Cold Immortal Sect Bai Family, Wang Family, etc. Even so, the most dazzling of that era was Ancestor. Chen.

Why? Why is Ancestor Chen the most dazzling? Is it because Ancestor Ku is low-key? Because Ancestor Hui does not fight? Because Ancestor Fu is indifferent to fame and fortune? Not necessarily.

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