Star Odyssey Chapter 2223


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Looking at Lu Yin’s smiling face, Bai Teng eye light sighed, “You’ve answered simply, two questions. First, you were injured in the Zhongping Sea, and you were in retreat for 20 days, and you haven’t left for these 20 days. Past paper boats?”.

“haven’t, Mr. Bai and Bai Weiwei can testify”, Lu Yin without the slightest hesitation replied.

Bai Teng is indifferent, “They can’t testify because I can’t see through your cultivation base. What kind of cultivation base are you?”.

This is also a point that Bai Teng suspects. Externally, the cultivation base announced by Lu Yin is an Origin Tribulation. However, the Chairman, including Xia Ziheng, can tell that he has three Origin Tribulations. His information is naturally controlled by Bai Teng. , Bai Teng knows he is Origin Tribulation three times.

“Junior three times Origin Tribulation cultivation base”, Lu Yin replied.

Bai Teng frowned, “Why conceal the cultivation base?”.

Lu Yin reluctantly, “Junior is the same generation as the four Young Ancestors, how can the original four Young Ancestors have three Origin Tribulation?”.

When I mentioned this, Bai Teng was irritable and thought of Lu Xiaoxuan’s face. Yuhao’s eyes are the same as Lu Xiaoxuan’s annoying. Thinking about it, the murderous intention under his eyes is unconcealed, and the imposing manner becomes more violent and oppressive. To Lu Yin.

A cry of coldly snorted came from a distance, it was the God of Cookery.

The God of Cookery took action, awakened Bai Teng, and quickly converged the imposing manner.

The God of Cookery is a member of Evoking Virtuous College, and Yuhao in front of him is also a college tutor, so he will naturally help him.

Bai Teng dispels the irritability in my heart, “How did you do it?”.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “If Junior says he doesn’t know, do Sect Master believe it?”.

Bai Teng narrowed his eyes, looking at Lu Yin eye light with a chill.

Lu Yin continued, “This is the reason why Junior concealed the cultivation base. Junior cultivates too smoothly. A smooth Junior can’t believe it. When the teacher met Junior for the first time, he said that Junior’s cultivation would go smoothly. , How to do it, maybe my teacher will know better”.

Heavenly Master Gu Yan? Bai Teng points nods, “I will ask.”

Lu Yin pretended to breathe a sigh of relief, “That’s good, if Sect Master asks clearly, it is not too troublesome, please tell Junior so that Junior can explain to the outside world.”

Bai Teng said, “You have three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases. You want to hide from Bai Lin and Bai Weiwei to return to Wangyu. It is not impossible.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Return to Wangyu? Dare to ask Sect Master what happened?”.

Bai Teng stare Lu Yin binoculars, I want to see something, but there is only doubt and curiosity in Lu Yin eye light. Haven’t nervous, and haven’t worried.

“You are very magnanimous, but this magnanimity makes me puzzled. Facing me, you are not nervous at all?” Bai Teng’s tone became severe.

Lu Yin laughed, “Junior scolded Xia Ziheng”.

Bai Teng froze for a moment, and then stopped talking. Xia Ziheng is Half-Ancestor, and this child dared to scold him. There was nothing he didn’t dare to face him.

“Second question, why did you laugh just recently?”, Bai Teng screams.

Lu Yin puzzled, “Laugh? When?”.

“No need to quibble, I saw you smile. When you looked at Long Ke or Wang Zheng, who did you see smile?” Said Bai Teng with a cold tone.

Lu Yin shook his head, “Junior didn’t smile”.

Bai Teng suddenly raised his hand and pressed it on Lu Yin’s shoulder, saying every word, “Here, the God of Cookery can keep you, but not necessarily outside. My Cold Immortal Sect is one of the Four Way Balance. You I know the matter with Xia Family, I think you really hope to get the support of my Cold Immortal Sect.”

Lu Yin helplessly, “Sect Master, Junior did not laugh. If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it”.

Bai Teng fingers hard.

In the distance, Bai Weiwei frowned. Cold Immortal Sect wanted Yuhao to win, but Bai Teng Uncle had a bad attitude towards him, which would affect Sect’s plan to win Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

Faced with Bai Teng’s take action, Lu Yin complexion slightly changed. His physical body was too strong. Once Bai Teng tried harder, he might be able to detect something. Thinking of this, he groaned back. At the critical moment, the God of Cookery walked out , Suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yin, blocking Bai Teng, “Junior, do you not exist as an old man? You don’t need to ask Haoyu.”

Bai Teng lowered his hand, eye light crossed the God of Cookery, looked towards Lu Yin, then turned his head and looked towards Long Ke and Wang Zheng, seeing them stare himself, opened the mouth and said, “Ask him”.

“No need,” Long Ke said.

Bai Teng narrowed his eyes, “What’s here is very important, I hope you two will not slack off”.

Long Ke loses his smile, looking towards Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu, it’s in trouble”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “it should be”. After speaking, he walked towards Long Ke step by step. He didn’t walk fast or slow. Haven’t was abnormal at all, but Bai Teng always stared him with peripheral vision stare. .

He is sure that this child is smiling, looking at the direction of Long Ke and Wang Zheng, who is he smiling at? This is what Bai Teng wants to know most.

Bai Weiwei and Mr. Bai stepped aside, wondering what happened, and Star Envoy, the guardian of Young Ancestor, came out.

Lu Yin came to Long Ke step by step, only six meters away from him, as long as he stepped one step forward, he could blend into Long Ke’s body and control him without moving.

Long Ke asked the same questions as Bai Weiwei and the others. It was nothing more than whereabouts and reasons. However, for Lu Yin, he asked more about the retreat. These people are not stupid. They know the Lu Yin cultivation base and confirm that he can hide it. After Bai Weiwei, Lu Yin was suspicious, but no matter how suspicious it was, it was impossible to hide it from God of Cookery.

The two asked and answered, and it was over quickly.

“Okay, you can go,” Long Ke said.

Lu Yin was just about to take a step forward, and Long Ke said again, “Yuhao, if you want, I’m White Dragon Sect welcome anytime.”

A Heavenly Master Gu Yan, sufficient to attract Four Way Balance.

Lu Yin is not surprised that Long Ke will say this, and I believe Wang Zheng will say the same later.

He smiled, “Thank you Long Ke Patriarch for your love.” After saying that, after taking a step forward, Long Ke eye light suddenly became sluggish, and Lu Yin’s perspective quickly changed and merged into Long Ke within the body.

At this moment, he controlled Long Ke’s body, opened his mouth and said something, deliberately avoiding Bai Teng’s sight.

Bai Teng eye light shone.

Lu Yin returned to himself within the body for a second, his original walking motion was deliberately stiff, and then walked towards Wang Zheng casually, “What can Senior Wang ask Junior for?”.

Wang Zheng waved his hand, “No, but if Mr. Haoyu is interested, you can come to my Wang Family for a visit.”

The words are different, but the meaning is the same. Wang Family also hopes to win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan.

At present, Four Way Balance already has all open arms to Lu Yin, hoping to get Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and Lu Yin did not express his opinion to anyone, just a few words of kindness.

Bai Teng recalled what Long Ke said just recently, and that Yuhao also reacted. Yuhao laughed before because he saw Long Ke, yes, from his point of view, look Either Long Ke or Wang Zheng arrived.

Long Ke, Bai Teng looked over, this person is related to Yuhao, at least I met him in advance.

After being questioned, the three haven’t been suspicious, and the God of Cookery let them leave.

Looking at the back of the three of them, Wang Zheng was dissatisfied, “wasting time”.

Long Ke indifferently said, “Not all, but gave us the opportunity to meet this Yuhao, this child is the same as Long Tian, ​​but has three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, how did he do it? Heavenly Master Gu Yan really has this Is it magical? Or does he have a strange Origin Treasure Formation?”

Wang Zhengdao, “It is normal. Origin Treasure Formation and cultivation base are two concepts. To become a powerful Origin Formation Master, the cultivation base must keep up, but no matter how strong the cultivation base is, it may not be able to become a powerful Origin Formation Master. According to legend, the Ancestor Hui combat power was not strong at the beginning, far inferior to my Wang Family ancestor, but relying on Origin Treasure Formation, no one dare to underestimate it.”

“The reason why we can now fight against Eternal Clan and Protector is the Infinite Power Origin Treasure Formation, from Ancestor Hui.”

Long Ke’s face sank, “Smuggled Illegal Aliens from Abandoned Land can come, it is also the Origin Treasure Formation.”

Wang Zheng sighed, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan is the first Heavenly Master in my Starry Sky Tree. No one knows how much Origin Treasure Formation he has mastered. Perhaps, he is already approaching Ancestor Hui.”

After speaking, he once again looked towards Zhongpinghai, just recently he was a bit perfunctory in his invitation to Yuhao, no, go back and must find a way to invite this person to the family, Heavenly Master Gu Yan has the ability to get one The waste surpassed the fourth Young Ancestor, and the power he mastered was a bit deeply impossible to measure.

Long Ke thought of this too, looking at Zhongpinghai with bright eye light.

And Bai Teng always haven’t talked, and glanced at Long Ke from time to time, not knowing what he was thinking.

“The eventful autumn, Xia Xing disappeared, Young Ancestor star resources were stolen, I always feel that there is some uncertainty in this starry sky”, Wang Zhengdao.

Long Ke suddenly remembered something, “Remember that a few months ago, someone crossed the Half-Ancestor Origin Tribulation?”.

“You mean that person?” Wang Zheng was surprised.

Long Ke said, “At least I don’t know the identity of the crossing tribulation, and who is behind the scenes of the Breaking Trade Conference. He can control some of the materials on the back of the battlefield. It is absolutely very human. A Command Lord Zuo can’t do it.” .

“There are too few people to investigate. I only hope that the Xinkong Corridor will be repaired as soon as possible. Lu Xiaoxuan, it should be solved.” Wang Zhengdao.

Long Ke frowned. Lu Xiaoxuan has the Ancestral Realm powerhouse behind him, and I hope all goes well for Great Elder.

Zhongpinghai, the three people guessed what happened, but they couldn’t guess, so they haven’t struggled again.

Shortly after, Lu Yin asked Tong Yu once again to replace himself, and he himself moved towards another direction away from Wangyu.

His integration into Long Ke’s body speaks of time and position, which is for Bai Teng to see. Of course, Bai Teng must have not heard it, but Lu Yin believes that since Bai Teng doubts him, there must be a way to know and he should do it The thing is to wait where Bai Teng is sure to know that he will meet with Long Ke.

This is not a plan, but a sudden intention. Bai Teng wants to make a contribution too much, any clues will not let go.

He only controls half of the restrictions imposed by Four Way Balance on the people of Star Union. Cold Immortal Sect and Wang Family are left. This time may be an opportunity. Once Bai Teng can really find where he goes, he may be okay. Take Bai Teng away.

If Bai Teng can’t find where he is going, then forget it, can only say that he overestimated Bai Teng.

It turns out that Lu Yin and haven’t overestimated Bai Teng. Bai Teng asked Bai Lin to report his whereabouts, while stare Zhongping Hai, at the moment of Lu Yin leave, he suddenly looked towards the other direction, “Sure enough Ghost, Bai Lin Mingming reported that this child was on the paper boat and moved towards Central Level Boundary, but he himself went in another direction.” After speaking, the corners of his mouth curled up, chasing Lu Yin in the direction he was going.

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