Star Odyssey Chapter 2222


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Bai Weiwei appeared on the head of the tortoise shell, and wanted to inject the attack into the shell, but the turtle turned her body and always faced her with the side of the shell. She was fast, the turtle moved faster, and could always use the turtle. Shell faced her.

After the little Ban Tian, ​​Bai Weiwei lost her temper and returned to the cabin, “Let’s go, I can’t deal with it”.

Lu Yin asked, “Are you haven’t directly moved the Origin Treasure Formation?”.

Bai Weiwei shook her head, suddenly remembering something, her eye light looked at Lu Yin brightly, “Sir?”

Lu Yin laughed, “Teached by Teacher”.

Bai Weiwei wants to learn. If there is an Origin Treasure Formation that can be moved directly, it will be faster than a turtle. Her attack can also penetrate into the turtle’s shell, but she doesn’t know how she wants to learn about Origin Treasure Formation.

At this moment, she deeply felt the benefits of Origin Treasure Formation, and she understood more why Sect wanted to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

Origin Treasure Formation is different from Combat Technique cultivation techniques, and it plays different roles. It can often change something rotten into something magical.

Bai Weiwei doesn’t know how to learn the Origin Treasure Formation that can be moved, and Lu Yin also haven’t spoken initiatively. As for the turtle, count it as good luck, no one will do anything to it.

A few days later, they finally encountered an Origin Tribulation creature again. This time it was seabirds, in groups. The leader was an Origin Tribulation cultivation base, and Mr. Bai and Lu Yin took action to block the others. Seabird, Bai Weiwei singled out the one-time Origin Tribulation cultivation base seabird, and finally won. As a result, she returned to Academy.

At the same time, the Divine Martial Young Ancestor star released a heart-piercing horror, from the six-time Origin Tribulation cultivation base Jun Senior, followed by the White Dragon Young Ancestor star, Cold Immortal Young Ancestor star There was an angry roar, leading to the God of Cookery.

“What is the name of the ghost?”, the cook is dissatisfied.

Mrs. Mo on the Wang Family Young Ancestor star is also strange, those three guys are crazy?

Shortly after, Four Way Balance vibrated, Bai Teng, Wang Zheng, Long Ke walked out simultaneously, moving towards Young Ancestor came, and the three represented the three of Four Way Balance, and they were also Family Owners.

Looking at the empty Young Ancestor star, there is only one layer of Star Crystal Essence on the surface, which is not even hundreds of millions of cubic meters. In other words, these days, hundreds of billions of cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence are gone and disappear out of thin air.

“Impossible, who can carry so much crystal essence?” Long Ke exclaimed.

Bai Teng’s face was low, “Either someone was transported away, or it was Half-Ancestor”, said, he looked towards Wangzulou, “Senior cook, don’t you plan to come out and say something?”.

The God of Cookery walked out, and he was also very curious who could take away that many things in front of one’s eyes. The first thought of Kui Luo, apart from the old bastard, no one else, half-Ancestor is impossible under him in The front of one’s eyes takes away the crystal essence, only Half-Ancestor can hide those Star Crystal Essences in the Inner World.

But Kui Luo, that old bastard has the ability to hide from himself? Has he improved so much?

“Senior, the cook god, what do you want to say?” Bai Teng stare asked the cook god, with a rather bad tone.

The number of these Star Crystal Essences is huge, and the combined loss of three Young Ancestor stars exceeds one trillion, which is a terrifying figure, even Four Way Balance cannot afford this loss.

The God of Cookery looked calm, “What did you say?”.

Bai Teng narrowed his eyes.

Long Ke, Wang Zhengdu stare him. The reason why they are assured of Young Ancestor star is also because there is a God of Cookery. This Old Guy is on the verge of a breakthrough Ancestral Realm, but it is not a breakthrough, but under the Ancestral Realm, Starry Sky Tree The only one who can match him is Ni Huang Great Elder. Now Ni Huang Great Elder is not there. If Half-Ancestor can take away the crystal essence from this Old Guy in front of one’s eyes, they don’t believe it, unless the Old Guy defaults.

This Old Guy is too stable. It hasn’t had a breakthrough for so many years. The longer it is for others, the harder it is to succeed in the breakthrough. This Old Guy is just the opposite.

“Definitely to report the ancestors, but we should at least investigate something, otherwise how to explain to the ancestors”, Bai Teng said in a cold voice, and then ordered to stop the three of Bai Weiwei who returned to Evoking Virtuous College , Let them come to Wangyu to be investigated.

“You want to investigate them? Do you think they have the ability to steal the crystal essence from God of Cookery? Don’t talk about God of Cookery, even those who guard the Young Ancestor star can’t hide it from them,” Long Ke said.

Bai Teng coldly snorted, “At the beginning, a Lu Xiaoxuan disturbed Heaven and Earth turning upside down, he was so capable, there is nothing in this starry sky that can not happen.”

Long Ke has nothing to say, Lu Xiaoxuan’s alias is Long Qi, and he lied to him White Dragon Sect and almost opened another lineage in Dragon Mountain to replace his main line. This is a shame for White Dragon Sect.

At this moment, the three of Lu Yin just embarked on the way back to Evoking Virtuous College, and they already left Zhongpinghai, but were stopped in the blue area and asked to return to Wangyu.

Mr. Bai and Bai Weiwei looked at each other suspiciously. They didn’t understand why they wanted to go to Wangyu, but they still did, because the order came from Sect Master Bai Teng.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, and I really wanted to investigate them. These people are too cautious. On the surface, the three of them are absolutely impossible. They stole the crystal essence from the God of Cookery. Even so, they still have to be investigated. Fortunately, he was early Be prepared.

once again when he came to Wangyu, Lu Yin was surprised to find that Long Ke was also there. There was a smile in his eyes.

The investigation of their three people is very simple. All three of their walking footprints can be investigated. Haven’t is absolutely suspicious.

At this time, Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai still don’t know what happened.

Although it is possible to investigate Bai Weiwei and their footprints, Bai Teng is still unwilling. After all, they are the only ones who have been to Wangyu recently. He has been stare Lu Yin, especially when Lu Yin at first came and saw them. With a smile, he always thinks this person is a ghost.

“Separate interrogation, I want to know what each of them did and think about”, Bai Teng stare Lu Yin coldly said.

Wang Zheng puzzled, “No need, their whereabouts are not suspicious, and both are from your Cold Immortal Sect.”

“It is because of my Cold Immortal Sect that I have to investigate it clearly. They will give it to you, and this Mr. Haoyu will give it to me,” Bai Teng said. After speaking, he took Lu Yin and walked to the other side. .

Long Ke and Wang looked at each other and laughed at each other.

In their opinion, Bai Teng is too anxious. It is no wonder that this person is a puppet to be promoted. If it is not Bai Xian’er, how could he become a Sect Master.

Although this person has no talents and virtues, he has given birth to a good pair of children. Bai Xian’er tentatively does not say that a Bai Shaohong is among the four Young Ancestors. If it were not killed by Lu Xiaoxuan, Bai Shaohong might not have been there in the future. t Opportunity to break the ancestor, Bai Shaohong and Bai Xian’er, both brothers and sisters have a breakthrough, which has never existed since ancient times.

At that time, Bai Teng was high-spirited and vigorous, even if he was praised, he still had a great say in Cold Immortal Sect, even if Half-Ancestor was jealous of him.

Now that Bai Shaohong is dead, Bai Xian’er does not pay attention to him. Although he is still the Sect Master, his status is not as good as before. Many people say that once Bai Xian’er exits, he will become a new Sect. Master, and he is going to take care of him.

So he was eager to make some achievements, and it was really sad to think about it. He had to compete with his daughter, but he couldn’t compete.

Since Bai Teng asked the Mr. Haoyu separately, even though they didn’t think the matter was related to Bai Weiwei and others, they still asked about it in a pretended way. If it is really weird, it is an unexpected harvest.

Here, Bai Teng stare Lu Yin, Lu Yin also stares at Bai Teng, eye light haven’t fear.

“I know you, Yuhao, right?” Bai Teng said, expressionless.

Lu Yin pretended to be respectful, “Bai Teng Sect Master, hello”.

“Are you the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan?” Bai Teng asked.

Lu Yin laughed, “Do you have any questions about Sect Master? Junior can talk about the recent itinerary at Sect Master, but Sect Master can handle any discrepancies.”

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