Star Odyssey Chapter 2226


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Nong Si Niang is the opposite of Mr. Wei, very noisy, but also a happy fruit. She got entangled after knowing that Lu Yin came back, and even found Mr. Wei here, but she also had a little trouble.

“Bi sword?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Mr. Wei is also curious looking towards Nong Si Niang.

Nong Si Niang pursed her mouth, a little aggrieved, and a little unhappy, “Liu Que is too arrogant, don’t I just say that his sword is like our hoe, actually said that our hoe is not worthy, impossible, Mr. Haoyu, Tell me, is his broken sword with a gap like a hoe?”.

Lu Yin is weird, don’t say it, if you bend the hilt of the sword, it looks a bit like, but like the image, don’t say it, “So you are on top of him?”.

“hmph, our hoe can turn the ground to grow grain, and dig graves underneath. What can his broken sword do? Comparing, isn’t it the sword technique, our hoe also not to be trifled with “Nong Siniang clenched a fist and encouraged.

Lu Yin speechless, helplessly looked towards Mr. Wei.

Mr. Wei is funny, “I heard that Seed Garden Nong Family’s hoe is very difficult to deal with, so I can see it.”

Nong Siniang proudly raised her head, but soon collapsed again, looking towards Lu Yin for help, “Mr. Haoyu, although our hoe is good, I am not good, I, I can’t beat Liu Que, why? do?”.

“Then you are looking for me?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Nong Siniang’s eye light is bright, “You said that you were good at pointing in the first class, so you don’t want to defeat Liu Que. At least don’t let our hoe be too wronged”, said, Take out a hoe.

Lu Yin has a weird expression, a hoe. He also has one here. It is also from the Nong Family, the Sixth Continent Nong Family. In other words, the Sixth Continent Nong Family and the Starry Sky Tree Nong Family are not the same, right? All have hoes?

Nong Zaitian said that his hoe is Old Man Nong’s rare treasure from the ruins of the Fifth Continent Taoist Origin Sect, but in Lu Yin’s view, he should have been fooled by Old Man Nong, and their weapon must be a hoe. .

“Sir, let me play a few times first and see if you have anything to point out.” Nong Si Niang did not wait for Lu Yin to refuse, and started to play with the hoe tightly. Nong Family is the star of Starry Sky Tree second only to Four Way Balance Strong Great Family, as famous as Sword Monument Liu Family, hoes as weapons are naturally not covered.

Although it seems that a hoe is not as stylish as a sword, Lu Yin has seen Nong Sanniang and Nong Lie use Combat Technique, Nong Family’s Combat Technique for farming, and Combat Technique recipes are very difficult to deal with, sufficient and Four Way Balance In the Battle of Heaven’s Chosen, Nong Sanniang is also qualified to challenge the existence of the Four Young Ancestor.

Although Nong Sanniang can’t reach the level of Nong Sanniang’s original strength, she is also quite good at dancing with a hoe.

After some performance, Nong Si Niang panted and looked at Lu Yin expectantly, “Sir, how is it?”.

Lu Yin is embarrassed, “I haven’t seen Liu Que’s sword technique, it’s not easy to compare.”

Nong Si Niang rolled her eyes, “Sir, can you understand me Seed Garden Combat Technique?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, even if he understood, he couldn’t say he understood.

Mr. Wei said, “Do you want to use farming?”.

Nong Siniang looked at Mr. Wei in surprise, “Yes, Mr. Wei, you all know this.”

Lu Yin was curious, “What do you mean?”.

Nong Si Niang said, “My Nong Family Combat Technique is based on a belief, a perseverance. When the Combat Technique is used, the images of people who have been seen by us and who use the hoe to farm will overlap and form The imposing manner of press forward is both Combat Technique and Secret Technique. Of course, those that are too strong cannot be used, but if Mr. Haoyu can use my hoe to plant the ground, I can overlap the images of Mr. Haoyu’s planting. Become one of my combat power for farming”.

Lu Yin raises his eyebrows, isn’t this Belief Concept? It can’t be regarded as a pure Belief Concept, but it is also a Belief Concept that belongs to the Nong Family. The Belief Concept and Four Way Balance that are derived from Combat Technique have failed to do it. Their Belief Concept comes from the Lu Family.

“Sir, help me, okay?” Nong Si Niang begged.

Lu Yin is strange, “This Combat Technique, you can definitely superimpose images of many people, why do you want mine?”.

Nong Siniang laughed, “One more is one”.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “What should I do?”.

“Farming is all you need. Mr. Haoyu only needs to control the combat power at the peak I can bear when farming, that is, about 30 cycles. As long as he can maintain this combat power, Mr. can show Show as much power as you show, and the more you show, the more helpful it is to me,” said Nong Si Niang.

Lu Yin reluctantly took over the hoe, “Is it right?”

Nong Siniang nods, in fact, she asked Lu Yin to farm the land to compete with Liu Que? I just want to see how Lu Yin farms. This is a hobby unique to the Nong Family. They like to see people sweating like rain in the fields, which is a feeling close to nature.

As for the superimposed images, there is no big difference, otherwise Nong Family would have suppressed Four Way Balance long ago.

Lu Yin holds the hoe tightly, lifts it high, and falls suddenly. Since he has done it, he will not just do it, he must maintain the strength of the Enlightenment Realm 30 times cycle, but also strengthen the combat on this strength. power, simple, just add physical body power.

At the beginning, Lu Yin was able to single out Star Envoy during the 30-cycle Enlightenment Realm period. His power was beyond the ordinary Star Envoy, including Shi Xin from Origin Tribulation Peak.

With a hoe down, Nong Si Niang couldn’t see anything, but Mr. Wei’s eyes lit up, “Si Niang, you are blessed.”

Nong Si Niang was still obsessed with Lu Yin just recently’s handsome farming action, and didn’t hear what Mr. Wei said.

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “Go to Liu Quebi, he will surprise him.”

Nong Siniang reacted and left without giving up.

After Nong Siniang left, Mr. Wei looked at Lu Yin and said, “Mr. Haoyu is deeply hidden, and his grasp of power just recently is breathtaking. Liu Que will be surprised.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “Already do my best, after all, the students are asking me for help”.

“If I have anything to ask Mr. Haoyu for help in the future, will the husband help?” Mr. Wei looked at Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin said, “It is incumbent.”

Mr. Wei laughed and continues to tell Lu Yin stories.

On the other side, Nong Siniang found Liu Que, and Liu Que frowned, “I have no time to play with you.”

Nong Siniang provoked, “Liu Que, you look down on the hoe. Today, my old lady has to rectify the hoe.” Many students around joked. Nong Siniang is very popular at the Academy. On the contrary, although Liu Que is powerful, he is a man. Indifferent, a friend is haven’t.

Liu Que’s eye light calmly, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance to take action. Remember, there is only one chance.”

Nong Si Niang was eager to try, took out the hoe, “I look down on people, be optimistic, be a radish obediently”, finished speaking, raised the hoe, stepped out, and appeared directly in front of Liu Que, the hoe fell fiercely .

Liu Que lifted his eye light, and the long sword fell directly into his palm through the scabbard. He hadn’t looked down on the hoe, and was also impossible. The Nong Family is no worse than the Liu Family, and the Combat Technique of the Nong Family is even more unpredictable. But he looks down on Nong Si Niang. If Nong Lie or Nong Sanniang is taking action right now, he is definitely not this attitude.

He is stronger than this generation of peers. In his eyes, there are only four Young Ancestor generations.

“Farming the land”, Nong Siniang shouted, and countless hoe illusory shadows appeared and overlapped constantly. This scene did not surprise Liu Que. Although Nong Family’s Combat Technique sounds simple and unpretentious, it is wide-ranging and profound. It has a peculiar rhyme, but even if Combat Technique is powerful, it can’t make up the gap between the two.

Liu Que sword edge cuts out from bottom to top.


The huge sound spread all over, Liu Que’s complexion suddenly changed. He almost didn’t hold the sword in his hand. The huge power came through the sword, and at the same time it brought superimposed vibrations. He took advantage of the sword edge from the left. Rotate around the body to the right to release the force. When the body turns, sword edge will follow, pointing directly at Nong Si Niang’s throat.

Nong Siniang is bitter, still like this?

“Among the people you have seen farming, someone can challenge me with Enlightenment Realm skipping grades, who?” asked Stare Nong Si Niang, Liu Que.

Nong Siniang blinked, “I don’t understand what you said.”

Liu Que took back the long sword and looked at Nong Siniang, the eye light was full of interest in the depths, “List the list of people who have seen farming”.

Nong Siniang rolled her eyes, “Why?”

Liu Que indifferently said, “You lost to me”.

Nong Si Niang sneered, “If you lose, you will lose. Why, do you still want my mother to devote one’s life to?”.

“Nong Si Niang, I haven’t cracked a joke with you, and let me out of Second Sword with your strength is basically impossible,” Liu Que said solemnly.

Nong Siniang exclaimed, “Yeah, you are out of Second Sword, you are not so good, you have to play Second Sword when you fight with me, tell you, my elder sister doesn’t need a 2nd move to fight with me. You are far from my elder sister”.

No matter what Liu Que said, Nong Si Niang just ignored him, leaving Liu Que helpless.

Nong Si Niang is not stupid. Some of the people who use hoes to farm the land are expert, but only a few can be used by her. She knows what strength she knows. The only accident can only be Hao Mr. Yu, Mr. Wei also said that he would surprise Liu Que.

She doesn’t want Liu Que, Fengzi, to trouble Mr. Haoyu.

After finally getting rid of Liu Que, Siniang Nong patted her chest, “I’m so bored”, suddenly, a hand appeared in front of her eyes, and there was a bottle gourd in her hand, exuding a strong smell of alcohol, and Siniang Nong almost cried. come out.

She stared angrily at the person who appeared in front of her, “Who are you?”.

“Haven’t heard a legend, a drop of wine can relieve all the sadness in your heart?”, the person who appeared swayed and made a dim sound, and it was a drunkard.

Nong Siniang turned around and was about to avoid, the person waved, and a drop of wine flew out of the bottle gourd, floating in front of Nong Siniang’s eyes, Nong Siniang’s eye light was blurred, as if stunned.

“Tell me, the names of all the people who have farmed in front of you”, the man slowly spoke, and the Fire Phoenix rays of light shone, and it was Xia Shenfei. He came to Evoking Virtuous College.

As soon as Nong Si Niang was about to speak, another silhouette appeared in front of her, precisely named Chairman.

Wen Chairman looked towards Xia Shenfei, “Little Brat, even if you enter the academy without permission, you still have to take action on the students, a bit too much”.

Xia Shenfei saw Wen Chairman, and saluted respectfully, “See Wenlai Senior.”

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