Star Odyssey Chapter 2225


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There are countless Starry Sky Tree cultivators, Half-Ancestor is not only those of Great Family sect, loose cultivator among occasionally gives birth to Half-Ancestor, and some small family sects. Anyone who becomes Half-Ancestor will be recruited by Four Way Balance. , If you can’t recruit, you will be arranged to go to the back battlefield. This is the method of Four Way Balance, similar to Star Union.

But for Half-Ancestor, they dare not go too far.

Wu Yao is a loose cultivator, vicious and merciless, and cultivates millions of corpses on the road to cultivate. He took the initiative to join Cold Immortal Sect. If this is not the case, this person will inevitably be thrown to the back of the battlefield.

Long Ke stared at Wu Yao, “It has nothing to do with me”.

Wu Yao said solemnly, “Wang Zheng Patriarch can testify that Sect Master’s disappearance is related to you.”

Long Ke stares at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng walked out, “Brother Long, I saw you come back from outside Wangyu and suffered injuries. Before that, Senior Cook, the God of Cookery, can confirm that you followed Bai Teng Sect Master leave.”

Long Ke said solemnly, “I did follow Bai Teng leave, but I didn’t do anything to him, and I don’t know how I came back.”

“ridiculous, Long Ke Patriarch, do you believe what you said?” Wu Yao disdain.

Long Ke is aggrieved. He really doesn’t know how he came back. The last impression is only the scene where Bai Teng disappears. He doesn’t remember anything. When he wakes up already and returns to Wangyu, he still suffers. hurt.

What the hell is going on? Who took action on him? Bai Teng is also missing?

“Wang Zheng, did you see me take action on Bai Teng?” Long Ke shouted asked.

Wang Zheng shook his head, “I didn’t confirm that you took action on Bai Teng, but that Bai Teng was missing and related to you. As for whether you took action, I don’t know. Cold Immortal Sect already checked.”

Long Ke looked towards Wu Yao, “What can you find in Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Wu Yao sneered, “Nothing was found.”

“In that case, why should you catch me?” Long Ke roared, “Do you think my Dragon Ancestor will give up? Your Cold Immortal Sect is not the Lu Family back then, you can judge me at will.”

Wu Yao screams, “Because you can’t find anything, you are the biggest suspect. If you can steal the Young Ancestor star resource from the God of Cookery in front of one’s eyes, there must be an extremely powerhouse behind it. Deal with Sect Master with no difficulty, Long Ke, it’s useless if you don’t admit it.”

On the other side of the top world, in Divine Martial Heaven, Xia Ziheng and the others are all concerned about Long Ke being interrogated by Cold Immortal Sect.

“Why did Long Ke take action on Bai Teng? With his impossible strength, he killed or captured Bai Teng silently. It must be someone else who took action to make Bai Teng disappear without attracting the attention of the God of Cookery. “Strong strength cannot be tested”, Xia Ziheng said.

Xia Xing groaned, “This is in line with stealing Young Ancestor star resources, but why does Long Ke take action on Bai Teng at this time? It is unreasonable, and since he wants to take action, how can he let God Eater see Until he followed Bai Teng leave, Wang Zheng should not have seen him come back and saw him injured. If the people behind him took action on Bai Teng, how could he get injured?”.

“It’s so strange, the whole thing is wrong,” Xia Ziheng said.

Speaking of this, he looked towards Xia Shenfei who has been drinking, “Shenfei, what do you think?”.

Xia Shenfei is obsessed with drinking all the year round, but no one dares to look down upon it. During the Fourth Young Ancestor, he was addicted to drinking, and his cultivation base was no worse than anyone else. Later, in order to get into Unbounded, he stopped drinking for 20 years. He is cruel enough. On the other hand, he can hide in Unbounded for 20 years and get to the headquarters, let them take down a headquarters of Unbounded in one fell swoop, which represents Xia Shenfei’s ability.

Xia Shenfei put down the bottle gourd, “According to the analysis of the current situation, one possibility is that Long Ke temporarily took action against Bai Teng, perhaps Bai Teng discovered something, another possibility is that he was framed.”

Xia Xing frowned, “Wang Zheng saw him return to Wangyu and was framed? Is it Wang Zheng?”.

Xia Shenfei long exhales, “It’s not quite right, it doesn’t make much sense for Wang Zheng to frame Long Ke”.

“Impossible was framed by others. Wang Zheng saw Long Ke come back with his own eyes, unless someone can control Long Ke,” Xia Xing said.

This conjecture was denied. In Wangyu, the God of Cookery was in front of one’s eyes, and they could understand the stealing of resources. They controlled Long Ke and had a dialogue with Wang Zheng, and the God of Cookery was completely undetected, Half -Ancestor among There is no such person, if it is Ancestral Realm, what do you take action for them?

“There is one last possibility”, Xia Shenfei once again took a sip of wine and opened her dim eyes, “Someone has become confused and acted on her own.”

Xia Xing and Xia Ziheng looked at each other in shock, so they were confused? These four words only represent Cold Immortal Sect.

They immediately thought of everything. If Cold Immortal Sect himself was acting and Bai Teng himself disappeared, then all the suspiciousness would be justified. Long Ke’s injury may have been a dispute with Bai Teng, but Bai Teng was fine at that time. I didn’t want to talk to the public either, but after he returned to Wangyu, Bai Teng deliberately disappeared, aiming all contradictions at Long Ke.

This explains Long Ke’s inability to clear the suspicion of Bai Teng’s disappearance.

But why did Cold Immortal Sect do this?

Xia Ziheng stared at Xia Xing, “If the disappearance of your avatar was done by Cold Immortal Sect, they want to control Star Union and win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan. At this moment, letting their Sect Master disappear will clear the suspicion, and at the same time, Wang It is precisely because of the testimony that Long Ke, Wang Family and White Dragon Sect have a rift. All of this can also be explained.”

Xia Xing took a deep breath, “If this is the case, whose means would it be?”.

“That woman”, Xia Ziheng without the slightest hesitation.

Xia Xing nods, exclaimed, “It’s not surprising that she has this method. White Dragon Sect conflicts with Wang Family because of this, and Divine Martial Heaven will not doubt Cold Immortal Sect’s avatar take action on me. As for Cold Immortal Sect, only one Bai Teng and one puppet were lost. They were the only ones who benefited. It was really cruel. Maybe they took away the Young Ancestor star resources by themselves, leaving only the Wang Family share, and let White Dragon Sect hates them even more and directs the theft of resources to Wang Family”.

“Good means, I have done everything, thoroughly mixing up the water in the upper realm, and what they are going to do next”, when he said that, he looked towards Xia Ziheng, and the two spoke at the same time, “Yuhao” .

Xia Shenfei opened his eyes, “If Cold Immortal Sect really did it himself, after being muddled in the top realm, their next thing to do is to win over Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and get the Star Union ban as much as possible, father’s The avatar was arrested, I believe they have the means to make the avatar speak out about the prohibition.” Seeing Xia Xing’s face is ugly, Xia Shenfei said, “Father, don’t be angry, so it’s not that you don’t look down on father’s avatar, but Cold Immortal Sect is too many.” .

“I know,” Xia Xing said.

Xia Shenfei continued, “I have Divine Martial Heaven banned them from getting it. The only ones left are Wang Family and White Dragon Sect. Looking at Long Ke like this, I guess they cannot do without Cold Immortal Sect for the time being, even if they can get White Dragon Sect ban it, the only thing left is Wang Family.”

“That’s why the resources of Wang Family Young Ancestor star will be left behind. It is one of Cold Immortal Sect’s excuses to deal with them”, Xia Ziheng blurted out, and he figured it out.

Xia Ziheng and Xia Xing looked at each other, her back was chilling, “That woman has the same vicious methods as she used to deal with Lu Family. We must tell White Dragon Sect and Wang Family as soon as possible, otherwise Cold Immortal Sect will control Star Union and Heavenly Master Gu Yan, we are at a disadvantage.”

“Since that woman uses these methods, perhaps her strength, already is on the verge of extinction, the Young Ancestor star resource maybe is taken away by her, she already has the ability to hide from God of Cookery,” Xia Xing said heavily.

Xia Shenfei coughed, “Wait, this is also one of our guesses, don’t take it seriously, maybe the truth may not be the case.”

Xia Ziheng shook his head, “It should be like this. Bai Weiwei keeps wooing Yuhao at Evoking Virtuous College. The purpose of Cold Immortal Sect has long been exposed. The Sect Master avatar left traces of the Life Spirit Palm on the scene, and it looks like Lu What the family’s bereaved minister did, in fact, may also be the immortal of Cold Immortal Sect.”

Xia Shenfei is meditating, this kind of speculation is the closest to the truth, but is it really like this?

Sometimes when some people connect a series of events with the most complicated clues, they subconsciously think this is the truth. The more complex the clues, the more convinced they are.

From the disappearance of Xia Xing avatar to the disappearance of Bai Teng, they linked up a series of truths and pointed the finger at Cold Immortal Sect.

I don’t know that Lu Yin, who did all this, didn’t think about that many himself. He just simply took Bai Teng away. It happened that Long Ke came to Wangyu at the right time. He didn’t want to wrong Cold Immortal Sect, if it was Wei Rong. With Wang Wen, maybe he could think of it, but he didn’t think that many.

However, it turned out that Xia Ziheng and the others pushed him over Cold Immortal Sect, which was also related to the internal battle of Four Way Balance.

Cold Immortal Sect is also very confused now. Long Ke does not seem to be lying, but Bai Teng is indeed missing. Long Ke is the most suspected, so this person must not leave Cold Immortal Sect.

Long Ke’s stay by Cold Immortal Sect further confirmed Xia Ziheng’s speculation. They decided to immediately contact White Dragon Sect and Wang Family to ventilate secretly, and they would never let Cold Immortal Sect’s conspiracy succeed.

Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin took a two-day rest after returning, and found Mr. Wei, sat in front of her, and began to listen to the story.

“In the long history of my Starry Sky Tree, the Ancestral Realm powerhouse that was born is far not only today, but some of them either died on the back battlefield or disappeared and their whereabouts are a mystery. The Wenzu you want to know died in On the back battlefield, the lore from the Eternal Clan Ancestral Realm powerhouse”, Mr. Wei said lightly, seeing Lu Yin listening very seriously, and continued, “Mr. Haoyu likes history?”.

Lu Yin nods, “Actually I want to know more about the current Ancestral Realm powerhouse.”

Mr. Wei shook her head, her face calm, like Qingcha, “I know only history, not to mention the current Ancestral Realm powerhouse, even Half-Ancestor, it is not what I can understand. If you are curious, you can ask the Chairman.” .

Lu Yin asked again, “Can Mr. Wei understand Nine Mountains Eight Seas?”.

Mr. Wei shook his head, “I can’t say understand, I just know something”.

“Can you tell me something? Anyone can do it,” Lu Yin said.

Mr. Wei smiled lightly, “Yes, let’s talk about Ancestor Chen first. Ancestor Chen was originally named Xia Shang and was born in the collateral line of Divine Martial Heaven Xia Family, Divine Martial Heaven…”.

Every time with this Mr. Wei in the same place, Lu Yin has a very relaxed feeling. This feeling is like sitting and watching the long river of history slowly moving forward. Although it can’t be changed, you can see, hear, and Another taste.

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